Landscaping Names: 935+ Best And Catchy Names

Are you a person who is fond of decor? Are you planning to turn your hobby into your full-time business? This is your ultimate chance to kick-start your business career with the idea of landscaping.

Landscaping is a very lucrative and very high-earning business opportunity. Landscaping properties for a living will give you that same pride while earning you some serious cash.

There is ample opportunity within this service sector and the ability to customize a business to fit the specific desires and needs of your Target market.

If you have a green thumb and can do heavy labor, finding out how to start a landscaping business is the first step toward working at a job you love. As a New Entrepreneur, you may first gain experience working for another company or start landscaping as a side job.

A landscaping company has a number of opportunities to grow in the future. Thus, if you think you can apply your business ideas well, you can definitely begin your career with this particular company.

You need to know a number of business skills which are very important in order to get successful in this field. Thus, you need to keep all the important factors in mind before starting the company.

There are some other factors that maximum people ignore while they are starting a business. One of those factors is the business name. A business name acts as the foundation of your company.

This is a factor that helps your company grow in leaps and bounds. If you can keep all the essential factors in mind, no one can stop you from being famous in this particular business arena.

We will share a number of tips that will be helpful for you to begin your own company. Those are the tips that shall be discussed by us in the upcoming sections.

You need to keep an eye on the sections to understand which are those important things that you must consider. So, make sure to keep that in mind. Read on to know more about it.

Ways to choose the right Landscaping Names

  • Creative names: Make sure to choose a name that is creative enough. Creativity is a factor that is most recognized in any organization. Thus, keep this factor in mind before you plan to choose the right business name for your company.

    Also, make sure to relate it with the landscaping services you are providing. This will make your business name more relevant, and that is the reason why you must keep this particular factor in mind.

    We have specified the number of names in a list format below, which you can check out for your reference.
  • Make sure to choose a name that will be unique enough. Uniqueness is a factor that most people ignore. But, in order to stand out from the crowd, you need to put unique ideas in your business.

    Thus, check out our unique names in the sections below. Thus, make sure to keep it in mind while choosing a cool business name for your landscaping company.

Top Landscaping Company Names in The US

  • Turf Masters
  • Treeline Design Group
  • The Garden Kingdom
  • Rose Landscape Services LLC.
  • Plantscape Inc.
  • Pioneer Seasonal Services
  • Perfect World Landscapes
  • Peach Tree Inc.
  • Parsons Rocks
  • Landscape Designs Inc.
  • Landscape Design Concepts
  • Landscape Associates
  • Just Sprinklers
  • Horticulture Unlimited Inc.
  • Hard Rock Landscaping
  • Greenlife Gardens
  • Green Lizard LLC
  • GardenTree Landscaping, Inc.
  • Gardens of Babylon
  • Fruit Basket Flowerland
  • Fresh Cut Lawn Service
  • Environscaping LLC
  • Edge Landscapes
  • Earth Design Inc.
  • Curb Masters
  • Creative Habitats Landscaping
  • Clear Creek Landscapes
  • Blooms Landcare
  • Blade Runners
  • Best Buds LLC.
  • Allgood Outdoors inc.

A Name Can Make Or Break Your Company

Your name is such a critical part of your brand. Here we tried to suggest some Catchy Landscaping Company Names ideas for your Inspiration. A Creative name gives more attention and Attraction to your Business.

While your business may be extremely professional and important, choosing a creative company name can attract new customers also. Cool names are remembered easily, while names that describe what your company does sound like all the rest.

Every Landscaping Company entrepreneur should be well aware of its Business and Product naming process and also knows the importance of a good business name.

Your potential customers must be able to recognize what your company is selling by looking at the name. Following are some best landscaping company names.

There are many things to know before choosing the right name in branding your brand; you need a starting point as to What personality you want to project and what type of customer you are seeking.

For restaurant names, you can generate catchy names online easily. Below are some catchy landscaping company names.

Landscaping Names

If you are planning to enter a landscaping venture, then there are certain criteria that you need to keep in your mind. First, you must have a solid base to run this kind of business in the public. Second, you need to focus on the name of your landscaping company to make it relevant.

A meaningful and relevant name is of utmost importance when you are choosing a name for your landscaping venture. It is advisable to focus on the name of your landscaping company before presenting it to the public.

Forward Gardens

WinterSpring Landscapes

AtmosGlare Landscapes

FairyLand Gardens

CasaFlip Gardens

CoastSide Gardens

NatureRoot Design Concepts

GreenPause Landscapes

Reygren Gardens

Season Surprise

Misty Green Design Concepts

GreenHexa Gardens

Green Goddess

MasterTown Design Concepts

MayShower Flowerland

ScottBrian Gardens

FreshEdge Flowerland

MadRock Gardens

Earthy Yard Landscapes

MaySeason Design Concepts

Shiny Thumb

NatuPride Flowerland

Girinch Gardens

AtmosEye Landscapes

Bruce & gayle

BerryDip Gardens

Pretty Twist Landscapes

MaxFlap Flowerland

Upstate Design Concepts

GreenCrest Landscapes

ZingValley Landscapes

Metro Marina

Bressman Landscapes

GreenFlip Design Concepts


EcoDude Flowerland

Grass Ninjas Design Concepts

Grown pastures Landscapes

DangyPots Gardens

GreenDots Gardens


Urban Just Gardens

Daisy Daven Landscapes

MayScape Flowerland

Ensemble Gardens

Red Diamond Flowerland

Mysteva Landscaping Co.

NorthQuest Flowerland

NatureGrid Flowerland

UpZing Landscaping Co.

Springdale Gardens

GoldenCrown Gardens 

Onnodell Flowerland


GreatBliss Landscaping Co.

MidEast Flowerland

Cassava Flowerland


Sugroya Gardens


NatureFest Gardens

BelleCave Gardens

Calliope Flowerland

HollyHest Gardens

NorthGrill Gardens

Flava Allen Flowerland

Scrubitos Gardens

GoodLeon Gardens

Rexon Flowerland

Landscaping Company Names

Do you know slogans are very important for your landscape business? So check out the catchy landscape business slogans and taglines that are not only attractive but also easy to remember.

Landscaping Company Names

Are you looking for some names that can be used for your landscaping company? Then these ideas will help you have the best name for a landscaping company. The name of your landscaping company should be powerful to make a position in public.

You must have the basic knowledge to create a good name for your landscaping company. You also need to choose such kind of name that will make your landscaping company look respectful.

These factors are important to keep in mind when you are finding or choosing a name for your landscaping business.

UrbanVille Landscaping Co.

Rosen State Flowerland

YoddenPac Flowerland

RossRouth Gardens

FreshPeer Landscaping Co.

VitalBites Flowerland


Morriss Flowerland

Densen Flowerland

Secret Sierra Landscaping Co.

Eddy Fiesto Gardens

MayMade Landscaping Co.

NOrthMan Gardens

NatuSense Flowerland

Noyolla Flowerland

ZenCrest Gardens

LovingJoy Flowerland

Lowe Pierre

UrbanFresh Gardens


DegMessa Flowerland

AevonAev Gardens

PecoPeck Flowerland

Johndale Gardens

East Simmon’s

GoldenCrest Gardens

LovingCrest Flowerland


NaturePulse Flowerland

BrenGrett Landscaping Co. 

Hence Flowerland

Lavelle Landscaping Co.

BridgeMark Gardens 

Upstart Flowerland

Venteron Gardens

Zenren Flowerland

Joyyon Flowerland

GradeTap Landscaping Co.

maxRidge Landscaping Co.

Aventen Flowerland

WaveStix Landscaping Co.

dos dont choosing landscaping company name

Landscaping Business Names

A landscaping business is a common business that will help you succeed in the future. You need to have the right market strategy to run this kind of business. Apart from that, it would help if you also focused on the name of your landscaping business.

If you have a good name for your landscaping business, then you can create a good image. On the other hand, you can also use your ideas to create the name for your landscaping business. These strategies will eventually help in the growth of your landscaping business.

MerlyFresh Flowerland

MonoKane Landscaping Co.

AbbyFresh Landscaping Co.

GreatStex Landscaping Co.

Flomben Flowerland

RedAve  Landscaping Co.


Carspil Flowerland

Hemoneu  Flowerland

RichRay Flowerland

Signix Gardens

CornerScape Gardens

Astrex Gardens

AntrixCraft Interiors

WoodEdge Interiors


Everinn Gardens

EdenDiva Interiors

Gorgon Gardens

Sassy Lee Interiors

Vivid Esse Landscapes

Kryoss Gardens



Cubent Gardens

LevelGrid Landscapes

AbbioMan Interiors

UrbanRays Landscapes

Vivian Gardens

Crewden Landscapes

Estonna Interiors

HubertHex Landscapes

Merraki Interiors

Elyssion Landscapes

Graphe liss Landscapes

DreoDrex Interiors

Wellstyn Gardens

Gruossin Landscapes

GreySpace Gardens

EastWood Interiors

FustaLiss Landscapes

BlueDash Interiors


Lowe Vega Interiors

Lumin Groove

Delbetta Interiors

Bonomono Landscapes

Trending Landscaping Company Names

Need some inspiration for your landscaping business About Us page? Check out these about us page samples for landscaping businesses that make a great impression on visitors.

Funny Landscaping Names

There are varieties of names that will look good on your landscaping venture. It depends upon the style of name that you are choosing for your venture. When entering a common sector, you must choose a different style of name for your landscaping.

This will help your landscaping venture in looking unique to the public. Further, it will help people remember your venture. Moreover, a funny name for your landscaping venture will make it look wonderful when compared with others.

Aventen Interiors

The Mentro Landscapes

Criterion Interiors

Elumx Interiors

Majestic hands

Mississippi Landscapes

MatterMind Landscapes


The Gardens Hype

HewMoss Interiors

Verrena Interiors 


Ellen Crew Interiors

Accentrix Gardens

Presario Landscapes

SilverMing Landscapes

Crysta Interiors

Cassa Dee Landscapes

Graffan Landscapes

NewMan Interiors

Prime Fette

Moxello Gardens

MettleSpace Interiors


Cappastone Interiors

DeMessa Landscapes

Artville Gardens


CrossDale Landscapes

Specible Gardens

Crimsom Kept

Espanze Interiors

Elfin Ess Gardens

Fabulle Landscapes

Zero Degree Gardens

Arctic Green Landscapes


FlavaScape Flowerland

GreenMeet Landscapes

Nature Custom

EcoSprink Gardens

MowTown Glory

GreenChick Landscapes

MotherLeaves Landscapes

GreenGrow Flowerland

Sunshine Sprint

Green Sierra Gardens

Jungle Siesta Flowerland

Master Curls

RoofPetals Landscapes

Green Acres Flowerland

Loving Rivers


GreenGlow Landscapes

Greenoflex Landscapes

AmazeShine Landscapes

SeasonSurf Flowerland



Good Landscaping Names

The following list includes some good names that can be used for your landscaping venture. You can choose any of the following names as per your choice for your landscaping venture.

On the other hand, you can take ideas and create a name for your landscaping venture. In this way, it will help you in attracting people towards the venture.

Costa landscaping

Lawn Doctor

Lawn mowing service

Lawn flowers Incorporated

Grass Monkeys

Lawn Rangers

Crystal Breeze

Something Natural Company, Inc.

Crafted Scenery

Sweet Sounds Landscapes

Terrific Landscaping Services

Gardeners & Landscapers

Lawn Care and Landscaping Inc.

Thistle Turf Mowing Services

Exotic Landscaping

A Green Thumb Landscaping 

Teal Enterprises, Inc.

Lucky Weed

Eco Green Properties

Lawn Rescue

Landscaping and Gardening Service

Outdoor Designers Inc.

Curb side Landscaping

Greenly Made Landscape Co.

Earthly Tracts Ltd

The Grass Inspector

Lopez Landscaping

Creative Landscaping

Lush Landscapes

Landscaping Beast

J and J Lawn

Green Forest Lawn Care

Extremely Professional Gardeners

Beautification and Construction Inc

Beach Ocean Garden Design

The Trees Forever Inc.

Common Ground Landscaping

Eco Friendly Landscapers

Bedrock Designs

Go green Lawns

Thumbz Landscape and Design

Plantation’s Patio

Desert Landscape Builders Inc.

Green Vision Landscape Services

Blooms N’ Tree, LLC

Elevation By Misty

Aesthetic Landscape Specialists

Horticulture Designers

Landscape Solvers

Plant Life Designs

Green Planet Landscaping

Refreshing Garden Solutions

Big Apple Yards

Bloom Landscape and Nursery

Landscape Pros

The Passionate Gardener’s Company

Blooming lawns

Estate Appeal Ltd.

Take Landscaping

Ramble on Greens & Gardens

Superb Landscape Designers

Affordable Landscapers and Garden

Good Grasses, LLC

Lawn Kings

A&M Lawn Care

Smart Soil Solutions

Ponytail Planted LLC

Bluestone Groundworks

Fab Garden Design

Landscaping Today

Garden Designers Inc

Flower Child Landscaping

Black Tie Gardening

Uni-Mow Lawn Care

Cut Above Lawn Care

Spuds N’ Roses Landscaping

Beautiful Botanicals

All American Lawn Care

Backyard Pride Inc

Batting Lawns And Gardens

Real Earth Landscaping

Good Earth Gardening

Algaecide Lawns

Greener Landscape and Garden

Acorn Landscaping Inc.

Marshalls Landscaping

A to Z Lawn Care

Homegrown Landscape Design

Beautiful Gardens

Gardening Work


Bridal Paths Landscaping

Affordable Yard Maintenance

Landscape Designers Inc

Carl’s Garden Maintenance

Natural-Look Grass

Edible Landscaping Company

Efficient Lawn Maintenance Company

Park and Lawn Professional

All Seasons Landscaping

Good Landscaping Company Names

If you want some ideas with the name of your landscaping company, then you can refer to the following list of names.

These names are very much relatable to any kind of landscaping company. It will help your landscaping company in looking amazing as well as it will provide clarity to the people about the company.

Brown Lawns Landscape

Urban Jungle Landscaping

Neighbourhood Nursery

Flexible Tree Service

Gardeners Choice Inc

Gardeners Incorporated

A Fresh Start Landscaping

Lawn Care and Mowing LLC

Bespoke Gardening Group

Willow Trees & Ivy Gardens Inc.

Expert Landscaping LLC

Baker Landscaping

You’ve Got Greens

Gardenia’s Great Gardening

Landscaping Incorporated

Landscapers Flower Company

Meadow gardeners

Alpine Gardens Inc

Growth Nursery & Landscaping

Solano’s Tree Service

Garden Company

The Real Lawns Inc

Master Gardener

Creative Landscaping

Eco Gardening Services

Absolute Landscape Solutions

Lawn Care People

Blooming Gardens and Yards Inc.

Leisure Time Lawns

Blossom Lawn Care

Tree of Life

Bloom Landscaping Services

Property Gardening Service

Lawn King

Nature’s Designs

Amazing Landscaping

Good Deal Landscaping

Globe Trotters Gardeners

Green Space Designs

The Landscape Pros

Green Space Landscaping Ltd

Autumn Breezes Landscape

Oceanfront Property Solutions Inc.

Landscaping Solutions

Yard and Deck Experts

Design and Construction Services

The Landscaping Authority

Flourishing Fields

Garden Renaissance

Landscaped Garden Designs

Ultra Green Lawn Service

Guardian Lawn Care

Astro Landscaping

Lush Landscaping

Dependable Lawn Care


Green Country Terrace

Green Thumb Lawn

Landscaping Vancouver

Blossoming Gardens

Flowering Gardeners

Garden Masters

Mow My Yard

Rock Solid Landscapes Inc

Breathe Deep Landscaping LLC

Wonderful Landscaping

Bastion Property Maintenance

Awesome Fertilizer & Landscaping

National Landscaping Company

Natural Touch Landscaping

Bluestone Lane Landscaping

Property Maintenance Services

Dds Landscapes

All-4-U Lawn and Landscape

Tree Service and Design

Lakeside Gardens and Lawns

Echoing Falls Landscaping

Greener Grass Landscaping

Nature Nest Landscape

All Seasons Gardening

Landscaping Land’s End

Green Landscaping

Awesomely Green Garden

Planting and Landscaping Services

Blue Sky Lawns

Rock Garden & Cactus

Sunny Sides Up Lawns Inc

Landscaping Services

Vegas Valley Greens

Absolutely Green

All Star Landscapers Ltd.

Push Lawn Care

Laceys Green Thumb

The Green Gardener

Central Coast Landscaping

Pretty Landscapers

Green Care Company

Beach Blanket Landscaping

The Gardener

Refreshing Garden Solutions

Funny Landscaping Company Names

Do you want the name of your landscaping company to be unique from others? Then, you can choose a name that is funny and exciting.

It will help you in creating an amazing name for your landscaping company. For a funny kind of name, you can have a look at the following list for choosing the final name.

Beautiful Blooms

Ace Lawns

Flowers of Beauty

Pro-Green Garden

Awesome Landscaping Co

Grass-Cutting Elite

Beachside Gardens

Plant Nanny

Landscaping Ideas

Blossom Lawn Care

Flora Fae Gardening

Blooming Pots Landscaping

California Aquatic Designs Inc.

Earth’s Edge Landscapes

Flowering Gardens Landscape

Up scapes

Nevada Botanical

Lanark Green Landscaping

Planting Services

Landscape Masters

Green acres landscaping

Patio Paradise

DC Bright Green

Landscaping by Design

Season surf Flower land

Pro Landscaping Inc

Deluxe Grass Care Agency

Friendly Gardening

Amongst the Pines Landscaping Inc

Laurel Lawns and Gardens

Alma Landscape Design

All Star Landscapers

Trees and Shrubs Specialists

Signature Landscaping Solutions

Fescue & Ferns Ltd

American Grass Innovations

Garden Design Specialists

Choice Gardening Services

Greener Pastures Garden Services

Landscape Gardeners

Acres & Gardens

5 Star Lawn Cuts

My Private Garden

Spot on Grass

Sweet Pea Gardener

Landscaping Designers

Urban Cultivators of Landscaping

Field of Green Landscaping

Cutting Edge Landscapers LLC

Ace Parks

Landscaping Ltd

City Gardens Incorporated

Flower Mound Landscape

Coniferous Planting Ltd

Flowering Gardeners

Reygren Gardens

Vegetable Gardeners & Greenhouses

Yard Works Inc

Build it Green

Home & Garden Services

Garden Consultancy, LLC.

Grass Master

Bellhops & Bunnies

Greener Cityscapes

Hardscaping Services

Green Thumb Landscaping

Big John’s Landscaping

All Green Grounds Maintenance

Landscaping And Design Inc


Cascade of Color

Amazing Yards and Gardens

Roots to Branches

Gardeners, Inc

Garden Solutions

Home Front Property

Four Seasons Landscaping

Aquatic Plus Inc.

Passionate Paths

North Coast Landscaping

Flower Child Landscaping

Garden Designers

Forest Whispers

Mother Earth Landscaping

Outstanding Gardens

Grown Earth Garden

Any Season Yard Services

Delightful Landscaping

High Maintenance Company

Beautiful Gardens

Lawn Love

Extremely Professional Gardeners

Green Lawns

Central Coast Wilderness Gardens

Aardvark Landscaping

Green Guys Landscaping

Country Club Landscape Corp.

Aroma Landscaping

Going Green Grass Cutting

Balmy Gardens

Landscaping Supply Rental Company Names

Grand Arc Landscaping

BlueWave Lawn care Rental

Pentalark Landscaping

Monte Mirage

Pele Oasis Landscaping

Festaways Lawn care Rental

El Fieston Landscaping

Mystic Nugget

GrandSun Bay Lawn care Rental

CastaCrest Valley

GartenMist Landscaping

Delta Dazzle

RidgeWater Landscaping

Penta Regency

StarMist Landscaping

Tropicana Trump

WesternFront Lawn care Rental

WestinWard Landscaping

Tuna Vacation

GreyJade Landscaping

Southline Coast

SevenBoat Landscaping

SpringSense Lawn care Rental

Steven Stone

SplashValley Landscaping

Moment Festiva

EssenBliss Landscaping

CappaCale Dale

VegasQueen Lawn care Rental

AriaFlux Landscaping

Sassy Lee

Elite Wave Lawn care Rental

Aeron Joss Landscaping

Purple Secrets

Elpron Odeyssey

SevenShow Beat

UrbanCurves Lawn care Rental

Wynn Bella Landscaping

MotionStone Landscaping

BlueVegas Town

El Delta Wave Lawn care Rental


Enmoss berry Landscaping

Cassa mist

Altius Aest Lawn care Rental

Secret Daisy Lawn care Rental

Cosmix Coast

NorthernLucy Lawn care Rental

ClaraEdge Seen Landscaping

Etisson Eye Landscaping

PrimePleasure Lawn care Rental

BLueBliss Well Lawn care Rental

WestSide River

Jackpot Creek

Merril Willow Lawn care Rental

Four Flamingo

MoreDaisy Cave

Tunica bay Landscaping

Rincon Lady

NorthPoint  Landscaping


WhiteCoast Landscaping

Happy Elysiam

Sunset Treasury

Veu Texas Landscaping

Tuscan Turban

Aromiss Lawn care Rental

EssenLove Rental

HappyPerry Rental

WellHue Rental

PlantBerry Lawn care Rental

Marvello Lawn care Rental

Native Forest Rental

Young Mountain

Simply Nature

EdenFabu Lawn care Rental

RidgeWater Lawn care Rental

Anglica Rental 

ForestMotion Lawn care Rental

TrueQuest Lawn care Rental

MysticMerry Rental


EssenSmith Lawn care Rental

FineFilter Lawn care Rental

CappaDale Rental


RedSky Lawn care Rental

Adorn Liquid

JoyClap Lawn care Rental 

hexahue Lawn care Rental

WellMade Rental

DuzBerry Lawn care Rental

EastSight Lawn care Rental

YouMist Lawn care Rental

Triction Rental


Scented Sky

MapleBelle Rental

CasaBretta Rental

FabPrime Rental

Amelyn Lawn care Rental

YouBlyss Rental

GreatCoast Lawn care Rental


Starwave Rental

VirgoEdge Lawn care Rental

PentaCurl Lawn care Rental

SilverSurf Rental

Anterra Lawn care Rental


NatuByte Rental

Elykeen Lawn care Rental


Meullena Lawn care Rental

Crewfresh Lawn care Rental

LifePeak Rental


EpicGlame Lawn care Rental

BioMidas Rental

Encore Rental

Noyoniss Lawn care Rental


Roxnext Rental

GrandMark Lawn care Rental

Plant Oasis Rental

Fleeston Lawn care Rental

EarthJoy Rental

SpringDesign Rental Co.

Front Gourmet

FoodDepot Rental

Upwise Green

nature Fresh Rental Co.

Fine Choice Rental

natureway Rental Co.

DailyBuy Rental

FreshVille Rental


SuperFresh Rental Co.

AcreFood Rental

Urban Green

NorthVibe Rental


Felacia Rental Co.

Heritage Rental

mayFeel Rental Co.

SpruceCity Rental Co.

Momento Rental Co.

StarCave Rental


Increda Rental

Acrebees Rental Co.

Cellyssa Rental


pridopex Rental 

Levelex Rental Co.

TrueDesignin Rental

GreenTwist Rental Co.

JoyBox Rental

Aeron Rental

Five Friends Rental Co.

BrownWave Rental Co.

Spring Foods Rental

DirectDesign Rental Co.

FarmBounty Rental


Nature harvest Rental

Daily Select Rental Co.


Urban Rental Co.

WhiteCoast Rental

Urban Move Rental Co.


Food Master Rental

Premier Design

FusionDesign Rental

UpZing Rental

Arbor Rental

Mystic Design

Urban Orchid

BetterLand Rental Co.

FreshHIlls Rental Co.

Urban Eden Rental Co.

FreshOrigin Rental Co.

Urban Twist

EnviroDesign Rental

WholeDesign Rental Co.


TerraBella Rental

Harvest Moon Rental Co.

Fresh Pavilion Rental

Golden Meadow

Landscaping Business Name Generator

Landscaping Business Name Generator

Explore our Landscaping Business Name Generator for creative, unique name ideas instantly!

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