Top 27+ Best Violin Brands in the World

Playing the Violin helps to boost attention and memory span. With so many violin brands in the world, it is difficult to choose one. Here is a list of top violin brands in the world.

Violin Brands in the World


Country: Germany

This musical instrument company with one department produces basses and guitars and another produces string instruments, such as bows for stringed instruments, double basses, cellos, violas, and violins. It was introduced in 1887 in the hamlet of Schönbach by Karl Höfner, a German luthier.


Country: Italy

This award-winning corporation was first launched in 1989 and is prominent for producing high-quality bows and stringed instruments that are reasonably good for learners. Their violins have outstanding quality and playability for their expense labels, making them a prominent option for learners. 


Country: United States 

Formulated by experienced luthiers, Violins of this company are some of the most amazing string instruments of the United States. Their products are accessible in various sizes. Every instrument is also reviewed actively against strict value standards at a supply center of Los Angeles before being traded. Some of their most prominent violins include Cecilio CVN-500 and Cecilio CVN-300.


Country: Italy

This brand name was named after a surname of an Italian violin maker family. Their significance is regarded as similar to those of the Stradivari, Guarneri, and Bergonzi families. Presently, violins Manufactured by Nicolò Amati are rated at approximately $600,000.

Scott Cao

Country: United States

It is one of the leading string instrument brands in the globe. For more than 15 years, performers of all ability levels have depended on this brand of instruments for their particular requirements. From professional, soloist performers to beginners have all loved and adored their stringed instruments. Introduced in 1989, this corporation has manufactured many global awards and earned great recognition. 

Giuseppe Guarneri

Country: Italy

Giuseppe Guarneri was named after the household name of an organization of prominent luthiers from Cremona in the 17th and 18th centuries in Italy, whose reputation is considered similar to those of the Stradivari and Amati families.


Country: United States

The highest goal of this company is the design of products that attract performers in. The brand was launched by Bernard Kornblum in 1922 in St. Louis. The corporation was named after a prominent luthier of Germany, Johannes Knilling. Since its launch, the company has concentrated on the craftsmanship and quality of its instruments.  


Country: Czech Republic

Based in Luby, Czech Republic this brand of string instruments, in its new unified format that was launched in 1992 is a beneficiary of Cremona, a unified product corporation introduced in 1922 in Schönbach in Czechoslovakia. 


Country: United States

This brand of instruments retails its product at low-cost. They encompass all the requirements for a beginner. Like its resemblance, this violin chain is accessible in many sizes. Two of this company’s most prominent violins include Mendini MV400 and the Mendini 4/4 MV500+92D.

Klaus huffler

Country: Germany

This family operated corporation has made their enthusiasm for instrument manufacturing into their business. The products produced by this company are created in Germany, from the greatest choice of European maple and spruce. The musical products are designed by craftsmen with more than 10years of experience utilizing elegant techniques. 

Violins Australia 

Country: Australia

Violins Australia works in the retail supply of their accessories and orchestral instruments. They are delighted to represent some of the most amazing factories in the world and take great pleasure in specializing with music merchandisers in New Zealand and Australia. United with Narlas Pty Ltd, this brand was introduced by a husband-wife duo David and Carmel Glanville in 1991.

Shimro Violin

Country: South Korea 

Producing stringed instruments such as Ukulele, Mandolin, Contrabass, Cello, Viola, and Violin this company has the largest facility of stringed instruments in the world in sole production under its trademark ‘SHIMRO’. Cases and bows for instruments are also manufactured by Shimro. Shimro goes on with its actions for technical growth and research. 

Pearl River Piano Group

Country: China

It is the biggest piano factory in China and has the biggest piano manufacturer in the globe manufacturing more pianos than other manufacturers. The corporation was created in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China in 1956. It is competent of more than 100,000 pianos per year and ships them to over 80 nations. 

Skb cases

Country: Orange

Launched by corporation producers Steve Kottman and Dave Sanderson in 1977, SKB Corporation produced its introductory guitar case in California. Presently, the brand is known in the multinational market as a business leader in the manufacture and design of molded polymer carrier cases. They even distribute maximum journey security for electronics equipment and customer sports.

Kennedy Violins

Country: China

More than 15 years ago, this company started delivering student and professional cellos, violas, and violins with a passion for giving starry consumer service. With their vast reserve of instruments and capacity to buy directly from prime instrument craftsmen, their profession is to offer the products at the lowest rates. 

Stentor Violins

Country: United Kingdom 

The brand is recognized for its reliability, consistency, and quality. The basses, cellos, violas, and violins of this brand take learners from their very early novice instrument up to experienced level. They are dedicated to giving the affordability and quality to assure that performers have the most rewarding and enjoyable experience. 


Country: United States 

The instruments of this brand are blowing away its opponents because the producers manufacture only the most amazing violins. The violins, manufactured by Fiddlerman are tested and curated by Pierre Holstein, himself.

Franz Hoffmann

Country: China

China-based this company’s violins are amazingly crafted, with a consistent, dependable, and brilliant tone. Their outstanding violins are ensured as the most amazing quality products for their rate expanse. The beginner violin chain of this brand is the limited chain facilitated at SHAR. 

D Z Strad

Country: United States

This brand also recognized as D Z America is a prominent manufacturer of violins and string instrument shops in the United States. D Z Strad has a broad variety of contemporary and classic violins.


Country: United States 

As a producer of musical instruments and one of the leading manufacturers of contemporary violin, this company has become a family operated brand for good purposes. They are determined to create global enthusiasm and artistic inspiration.


Country: United Kingdom 

This violin brand is suitable for beginners and children. The brand is very prominent in academies and with song educators, especially as they offer their products in a broad expanse of sizes.

All Days Music (ADM)

Country: United States 

Also recognized as ADM, this is a distributor of skilled musical instruments with operating manufacturers that supply beginner quality instruments at the lowest rate. Presently, they have one starter violin chain.

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