Top 30+ Best Wine Brands in the World

The most admired wine brands in the world are known to have leading authority on some of the most popular, trending, and influential wine producers from all over the globe. Here is a compilation of the top wine brands in the world.

Wine Brands in the World


Country- United States

Barefoot is one of the most popular wine brands in the world. In fact, it is also the bestselling wine all over the world.  E&J Gallo is the owner of this wine brand. Their wines are really great which ranges from refreshing white wines to sweet red wines. Their wines come in a lot of variety.

Concha Toro

Country- United States

This is a famous wine brand from Chile and Concha Y Toro is one of the largest wine producers in the United States and is leading the wine industry. Founded in 1883, this brand produces high-quality wines using the latest technologies. They have wines of various flavors.


Country- United States

Gallo is also a very popular wine brand that was founded in the year 1933. It is also one of the largest exporters of wine. It owns a 600 acres vineyard that enhances the production of wine. Right from the beginning, their only focus has been towards producing the best-quality wines.


Country- China

This is a wine brand from China that was founded in the year 1892. Changyu is a 125 years old brand and one of the most popular one in China. Some of their famous wines are Changyu Dry Red Wine, Changyu Golden Icewine Valley, and Changyu Swill Zen, etc. Their units of wine productions are located in various parts of China.

Yellow Tail

Country- Australia

Founded in the year 2000, Yellow Tail is another leading wine brand from Australia. Once they started exporting it to various other nations, it became popular in the United States really fast. They have a variety of wine brands in their list such as Chardonnay, Rose, Prosecco, Moscato, Sauvignon Blanc, Unoaked Chardonnay, etc.

Sutter Home

Country- United States

This is also one of the leading wine brands in the United States and it was founded in the year 1970. This brand also produces a variety of wines like Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Moscato, Cabernet Sauvignon, White Zinfandel, White Merlot, Sweet Red, and Bubbly Pink, etc. 

Robert Mondavi

Country- United States

This is another popular wine brand that is in California and is operated by Robert Mondavi. It was founded in 1966 and its main focus is to create the best-quality wines. The winemaking team produced wines with great density and a rich fruity flavor. They make wine using the latest technologies and techniques.


Country- Australia

Hardys was founded in the year 1853. Since then, they have started producing outstanding and high-quality wines. This wine brand is most popular for its high-quality wines like Eileen Hardy, Rare Forcefields, Tintara, Crest, HRB, William Hardy, Sir James, etc.


Country- United States

Beringer has a large winery that was founded in the year 1876. With its headquarters in California, this is one of the oldest wine brands. It is operating for a long time and is mainly known for producing fine and high-quality wines in their winery.

Great Wall

Country- China

This is another very famous wine brand from China that was founded in 1983. They are known to grow ten different types of grapes in their vineyard. Using the latest techniques, they produce some of the best quality wines like dry wine, sweet and half sweet wine, half dry wine, sparkling wine, red wine, rose wine, etc.

Italian Chianti

Country- Italy

This one is a popular red wine brand that is made using the best quality grapes that are known as the Sangiovese grapes. Italian Chinati is one of the most popular and finest red wine brands with a classy and smooth taste.

Australian Shiraz

Country- Australia

The name of this wine brand comes from a special type of grapes that are grown in Australia and is known as Shiraz. It is now one of the most popular wine brands that are very easily available in the market. It is dark in color because the Shiraz is a dark-skinned grape. It goes really well with steak, stew, or beef because of its peppery and spicy flavor.

German Spatburgunder (Pinot Noir)

Country- Germany

This is another popular red wine brand that is made using Pinot Noir grapes which are black colored grapes and it adds a fine flavor to the wines. These types of grapes are usually grown in Bourgogne and Burgundy. This wine tastes fresh and fruity and goes really well with lamb or chicken. 

Californian Zinfandel

Country- United States

Californian Zinfandel is one of the most popular wine brands in America. It is made in one of the popular wine-growing regions that are Napa Valley. It has a strong taste that feels quite heavy. It goes well with spicy foods because of its peppery flavor.

French Beaujolais

Country- France

This is a French wine brand that is most popular for producing some really great red wines. They are made using a special type of wine that is known as Gamay grapes which is light in taste as well as in texture.

French Bordeaux

Country- France

French Bordeaux is one of the most popular and prestigious wine brands which is also famous for producing red wines. The vineyard is grown in Bordeaux which is one of the finest regions for growing wines. This is a wine brand that comes in a lot of variety and it ranges from cheap to expensive. 

Cabernet Sauvignon

Country- United States

Another most prestigious and popular red wine brand is the Cabernet Sauvignon that is also made using a special type of grape. It makes the finest and high-quality red wine and the cocktail that is made by combining Cabernet Franc is really great.

JCB No. 69 Rose Burgundy

Country- France

JCB stands for Jean-Charles Boisset is founder of this winery. He implements biodynamic and organic farming in their vineyards. These wine bottles can be a bit expensive but it is worth it. It has a fruity and fresh flavor with a note of jammy raspberry.

Schramsberg Blanc de Blancs

Country- United States

This wine brand is also a very popular one whose vineyard is in the famous Napa Valley. This is a Chardonnay-based wine bottle which is at least seven years old and then it is released. That makes it layered and dense. It has the flavors of green apple, honey, and pear that makes it really amazing.

Sauvignon Blanc

Country- New Zealand

This is another very popular wine brand that is known all over the world. It has a note of grapefruit and white peach with a perfectly balanced hint of lemongrass and freshly cut grass. All these make this wine crispy and it tastes really great.

Hahn Winery Monterey Chardonnay

Country- United States

This wine brand is considered to be one of the leading brands. Their only focus is to make decisions that will always benefit the upcoming generations who shall practice strict farming just like them. This bottle of Chardonnay comes with a note of toasty vanilla and pineapple lemon.

A to Z Pinot Gris

Country- United States

This wine brand is highly committed to fair value and sustainability from their business to farming practices. In this regard, they are now known as one of the best wine brands in the world. The taste of this wine is balanced really well with apple, honeysuckle, and lemon. It goes well with any dinner cuisine.

Frog’s Leap Sauvignon Blanc

Country- United States

This is a family-owned business whose main focus is towards producing value-driven and high-quality wines and also to maintain their sustainability. In the year 1988, it was certified by the California Certified Organic Farmers and that made them a leader in the wine industry. Their wine tastes of green apple, stone fruit, and perky citrus.

Frog’s Leap Pink La Grenouille Rouge

Country- United States

Frog’s Leap Pink La Grenouille Rougante has bright red fruits in it with a slight hint of earthiness. This pink organic wine is absolutely approachable and friendly. Its frisky and pure taste is the one such thing that is loved by all.

Pratsch Organic Gruner Veltliner

Country- Austria

This is a certified organic wine brand that has combined with the sustainable process of winemaking. Their main goal is to use good quality soil for their farming practices and hence, producing high-quality wine. With notes of peach and apple speckled with white pepper and fine spices, this wine tastes really great.

Hampton Water Rose

Country- France

This wine brand is a collaboration between famous winemaker Gerard Bertrand, Jon Bon Jovi, and Jesse Bongiovi, his son. Their wine bursts with flavors of wild strawberries, watermelon, white peach, etc. This wine brand is really very ambitious about their winery and whatever wine they produce in that winery.  

Bonterra Equinox Red

Country- United States

This wine brand is mostly known for creating one of the best red wines that are blended with organic grapes of Petite Syrah and Merlot. With notes of plum that is mixed with vanilla, tobacco, and oak, and also it has a hint of blackberry in it. The winemaker of this brand makes sure to add natural ingredients in their wines.

Occhipinti II Frappato Sicilia

Country- Italy

The winemaker of this brand is Arianna Occhipinti who has been growing the best quality and biodynamic grapes for more than a decade. She truly believes that the methods of farming highly affect the soil and hence, the wine. The Frappato grapes are grown in the volcanic soil and that produces a floral and lighter wine.

Willamette Valley Vineyards Whole Cluster Pinot Noir

Country- United States

The vineyards of Willamette Vineyards have more than sixteen thousand owners and their only goal is to produce the best quality wines. They also make sure that grapes used for winemaking process are sourced from the estates. This wine has a taste of caramel, blackberry, and also baking spices.

Yalumba Patchwork Shiraz

Country- Australia

This wine brand was founded in the year 1849 and it is also a family-owned winery. They only believe that sustainable farming methods will lead to the production of healthier vineyards that will eventually help to produce the best quality wines. This bottle of Shiraz is fleshy and full and has a taste of anise and ripe plum.

Ancient Peaks Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon

Country- United States

This bold and big wine is flavored with coffee, leather, plum, and cassis. This family-owned winery takes pride in acquiring some of the best vineyards grown in the region of Paso Robles. They produce some of the best quality wines that are popular all over the world.

Tortoise Creek Mission Grove Pinot Noir

Country- United States

This is a very delicate wine brand that has aromas of raspberries and violets. It is created by a couple who have spent most of their life in the wine industry.

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