Whiskey Bar Names: 500+ Catchy and Cool Names

You’re not alone if you’ve ever fantasized about opening your whiskey bar. Whiskey bars are all the rage right now, and their popularity is growing year after year. But how can you give your new bar a name that will set it apart from the rest?

These names can be utilized by any restaurant or pub that drinks whiskey or wants to identify itself as a whiskey-focused venue and a terrific tool for individuals wishing to create their own whiskey bars. Use them on menus, business cards, social media pages, and even drink specials.

It’s difficult to come up with a name for your whiskey bar, and it’s quite difficult. You want something different but not ludicrous and something simple but not too simple to spell.

It should mention something about the bar, such as how it is both classy and welcoming to people from all walks of life.

Catchy Whiskey Bar Names

Your bar’s name is a big element of how people will remember you—it has to be catchy, cool, and witty.

However, coming up with the ideal name can seem impossible—you’re busy enough keeping up with industry developments without having to come up with a creative name!

Apart from them, here are a few catchy Whiskey Bar names that form your search’s basic.

Bourbon Street

The Whiskey Baron

The Last Drop

Whiskey Always

The Rye Crowd

Just Whiskey

Tapped Out

The Bottle Room

The Bellywash

Rustic Spirits

The Golden Cask

Whisky and Chill

Red River Saloon

The Blue Martini

Wise Owl Whiskey

Whiskey Up

The Thirsty Oak

The Great Buckle

Whiskey Lane

The Whiskey Soaker

Ambition Whiskey Bar

The Drunken Donkey

Oak & Branch

The Irish Rover

The Whiskey Barrel Dram

Whiskey Wise

Shotski’s Bar and Grill

The Lazy Glasses

Cocktails in The Corner

The Drinkable Underground

The Bird and The Barrel

The Pour House Tavern & Grill

Dewey’s Dive Bar

The Good Morning Whiskey Bar

The Drinking Hole

Liquid Gold Lounge

Downtown Bourbon

Jack Daniels Station

House of Whisk(e)y

Romeo & Juliet’s Bar and Grill

A Damn Fine Whiskey Bar

Belmont Cocktail Lounge

Long Range Whiskey Bar


In the Barrel

Good Willies Irish Whiskey

The Last Round-Up

O’Bartender’s Pub

Bank Whiskey Bar

Whiskey Lullaby

Whiskey Creek

Drunken Genius

The Sand Trap Bar

Barrel of Monkeys

Cool Whiskey Bar Names

Coming up with a cool name for your whiskey bar is a common difficulty for folks who are just starting out.

A hip whiskey bar name will tell your guests what kind of experience they can expect from your establishment, and it will help you stand out from the crowd. Let’s hop on and enjoy the range of names collected by our team after a lot of hard work.

The Enraged Walrus

Faithful Hound Whiskey Bar

Beast of Bourbon

Charlie’s Bar & Grill

Duke’s Booze Emporium

Bourbon and Barrels

The Deceased Squirrel

Lone Whisker

Whisky on Dragon

Whiskey Hill House

Howlin’ Wolf Tavern & Grille

The Barrelhouse Gangsters

Whisky Tango Foxtrot

Whiskey Trail

Two Trains Whiskey Bar

Don’t Be Shy

Cork Shot Bar

Malt House

Cocktails on Sunset

The Boozing Barrel

Whiskey Tango

The Lighthouse

Gloomy Gus

Whiskey River

Dutch’s Spirits

Fine Strain Whiskey Bar

The Black Sheep

The Lizard Lounge and Liquor Store

The Old North Bar

The Fighting Cock

The Whisky Palace

Boathouse Rum Bar

Classic on The Rocks

Under the Whiskey Bridge

Shot in the Dark

The Whiskey Closet

The Cold-Hearted Cactus

The Blurred Bar and Grille

Jack Daniels’ Club

Bone Crusher

Clubber’s Delight

The Dancing Cactus Cantina

Black Barrel Social

Jack’s Hangout

The Black Dog Tavern

Whiskey House Bar

The Peaty Barman’s Pub

Tipsy Taylor

Lush Lounge

Whiskey and Leather

Shots on The House

Black Bart’s Bar and Grill

The Minty Tipple Saloon

Jack Daniels Roadhouse Bar

Whiskey Pit

Latest Whiskey Bar Names

You’ll discover some fascinating alternatives in our list of whiskey bar names that meet all of these criteria and more.

They’re distinct enough to set you out from the competition without alienating clients who prefer not to be too different from their peers—and they’re approachable enough for new customers who are just getting into whiskey to feel at ease.

Fortunately, we have come up with some latest names for the whiskey bar listed below.

Cocktail Time

Yield Bar & Grill

Tipsy Tap House and Grill

Simply Just Bar & Grill

Bartender’s End Zone

Best of Bars

Party On, Barkeep!

Starry Nights Lounge and Bar

The Hangover

The Bartender

Bartender’s Moe-mosa

Cheers Cabaret and Cocktails

Club 301

Dick’s Bar and Grill

Drink On Me

A~1 Alcohols Inc

Cheerful Cocktails

Cocktail & Mix Mastering 

Bitter and Twisted

Cellar Door

Crafty Bartender

Whiskey High Five

Do Over Liquor

Cocktail Glass Pub

Bar Nana

Picasso’s Drinkz 

A&T Bartending Services

AA Bartending Service

A toast of gratitude

Five for Friday

The Shaker and Stirrer

High-End Nightlife Bar

Euro Pub

Dive Bar

Cocktails & Music Lounge

X Bar

Retro Bar

Buddy’s Bar and Grill

Chameleon Bar and Grill

Clutch Shots

Club 21

Club Velvet

Divine Pleasures

Flamingo Lounge

Gold Rush Bar and Grill

The Score 

Google-Eyes Bar

After Hours Angel

Brandy Go-Go

Brut ‘N’ Dry

Bartender’s Digest

The Corner Bar

The Shady Tavern

The Beer Nest

The Cheers Bar

Bourbon & Ice

Ace Shots!

Amazing Whiskey Bar Names

Our members have been quite generous in sharing their favorite whisky bars from all across the world.

If someone is visiting a new city and looking for an excellent whisky bar, he would automatically be attracted to a bar with an amazing name and attracts him. Thus let us look into the list of fantastic whiskey bar names, which you can use from the list given below. 

Smoky Rosewater

The Drunken Dwarf

The Nasty Jackalope

Cocktail Crucible

Whiskey and Beyond

Beehive Club & Lounge

Whiskey in Trough

The Intoxicating Rose 

Dewar’s Oasis

The Wilted Whiskey

Jack Irish Bar and Grill

Whiskey Smokies

Bar Seven

Single Malt Bartenders

Smoke & Fire

Bourbon & Rye

The Creaky Cabin

Lucky Stiff Bar and Grill

High Spirits Tavern

The Whiskey Girl

Whiskey Station

Papa’s Pour House

The Last Word

Fifty-Seven Irish Whiskeys

Bachelor’s Creek

A Very Old Tavern

Double Dippers Pub & Grub

Whiskey Library

Jaunty Jackalope

Curtain Call Cocktails

The Barley Stalkers

Bourbon Alley

Clopping Clogs Whiskey Bar

Dutch Courage Tavern

The Old Man’s Club

The Olde English Pub

Raising the Bar

Rear View Lounge

Bartender Express

Bottoms Up

Bubbly Beverage Bar & Grill

I’ll Drink to That!

A Bar Above the Rest!

Blackjack and Bourbon

Bottom Shelf Bartending

Buffalo Wild

The Cheers Effect


Cocktail Recipes

Punch Bowls & Cups

Booze it Up

Happy Hour

Awesome Whiskey Bar Names

Whiskey is one of America’s most popular drinks, just edging out Sriracha-flavored vodka, whether you drink it straight, on the rocks, or via a comical straw connected to your hat.

And if you know where to look, you can get some of the world’s most prized whiskeys and delectable cocktails featuring everyone’s beloved brown liquid.

Let us look into the list of some awesome whiskey bar names that are provided below:

Flask of Life Pub

Whiskey & Friends

Feeling Irish Tonight

Burned Whiskey

Last Call Bar

The Front Porch Lounge

In the Barrel House

The Spirited Laverock

Piano’s Bar

Swanky Sue’s Bar

Jary’s Billy Goat Tavern 

Bulldog and Bear Tavern

The Whiskey Nudge

The Whiskey Clubhouse

The Bottlecap Lounge

The Distillery

Whiskey Sour Saloons

Everybody’s Whiskey Bar

Brazen Spirits

The Whiskey Society

The Fuzzy Old Man

The Nautical Bar

The Whiskey Barman

The Velvet Vixen Bar & Grill

Whiskey Well

Bartender’s Bar & Grill

Kilpatrick’s Bar and Grill

The Biggest Barrel

White Whisky Spoon

A Little Bit Naughty

Scotch Rocks!

The Pucker-Up Pub

The Clueless Cat

The Malt House

The Old Spigot

The Drunken Monkey Den

The Rusty Bucket

Million Dollar Bar

Belly Up to the Bar

Jim Beam Home Tavern

Whiskey Wrangler

Whiskey, Wine & Women

Aces & Eights

Whiskey a Go-Go

The Whisky Trader

Whisky White’s

Watson’s Whisky Bar

The Drinkable Diner

Crafty Spirits

Lawson’s Finest Liquids

The Raging Bullfrog

The Bootleggers’ Cabin

The Jack-o-Lantern Lounge

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