Werewolf Pack Names: 600+ Catchy and Cool Names

A werewolf is a human who can shape-shift into a wolf on the night of the full moon. The concept of werewolves originated from European folklore and revolved around paranormal happenings.

Many movies have been made based on this fictional character, such as “Werewolves within,” “The Wolf Man,” “The Howling,” and so on. If you are looking for the perfect werewolf name, you have arrived on the right page. 

We have curated some cool, catchy, best, amazing werewolf name ideas that would fit perfectly with your personality. Let us not wait anymore and quickly go through the names-

Cool Werewolf Pack Names

Werewolves act and behave like usual human beings but are generally found to be a bit ill around lights. How cool is that?

A human and a wolf in one body! Let us surf through the plethora of cool werewolf name ideas which will transport you to the world of werewolves in no time. You would be known as the cool human with an even cooler werewolf name.

Ujku Of The Dark Venom Band

Loveta Of The Native Dusk Bundle

Raven Of The Giant Immortals Horde

Dakota Of The Sunset Claw Crew

The Demonfang Manes

Ash Of The Alpha Cave Legion

Mohegan Of The Marked Shapeshifters Legion

The Wretched Manes

Storm Of The Demonic Claw Horde

Meiko Of The Giant Heartbeat Circle

The Hallowed Manes

The Burst Banes

Sage Of The Giant Sun Crew

Owein Of The Noble Moon Furs

Nuntis Of The Vengeful Cave Canines

Ragnulf Of The Forsaken Blood Gang

The Bitterfang Pride

Raven Of The Kind Daggers Pride

The Edge Claws

Sierra Of The Full Venom Horde

The Fantomhide Hounds

Ziff Of The Rotten Bloodline Circle

The Gloom Manes

Bardalph Of The Kind Sun Mob

Ingolf Of The Howling Shadows Canines

Gonzalo Of The Broken Midnight Hounds

The Frostfang Warriors

Rule Of The Alpha Hunters Band

The Night Nightwalkers






Rezso—Famous Wolf (Teutonic)



Kweeuu—Wolf (Hopi)


Eyolf—Lucky Wolf (Norwegian)



Conry—Wolf King (Irish)







Zeeb—Wolf (Biblical)

Gorg—Wolf (Farsi)

Colin—Young Dog/In Whelp (Celtic)










Radulphus—Shield Wolf (English)



Ty-Ohni—Wolf (Native American)


Ujku—Wolf (Albanian)






Boris—Wolf (Bulgarian/Russian/German/Slovene)











Catchy Werewolf Pack Names

Werewolves have a catchy golden-yellow pair of eyes. This is the most significant physical feature. We want you to have the catchiest werewolf name, which will amaze your gang. Enlisted below are some of the catchiest werewolf name ideas you will ever encounter. The choice is all yours!

Wolfram Of The Gentle Prey Legion

Freepaw Canines

Klaus’ Pack

les Guerriers Disparus

The Darkhide Hounds

Maiyun Of The Bronze Riders Crowd

The Coldhide Nightstalkers

The Defiant Pack

Pack Blue Blood

Spirit Of The Red Bridge Circle

Cinder Of The Eclipse Fighters Mob

Angua Of The Sunset War Herd

Mgelika Of The Marked Crest Furs

The Edge Pack

Spirit Of The White Shadows Furs

The Red Shadows

Nashoba Of The Crescent Daggers Band

Rudi Of The Giant Protectors Mob

Velvela Of The Sunset Blood Pride

Ookami Of The Secret Blood Gang

Anubis Of The Bronze Bridge Hounds

les Crinières de Bronze

The Onyxtail Shadows

Friduwulf Of The Cold Valley Mob

The Bitterridge Prowlers

Dream Catchers

The Bloodlust Keepers

The Palecrown Prowlers

Arnou Of The Gentle Shapeshifters Horde

The Deepmaw Manes

Swift Of The Kind Biters Army

Raedwulf Of The Broken Blood Pack

Louvel Of The Dawn Warriors Crew

The Sanguis Pack

The Duskfall Hunters

The Arctic Pride

Lilith Of The Dark Fang Bundle

Sunflower Pack

The Whitefang Pack

The Stealth Furs

Liekos Of The Grim Fighters Canines

The Brokenpelt Manes

The Darkhide Hounds

The Infinite Nightwalkers

The Bloodmoon Keepers

The Forsaken Hunters

The Highfang Pack

Dakota Of The Ancient Predator Crew

Maicoh Of The Forsaken Blood Pride

Lupo Of The Crescent Claw Claws

Lupita Of The Battle Heart Hounds

The Desert Nightstalkers

Minette Of The Omega Moon Crowd

Raven Of The Ancient Hunters Horde

Raula Of The High Heart Herd

Winter Of The Noble Warriors Legion

les Pestes d’Étoiles

Black Of The Demonic War Team

Bledig Of The Dark Bloodline Claws

les Queues Intrépides

Alpine Of The Ebony Midnight Crew

Twilight Of The Prime Moon Claws

Wulffrith Of The White Valley Canines

Honi Of The Sunset Sun Mob

The Warpaw Canines

The Mountain Pride

les Crinières de Sanguine

Raula Of The Broken Web Crew

Lupus Of The Sunken Bloodline Army

Coinin Of The Primal Sun Prowlers

Saga Of The Sundown Crown Band

Leah Of The Battle Immortals Legion

The Moonstone Howlers

The Vanished Pack

Artemis Of The Secret Warriors Army

Geirolf Of The Sundown Waters Bundle

Blue Of The High Midnight Team

Rae Of The Native Bloodline Pride

Infernal Tails

Best Werewolf Pack Names

Werewolves are said to be feeding on animals. Even though many articles talk about their characteristics and behavior, very little has actually proven to be true. We have curated some of the best werewolf name ideas, as you deserve nothing but the best. Let us quickly go through them-

Stirba Of The Sunken Daggers Crew

Spirit Of The Dawn Grave Pack

Lotus Pack

Berserk Pack

Mahigan Of The Secret Fang Team

Haquihana Of The Omega Skin Mob

The Oasis Manes

Lykaios Of The Black Tail Crowd

The Hill Stalkers

Brokenridge Furs

Singarti Of The Ebony Predator Band

Skeletal Shadows

The Lost Hounds

Stealth Manes

Eyolf Of The Prime Cave Bundle

Hecate Of The Marked Prey Manes

The Wretched Furs

les Harceleurs d’Ambre

Liekos Of The Black Fighters Prowlers

Succubus Of The Ebony Tooth Army

Jules’ Pack

Sunset Banes

Geirolf Of The Ancient Heart Team

Howling Justice

The Goldclaw Pack

Silver Of The Ancient Healers Herd

Pack Eclipse

The Blazebite Prowlers

The Ethereal Nightwalkers

les Rôdeurs Délaissés

Zeeb Of The Rotten Sun Canines

Lowe Of The Morning Daggers Circle

Honi Of The Sundown Cave Pride

The Freecrest Hunters

The Blackmaw Pride

The Blazefang Manes

Ulrich Of The Iron Riders Circle

The Palemaw Hounds

The Omega Warriors

Conwenna Of The Dawn Claw Crew

Kali Of The Giant War Mob

The Coldfang Nightstalkers

Faoiltiama Of The Sunset Heartbeat Horde

Athena Of The Howling Warriors Pack

Christa Of The Black Immortals Furs

BasRoq Pack

Guadalupe Of The Lonely Immortals Bundle

Z’ev Of The Noble Demons Claws

Aatto Of The Vengeful Skin Prowlers

Bestia Of The Sunrise Waters Herd

Lovota Of The Ancient Biters Circle

Dusk Of The Iron Biters Gang

Kania Of The Rotten Daggers Manes

The Gentle Nightwalkers

Maengun Of The Dark Pelt Mob

Lamia Of The Howling Star Legion

Hecate Of The Noble Skin Band

Ruelle Of The Rotten Wolves Herd

Olcan Of The Broken Tail Claws

Rollo Of The Cold Venom Prowlers

Blacktooth Guardians

Vilkas Of The Eclipse Dusk Bundle

The Steelridge Howlers

The Halfcrest Pack

les Peaux de Pierres de Lune

The Darkfur Walkers

Ardwolf Of The Bronze Sun Bundle

Leloo Of The Sunken Bridge Manes

Vukasin Of The Night Dusk Crew

The Edge Tails

Moon Of The Gentle Biters Pack

White Walkers

les Hurleurs Noirs

The Silvercrest Group

Batibat Of The Rotten Protectors Pack

Eariuffi Of The Ebony Whsiper Prowlers

Felan Of The Noble Blood Hounds

The Bloodlust Warriors

Saga Of The Cold Wolves Prowlers

The Ice Group

Amazing Werewolf Pack Names

As per werewolf facts, one can become a werewolf if they get bitten by a werewolf in their wolfish avatar on a full moon night. The werewolf’s saliva contaminates the victim’s blood and turns them into a werewolf too. Such interesting facts often leave us in awe. Let us go through the following list of amazing werewolf name ideas-

The Lightning Growlers

Smoke Of The Omega Wolves Hounds

Sierra Of The Demonic Woodland Band

Storm Of The Kind Protectors Herd

Wolfram Of The Giant Tail Bundle

Agwang Of The Ebony Midnight Herd

Dakota Of The Gentle Biters Manes

Vargynja Of The Red Wolves Manes

les Queues de la Vallée de la Lune

The Night Group

The Beta Pride

Lamia Of The Sundown Shapeshifters Herd

Aberrant Canines

The Burst Banes

Noir Of The Scarred Defenders Furs

Enchanted Pack

The Infernal Nightwalkers

Tunstall Of The Silent Shapeshifters Furs

Crescent Wolf Pack

Hazar-Shual Of The Sunset Biters Bundle

Rudina Of The Broken Midnight Hounds

les Gardiens Courageux

Maccon Of The Broken Healers Manes

Gonzalo Of The Wicked Bloodline Furs

Lycaonia Of The Silent Fighters Manes

Daciana Of The Kind Hide Prowlers

Bodolf Of The Grim Healers Bundle

The Sundown Pack

Amoux Of The Demonic Sun Band

The Fierce Warriors

Ulf Of The Demonic Claw Pride

The Sanguis Nightstalkers

les Peaux Brutales

Lupus Of The Demonic War Crew

Storm Of The Sunrise Tooth Hounds

Chanteloup Of The Howling Grave Canines

The Rock Growlers

Odwolfe Of The Marked Paw Mob

Honehe Of The Rotten Waters Pack

The Crescent Manes

The Stark Pride

The Arctic Banes

The Giant Banes

Audolf Of The Giant Cave Crew

Cinder Of The Alpha Immortals Prowlers

The Red Warriors

Prosperine Of The Ebony Heartbeat Gang

The Lake Nightwalkers

Maiyun Of The Wild Demons Crowd

Susi Of The Bloody Venom Furs

The Shadow Prowlers

Wolfram Of The Ancient Whsiper Canines

les Ombres Livides

les Fantômes Vagabonds

The Livid Canines

Landga Of The Battle Valley Hounds

Ardwolf Of The Silent Web Gang

Odwolfe Of The Sunrise Blood Pack

Lupu Of The Sunrise Warriors Circle

The Crimsontooth Banes

Heoruwulf Of The Sunrise Waters Pack

Vargynja Of The Lonely Star Team

Odolf Of The Night Hunters Claws

The Lightcrest Claws

Ulfred Of The Ancient Growlers Band

Sanguine Keepers

The Sundown Furs

Acwulf Of The Prime Waters Prowlers

Gorgon Of The Sunken Valley Crowd

les Chiens Silencieux

Appalachian Mountains Pack

Lupa Of The Vengeful Blood Legion

The Vicious Banes

Cinder Of The Blue Shapeshifters Circle

The Highbite Furs

Canagan Of The Ancient Dusk Horde

Randulphus Of The Dawn Daggers Herd

The Hollow Growlers

The Coldpelt Furs

Deep Water Pack

Awesome Werewolf Pack Names

The wolf spirit animal symbolizes intuition, loyalty, and spirituality. They have an intense desire for freedom and are highly intelligent. These awesome facts and myths about werewolves make us keep wanting more! Let us quickly review the werewolf name ideas below and find yours for your fierce werewolf pack:

Mystic Pride

les Canines Rapides

Rand Of The Sundown Biters Gang

Meiko Of The Scarred Blood Horde

Hecate Of The Bronze Stalkers Crew

The Masked Pack

Raven Of The Broken Blood Band

Hayley Of The Ancient Hide Bundle

The Shadowed Shadows

Liekos Of The Marked Heart Team

Bhangi Of The White Defenders Team

Louve Of The Demonic Web Band

The Dream Pack

The Doomclaw Banes

Randella Of The Dark Hide Pride

Tasha Of The Noble Paw Horde

les Ombres de la Vallée de la Lune

The Sunset Tails

Acwulf Of The Iron River Crowd

Dolphus Of The High Stalkers Crew

The Darkfur Walkers

The Doomridge Band

ngolf Of The Golden Crest Band

The Onyxcrest Claws

Kania Of The Forsaken Hunters Manes

The Full Moon Furs

Skjoldolfr Of The Bloody Defenders Canines

Connery Of The Omega Waters Army

Lamento Of The Rotten Valley Band

les Canines de Murmures

Anchored Pack

Ice Of The Giant Biters Horde

Lone Group

The Goldpaw Canines

Christa Of The Morning Wolves Gang

Daria Of The Crescent Biters Pack

The Evenfang Prowlers

Filtiarn Of The Careless Prey Band

les Canines Rigides

Mohegan Of The Broken Blood Team

The Brown Tails

Qarina Of The Bloody Star Mob

Raula Of The Broken Hunters Canines

The Hill Group

The Frostfang Banes

The Eclipse Walkers

Koda Of The Bronze Venom Canines

Alpine Of The Primal Hide Mob

The Blue Hounds

The Demonmane Pack

Botewolf Of The Noble Immortals Canines

Theodulf Of The Full Eyed Army

The Duskfall Hunters

Rand Of The Night Bloodline Legion

The Crescent Prowlers

The Night Nightwalkers

Aatto Of The Silent Eyed Manes

The Sombertooth Nightwalkers

Lyfing Of The Demonic Moon Team

The Silenttooth Guardians

les Queues de Murmures

Conry Of The Iron Web Crew

Adalwolf Of The Blue Shadows Furs

Tyler’s Pack

Freki Of The Golden War Manes

Vilkas Of The Sunken Hunters Band

Dusk Of The Sunset Prey Crowd

Snow Of The Wicked Waters Pride

Stark Pack

The Sabremane Walkers

Thunder Banes

The Crescent Manes

Ranulfo Of The Wicked Skin Canines

The Bitterfang Pride

Nuntis Of The Omega Wolves Prowlers

Randella Of The Scarred Fang Canines

The Crimson Shadows

Mohegan Of The Vengeful Pelt Furs

The Frostfang Warriors

The Rock Growlers

Werewolf Pack Name Generator

Werewolf Pack Name Generator

Explore our Werewolf Pack Name Generator for creative, unique name ideas instantly!

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