600+ Witch Shop Names Ideas And Domains (Generator + Guide)

Are you interested in supernatural powers and wish to open your witch shop? Then we’ve got you with the best witch shop names that could make your shop the center of attraction for many and gain you popularity. 

The idea of witchcraft is very new to society, and some people find it quite interesting, while some fear it. Opening your witchcraft shop with all the possible items that a witch could use can gain you a different kind of identity and may interest some people towards you.

If the supernatural attracts you, then this could be your way to a successful business as far as black magic is concerned. 

Here are some witch shop names for you to ponder over and select what excites you the most for it to become a popular name later on. Some of these names are the latest, while some are catchy. 

Cool Witch Shop Names

 Looking for some cool names for your witch shop? Then worry not, because we have some in store for you which can help you out with what you’re looking for!

Having said that, these names stand out and will have a great impression on the people. Like-minded people will flood your shop after this. 

Aroma Sensation

The Tomb of Spells

The Mystic Emporium

Witchy Enchantments

Broom Stick Boutique

Hocus Pocus Gallery

Love Potion Inc.

Mystic Mystique

A Stange Plant

Crystals and Stones

Witches Lab

The Clever Cupboard 

The Witch’s Brew

Witch Tails

Witching Hour

Magic and Miracles

Chaos Magick Shop

The Witches Den

Divine Inspirations

Witch and Wizard

Magick Bored

Foxglove’s Stuff Shop

Good Luck Charms

Witch Way Out

A Glass Witch

Book of Shadows

Mystic Treasures

Cauldron Corner

The Magic Hat

Magic Mirror

Glimmering Potions

Dark Moon Fashions

Black Cat Shop

The Night Bat

Weave Magic

Apothecary Co.

The Coven Room

A Witch’s Brew

Lilya’s Potion Wares

Hexin Aroma


Lucky Witch Cauldron

The Chanting Coven

Dragon Wares

Witchy Tricks and Treats

Spell Binder

New Moon Gifts

Neverwolf Apothecary

Bewitched Herbal Soapworks

The Raven’s Cauldron

Otherworldly Elements

Olde Witch & Co.

Magick Shoppe

Green Moon Mystery

Darkside Den

Whisked Away

Black Cat Mystic Emporium

Magick Made Easy

Fortune Telling Makeover

Witchcraft Spells

Dusty Spells and Charms

Witchy Beads

Potion Garden

Singing Bones

Hex and Helix

Black Magic

Hocus Pocus Wigs and Thangz

Witch Way

Love Spells

Traditional Witch Shop

Broomsticks and Books

Evil Spell Co.

Witch-In-A-Box, Inc

Magic Shop Olde Worlde

Catchy Witch Shop Names

If you’re looking for some catchy witch shop names to get you started with your business, then worry not, as we have some that can surely inspire you and ease out your worries.

These names can help people get lured by your potions and spells and help in the marketing of your goods in the best way possible. 

Potions and Parchment

Witch-Way to Calmness

Mystic Magus

Crescent Moon Apothecary

Cackle Dust

Bolts and Broomsticks

Magickal Things

Poison Candy Cauldron

Organic Witch Products

Charming Dreams

Charming Chapelles

Black Cat Incense

The Witching Hour

Weird Stuff!

Astral Shoppe

Spell Caster

Magic Potion

Wonders and Wands

Witchcraft & Natural Remedies

Fantastic Fashions

Cauldron Cottage

Abracadabra Witchery

Town Witch

Poofy Magic

Ancient Wise Ones

Gypsies Fortune Teller Shop

Brew & Burn Isle

The Garden of Spells

Hex N’ Witch

Dark Artsy and Crafty

Moon Magick

Full Moon Fashions

Black Cat Magic

Wiccan Enchantments

Witch Corner

Crazy Candles


Enchantments & Potions

Bohemian Grimoire

Charm Crafts

Voodoo Dolls and Potions

Brew Chicks Hexbrewery

Strange Attraction

Hedge Witchery

Cauldron of Brews

Ninja School Supplies

Witch Power Spell Casters

Enchantments Galore

Something Witchy

Enchanted Magic

Affinity Crafts

Crescent Jewelry

Witch Hut

Potion Recipes

Hag Haven

Voodoo and Spells

Spellbound Incense

Cheshire Cat’s Curiosities

Empress Scent Parlour

The Black Cat Crossing

Magic Wands

Hilda’s Wicca Shoppe

Witchy Woman

Roses & Thorns

Castle of Spells

Peaches & Witchery

Aphrodite’s Pots of Love

Destiny’s Daughters

Hocus Pocus Boutique

Black Cat Baking

The Good Witch

Ethereal Delights

Hellfire Clothing

Potion Shop

Latest Witch Shop Names

Do you plan on selling your magic wands, chime candles, herbal tea sets, incense, or the healing spells themselves?

Then these latest witch shop name ideas can help you come up with the perfect witch store name in no time and flourish your business. Make your wishes come true! Have a look at the names below. 

Potion Pretties

The Warlock’s Den

Hocus Pocus Haute Couture

Volk’s Vapours

Castles and Witches Bazaar

Cunning Cauldron

Magic Wands and More

The Witching Hour Glass

Glamour Bags

Hex Appeal

Magickal Supplies

A Magical Menagerie

Hex Appeal

Enchanted Breezes

Tarot Readings

Moon – Lunar Connection

Mystic Mystique

Daughters of Eris

Charms and Potions

Spells and Curses


Bewitched and Bewildered

Magick and Moon

The Perfect Potion

All Hallows Eve

Pendulum Planet

Spell Casters

Black Magic Emporium

Spell Wards

Enchantments End

Magic Company

Spirit Guides

Phoebe’s Witchery

Shamanic Shop – Spiritual

Witchy Cauldron

Cauldron and Broomsticks

Potions and Potents

Quaint and Curious

Magic Wands and Potions

Mystic Magic Shop

Pixie Dust Herbs

Coven Crafts

Magic Nook

All Hallows Eve

The New Age Emporium


Dangerous Décor

The Cats Meow

Witchcraft Morgue

Magick of Oz

The Spirit Queen


The Magic Shop

Cupid’s Bow and Arrow

Witchcraft Shop

Mystic Mojo

Oracle – Point of Spiritual Reference

Open Sesame

Witch Way Winery

Hocus Pocus

Broomsticks & Books

Pagan Path

Candle Cauldron


Evil Enchantments

Wands and Rings

Witching Hour Brews

Chicken Foots & Cauldron Gap

Potion Design Incorporated

Witch-A Betta

Black Magic Brands

Serendipity’s Witchcraft Shoppe

The Witch Thread

Crystal Shop – Crystals

Awesome Witch Shop Names

Having to enter a shop that’s dark, dingy, and almost scary fascinates some people out there. There’s just something about a place filled with magic that draws some shoppers in.

If you’re thinking of opening such a shop and would love an awesome name for it, then you’ve come to the right place. 

Evil Eye Co.

Spellbound Clothes

Crystal Sox

What’s Your Potion

Mystic Emporium

Shadow Witch

Fashionably Witchy

The Necronomicon

Coven Cabaret

Witch Market

Goddess Inc.


Crystal Ball Shop

Getting Rid of Bad Luck

Magic Potions


Witch Be Gone!

Dragon Mouth

The Witches Parlour

Mystic Wicks

Witch’s Home Takeout

Rae’s Hexes and Spells

Fata Morgana Potions and Soaps

Minted Potions & Tinctures

The Crafts Witch

Crystal Auras and Enchantments

Spellbinder Trader and More!

The Witching Hour

Luna Moon Magick Shop

Mystic Voodoo Shop

Diva’s Magik

Wicca’d Wonders

Earthly Needs

Book of Shadows

Beyond the Looking Glass


Wiccan Store

Magic Lamp

Broomsticks and Burnt Incense

Magic Wands

Witch Crafts

Wiccan Warzone

Witchcraft Warehouse

Wicked Witcheries

Astrology Star Guidance

Altaira’s Mystic Oasis

The Witch Network

Hocus Pocus Books

Potion and Potions

Tip Top Spells

Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Spellbound, Inc

Lovely Potions

Witchy Witchery

Spells R Us

Black Cat Potions

Magickal Mistery

Spells and Wishes

Hocus Pocus Herbals

The Spirit Shop

Dark Crystal Magic

Silly Wizards Hats & Giggles

Enchanter Shop

Ancient Enchantments


Astrology Readings

Witch Bazaar

Witchery Wear

The Wandering Wicca

Gothic Emporium

Moon Maidens Soaps and Lotions

Curse This Witch

Bottled Spells

Magic Wands, Inc.

Interesting Witch Shop Names

To increase the potential of your business, a catchy and exciting name for it plays a vital role. You should always select a name that reflects your business as well as makes it memorable for your customers.

Whether you’re planning to have an online business or opening a store-front location, these names can help you make a different identity of yours in the market. 

Love Potions & Curses

Right Broomstick

Happily Ever After Crafts

Wise Owl Enchantments

Wise Wands and Witchery

Fortune and Tarot Readings

Mystical Affair

Witch Potions and Potions

Witches’ Brew

Born with It Clothing Lab

Hot Spells and Burning Potions

Apothecary’s Brew

Black Cat Witch Crafts

Spells and Wicca

Black Cat Witches

Pin the Tail on The Witch

Witches Brews & Potions

A&P Occult & Apothecary

Oak & Moss

Grim Reaper Shoppe

Forbidden Magic


Cauldron Stop

Magickal Solutions, Inc.

Bottoms up Witchery

Spell Binder

Dragon’s Delight

The Essence of Magick

The Enchanted Garden

Pagina De Magia (Spanish for Magic Page)

Crystal Magic & Spell Casting

Black Cat Coven

Witch Work

Gothic Grimoires

Voodoo Supply Co.

Coven of The Crimson Moon

Enchanted Forest

Venus Envy

Witchy Momma’s 

Weezing Potions

The Black Cat Emporium

Magic Potion

Supernatural Surplus

Avada Kedavras

Vanilla Moon Magic

The Coven Rejects

Halloween Plunderwear

Wicca’s Magical Wand

Witches Brew Tea & Cauldrons

Cunning Stunts

Cauldron Creamery

Wicca Ways

Accurate Magick

Mischief Managed


Potion Pottery

The Magic Hat

Cauldron and Crucible

Nightshade & Poppies

Magick & Moonshine

Witches Garters

Black Magic

Dark Zombie

Aromatherapy Healing

Bewitching Bottles

Black Cat Witchcraft Shop

Witch’s Brew

Nefarious Nightmares


Ars Magica

Eye of The Beholder

Bell House Gifts

Cauldron Clothing

The Coven of Stitches

Warlock Wear

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