101+ Top Catholic Blogs and Pages names

More and more people want to know about the Catholicism and are on a constant search for the truth behind the Catholic Church. If you are a teacher of Catholicism, a blog can be your passion and if you are a student for Catholicism, the blogs can answer you about Catholicism.

The passion of a Catholicism teacher can be turned into the profession through these blogs. There are too many blogs out there which give the insights of Catholic Church and its beliefs.

Top 15 Catholic Blogs of the World

Catholic News Agency – 

This blog covers the world news about different Churches located in different parts of the world, starting from Asia to Africa it is always updated with the latest news. The blog tends to emphasize the teachings of Father who saves the world and its people from all the sufferings. Since 2013 this blog has been spreading awareness about Christianity.

National Catholic Register – 

This blog teaches the essence of the Gospel and promotes related culture and encourages its readers to devote their lives to God who takes the best care of lives. The daily news updates with its meaningful explanations are the best part of the blog. Visit the blog to know more about the Christian religion.

Catholic News Service – 

This blog precisely is a news channel that covers news related to Churches all over the world and is a must-visit blog for its insightful content. It consists of articles, video footage, and images that help you to get a visualization of the present role of Churches in various countries. It also mentions how the Church is important in our everyday life.

National Catholic Reporter – 

This blog is popular in the space for its news covering and editing press staff who does excellent work in covering the news in the best possible way which reveals many a truth and cases that go unnoticed or sometimes closed due to the political pressure. This independent platform does its job and works in the best interest of common people.

Integrated Catholic Life – 

This US-based blog has been motivating its readers since it made its breakthrough in 2013. The aim of the blog is to help people get better family life, to help people in society, and enjoy life to the fullest. The thoughtful articles are the unique feature of the blog.

Prayer to Pen – 

This blog mainly focuses on the news that negatively affects Church interests and autonomous activities. It also talks about social and political topics without being biased and picturizing the basic root cause of the problem is vividly described in the blog. The blog has a huge following on social media.

Walking in the Light – 

This blog is developed by Caroline who has devoted her life to gain knowledge about Catholics and wishes to share it with the society so she introduced this blog. The mother of two always brings out the best topic to talk and think without comprising on the writing quality this blog delivers expert-quality articles to educate its readers.

Novus Ordo Watch – 

The blog explains why and how the teachings of the Vatican and Roman Catholics differ. The differences and the origination of both the types of Catholics are talked about in the blog. It demonstrates the knowledge of the bloggers working behind it. The quality of the content is amazing and should be visited at least once.

Catholic Education Resource Centre – 

This blog has an education center where they teach about Catholics. They not only aim to educate the society but also tries to develop Churches in their localities and tend to protect Catholics from any negative issues or complaints that people make against Catholics. It also spread knowledge about non-Catholics.

Archdiocese of Washington –

 This blog was developed in 2009 with the motto to spread Catholic teaching as far as possible. It encourages its readers to share pictures and relevant information about Christ. It shares articles and encourages people to meditate and make an effort to rediscover Christ’s teachings.

Seek First the Kingdom – 

This blog started in 20029. It explains Gospel and teachings one can apply in their daily life to achieve peace and happiness in their lives. The articles increase faith in Christ’s teachings as a whole and develop faith in common people.

Catholic World Report – 

This platform demonstrates how the political and societal interests negatively affect the Church. It also mentions news channels that intentionally doe not cover this news and does not take any action on behalf of Churches. It continuously poses questions of media reports and their actions.

St. Paul Centre –

 This blog religiously maintains the traditional norms and teachings. This blog has a school and magazine established by the same name. The institute thrives to get better with every passing year by introducing and designing new programs to promote life-transforming Catholic teachings.

The Catholic Thing –

 This community thrives to promote Catholic over the world for the sake of the people. It makes comments on different kinds of decisions of Churches all over the world. It serves its readers with the best quality of useful news to keep them updated with relevant details. Since 2008 it has been in top lists for its content creation, one of the must-visit blogs in the space.

Roman Catholic Man – 

This blog encourages one to train themselves in such a way that they can overcome difficult situations. They should keep faith in the Almighty who gives you strength and give your soul peace. With regular posts, this blog has achieved thousands of followers on social media.

Online publishing is easier than the hard copy publishing and hence, blogs have become more popular. For different objectives, people create blogs which are run by individuals or by companies. Through blogs, one can express their opinions and get comments on that. These days, blogging is popularly used to make money.

Blogging can be helpful in marketing the business as well. The content of the blog attracts people and make it popular. Same way, it is important to have a creative blog name.

Here are very Best and Memorable catholic blog names ideas for your Next Blog

Roman Catholicism

All Catholic

Pro Catholic

Roman Church

Bishop Church

Universal Church

Universal Priest

Priest Church

Blessed Sacrament

Holy Cathedral


Monastic life

Christian liturgy

Evangelist life

Blessed Sacrament

Servant of God

Vatican congregation

Liberation Theology

Immaculate Conception

Holy Orders

Apostolic succession

Omni benevolent

Immortal soul

The Resurrection

Gospel Values

Paramountcy Principle

Safeguarding Advisor

Catholic Blog Names

Sacramental Practice

Sacrament of Penance

Religious Order

Apostolic Works

Spiritual Miracles

Catholic prayers

Catholic Testimonies

Spiritual Healing

Catholic Mysticism

New Testament

Pope and the Vatican

Catholic Church laws

Catholic Ministry

Catholic community

Eucharistic prayers

Vatican Council

Eucharistic study

Eucharistic Prayer

The ministry of servers

Miracle of the Host

Sacrament of unity


Catholicism is following the tradition and beliefs of Catholic Churches. The Roman Catholic Church has a history of 2,000 years and has billions of followers. The Catholicism refers the theology, liturgy, ethics, and spirituality of the Catholic Church.

Trending Catholic Blog Names

Top catholic Pages Names

Christianity has evolved from the Catholic Church.With all these interesting facts, the Catholicism has become popular.

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