Are you searching creative and catchy Names for your fashion startup?

Fashion industry is at the infantry stage and has great potential mark it will cross on the World. Fashion has footprint into the Top human civilization.This tradition is a thousand years old. The World is full of the rich and varied textile heritage, every country have their own inherent fashion which will make their people unique in term of clothing. Like Saudi Arabian People’s wear. Starting a Fashion Store online is great way to start your Career.

The fashion industry is going at a rapid pace and will be at its cross its benchmarking level. There are thousands of fashion programmed are held and its gaining popularity,buzz and money also.In ancient time,we how that there were many people used to wore jewelry and also covered their these things reflect the fashion continue from the many years.

This fashion industry has much value added members like companies and professionals across the value chain, working in roles ranging from design and development, to sourcing and logistics, to trade policy and compliance, to retail and marketing.

Every entrepreneur should be well aware about its product naming and the importance of a good business name.Your potential customers must be able to recognize what your company is selling by looking at the name. “… Apparel”, “… Clothing” “… Fashions”.You must be very careful to not sound like or use a similar logo as another trademarked name, you will be sued. There are many things to choose the right name in a branding of your brand like you need a starting point as to What personality you want to project, what type of customer are you seeking. Does your clothing project femininity, business professionals, playfully worded T-shirts.Be careful to not choose a name that sounds like or can be mispronounced as a derogatory name or slang in other countries, many words have completely different meanings in different countries.

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Actually, the brand name is what you need not think much of. I’d suggest to keep it anything relevant to your designs, perspective etc. plus put efforts on the quality of ur respective garments to make your brand name well renowned or else no matter what nobody cares of what brand name is,without adequate quality. You can Generate Catchy names Online Easily.

I suggest you find a dream name by some Name Deciding Mantras that we should have to consider while naming any business

CatchyIt should be catchy. These days, traditional names are not so popular but a catchy word can make a great impact of your brand.
Shortness You should have to Keep the name as short as possible, it will help in a long run during marketing, designs and publicity. like Facebook to FB,Zara,Nike Etc
Remembering This helps in an advertisement a lot. If name can read and remembered easily, people will lock it in their mind easily.
Uniqueness It has to be unique. Else you will face issues while making your social platform profiles/pages, company registration and brand registration.
Relevancy If you can keep it relevant to “clothing, apparel, fashion”, it will help customers correlating easily.

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Here is the Catchy list of Fashion Company names for your new startup:

Puire Label
Lapis Works
Amalgary fashion
Zerlinda fashionery
Pink Elixir
Big Beauty
You look great
What you say?
Borge Paper Boutique
Enchanted Buddha
Enzo fashion hub
Urbanpro Girls Boutique
First Trend
My attire Affair
Appealed Attired World
Forte Fusion
Mystique surprise
Ethnic Curry
Adonia baby
Zerlin beauty
Pop shop
Campus Chase boutique
Azure cuts
Farista fashion inc.
Odd Ossora
Big Inspire
Attic Missy
Circle sure tracking
Just Flirt
Gray Planet
hex Rex
Addict Attire
Blank Leaf
Beauty Nest
Miss Epistle
Spire Groove fashion Inc
Able Fish
Envy Cats
Danish Pathos
An Approach
Orbin Ant
Olivia Bottom
Fashion Tab
Green Ocean fashion company

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” Need More Creative names:  fashion Store names Generator | 2 Million Words


Not all fashion is good for your Health, Sometimes some designs are not good for proper Wear and Body Posture. Here is the very Useful Infographic which helps you to know more ideas.Read the Below Infographic of Fashion Trends will be bad for your Health.

fashion trend bad for health