Hockey Team Names: 570+ Cool And Fancy Names

Hockey is a sport in which two teams play against each other by trying to maneuver a ball or a puck into the opponent’s goal using a hockey stick. Before every game start, The first requirement for a successful hockey season is a Crazy, funny, and witty team name.

However, it can sometimes be difficult to come up with one that suits your style. If you are having trouble thinking of a name, then you have come to the right place.

The following is the best list of potential names for your hockey team. Hope such a name helps you to make your clever Hockey team.

Are You tired of looking for names for your hockey team? Worry no more, as this piece of writing, will help you choose your preferred name among a long list of catchy, unique, funny, and creative names. Read on to know more.

Hockey Team Names

If you are looking forward to establishing a hockey team, then you can choose some relevant words to create your hockey team’s name. Your hockey team’s name should be different and unique, as it will help you get recognized out in the world.

Another way of creating a name for your hockey team is by using relevant words. These factors will eventually help you in creating a wonderful hockey team for the public.

Arctic Anarchy

H-E-Double Hockey Sticks

Puck Pushers

Army of the Arctic

Hawkey Styx

Pucked Up


High-stick Hoodlums


Bering Sea Brawlers

Hockey Hailstorm

Razor Blades

Best Fantasy Hockey Team

Hockey Hookers

Razorblade Brigade

Biscuit Busters

Hot off the Ice

Ref Roughers

Black Ice Beauties

Ice Block

Rink Rebels

Bladed Retaliators

Ice Crushers

Sabertooth Tigers

Blades of Fury

Ice Fairies

Shaved Ice

Blades of Glory

Ice Ice Baby

Shootout Skaters

Brain Freezers

Ice Insurgency

Sin City Snipers

Broken Noses

Ice Road Truckers

Slapshot Slashers

Bruisin’ Blizzards

Ice Screamers

Slice the Ice

Candle Lighters

Ice Sculptors

Slurpee Suckers

Center Ice Skaters

Ice Town Mayors

Snowbunny Brawlers

Chicken Goaltenders

Icees are Delicious

Stick Tossers

Chilly Checkers

Icerink Rascals


Cold Feet

Icing on the Cake

Stuttering Stanley Cup

Coldblooded Canucks

Italian Icers

Tavares Troublemakers

Crobsy Co.

Lamp Lighters

The Big Freeze

Cross Checkers

Let it Go

The Big Zamboni

Cutting the Ice

Misconducting Misfits

The Canadian Geezers

Drifting Ice

Moose Knuckles

The Dalton Dashers

Dust Collectors

Mountain Dewers

The Defrosters

Face Breakers

North Pole Pirates

The Mighty Ducks


Nosebleed Narwhals

The Seattle Shiverers


Penalty Box Bruisers

Twig Tossers

Frosty & Friends

Penalty Box Prisoners

Washington Walruses


Penalty Boxers

Wild Wolverines

Glacier Gliders

Penalty Pokers

Winter Wizards

Glove Throwdown

Periwinkle Penguins

Wooly Mammoths

Gloves Comin’ Off

Pine Riders

Yellow-Belly Yankees


Pissed Off Polar Bears

Hockey Team Names

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Fantasy Hockey Team Names

Do you want your hockey team to become a famous hockey team in the world? Well, you need a good name for your hockey team. To create a good name, you must use such kinds of words that are relevant to the hockey team.

You can also use your ideas to create wonderful names for your hockey teams. Using these fantasy names will eventually help your hockey team get public identification.

Snow Leopards

Ice Possums


Pimp My Zamboni

Rubber Puckies

No Dekes

Short Sticks


Skateful Dead

Polar Bears


Puckin’ Idiots


The Mighty Drunks


Scouting For Goals



Albino Rhino’s


The Lucky Pucks

Blue Jackets

Jurassic Puck


Toothless Wonders



Your Name Here


Red Wings



Moose Knuckles




Schlitz Faced

Puck U

Puck it!

Field Fatales

Trending Hockey Team Names

Funny Hockey Team Names

If you want a slightly different name for your hockey team, then the best name is a funny kind of name. You can use some creative ideas to create a funny name for your hockey team. This will create an exciting image of your hockey team in front of the public.

Moreover, you can also refer to a list of funny names for choosing a name for your hockey team. These are some of the different kinds of strategies that you can use while you are deciding on a name for your hockey team.


Bad Czechs

Cherry Pickers


Purple Helmets

Stick Magnets




Money Shot


Multiple Scorgasms

Easton Fection



Fire on Ice

No Regretzkies






Hat-Trick Heroes

Midfield Mavens



The Friday Knights

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Good Hockey Team Names

The best way to gain a majority of the audience for your hockey team is by having a good name for the team. The name of your hockey team can be good if it is relevant and meaningful at the same time.

Moreover, the name should be something from the sports industry as it will match a portfolio of your hockey team. For that, you need to understand your team’s base before finding a proper name.

This will also make your task easier in choosing a good name that will make your hockey team look amazing.


Baby Seal Clubbers

Black Ice

Labatt Blues

Sofa Kings

Dirks Digglers

Beer Naked Ladies

Sea Lions

Arctic Blaze

Multiple Scoregasms


Blades of Steel


Puck Hogs

Hattrick Heroes

Rusty Blades

Maidens of Mayhem


Premature Shooters

Arctic Foxes



Snow Owls

Sporting Woodies


I Got Moves Like Jagr

Ice Pack

JJ’s – Jumbo Jugs

Chicken Tenders



The Ice Angels

The Fighting Amish


The Yetis

Mother Puckers

Big Test Icicles

Ice Holes

Mid Ice Crisis


Dicken’s Cider

Buk Hockey

The Cajun Hot Sticks


Flying Elbows

The Dekes of Hazard

The Suckville Terribles


Ugly Pucklings

Penalty Box Heroes


Maple Leafs

Top Hockey Team Names in The US

Winnipeg Jets

Vegas Golden Knight

Vancouver Canucks

Toronto Maple leafs

Tempabay Lightings

Pitsburgh Penguins

Philadelphia Flyers

Ottawa Senators

Newyork Rangers

Newjersey Devils

Neshville Predatos

Montreal Canadiens

Edmonton Oilers

Detroit Red Wings

Columbus Blue Jackets

Colorado Avalanche

Chicago Blackhawks

Calgary Flames

Boston Bruins

Arizona Coyotes

A Name Can Make Or Break Your Team

Your name is such a critical part of your Team. Here we tried to suggest to you some Catchy Hockey team Names ideas for your Inspiration. A Creative team name gives more attention and Attraction to your Game.

While your Playing may be extremely Enjoying and important, choosing a creative team name can attract more attention. Cool, Crazy names are remembered easily, while names that describe what your Team does sound like all the rest.

Cool Hockey Team Names

When you are finding a name for your hockey team, you should find a name that will match the vibes of your team. So many styles of names can be used for your hockey team. You can use a cool kind of name for your hockey team as it will match the portfolio of your hockey team.

This will also create a good impression of your hockey team in front of the public. You can gain a lot of audiences if you have a cool kind of name for your respectful hockey team.






Sticky Fingers


Sharp Scorpions

Ice FOrcers

Deadly Dominators

Weird Vigilantes

Risky Royals

Miss Masters


Hockey Swords


Oppo Smashers

Shot jetters

Cubic Comets


Charmy Challengers

Mighty Players

Blazing Blades

Snow Xtremers


Mad Heeters


Mad Metroniss


Steel Bladers

Lave Raisers

Bobcate Blasters

Tidy Thrashers

Maiden BLiss


Beast Of East

Stormy Beast

Mettle Blades

Hat Trick Java

City Crusaders

Wild Wolverines

midfield Heroes



Arctic Aesthe

Jade Junkies

Wolf Packers

Hurry Hurricanes

Thunder Thrives

Early Amazons

Simply Slimmers

General Gliders


babie Pluckies


Short Sticks

Skateful Dead



Albino Rhino’s

Planet Warriors

Forward Angeles

Ball Surprisers

Quick Capitals

FLying Elbows



Old Senators

Bungy BLues

Mystic Movers

Epic Motions

Deadly Lighters


How To Choose A Name For Hockey Team?

  • When choosing a name for your hockey team, you must target words that will match the features of your team.
  • Another way of choosing a name for your hockey team is by mixing some names from the sports industry and some team names.
  • The name of your hockey team can also be decided based on the portfolio of your team to attract the audience in public.
  • Further, you can choose a great name for your hockey team by picking up a style of a name, as this will give you a lot of options for choosing the name.
  • You can also look at the names of the existing teams in hockey and decide on a name for your hockey team. 

Why Hockey Team Name Is Important?

  • It is crucial to have an essential name for your hockey team, as this name will become your identification in public. 
  • Another benefit of having a good name for your hockey team is that this name will help your team get recognized in different areas of the globe. 
  • You can also advertise your hockey team and spread the popularity of your hockey team with the help of your team’s name. 
  • The team name of your hockey team can also help you claim a good position in the relevant industry and other sectors in the future. 
  • Another advantage of having a name for your hockey team is that this name will eventually help you grow toward a positive future direction.

How To Create A Hockey Team Name?

  • For creating a unique name for your hockey team, you can use your ideas to make the name as it will give you a lot of options.
  • The name of your hockey team can also be created by using some relevant words and modifying it into a new kind of name.
  • Further, the name of your hockey team can also be created by using such kind of words that will reflect the feature of your team in the market.
  • You must use a powerful name for your hockey team, and you must use strong words to create a powerful name for your hockey team.
  • Another way of creating a name for your hockey team is by using the name of your locality, as it will help the team represent the area.
hockey team names
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