590+ Hotel Name Ideas, Suggestions And Domain Ideas

Are you going to start your Own Hotel? Do you require good names for your Hotel Business? Then you are in the right place.

A Hotel is an establishment that provides lodging and, oftentimes, meals and other services for travelers and other paying guests. The tourism and hospitality industry has emerged as one of the key drivers of growth in the services sector in the USA.

Tourism in developed countries has significant potential considering the rich cultural and historical heritage, variety in ecology, terrains, and places of natural beauty spread across the country.

Hotels are one of the most important things to invest in this upscale and competitive market scenario. People are always looking for the best to achieve, and nothing can be better than a hotel business.

If you want to start your own hotel business, keep in mind that it is one of the best things to start a business on. But, there are some rules and regulations of a hotel business that you need to follow.

You also need to understand and get an idea about the present market scenario and know the basics you must carry out to begin a hotel business. 

There are 74,372 hotels in the United States; It brings a whopping 163 billion dollars of profit each and every year. This thing serves big human parts of any particular country, it become an essential business.

Opening your own hotel and resort can be a very tough challenge, but the payoff can be tremendous in the long term.

Why Is Hotel Name Important?

  • It is essential to have a proper name for your hotel because this name will later become your identification in front of the public. 
  • The name of your hotel will also help in the growth of the hotel because it will create awareness about your venture in the market. 
  • You can easily advertise your hotel with the help of the name that you are choosing or creating for your hotel. 
  • Moreover, if you have a proper hotel name, nothing can stop you from being recognized in the relevant field or other fields. 
  • Further, the name of your hotel can also help you collaborate with many other ventures in the same field and in different fields.

Choose the Right Hotel Name

  • A hotel business name should be commercial as well as upscale enough. It should be able to make the customers aware of your services. So, make sure to keep that in mind while choosing the right business name for your hotel business.

    There are various options to pick from, as we have already mentioned a list of names below. You can go through those names and finally pick an appropriate name for your business. 
  • A business name for your hotel business should define your business’s objective, which should be on your mind since the initiation.

    So, keeping this particular factor in mind, choose a smart and meaningful name to depict your business’s objective, which is essential for your business. So, make sure to keep that in mind. 
  • A business name for your hotel business should be catchy and short enough. It should be simple enough for people to keep in their minds. People should be able to keep your name in mind and remember it whenever they need it

A Name Can Make Or Break Your Hotel

Amidst all the hoopla of new brands and established business names, you will need ideas for a catchy name for your Hotel Business to make sure that your Service stands out.

The name of a business is an essential aspect of the entire marketing and branding strategy.

The launch of any business or product, big or small, calls for detailed preparation prior to the launch and the existence of a concrete marketing plan to promote the business.

Picking a good name for Hotel Business is very important because it will be one of the first impressions you give to potential customers. If things go well for you, you’ll also have the name for a long time.

howto choose right hotel name

Top Hotel Names In The US

  • Fairmont Grand Del Mar
  • Trump International Hotel
  • The Rittenhouse Hotel
  • The Carlyle
  • Mandarin Oriental
  • Acqualina Resort
  • Four Seasons Hotel
  • Hotel Bel-Air
  • The Breakers Palm Beach
  • Crosby Street Hotel
  • Primland
  • Capital Hotel
  • The Inn at Little
  • The Broadmoor
  • The St. Regis Bal Harbour Resort
  • ARIA Resort
  • Wynn Las Vegas
  • The Lodge at Torrey Pines
  • The Inn of the Five Graces
  • Casa Palmero
  • Bellagio

Also, there is another thing that maximum people do not pay attention to. That is the concept of business names. You need to consider a good business name before starting your own hotel business.

This is one of the most important aspects that must be considered; thus, you must keep that in mind too.

Every Hotel Business entrepreneur should be well aware of their Business and Product naming process and also knows the importance of a good business name.

Your potential customers must be able to recognize what your company is selling by looking at the name.

There are many things to know before choosing the right name for branding your brand; you need a starting point as to What personality you want to project and what type of customer you are seeking.

For hotel names, you can generate catchy names online easily. Following are some cool hotel business names.

Catchy Hotel Names

Are you looking forward to establishing a fantastic hotel? Then, you need to put in a lot of effort before planning such kind of venture.

A hotel is a business or company that requires a lot of effort and creativity skills. These things always attract people to the hotel.

Apart from that, one of the important things you should keep in mind is the name of your hotel. It would help if you always chose a great name for your hotel to make it look wonderful in the market.

Comet Cassa Hotel

One Eight

Willow Inn

Hotel Vesloni


Vintano Hotel


Giggle Resort

The Fresco Hotel

Astro Resort

Red Velvet Inn

Bourbon Bliss

The Quest Suites

Classio Hotel

The Earth Pure

The River Front Resort

The White sands

Jack Summer Inn

Lustrio Inn

The Mc star Isle

The Mississippi Hotel

Hotel Volga

The Scarlet House Inn

MettleMade Hotel

Bossberry Hotel

YoungSky Hotel


Exotix Hotel

Questa Hotel

MadStar Hotel


Supramax Hotel

CappaWood Hotel


SparkRiser Hotel





Trippers Hotel


Aeron Hotel

Hexabeat Hotel


FusionDot Hotel


Chromon Hotel


Arabell Hotel

80 Degree

HighZing Hotel


Quest Hotel

If you want to brainstorm some more names so, do check out the big list of business name suggestions.

Good Hotel Names

There are such wide varieties of names that will make your task easier in choosing a perfect name for your hotel. It always depends upon the features you have designed for your hotel before choosing any name.

You can either choose a name based on the feature of your hotel, or you can pick up any style of name. However, the name you are selecting for your hotel should be relevant and interesting. It should be created using trendy words so that people can be attracted easily.



Trance Hotel

FeetZing Hotel


Escotta Hotel

String Hotel

YongBang Hotel

OOH Hotel

Spiritofista Hotel



Glezz Hotel

Sprints Hotel

Bigday Hotel

Triggers Hotel

Azzona Hotel


BilBil Hotel

Fiesto Hotel

Spectra Hotel



Raffel Hotel


Gradients Hotel

Aestrix Hotel

Hornet Hotel

Tritonna Hotel

Uproar Hotel


DeadFly Hotel

Proton Hotel

RedFlag Hotel

Zings Hotel

GoldFox Hotel

Baseline Hotel



Fitbit Hotel


The Front

RockWish Hotel

Thriven Hotel


Thunderra Hotel

The Victory

The Enchanted Garden

Hotel Lemonade

Hotel Count Down

Hotel Axiara

Hotel Outzon

Hotel Rayanu

Stratosphere Lodge

Anniston Hotel


Bookmark Hotel

Silver Streak Inn

Horizon Shine Hotel

Casa de Lodge

Hotel Benicarlo

Cozzi Inn

Indigo Suites Hotel

5 Star Escape

MartianWay Lodge

Get 3 Hotel

NewGreat Horizons

Hotel Siliccano

date hotel

hotel savyno

Looking for some catchy slogan for your hotel? So check out the catchy hotel slogans and taglines

Hotel Names List

If you want suggestions with the name of your hotel, then first you must go through some existing list of names. There are advantages to looking at some existing names before deciding on a name for your hotel.

First, this knowledge will eventually help you create the most appropriate name for your hotel. On the other hand, you can also have an idea about the competition you are entering before choosing any name.

So, it is advisable to always have prior knowledge before deciding on any name for your hotel.

Hotel Lariana

Cordial Inn

Volvant Lodge

Silver Dollar Hotel

White Apple Hotel

Hotel Xorbia

The Enchanted Inn

Hotel Astute

Hotel Riyunn

Atwater Inn

hotel contour

Stardust Inn

ValleyWish Hotel

Level Five Hotel

Mornex Hotel

Hotel Onyx

Flower Valley Boutique



Silver Harmony Lodge

Pennion Hotel

Sierra Court Hotel

Upscale Food

Hotel Venue

SpaceAge Hotel

Ty River Inn

Aspire Hotel

Chip Inn

Rydenelle Hotel

Silicove Crystal Hotel


Hotel Fiora Fly

Hotel Dekona

Hotel Relyna

Soleil Hotel

Aniak Hotel

Hotel Mission

Enchanting Moments

The Lotus Moon

GateWay Inn

Milk & Honey Lodge

Hotel Stratesphere

midnite special

Hotel Bravera

Flourish Inn



Morefeel Lodge

The Comrada

Hotel Apogeen

Hotel Zecorra

The West Blank


The Turkey Shore resort

White Dove Hotels

Hotel Grizzly

Hotel Happy springs

Wonder Hill Inn

The Eternity Resort

Mofo Cuzzi inn

Hotel Joy Stick

Resting Love Hotel

Hotel Mastic marvell

Moody Moon

Able Day hotel

The Gourmet Resorts

Hotel Moonline

Hotel The Pie

Sizzling inn

Twice Happy Resorts

The White Rock Hotel

Odysse Suites

Fresh wave Resort & Spa

The Elet

The Blue Vivid

Green Lushy Resorts

Fountain Fun

Water Vibe resorts

Hotel Minute Masti

The Better Inn

Etiquette Suites

The New View

If you are planning to start a hotel business and need some creative marketing ideas? So read out the actionable hotel marketing ideas.

Best Hotel Names

Do you know the importance of having a name for your hotel? Well, a name is the first thing that people will notice about your hotel. You should create or choose such a name for your hotel that will look the best from others.

To choose the best name, you must have some creative ideas to create the name. On the other hand, the name of your hotel should be relevant to the portfolio of your hotel to make it look amazing. In this way, the name of your hotel looks like the best kind of name.

Hotel Agoura

Prestige proga Inn

Hotel Occazia

Hotel Barry Love

Blossomwell Resorts

Dreamy Desert Suites

Hotel Crossroads

Inndigo Chill /Indigo Chill

Hotal Strata

The Aluxor

Elden Essa

Hotel Ceuta


Inn Presario

Neron Hotel

Hotel Busty Bay

Hotel de Silicon

Hotel Vanna

Great Gala Inn

Aluron Hotel

Aureo Hotel

Breezoly Inn

Cassa Shelter

Etoile Hotel

Amerin suites

Midnight Rose

Hotel Aniak

Hotel Deline Dest

Comrade Inn

Hotel Uberlyn

Verdi Flower Inn


Sparkle Inn


Diode Inn

Hotel Launch Pad

InnSpire Hotel

MasterSuites Hotel

I/O Inn

Ariana Hotel

Orange Essence

Hotel Holman

Omni Hotel

SilverLining Hotel


Hotel Chicberry

Coco Flava



Colitas Inn

MIA Hotel


CountFlair Hotel

DwarfStar Lodge

Suprema Lodge


Pinot Lodge

Olympic Boutique Hotel

SiliCalm Hotel


Creative Hotel Names

The Uptown Loft

Midnight Sun Resort

The Chic Chalet

The Forest Lodge

Dreamscape Inn

The Royal Residence

The Paradise Palace

The Peaceful Palace

The Serene Escape

Serene Getaway

The Grand Hotel

The Luxe Lodge

The Hidden Gem

The Enchanted Lodging

The City Lights Hotel

The Dreamy Duplex

The Seaside Escape

The Urban Oasis

The Private Paradise

The Artistic Abode

The Cozy Cottage

The Garden Retreat

The Cozy Nook

Escape to Paradise

Heavenly Haven

The Skyline Suites

The Modern Manor

The Tranquil Inn

The Boulevard Hotel

The Wanderer’s Retreat

The Oasis

The Starry Nights Hotel

The Glamping Getaway

The Castle Keep

The Ocean View

The Rustic Retreat

The Sunset Suites

The Mountain Retreat

The Countryside Inn

The Majestic Mansion

Hotel Domain Name Ideas









































How To Find A Name For Your Hotel Business

  • You can create a tremendous psychological impact on your audience by choosing a unique name for your hotel business. Something like Heavenly Haven is a good example.
  • What letters you choose to name your hotel business can also impact the psychology of your customers. The lines and circles of the letters of your hotel name create a difference. For example, Zenith Hotels brings out a flavor of speed, service, and genuinely high quality.
  • Using words that begin with vowels can also be a great way to name your hotel business. It evokes subconscious feelings of comfort and safety among potential customers, which can increase your sales and business overall.
  • Specific vocalizations can trigger particular areas of the brain that positively respond to these sounds. For example, groups of sounds that include plosives and fricatives can trigger positive feelings, thereby drawing the audience to the name you have found for your hotel business.
  • Check out the names of your competitors. You will get a deep understanding of what types of names have made their hotel business click.
  • Make sure you study and understand what terms, phrases, and words help your potential customers to identify with hotels readily.

How To Choose A Name For Your Hotel Business

  • Before choosing a name for your hotel business, you need to decide whether your hotel is focused more on business, leisure, or both. Then, it will help you choose an appropriate name for your hotel business.
  • Give more importance to what may appeal most to your audience and has a name for your hotel business rather than focusing on what’s newly preferred.
  • Always try to balance the name of your hotel business in a way that actually stands out and fits in with the general trend.
  • Whatever name choice for your hotel business, don’t forget to Google that name and verify whether someone else has already named the hotel the same. For example, although Ritz Continental may seem like an appropriate name for your hotel, a simple Google search shows this name has been chosen by at least four different organizations across the globe.
  • It could be prudent if you choose a name hotel business that can actually fit in as an online domain name. Considering the name of your hotel as your business domain name would be an excellent idea.
  • You may want to name your hotel business within office terms like Inn, Motel, Lodge, or even Hotel. Using these words in the name of your hotel and expressing hospitality is a positive trigger to get your audience more interested in visiting your hotel.

How To Create A Name For Your Hotel Business

  • Almost all famous brands have some simple story. But, indeed, even your hotel business has an inspiring story too. And suppose it is a short story that is easily remembered, heartfelt, and emotionally appealing. In that case, you can rest assured that your customers will easily connect with your hotel and brand name.
  • Many hotels are run as a family business. If yours is the same, you can include the founder’s name and something down-to-earth, like a bed and breakfast or cottage, to make it sound more casual. One such example could be Ryan’s Cottage. Another could be Velma’s Bed And Breakfast.
  • If you want to create an impressionable name for your hotel, use a maximum of two syllables in each word. For example, rather than name your hotel something like The Los Angeles Bed And Breakfast, you can coin the phrase like The New York Hotel.
  • If creating a name for your hotel business is a tad too much for you, you can always try using an online business name generator, make a list of those names that you find, and then decide which word would be the best for your hotel business.
  • Your family name would be a good word to use to create a name for your hotel. Not only does it make it unique, but it also has a definite identity for your hotel business. A good example would be Hotel Bradshaw.
  • Creating a random name for your hotel is not a good idea. You must be creative to give your hotel business a unique and original expression. You don’t need a sudden jolt of inspiration. Instead, you should use all available resources online and offline and inspire yourself to create a truly unique name for your hotel business.

How To Search For A Trademark For Your Hotel Business

  • Always consider your target audience’s preference along with the exact line of your business to bring about a genuinely distinctive trademark for your hotel business. People’s Paradise is not just unique but a pretty novel way to create a brand for your hotel business.
  • When searching for a trademark for your hotel business, make sure that you choose a name that will last for a long time, possibly permanently, as it will help YouTube build a powerful brand.
  • If the name you choose for your hotel business is also available as a domain name, that will work wonders for your business, especially since you can use this same name as a trademark. And to top it all, all your prospective and existing customers will be able to identify readily with this trademark.
  • Once you’ve chosen a trademark for your hotel business, try to run a poll online to find out how well others accept it.
  • Remember to consider the legal aspect when choosing achievement for your hotel business. First, go online to check with the authorized trademark and Patent Office about the brand of your hotel business. Once you’re satisfied, you can also register for your hotel business logo as well.
  • You will set up a brand when you search for a trademark for your hotel business. Therefore, it is crucial that you go through a lot of brainstorming sessions and also seek legal advice before actually deciding on the trademark.

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