1002+ French Restaurant Names Ideas & Domains (Generator + Guide)

Selecting the perfect name for your French restaurant is the first step in capturing the essence of French cuisine and culture, whisking diners away to the streets of Paris or the vineyards of Provence.

A well-chosen name can evoke images of gourmet delights, romance, and sophistication, enticing customers to indulge in an authentic French dining experience.

It’s essential to choose a name that reflects the unique flavors and ambiance of your restaurant, whether it’s classic French cuisine, modern twists on traditional dishes, or regional specialties.

Securing trademark protection for your restaurant name ensures its exclusivity and protects it from being used by competitors in the culinary industry.

For those seeking inspiration, a French restaurant name generator can offer a menu of options tailored to convey elegance, charm, and the joie de vivre of French dining.

Let’s explore a bistro of French Restaurant Names Ideas, each carefully crafted to transport patrons to the culinary wonders of France.

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How To Create A French Restaurant Name? 

  • 1 French Cuisine Inspiration:
    Consider the type of cuisine your restaurant will offer. French cuisine is diverse, ranging from haute cuisine to rustic dishes. Think about whether your focus will be on classic French dishes, regional specialties, or contemporary French fusion.

    Example: “La Provence Bistro” (Inspired by the cuisine of the Provence region)
  • 2 French Language:
    Incorporate French words or phrases that evoke the ambiance or menu of your restaurant. French language adds authenticity and allure.

    Example: “Café Belle Époque” (Translates to “Beautiful Era Café” evoking the elegance of the late 19th and early 20th centuries)
  • 3 Location or Theme:
    If your restaurant has a specific theme or is located in a particular area, consider incorporating that into the name.

    Example: “Rue de Paris Brasserie” (Translates to “Paris Street Brasserie”, ideal for a restaurant located on a street reminiscent of Paris)
  • 4 Evoke Emotions:
    Choose words that evoke emotions or sensations associated with French cuisine such as elegance, romance, or indulgence.

    Example: “Savoir-Faire Dining” (Savoir-Faire means “know-how” or “expertise”, implying mastery of French culinary arts)
  • 5 Personalization:
    Incorporate your own name, initials, or a significant word to personalize the restaurant name.

    Example: “Chez André” (Using the owner’s name to create a cozy, personal feel)
  • 6 Avoid Clichés:
    While French clichés like “Le” or “La” can add authenticity, be cautious not to overuse them or choose overly generic names.

    Example: “Bon Appétit Café” (Though a cliché, it still conveys the essence of French dining)
  • 7 Check Availability:
    Before finalizing a name, ensure it’s not already in use and that the domain name is available if you plan to have an online presence.

    Example: Search for “La Petite Brasserie” to ensure it’s not already in use by another restaurant or business.
How to Choose Good French Restaurant Name

Top French Restaurant Names In The US

French cuisine is a trendy cuisine that almost everyone loves. There are so many famous French restaurants across different parts of the world. Similarly, in the US, there are some of the top French restaurants in the world.

You can take proper knowledge from these restaurants when planning to open your restaurant. Further, if you take ideas from here, it will help you find a suitable name for your restaurant. 

  • Sprout Restaurant
  • Rue Franklin
  • Provence Grill
  • Plouf
  • Pistache French Bistro
  • Pierre’s Restaurant
  • Per Se
  • Pascal’s On Ponce
  • Paradou
  • Maison Blanche
  • Maison Akira
  • Les Nomades
  • Le Pigeon
  • Le Petit Chateau
  • Le Gigot
  • Le Coq Au Vin
  • Le Boudoir
  • Le Bouchon
  • La Sirene
  • La Sardine
  • La Papillon
  • La Grenouille
  • La Gloutonnerie
  • La Folie
  • La Creperie
  • L’Ecole
  • Isa Restaurant
  • French Crepe Co.
  • Four O Nine
  • Figaro
  • Cercle Rouge
  • Cafe Des Artistes
  • Cafe Des Amis
  • Cafe Claude
  • Cafe Boulud
  • Bouley
  • Bistrot Margot
  • Bistro Voltaire
  • Cafe Des Amis
  • Cafe Des Artistes
  • Cafe Midi
  • Cafe Stella
  • Camilo’s California Bistro
  • Canele
  • Cercle Rouge
  • Chez Antoine
  • Chez Roux
  • Church & State
  • Crepes Sans Frontieres
  • Figaro
  • Figaro Bistrot
  • Four O Nine
  • Baume
  • Balthazar
Top French Restaurant Names

French Restaurant Names With Meanings

Business NameMeaning
LedgerLogicSymbolizing precision and clarity in financial records.
BalanceBeam BookkeepingReflecting the focus on maintaining financial equilibrium.
ProfitPulseSignifying the ability to track and optimize profits effectively.
CashFlow CompassIndicating guidance in managing cash flow direction.
Fiscal FocusEmphasizing dedication to financial matters and accountability.
Decimal DetailersHighlighting attention to the smallest financial details.
Credit ChronicleConveying expertise in documenting credit transactions.
Debit DynamicsDenoting agility and proficiency in handling debit entries.
TallyTrackSuggesting meticulous tracking and tallying of financial data.
BookBalancersImplying expertise in maintaining balanced financial records.
LedgerLoomRepresenting the weaving together of financial data into coherent records.
Income InsightExpressing the ability to provide valuable insights into income streams.
Audit AlliesSignifying support and collaboration in financial audits.
Budget BrigadeConveying a sense of discipline and organization in budgeting.
Revenue RootsReflecting the foundational role of revenue management in business.

French Restaurant Names

The name of your French restaurant will help you in attracting customers. Hence, it is imperative to focus on the name of your restaurant. It would help if you had a catchy name before presenting your restaurant to the public.

The name should be such a name that it will create a good impression at first glance. You can select a catchy name from this page or create a new one using your ideas. It will help your restaurant to stay highlighted. 

  • Martin Lenon
  • French Wish
  • L’Assiette
  • The Lorenzo
  • Rouosillberry
  • TweenFest
  • Le Cassa
  • Rue Pierre
  • Morell Maze
  • Chez Rouze
  • TweenFest
  • French Festiva
  • Moments de la rue
  • Erenice Bistro
  • Brigitten BIg Bistro
  • Carole Corals
  • Your Celestine
  • Premier Contenx
  • Fête de la
  • Clara Crew
  • Fraise Stella
  • Dîner Mélodie
  • Le Fabre
  • Le Camilo
  • FrenchCurves
  • Le Joie
  • Berry Hill Bistro
  • Bistro Voltaire
  • Blue Moon Over Avila
  • Cafe Sparrow
  • Chou Chou French Bistro
  • Crust
  • Cuisinett
  • French Corner Cafe
  • French Meadow Bakery Cafe
  • La Caille
  • La Creperie
  • La Papillon
  • FoodCassa
  • paradis Pulp
  • Bistro Bouley
  • BigShine Bistro
  • Andre Pelle
  • Le Opera Bistro
  • LeyFOod
  • Liberton FOod
  • GreatRoyal
  • Le Mist Bistro

French Restaurant Names Ideas

This list of names will give you a lot of ideas in finding a suitable name for your French restaurant. However, you need to consider a lot of factors while finding a name for any kind of restaurant.

Further, you can use your ideas and skills to create a name for your French restaurant that will look different from others. 

Trending French Restaurant Names
  • The Black Cat
  • Tapas Rojas
  • Crepes Sans Frontieres
  • Brasserie Boris Montpellier
  • Pierrot Gourmet
  • Fabulous French
  • Le Monde Vegan
  • Le P’tit Bonheur
  • Fleur de Lys
  • Curbs ide
  • Croque-Monsieur
  • Juniors Diner
  • French Affaire
  • Secrets de Paris
  • Stella Mare’s
  • La Cuisine Au Beurre
  • Cafe Claude
  • Le Bistro Urbain
  • Le Quai Gourmand
  • Saveurs de France
  • Le Potager
  • Café Au Lait
  • La Panoramique
  • Bistrot le Valentino
  • Le Bistro Urbain
  • Cafe Brioche
  • Tapas La Picadita
  • Oh la la Cafe
  • French Discovery
  • Fort Ganteaume
  • Richesse et Chocolat
  • Ambience Restaurant
  • La Viande French Grill
  • Always Classy
  • Chez Fonfon
  • Cafe Des Artistes
  • French Meadow Cafe
  • Bistrot Margot
  • Burger et Ratatouille
  • Gaspard de la Nuit
  • Seven Park Place
  • Chez le Patron
  • La French Pancake
  • Nouvelle Cuisine
  • Le Pommier Doré
  • La Passerelle
  • Au Vieux Moulin
  • Cafe Claude
  • The Crepery
  • Bistro Paradis
  • Revoir French Bistro
  • Cuit Lu Cru
  • Brasserie Du Village
  • Bistro du’O
  • Beau Voila!
  • Bourgeois Cafe
  • Chez Mon Vieux
  • Pescadou Café
  • Les gars de la marine
  • Petit Bistro
  • Mira Five Stars
  • Cafe Aroma
  • Brasserie Paradis
  • Baguette and Saucisse
  • Chez Gershwin
  • Chic Dining
  • Moon Over Avila
  • French Oasis
  • Le Pavillon
  • Chez Etienne
  • Art de Vivre
  • Le Happening
  • Pascal’s On Ponce
  • Claire & Hugo
  • Monsier Delcieux
  • Shades of Red
  • Les Saveurs
  • Tween Fest
  • The French Job
  • Las Fake Briseries
  • Bullie Burger Bar
  • Monsieur Marcel
  • Bistro 29
  • Le Fortune Francaise
  • Le vent d’Armor
  • La Nautique
  • Blanchette French Cafe
  • Le Crepe Affaire
  • Le Rouge Ardoise
  • Le Trois Quarts
  • Sel et Poivre
  • Elements Restaurant
  • La Tante Claire
  • Petit Crenn
  • Baiser Terre
  • So French
  • Satisfying Palate
  • Chalet Basque Restaurant
  • Patisserie Boissiere Restaurant
  • Aux Deux Marronniers

Good French Restaurant Names

When you are finding a name for your French restaurant, it should be a good name. This kind of name always helps in attracting people easily.

Good names for any kind of restaurant will create a positive impression in front of people. Hence, it is important to focus on the name before you present your restaurant.

French Restaurant Names

– Over the Counter Cafe

– La Baraquette

– French X

– Thyme Et Romarin

– La Chariotries

– Le Petit Francois

– Blanchette French Restaurant

– Sante Restaurant

– Provence Grill

– Brasserie du Louvre

– Toast and Tea

– Bistrot d’Octobre

– Croissants And Coffee

– Recettes De Marie

– Chez Monsieur

– Derby House Diner

– Providence

– Brasserie Lazare Paris

– Creme de la Crepe

– Le Coupe Chou

– Patina Restaurant

– Frenchified

– Bistro Le Cep

– Steak Tartare Grill

– French Cellar

– Francophiles Cafe

– French Vintage Cafe

– Petit Valentien

– The Capital Grille

– Le Fromage Cafe

– French Left Bank

– French Crumb

– The French Table

– Le Table

– Wine and Cheese

– Cafe Beaujolais

– Via Emilia Garden

– Pastis Restaurant

– Bistro Rouge

– The French Corner

– Le Riz dans l’Eau

– Cafe Claude

– Anis et Canisses

– Porto Venere Montpellier

– Cheese Galore

– Little France

– Black Sheep Brasserie

– Au Vieux Comptoir

– Les Grandes Tables

– Le Steak French

– La Rose de France

– Mr Cookbook

– Patina Restaurant

– The Fancy Frenchmen

– Au Coin Du Feu

– Cafe Du Musee

– Mysteres de la Bouche

– Au fil de l’eau

– La Table D’en Face

– Pistache French Bistro

– Left Bank Bistro

– Fireside Dining

– Cocotte

– Bistro Le Crillon

– La Table de Yo

– Aux Fourneaux

– Le Petit Restaurant

– Maison Richard

– Le Bouchon Des

– Le vent d’Armor

– La Vieille Enseigne

– Pepellion Peps

– La Baguette

– Les canons

– La Rue de Paris

– Daybreak Diner

– Hues and Tints

– Franck’s Restaurant

– La Vue Romanie

– French Vintage Cafe

– Le Roi du Fromage

– Au Fil Du Temps

– French Haute Cafe

– La Délicatesse

– Le Dazzle Restaurent

– La Vague Verte

– Braserrie Les Halles

– Le Cabanon

– Château Rouge

– Poulette

– Le Grappillon

– Chez Paul

– Dijonaise Restaurant

– Sprout Restaurant

– Country Diner

– Flavors of Provence

– Aderald Aim

– French Corner Cafe

– Chez Delphine

– Frenchex Café

French Names for Food Business

The name of your French restaurant can be generated easily if you have prior knowledge about your restaurant. You need to observe the features of your restaurant before finding a name.

It will make your task easier while finding a suitable name for your French restaurant. Further, it will also provide a clear picture to the people. 

French Restaurant Name Ideas

Forbidden Grill

Le Louvre Ripaille

Bistro Rouge

Le Gourmet Delight

Les Frangins

Au Petit Oignon

Trois Trett

French Food Co.

The French Spot

The French Riviera

French Food Lounge

L’ecrivain Gourmand

French Rose Cafe

La Petite Pépite

Le Bon Vivre

Citris Grill

Dame Tartine

Le Gigot


Cafe Des Artistes

La Cuisine Delicieuse

Bouche à Oreilles


Deliciously French

Destination Paris

Couleurs de France

Maison Blanche

Boulud Sud

Liberte Republique

Cercle Rouge

Chez Moi Brasserie

Le Van Gogh

Le Coupe Gorge

Braserrie Les Halles

The Parisian Eatery

Crepes On The Square

Le Bistrot Gourmand

Black Forest Bistro

Soleil Westwood

La Fete en Rose

Cheeseburger Baby

Cafe Des Artistes

Serenity Point

Le Ventre de Paris

Atelier St Roch

Chez Nous

The Capital Grille

Johnny Rockets

Berowra Waters Inn

Le Petit Cafe

Maxim’s Paris

Chez Gladines

La Cigale

Bon Appétit Paris


Cafe Sud

Savoir French Bistro

Pascal’s On Ponce

Aubino Bistro

Le Bistrok Montpellier

Berry Hill Bistro

P’tit Soleil

The Counter

Flight to French

Le Nosia

Pistache French Bistro

A Little Piece of France

Chez Maman

Madame Monsieur

Takkito Restaurant

Cafe Pause

Buvette Paris

Les Saucisses Épicées

Brasserie Paradis

Coup de Gueule

Madame Sardine

Blue Moon Over Avila

French Quarter Market

Brasserie Lipp

Les Quatre Saisons

Gregoire Restaurant

The Cellar

Island’s Dining Room

Au Sanglier

Le Plaisir a Table

Four O Nine

La Louvre

French Omelette Cafe

La Maison De L’oued

Les Frites Brasserie

Paris Classics Cafe

Le Maquis

French Country Cuisine

Le Clos Tahiti

Dumplings De Paris

Sweet Paris Creperie

Les Vignes Montpellier

La Petite Mort

Riche French Bistro

Chez Chef

Fancy French Restaurant Names

Have you tried to come up with a name for your own fancy french restaurant business and come up empty-handed? In this part, we’ll look at some incredible names for healthy fast-food businesses to get you inspired to come up with your own.

Cafe Gratitude

Rice Bowl

Management Fee

Signature Dish

Gourmet Meal

Flour to the People

Coastal Kitchen

Fish and Chips

Phuc Noodle

Oasis Cafe

Food Steam Plant

Sensory Experience

In-N-Out Burger

Firehouse Restaurant

Pizza Kitchen

Kitchen Equipment

Calumet Fisheries



Finest Dining

Roxy Restaurant & Bar

French Gourmet


Pasta Beach

Food Ease

Pointe Restaurant

The Urban Brothers


The River Table

New Orleans

Homecooked Nook

Chais & Thais


The Salty Heart

Rolls and Chicken

Sears Fine Food


Great Taste of Asia

The Mammoth Morning

Villa Madina

The Sizzling Grill


Lapse By 

Pho Shizzle

Poke Life

The Elephant and the Mouse

Rainforest Cafe

Burger King

Max & More

The Spice Blend

Seaview Restaurant

Daisy’s Diner


Steam Plant



Chai Leaf Roti Shop

Rhode Island


Magic hands

Curry Out

Season 53


Rocket Restaurants

Pie’n Burger

Evening Eve

Perfect Place

Comfort Food

Mad for Chicken

It`s Vintage

Awakening Coffeehouse

The Fiery Devil

Dagny’s Delight

Desi Addict

Jungle Drum


The Chili Kitchen

Candlelight Kitchen


Eat Bite

Homemade Bagels

The Salty Catch

Restaurant Reel

Loafers Hits

The Meadow Fence

Rich Table

Triangle Burger

Tasting The World

Safeway Food & Drug

The Thai Barbecue

Harry Potter


Garden Of Eden


Ready Restaurants

Queenstown Public House

Hungry Puppets

Hunger Games

Obama Fried Chicken

Faith Dining

Flame It Burgers

Loving Monte

Indian tulip

The Light Mockingbird

Red Dragon

The Violet Angel

Pinch Kitchen

Blue Collar

Mad Desi

Hurry Curry

Cracked Pepper Bistro

Plane Grill

The Modern Garden

Desi Eatery

San Francisco

Explore the

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French Restaurant Domain Name Ideas

French Restaurant Domain Name Ideas



















































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