Vietnamese Restaurant Names: 600+ Catchy and Cool Names

No one among us doesn’t know about restaurants, and almost the entire world knows about them. Nowadays, most restaurants follow the country’s culture and serve the cuisine of their country. For example, Vietnamese restaurants. 

Do you know what is best about Vietnamese food? Vietnamese food is not only about the food, but it’s their culture. Likewise, Vietnamese restaurants not only serve food and beverages but it serves their culture.

Vietnamese restaurant names:

As a result, we can witness many Vietnamese cuisine lovers and millions of Vietnamese restaurants across the globe. 

If you are a Vietnamese restaurant owner, we will help you with the name suggestions.

Cha Dao Restaurant

Nơm Bánh Cuốn

Vietnam Connection

Eight A.M Vietnam

Chai Supply

Harvest Beat

Green Land

Pho Yo Vietnamese Food Truck

Mad Chicken

Saigon Pho

Full Service Dining

Resourceful Restaurants

By Grandma

Hai Muon Vietnameses Food

Pho To Go

Sugar Blast

Simply Chai

Keep Vietnamese

Shaker + Spear

Delish Dishes

Nancy Restaurant

Yum Yum Vietnamese

Crablegs Baby

Hungry’s Kitchen & Tap

Trend Restaurant

Planet of the Grapes


Nhu Y Vietnamese Kitchen

Lucky Pho Restaurant

Sea Breeze

Da Tam Cha Vietnamese Restauran

Serious Service

Meat Lovers Rejoice

Saigon Pearl

Just Sauces Vietnam

The Dinning Room

Nerds Eat First

Phó Mai Cô Tiên

Bon Chai


Pho Shizzle

Cute Restaurant Names

Tiêm Chả


Roadside Pickups

Pho Sho’nuff

Da Phat Vietnamese Grill

South Asian Chai

New Crescent Café

Jade Garden

Eight AM

The Tofusaurus

Punjabi Authentic

Trai Nom

Cuisine Catered

The F-Hole

Riverside Bun

Yummy Delights

Recommended Restaurant


Bánh Mì N’ Roll


Bui Sandwich

King Lee’s

Binh Minh

Pho-BOY – The best pho in town

Pho Vietnamese Bistro

Coffee and Cake

Homey Hospitality

Pho La La

Napkin Know How

Mister Nihari

Thai Tanic

Service Supplied

Juna Dac Biet

Tall Oaks Café

Bánh Cuốn Cà Ri

Happy Vietnamese Food

Cool Vietnamese Restaurant Names

People visit restaurants not only to get good food but also to enjoy the cool ambition. If you have a Vietnamese restaurant, how about getting a cool name for your restaurant? Here’s the list of cool Vietnamese restaurant names:

My Pho Lady

Pho Da Nang

Beküldő Horvát Horok Kapitalista

Auction Restaurant


Flowering Lemongrass

Cơm Tấm Bò Bít Lá Lách

Café Tái Bò Hương

The Healer’S Brewkeep Going

Kas Restaurant

Mysteries of the East

I Love Pho

The Pho Place

Blue Lotus

Lights Vietnamese

Pho Tease

Mình Cưới Anh Em

Dining Room Resource

Foam Vietnamese


Exchange Restaurant

Spice of Asia

Pho Real It IS!

Street Taco

Restaurant Resources

Thien Tam Ha Noi

Finest Dining

Ca Kho To

Broker Vietnamese

A Little Bit of Saigon

The Pho Place of Vietnamese

Pho To The Third

Pho You Like It?

The Lost Kitchen

Thuy Anh Cafe

Phở Hương Gia

Fog Harbor Fish House

Pho’n the Phrontier

Tower 23 Hotel



Skillet Counter

Pho 99

Owen & Engine

Perfect Dish

Best Bun Bo Hue

Juan in a Million

General Tso’s Chicken Pho Bar


Brass Tacks

Lan Mi Hot Pot

Truyen Huynh Restaurant

Koi’S Sushis

Zero Restaurant

Chewy Balls

Gia Phong

Tinh Nghịt Nướng

Five Star

The Signature Room

Bread And Butter

Chai Corner

The Bear & The Monarch

Tasty Pho


Cha Gio Vietnamese Cuisine

Che Trinh Vietnamese Grille

Best Pho In Town

Shower Vietnamese

Spotty Chai

Start for Free

The Rolling Pho

Plumed Horse

Alpine Meadow

Amazing Vietnamese Restaurant Names

As we all know, Vietnamese restaurants serve their cuisines and their culture. Don’t you think it’s amazing? Indeed, it is. So, how about getting an equally amazing name for your restaurant? Here’s the list of amazing Vietnamese restaurant names:

Bong Tacos

Conch it Up Soul Food

Cho Lon Hai Bay

Restaurant Recs

Hot Risotto


Chu Chu San

Steak House

Bình Phước

Pho Sure

Bánh Tét

The Local House

Food Republic

Spice Villa

Bun Cha Restaurant

Meat U There

Sensual Sweetness

Bistro Builders

Botanising Logo Mockup

Nam An

Da Khoa Trang Restaurant

Banh Mi So

Pho Buu Buu

Rocket Restaurants

Rocco’s Cafe

Bin Vietnamese

Cajun Loco

The Chocolate Log

On The Dime Dining

Bánh Tráng Quẩy

Mill Restaurant

Spice Up Your Life

The Rowdy Ones

Pho Son Hue Food Bar

Heritage Restaurant & Caviar Bar

Hai Viet

Skate And Stay

Phu Nhuan Restaurant


Old Town Mexican Cafe


Ca Da Restaurant

Authentic Pho

Dining Room Ready

Hanoi’s Grill

Blue Collar

Swap Vietnamese

Waterbar Restaurant

Saigon Delight

Lunch Chow



Xoài V

Beaver Choice

Pho Lucky Bowl

The Marine Room


Banh Mi Queen

Breakfast House

Get The Pho!

A Salt & Battery

Electri Chai

Green House

Cha Gio Xua Restaurant


Tiny Vietnam

Vietnam Noodle House

Pho-Ever Fish

Autumn Leaf

Pho Nation

Awesome Vietnamese Restaurant Names

Have you ever visited a Vietnamese restaurant? When you experience their ambition, cuisine, and culture, don’t you feel awesome? If you are a Vietnamese restaurant owner, you should also have an awesome name for your restaurant. Here’s the list of awesome Vietnamese restaurant names:

Cafe Hossein

5 Min Cafe

Sustenance Box

Crab Hut

Pad Thai Morning Glory Inc.

Nước Mía

Level III Restaurant

Little Vietnam

The Aviary

Exteriors Restaurant

Grand Vietnamese Cafe

Saigon Sally’s Pho House

Pho Bang


Anh Hong Vietnamese Cuisine

Banh Me Up

Soon Fatt

Dong Khanh Restaurant

Crazy Pho’rni

Mama’S Diner

Café N’ Chill

Lord Stanley

Pho Bich Nhan

Backyard Restaurant

Mẹ’s Vietnamese Kitchen

Bánh Mì

The Corner House

Warm Delight



Hot Box

Grill ‘Em All Food Truck

Pho Công

Cún Thịt Nướng

Saigon Sisters



P.Q. Pho Vietnamese Kitchen

Food O’Clock

Noontime Chai

Dòng Xôi Mì Quảng

Ready Restaurants

Tasty Time

Banh Mi Grilled Cheese Truck

Thien Thanh Restaurant

Restaurant Reel

The River Seafood

Pho King Good Restaurant

Bun Me Up

Dedicated Dining

Su’ādī Chai

Phơ My

Súp Ong

Indigo Grill

Pho Saigon Pearl

Pho 2000

Pho and You and Me

Vietnamese to You

Food Formula


Halls Chophouse

The Fishery

Pho D’anvers

Authentic Wok

Pho Ga Krazy

Café Khu Du Lịch Hà Nội

Butty Boys

The Incredible Cafe

Fried Banh Xeo

Shrimp Pad

Five Oceans

Banh Mi Vietnamese Bistro

San Pham Noodle House

Pho-King Delicious

Wick Restaurant


Project Juice

The Food Place

PHOever Fresh

Before The Bistro

Latest Vietnamese Restaurant Names

Having a Vietnamese restaurant is not the latest concept. However, it might be possible that your restaurant is the latest one in town. So, why don’t you get the latest name for your restaurant? Here’s the list of the latest Vietnamese restaurant names:

Fiddler’s Green

Excellent Experience

Pho Factory

Toro Toro Restaurant

Ngon Thứ Hai

The Purple Pig


Pho’s Noodles

That Restaurant

Little Saigon Fusion

Top of the Market

Catch of the Day

La La Cafe

Mad for Chicken


Unique Meals

Tasty Things

Pho Bay

Bella Kitchen

Com Tam Ninh Kieu

Loving Hut Vietnamese Diner

Dine Fine

Bun Bo Hue Restaurant

Great Meals


Reasonable bite

Grit And Griddles

Mess Hall

Basic Kneads Pizza


Bo Bo Huong

Madame Tien Anh

Mad About Pho!

Pho Quynh (Making You Happy)


At Your Service

Taste of Vietnam

Pho Diggity!

The Vietnamese Bistro

Eat Your Heart Out

Lox Stock & Bagel

Dine Dime

Nguyen’s Kitchen

Dining Delight

Viet to Go


Fine Dining Delivered

Rusty Pelican

Old Lisbon

Lilac Tree Bistro & Bar

Mama’s Fish House

Bun To The Future

Urban Remedy

Pho Sho

King and Queen


Pita Pan

Fried Food in a Bowl

Thu Ky

Vietnamese Pizza

Chai Time

Pho on Wheels

Pho Bac Hoa

Lẩu Phở Gà

Service First

Food Villa

Food Addict

 Hai Nam

Spaghetti House

Reliable Restaurants

Hereford Grill

Kitchen Corral

Rumours Café

The Local Eatery

Canh Ky

Sindhee Chikan

Zao’s Kitchen

Saigon Garden

Very Homemade Food

Eating in Pakistan

The Bacon Diet

Perfect Place

Like Home Restaurant Group

The Deck

Curry Popular

Fishing With Dynamite

Any Time Chai Time

Tom and Nong

Green Papaya

Marina Kitchen

Double Decker

Spices and Aroma

Quick Eats

Street Corner Pho

Mai Pho Café

Chow Down

Tầu Xẹp

Momofuku Ko

Curry in a Hurry


Catchy Vietnamese Restaurant Names

Every restaurant owners want their restaurant to catch the attention of all, and for this, they get better chefs, ambition, and more. But do they get a catchy name? Here’s the list of catchy Vietnamese restaurant names:

Bánh Mì Go

The Pink Door

Food Court

Rooftoop at E11EVEN

Grub And Hud

Saigon Cafe & Bistro

Vegans Come Here

Mattress Restaurant

Restaurant est

Fine Dining Delivered

Tom Wolf

Five Oceans

South Asian Chai

Salvador Dali

Restaurant Savor

Cuisine Catered

Ono Hawaiian Grill

The Incredible Cafe

Sunshine Pizza and Salad Bar


Urban Remedy

Toro Toro American Restaurant

Table Tops

Shark Bites Café

Service Supplied


Rusty Pelican


Gaslamp Fish House

Spotty Chai

Quick Eats

Hot Ones

Bite Me Pho

True Food Kitchen

Dining Divas

Get Vietnamese

Chops & Hops

Dawn Café

Cha Ca La Vong

Big Chef

Pho-nomenal Pho

Baloch Locale

King Kebab Restaurant

Project Restaurant

Burger & Tea Joint

Sears Fine Food

Chop Chop Noodles!

Xuan Vi Vietnamese Restaurant

Kimmy’s Vietnamese

The Table at Season To Taste

Pao Roujiamo Restaurant

Miss Saigon

Taste of Saigon

Itri Viet Grill

Pig’N Pancake

Pezpyzp Vietnamese Coffee House

Pho King Sushi Bar

Splash of Sesame

Six Red Dragons

Phở-Ing for A Reason

Song Lan Restaurant


Spicy Dragon


Good Morning Vietnam

Chè Ba Me

Asian Fusion Bistro

Big Boo’S Burgers

Ginger & Chili

Market Vietnamese

Cuu Long

Phood: Great food for less $$

Nine Seas

Spicy Success

The Tofu Hut

Chai Ally

Daily Delight

Golden Greek

Restaurant Warehouse

Casa Restaurant

Wise Sons

Ao Dai

The Red Door

The Pakistan Place

Dồi Thời

Chops N’ Drinks

Burgers And Stuff

Phobically Good Food

Trend Vietnamese

Huong Vi Hoa Binh

The Mushroomhead

Girl & the Goat

Café Sua Da

Yellow Submarine

Restaurant Rebels

Delicious Bites

Food Factory

Double Knot

Quan Viet

Ban Tan Thai

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