680+ Creative Wedding Card Company Names, Suggestions, Domaines & more ( Video+ Infographic)

680+ Creative Wedding Card Company Names, Suggestions, Domaines & more

Creative-minded people always know that the possibilities for wedding invitations are seemingly endless – “message in a bottle” scrolls corked with sand in glass bottles, invitations augmented with bejeweled peacock feathers, or mainly classically traditional invitations printed in the conservative font on thick, handmade paper.

So, a professional consultant or wedding invitation business is the solution mainly for bridal couples anguishing about how to stand out from the pack when sending out wedding invites.

1.Investigate your competition. Always identify a niche for your wedding invitation business by researching similar businesses in your area, as recommended by Gaebler.com in the online article titled how to start a business of wedding invitation cards.

If there’s always plenty of run-of-the-mill stationery stores, open an upscale wedding shop serving champagne and finger sandwiches.

If your area is already filled with snooty enterprises, offer something more pragmatic and affordable.

2. Apply for permits. Wedding invitation business license requirements are fairly simple–you’ll just need a business license, tax identification number, and liability insurance, according to A Touch of Business.com in the online article mainly titled “How to Start a Wedding Invitation Business.”

If you plan to sell invitations online to out-of-state customers or sell wedding invitations at out-of-state trade shows, make sure you have a license to do so.

3. Purchase invitation supplies. To mainly start a business making wedding invitations, you will need access to a wide variety of stationery supplies, including letterhead, folding cards, and envelopes, according to Internet-Based Moms.com in the online article mainly titled “Mainly Start a Wedding Invitations Business.”

Rather than purchase expensive printers that may be outdated within a few years, contract with a locally respected printer with a reputation for timeliness and professionalism.

So, don’t forget to purchase standard office equipment, including computers, graphic design software, fax machines for submitting contract bids, office furniture, file cabinet, and telephones.

4. Create sample binders. Mainly to start a business making wedding invitations make professional-quality sample binders for brides and grooms to peruse while brainstorming for the perfect wedding invitation idea.

5. Advertise your business. So, basically  try to let your customers feel to know about wedding invitation startup by advertising in the phone book, distributing business cards to professionals in complementary industries, and writing a wedding trends blog on your company website, as mainly recommended by “How to Start a Wedding Invitation Business.”

Things Needed

  • Champagne
  • Finger sandwiches
  • Business license
  • Tax identification number
  • Insurance
  • Reseller’s permit
  • Invitation supplies
  • Printing contracts
  • Office equipment
  • Advertising materials
  • Wedding blog
  • Industry magazines

Existing Wedding Card Business names in US

  • Color & Creation
  • Wisdom Creative Group
  • Workhorse Printmakers 
  • Colorfast
  • Design Ink Studios
  • Design Printing
  • Green Apple Concepts
  • Guru Color Printing
  • Houston Invitation Services 
  • Devon Printing 
  • Elegant Invitation
  • Invitation Prints
  • Isabella Invitations
  • Katie & Co.
  • Kwik Kopy Printing 
  • Lilian Designs
  • Lime Tree 
  • Invitation Solutions 
  • Emerald Invitations
  • Nash Printing
  • Next Day Invitation
  • Nice New Cards 
  • Quick Printing Company
  • Speed Printing & Office Supplies
  • Spilled Ink Press
  • Summit Printing 
  • The Document Group
  • The Invitation Spot
  • The Invitation Store 
  • Quickprint Business Center
  • Red Phoenix Marketing 
  • Paper Boutique
  • Paper Presentation
  • The Wren Press
  • Trinity Printing
  • Underwood Letterpress 
  • Park Slope Press 
  • Ferguson Marketing 
  • Daisy Designs
  • Ceci New York
  • Color & Creation
  • Colorfast 
  • Dependable Letterpress 
  • Copper Willow Paper Studio

How to Choose Wedding Card Business Name

Starting a screen-printing business? Don’t underestimate the importance of a good name!

The right name for your wedding card business can help you market your business successfully. It lets people know what you do in a way that appeals to your target market and sticks in their minds. So mainly how do you choose the right business name for your wedding card business?

Step 1: Mainly Brainstorm for Your Wedding Card Business Name

Always coming up with a name for your Wedding card business begins with some simple brainstorming. Take some time to develop a few potential names for your business. Some inspiration you can draw from include:

Your name, nickname or a fun personal history. Having a creative business name that reflects who you are can be a great way to stick in people’s minds and develop a business that reflects your personality.

Step 2: Always Check the Availability of Your Wedding Card Business Name

Once you have some name ideas, you’ll need to ensure that your business name is available legally, locally, and internationally. To check if your business name is available:

Perform a Google search. A simple online search will help you determine if your business name is in use. If you’re focusing your business locally, a business across the country with the same name might not be a concern.

If your search turns up an abundance of businesses with similar names, however, you might want to steer clear; future customers searching for you might have difficulty finding your business.

Step 3: Think about Marketing

The final element in a great business name is the marketability. You must have a name that reflects your business and helps promote your wedding card services.

You mainly want a business name that you can build a brand around. To determine if your potential business name is marketable, ask yourself.

Wedding Card Company Names

Every Wedding Card Business entrepreneur should be well aware of its Business and Product naming process and also knows the importance of a good business name.

Your potential customers must be able to recognize what your company is selling by looking at the name. Below are some best wedding card business names ideas.

All-Season Weddings

Weddy Family

 Happy Happy

 Wedding Right

 Sure Weddings

 Event Together

My Weds

Carding Bride

 Invito Ceremony

Wedding Day

 weddy Mtrix


Day Dazzle

 Black Tie Weddings

 Blossom Weddings

 Bri0 & Beug


 Inviton Queen


 Brilliant Wedding

 Caring Celebrations

 Celebrations Co.


 Card Surprise

 Ceremony Cards

 Cardo Success

 Collective Events

 Dancing Down The Aisle


 Aisle Invitation printing

 Dream Day

 Dream Weddings

 Effortyn Ess

 Elevaa Xcell

 Enchanted Evening paper

 Enchanted Events

 Enchanted Paper

 Even Paper

 Eventive Weddings

 Minute Pape

 Exquisite paper

 Extraordinary You

 Flawless Functions

 Golden Ring

 Great Craft

 Guru of Wedding

 Happily Crafted


 Happy Happenings

 Honey Bride

 I Do For You

 I Do Wedding

 Ink Spot Printing



 Adorn Invitations 

 Invite & Write

 Invite Site

 Invites Scripted

 Isabella Invitations

 Katie & Marie.

 Kwik Zapp Printing

 Lalaland Printing Inc.

 Legacy Printing


 Lilian Designs

 Lime Tree


 Lone Star Mailing and Printing Services

 Lone Star Quick Print

 Memory Mono

 MinuteMan Press

 Momentum Graphics

 Necessary Thread

Looking for the best wedding card business slogans and taglines, but struggled to find them? Then make sure to check out the best wedding card business slogans and taglines.


 Notes as Unique

 One Bride

 Paper and Lace

 Perfect Day

 Picture Perfect 

 Plan And Simple 

 Planet of Wedding Card

 Precious Moments 

 Pride Secrets

 Queen Wedding

 Shine Weddings

 Delight Moments


 Sapphire Wedding

 Secret of Wedding

 Something Great

 Sun Or Storm Weddings

 The Wedding Corp.

 Three Cheers 

 Together & Happy

 Two Rings

 Wanted Cards


 Great Occasions

 invota Book

 Wedonna Experts

 Wedding Palace


 Muning Wishes

 Wish Day

wedding invitation business names

 You and He

 You and She

Card Steamy


Wedding Diamond

Card Ruby

Wedding Young

Card Major


Smart Garnet

Wedding Sonnet


Wedding Grande

Wedding Crush




Card Prince

Wedding Divine

Catchy Wedding Card Business Names

There are many things to know before choosing the right name in branding your brand like you need a starting point as to What personality you want to project, what type of customer are you seeking.

For wedding card business names, you can generate catchy names online easily. Following are some catchy wedding card business names.


Wedding Destiny

Card Desire

Wedding Caring

Wedding Extravagance



Wedding Emerald

Card Sensual

Wedding Sterling

Card Crystal

Wedding Opulence








Wedding Garnet

Card Enchant

Card Smitten

Card Discover


Jaguar Wedding 

Card Companion Flame

Wedding Excite

Wedding Osiris

Wedding Passion


Wedding Gold

Luxury Weddgenics

Wedding Luxe

Wedding Luscious

Wedding Together

Leopard Card True

Wedding Stallion

Cardly Card 

Card Sight

Wedding Tingle

Wedding Intoxicate

Wedding Crave

Card Brazen


Card Regent

Adore Strip

Postal Invitation Solutions

Invite Site & Katie 

Lilian Designs & Co.

Invitation for Next Day 

Nonstop Printing

Wedding Sentiment


Card Passion


If you are doing online marketing then you must check out the trending hashtags for wedding planning business that will help you to gain more followers and likes on social media.

Luxe Together

Wedding Luxury

Ecstasy Card Song

Card Amor

Card Exception

Celestial & Weddlance

Weddex & Weddzen

Card Cheeky


Wedding Dynasty

Card Stallion

Card Cherish

Wedding Obsidian


Sure Luscious Wedding 

Card Token

Wedding Bare


Card Tickle

Wedding Entrance

Deep Soul

Wedding Destiny

Card Sonnet

Wedding Jaguar

Card Together

Faithful Two

Card Sentiment

Lapis Wedding Strip

Wedding Stallion


Card Rose

Wedding Rare

Card Find

Wedding Honest


Wedding Attract

Alluring Cards

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A wedding card is a small but trending industry in the overall world. before starting this business, you should research the trends of wedding card design.

Here is the infographic which gives you more ideas about the trend in the wedding Card Business. Read more

wedding card trends

Source: Papyrus

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