Top 20+ Best Yacht Brands in the World

The yacht is known for having aesthetic qualities, which are often synonymous with luxury. It’s a powerhouse crafted for pleasure and sports.

A yacht is fancier than a ship or boat, and the vessel is made for extravagance, fun, relaxation, and exuberance. It cannot be used for work.

There go the listings of this beautiful racer which has remained a heartbeat even for the royalty. 

Yacht Brands in the World


Country: USA 

Westport stands synonymous with excellence with its age-old innovation in creating the vessel. This brand is engineered by an adept craftsman whose skills and unique accommodations make it more likely to inherit its structural integrity. 


Country: Germany

Lurssen Yachts believe that the night is young with its super luxury customized yachts like the Octopus, Azzam, and Rising Sun, the largest private yachts in the world. The fourth-generation family business of Lurssen shipyard builds the beauty vessel beyond imagination with starting from 40m to over 150m. Apart from superior refined designs, Lurssen’s team of experts also works on refit and repair. 


Country: Netherlands 

Feadship flags the Dutch beauty with fully customized design with innovation, master craftsmanship, and a luxury vessel known for creating supremely unique yachts. Aquarius, Azteca, The Highlander, Symphony are few to be named as superyachts that lull at an amazingly bespoke interior. They have created vessels focusing on both size and substance.


Country: Netherlands 

Heesen formulates on Dreams turning to Reality. They are a story of revolution where the yardstick is created with efficiency and performance, bringing out evolution to fulfill the dreams of a stress-free journey. Over the years, Heesen has built 107 superyachts, with the largest being Galvas, featuring 56.0m.


Country: Italy 

Benefit Yachts, Italian beauty is known for winning the ‘Showboats International Magazine’ shipyard no 1 award six times in a row. This is famous for creating private yachts, semi-customized, and customized constructed in FRP, aluminum, and steel. This a work leader brand in creating mega yachts. 

Perini Navi 

Country: Italy

Perini Navi builds luxury racing and cruising sailing yachts from 40 to 60 meters in length. With the launch of Vitruvius in 2007, this brand officially made the luxury motor yacht series. The Italian company has its shipyard in Istanbul,  also providing refits and service work.

Christensen Yachts 

Country: United States 

The vision of Christensen shipyards is to make beautiful, ocean-going yachts to reach new heights in design, dimension, and engineering. Christensen yachts are truly deep water, transoceanic global explorers infused with composite construction. The impeccable steelwork, elaborate stonework, and custom upholstery are all done with master craftsman creating a world-class luxury vessel.

Sunseeker Yachts 

Country: United kingdom 

Sunseeker vouches to show meticulous hand-built design, even in the age of digitalization. The elite luxury, prowess design has earned two International Super Yacht Design awards and the Queen’s Award for export achievement. Models like ‘ Predator’, ‘ Superhawk’ and ‘ Renegade’ evoke the British brand’s high quality and craftsmanship. They are strong and durable in all conditions.

Blohm+ Voss 

Country: Germany 

This vessel is known for the unusual exterior, bold windows, and completely unconventional lines which stands the test of time. Sailing Yacht A is the epitome of beauty, created as 119m motor yacht has garnered much attention. They believe in the concept of ‘smarter thinking’ when it comes to quality and design.

Princess Yachts

Country: United Kingdom 

This is a luxury motor yacht manufacturer owned with greater shares by a French businessman. The vessel includes breathtaking luxurious saloons, spacious cockpits, and outstanding spacious cabin designs. 

Fairline Yachts

Country: United Kingdom

Fair line Yachts completed its first build, a Targa 48 GT for a UK 2018, the company was awarded ‘ Best exterior design’ at the world yacht trophies. Squadron, Targa, and F line are the new vessels to bring out the beauty and new innovation to yacht building. 


Country: Netherlands

Amels is a part of the Daman group of shipbuilding companies. The launch of 48m ‘Katalina’ came as a turning point in building a super luxury yacht. The construction of ‘50m Tigre d’Or, the world’s first MCA compliant certified superyacht was the genesis of Amels’ semi-customized limited editions. The vessels are extensive, climate-controlled covered dry docks capable of housing super yachts tender and toys.


Country: Germany

The Nobiskrug Yacht is celebrated throughout the yachting industry for its innovation to work closely with the customers and their choices in creating a world-class luxury combining futuristic design and unparalleled. Comfort. The spectacular vessel has become iconic for its three-tiered hull shape. ARTEFACT is a newly launched 80m Nobiskrug Yacht which was unveiled at the Monaco Yacht Show, 2018.

Fincantieri Yachts 

Country: Italy

Fincantieri Yachts proposes managing large and complex projects. The efficient tram creates mega yachts with their pooling and integrating skills and experiences. The company specializes in constructing mega yachts, repair, and maintenance as well in the manufacture and fabrication of essential mechanical parts and diesel engines. The company has the competency to create prototypes that will implicate innovative concepts and new applications for a broad range of design and production work. 


Country: United States

Derecktor launched a 280 footer largest yacht in the US, with the name ‘ Cakewalk’, which features one of the world’s most innovative bays, packed with custom tenders and toys. Derecktor is known for full-service yacht yard and marina, offering summer slips and moorings, winter storage, yacht sales with popular osprey restaurant. 


Country: Netherlands

The Dutch build quality is visible in this large-sized yachts producing customized superyachts in aluminum and steel. Oceanco truly recognizes the environmental impact of building and operating large yachts, and therefore regularly access their methods and processes to stay ahead of legislation and to surpass the environmental standards. 76m WHEELS formerly knows as ANASTASIA is a classic example of the magnificent yacht built by this brand.

Best Yacht Brands In The World
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