400+ Catchy Tattoo Slogans And Taglines

Tattoo slogans are short phrases people ink on their bodies to express themselves. They can be motivational, funny, or meaningful.

These slogans reflect a person’s personality and beliefs. They serve as a constant reminder of what matters to them. Tattoo slogans have become a form of wearable art, allowing individuals to carry their chosen words with them throughout life.

top Tattoo slogans

Tattoo Shop Slogan
Inked Expressions“Where Art Meets Skin”
Eternal Ink“Indelible Creations”
Sacred Skin“Unleash Your Inner Canvas”
Artful Anatomy“Where Skin Becomes a Masterpiece”
The Ink Gallery“Paint Your Story in Ink”
Skin Deep Studio“Transforming Skin into Art”
Ink Sanctuary“A Haven for Tattoo Enthusiasts”
Bold Impressions“Leave Your Mark with Confidence”
Ink Revolution“Ink with Attitude, Defy Convention”
Vivid Visions“Bringing Your Imagination to Life”
Chromatic Canvas“Infusing Colors, Igniting Stories”
Electric Ink“Empower Your Skin, Electrify Your Soul”

Catchy Tattoo Slogans

Tattoo Slogans

The tattoo industry has been growing since time memorial. If you have knowledge and passion, you can start a tattoo shop. With your artistic skills, you can become a successful entrepreneur.

However, these skills do not merely make you a successful tattoo artist. Here are some catchy tattoo slogans that will play a crucial role in marketing your tattoo shop.

  • Get inked and chill
  • A story behind every tattoo
  • Ink approved
  • Look like art
  • The friendly needle
  • The body journal
  • The art you need
  • Fine hands, fine art
  • Worth the pain
  • Ink without pain
  • Add a spark of Style
  • Tatto for Style
  • Transformed by Love
  • A work of Art
  • Creating Impossible Arts
  • Meet the New Style Perfection
  • A tattoo is the New Addiction
  • Feel the Difference of talent
  • Get More and Get Creative
  • Great Art Starts with Great Rate
  • Be your Own Personal
  • Let’s your hand Fly
  • Get inked, Get Well
  • Love Yourself with Tattoo
  • Love what is Written
  • We Ink Whatever you Think
  • Fine Body Art with Perfection
  • Creating Great Tattoo with Skilled Hand
  • Love your style today
  • A Fine Body Modifications
  • Most Effective Style at best Rate
  • Gret Talent Meets Great Demand
  • A Rare peice of Art
  • More than Just a tattoo
  • You Deserve the Tatoo at heart Crafted
  • Perfection that is Forever
  • Be Forever Stylish
  • Tattoo With a new Experience.
  • imagine yourself Stylish
  • pain is Temporary, Tatoo is Permanent
  • Filled the JOy with Tattoo
  • A tattoo is an Endless Joy
  • Forever Pretty Tattoo Lover
  • Making you Look Great
  • Get a Good Thing Crafted
  • Tell your Story With Tattoo
  • A Tattoo is the New Experience
  • Tribe of Trail
  • Wear you Favourite Tattoo Today
  • Enlighten your self with a tattoo
  • Get Spirit with Tattoo
  • Life has Changed, Your Tattoo hasn’t
  • Tattoo is the FOrever Joy
  • Beautiful you, beautiful tattoo
  • Creating a Natural Look
  • You get the Good for Like
  • The Key to Adorn your Senses
  • Keep Smiling with Tattoo
  • The Tatto Deserves the Best
  • Never Ending Impressions
  • Tattoo with a View
  • Adorning you with Skin
  • Exotic Piercing. Exotic Rate
  • Real professional Tattooing
  • Tatto Crafted with Perfection
  • Get again with Pain
  • Tatoo That is Last LOnger
  • A true mark of Soul
  • Your love,  our passion 
  • Your interest,  we draw 
  • Design with shine 
  • Rise and shine 
  • Smart with beauty lies in tattooing 
tattoo shop slogans

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Tattoo Taglines

Tattoo Tagline

A tattoo shop will become viral if you implement great marketing strategies. First, you must know how to advertise your tattoo shop to become a brand.

So, you must develop attractive tattoo taglines to attract maximum customers and incur profits in no time. Check these taglines to improve your brand image. 

  • Don’t scared, the pain is pleasure 
  • Adore your style, you will love it
  • New era with new art 
  • Learn, grow, art and enjoy
  • Tattoo is a new art 
  • Tattoo is in trend 
  • Experience with trust 
  • Clean and creative and interesting
  • A tattoo with best crew 
  • Your design, our drawing 
  • Your choice our passion 
  • Do it by your choice and not by chance 
  • Best tattoo in view 
  • Trace your love and enjoy
  • Show your love, give them love
  • Expression your feeling 
  • You express,  we sketch 
  • Mark with the best way 
  • Your welcome for best tattoo 
  • What you want, get with flaunt 
  • Talent, a tattoo silent 
  • Silence with passion and love 
  • An art with craft 
  • Clean tattoo is our goal 
  • Satisfaction is the ultimate goal 
  • Your body part, Tattoo draws in part 
  • Don’t set your limits, it tattoo art 
  • Show your love to your dear ones 
  • Make your love happy 
  • Happiness comes with a satisfaction 
  • Reflection of your feeling 
  • Tattoo, a reflection 
  • Vision turns to reality 
  • Your imagination, our passion 
  • A unique art with great start 
  • It’s not a hobby, it’s passion 
  • Look adorable 
  • Pretty face with tattoo on waist 
  • Anywhere, it’s tattoo aware
  • Don’t fall, just stall 
  • Roll your hand and tattoo is in trend 
  • No roar, sketch tattoo, adore 
  • Turn the light to reflect your tattoo which is bright 
  • Be sharp like a tattoo art 
  • Learn art with unique craft 
  • Don’t yell when tattoo stand 
  • We draw better
  • We draw healthy tattoos
  • To the shine of your skin
  • We draw best tattoos
  • Your life is art
  • It is the art on the body
  • Funny names, serious tattoos
  • We don’t hurt you
  • Get inked with us
  • Pain is temporary, style is permanent
  • Ready to love your experience
  • Real professional tattoos
  • Select the art, we will draw for you
  • We draw tattoo with a view

Here’s the big list of Tattoo Shop Brand Name Ideas that covers over 201+ of the most popular Names.

Tattoo Slogans

Tattoo Shop Slogans

Tattoo Shop Slogans

Generally, an individual conducts tremendous research before picking a tattoo artist. Perhaps you are immensely confident about your talent or know your shop has great potential.

Nevertheless, you still have to work on making people notice your tattoo shop. From building your brand to promoting your tattoo shop, a slogan will help you boost people’s confidence. The following tattoo shop slogans will help you in engaging more clients. 

  • Adding a tattoo to your dreams
  • This is the tattoo you will love
  • Adorn your skin with an eye-catching tattoo
  • Pick out the best tattoo from the rest
  • A tattoo makes people gain a new style of perspective
  • Get inked now
  • We create a story behind every tattoo
  • This is the friendly needle
  • The tattoo you need
  • A tattoo is a creative addiction
  • Love what is inked
  • We offer beautiful tattoo styles at the best rates
  • It is more than a tattoo; it’s a rare art
  • Ink what you think
  • Wear a new tattoo today
  • Instead of being sad, get a tattoo
  • Already thinking about my new tattoo
  • Ain’t I looking pretty in pink?
  • There is no limit to getting tattoos
  • How many tattoos are too many tattoos?
  • A tattoo is worth the pain
  • Bored enough? Let’s get a tattoo.
  • There is no age to ink your body.
  • Let your tattoos be your statement piece.
  • Tattoos that speak for themselves.
  • No more stereotypical dogmatic tattoos.
  • Tattoos with a soul of their own.
  • Let’s ink the world and forget our pains.
  • A tattoo for every occasion.
  • Let your soul spell creativity everywhere you go.
  • Find the tattoo you had been dreaming of.
  • The favorite studio for ink collectors.
  • A tattoo won’t hurt you; it will just hit your soul.
  • Tattoos are a great way to express yourself.
  • Tattoos are not just tattoos; they are works of art.
Best Tattoo Taglines

Tattoo Advertising Slogans

Tattoo Advertising Slogans

Advertising your tattoo studio is essential for surviving and dominating the market competition. Therefore, you need to brainstorm and put extra effort into some advertising strategies.

An attractive slogan will come in handy to capture more customers. Though it can be tricky to create a tattoo slogan, it is fun too. Some ideas for tattoo advertising slogans are given below that will highlight your business’s benefit to clients. 

  • Your life has changed, but your tattoo has not
  • A beautiful you deserve a beautiful tattoo
  • This is a tattoo crafted with perfection
  • A tattoo is in trend
  • You express, we ink
  • Happiness comes with a tattoo
  • A tattoo is a reflection of your imagination
  • Select the tattoo, and we will draw it for you
  • Tattoo with love and passion
  • Flaunt your tattoo in the style
  • We help you be your own kind of beautiful with cool tattoos
  • Create a story with your gorgeous tattoo
  • Be in a relationship with your tattoo
  • A tattoo makes you more attractive
  • It is a perfect day for a great tattoo
  • Our drop of ink makes you look cool
  • Our tattoos impart a smart and glamorous look
  • Click the first tattoo selfie
  • Your tattoo creates a different vibe
  • Quality tattooing at affordable prices.
  • How many tattoos do you want? Yes.
  • Your love life may not last forever, but your tattoos will certainly.
  • Let us add our creativity to your already existing beauty.
  • There’s no gain until you experience pain.
  • The tattoo you get in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas anymore.
  • Tattoos that vow to stay longer than most marriages.
  • From the land of rich culture and traditional art to the land of skyscrapers and everything hi-tech.
  • Quality tattoos aren’t meant to be expensive; they are priceless.
  • We read your mind and create something even better.
  • Are you ready to get impressed?
Catchy Tattoo Slogans And Taglines

Catchy Tattoo Phrases

Tattoo Slogan Ideas

Marketing the business is crucial so that your customers know about your existence. A creative tattoo phrase will assist you in penetrating the market and staying ahead of the competition.

You should develop a phrase that aligns with your business values and resonates with your customers. So, take a look at the catchy tattoo phrases given below. These tattoo phrases will shine bright and help you make a mark in the industry. 

  • We draw to make your skin shine
  • Here you get real professional tattoos
  • You will get the best tattoo here
  • Be bold and get a tattoo
  • A tattoo reflects your feeling
  • Inked for life
  • We have been creating great tattoos for more than 15 years
  • Custom tattoos and fantastic customer service
  • Love will perhaps not last forever, but your tattoo will.
  • This is where tattoos are brought to life
  • Fewer treatments for better tattoo removal
  • The tattoos we create last longer than most relationships in today’s era.
  • Carry your tattoo with an extra attitude
  • Tattoos are exceptional artworks
  • A tattoo has a different kind of power and magic
  • Professional tattooing at affordable rates.
  • We create what others feel is impossible.
  • Your skin is like a blank canvas, and we have the best tattoo artists in town.
  • Creativity, talent, and professionalism that you can trust.
  • Get a tattoo for every mood.
  • Tattoos are meant to last longer than most marriages.
  • Tattoos that speak for themselves.
  • Tattoos to get a conversation going.
  • A tattoo a day keeps depression away.
  • Uncompromised quality and unmatched professionalism.
  • Welcome to the ultimate tattoo tribe.
  • Let us paint your soul.
  • Where imagination becomes a reality in your body.
  • Your imaginations are what we live for.
  • A tattooing experience like no other.
  • We bring art to life.
  • An unmatched legacy of tattooing.
  • Tattoos that are meant to last your lifetime.
  • Cheers to your new addiction.

Tattoo Slogans Ideas

Tattoo Shop Advertisement

Today, people worldwide have a great passion for getting inked. Research says that 385 of the global population have a tattoo, which is increasing daily. Many a time, an individual opts for multiple tattoos as well.

Therefore, you may consider starting your career as a tattoo artist. If you are looking for some great tattoo slogan ideas for your tattoo studio, check out the below-mentioned ideas. 

  • You can trust our adept and skilled services
  • We are experienced in premium quality tattooing
  • Now is the time to own a customized tattoo
  • Clean and classic tattoos
  • Break all the norms and get tattooed
  • We are committed to giving you the best services
  • Get your dream tattoo here
  • This is the ideal space to get a tattoo
  • We do it for our passion for tattoos and not for money
  • Your tattoo is going to stay, unlike your BF.
  • Keep calm and opt for a tattoo
  • Never say no to a tattoo
  • A tattoo helps in personalizing your body
  • Are you too broke for a new tattoo? Do not worry! We let you get inked at affordable rates
  • Nothing is more beautiful than a pretty tattoo adorning your body part
  • A tattoo doesn’t deserve to be said no to.
  • Tattoos for every little occasion.
  • Tattoos that age like fine wine.
  • There’s nothing like a lot of tattoos. Get as many as you want.
  • Tattoos are a way of life.
  • Every day is the best day to get inked.
  • Catering to the unmatched hunger for tattoos.
  • Making the world an artistic place, one tattoo at a time.
  • For the lovers of ink that never turn down a tattoo.
  • The only place for your dream tattoo.
  • Let your tattoos speak your language.
  • Personalize and customize your body with us.
  • Top-notch tattoos from the no one tattoo parlor in the city.
  • Tattoos so good that you can never turn them down.

Your single biggest marketing weapon will be social media. Image-based sites like Instagram are a great way to show off your artwork.

Slogans are a vital part of marketing; These are perceptions about your business and the Product you want indelibly etched into the minds of consumers, such as trust, innovation, and quality.

Popular Tattoo Slogans

Slogan Tattoo Studio

Inked and proud

Wear your story

Art on skin

Forever marked

Embrace the pain, cherish the art

Live boldly, ink freely

Unleash your wild side

Body as a canvas

Express yourself

Own your scars, wear them with pride

Tattoos tell tales

Beauty in ink

Live, love, ink

Etched in memories

Dare to be different

Embrace your uniqueness

Wanderlust and ink

Find your inkspiration

Artistic self-expression

Leave a mark, make a statement

Ink addict

Art is life

This body, this story

Stay true, stay tattooed

Forever etched

Color me beautiful

Passion in ink

Words to live by

Love in every line

Beneath the surface

Skin deep, soul deep

Unleash your creativity

Born to stand out

Memories in ink

Art that speaks

Living canvas

Marked for greatness

Tattoos and tales

Art is my language

Expression of self

Find beauty in the pain

Wear your heart on your sleeve

Ink therapy

Life is art

Every scar tells a story

Ink is my armor

Unlock your potential

Art with a heartbeat

Create your own masterpiece

Dare to be inked

Carve your destiny

The art of transformation

Beyond boundaries

Color outside the lines

Soulful expressions

Defy the ordinary

Embrace the unknown

Rise above

Forever inscribed

Write your legacy

Beauty in imperfection

Paint the world with ink

Live for the moment

Embrace your flaws

A life worth remembering

The art of self-discovery

Adorn your skin

Live with passion

Dream in ink

Leave your mark

The ink never fades

Stay wild, stay inked

Tattoos are my story

Celebrate individuality

Life is a canvas

Embrace the journey

Find strength in art

Courage in ink

Marked by love

Redefine yourself

Artistic freedom

Your body, your art

Inspiration in ink

Symbols of strength

Art that lasts

Choose your destiny

Defining moments

Live with no regrets

Wanderlust forever

Beauty in the details

Fearless and inked

Unleash the rebel within

Unlock your dreams

Find solace in art

Memories never fade

The art of resilience

Conquer your fears

Forever young, forever inked

The power of self-expression

Follow your heart, ink your path

A canvas of emotions

Ink speaks louder than words

Defy expectations

Unleash your inner warrior

The art of living

Celebrate the journey

Ink is my identity

Marked by passion

Find your muse

Art that empowers

Memories in motion

Illuminate your soul

Free to be me

Cool Tattoo Slogans

Tattoo Shop Promotion Ideas

Inked and fearless.

Wanderlust forever.

Embrace the chaos.

Be the change.

Stay wild, stay free.

Unbreakable spirit.

Dream big, fear less.

Forever fearless.

Live with passion.

Find your inner strength.

Embrace the journey.

Love conquers all.

Stay true to yourself.

Strength through adversity.

Carpe diem (Seize the day).

Chase your dreams.

Live and let live.

Rise above.

No regrets, just lessons.

Be the light.

The art of resilience.

Fear is temporary, regret is forever.

Create your own destiny.

Born to be wild.

Life is a beautiful struggle.

Find beauty in chaos.

Live, love, laugh.

Carry your dreams.

Strength in unity.

Dare to be different.

Forever young.

Love without limits.

Warrior of the heart.

Dream without fear.

Live for today.

Out of darkness, light.

Believe in miracles.

Stay hungry, stay foolish.

Infinite possibilities.

Follow your heart.

Leave a mark.

The journey is the destination.

Hope anchors the soul.

The time is now.

Rise and shine.

Free spirit, untamed soul.

Let it be.

Live with no regrets.

Chase the sun.

Passion ignites the soul.

Fear nothing, live everything.

In love with life.

Find your purpose.

The struggle is part of the story.

Beautifully broken.

Seek what sets your soul on fire.

Stay true, stay you.

Unlock your potential.

Inhale courage, exhale fear.

Stars can’t shine without darkness.

Live for the moment.

Live boldly, love deeply.

Leave your mark on the world.

Find your inner peace.

Keep dreaming, keep believing.

Rise above the storm.

Adventure awaits.

Strength through vulnerability.

Be the change you wish to see.

Leap of faith.

Love yourself first.

Stay strong, stay humble.

Beyond the surface.

Live passionately, love fiercely.

Make your own luck.

Chase your passion, not perfection.

Live with no excuses.

The universe within.

Take the road less traveled.

Defy expectations.

Let your light shine.

Love is the answer.

Born to stand out.

Conquer from within.

Live your truth.

Leave no stone unturned.

Find strength in vulnerability.

Courage over comfort.

Dream, believe, achieve.

The power of now.

Unleash your potential.

Love is a wild ride.

Live in the moment.

Find beauty in the ordinary.

Persevere and overcome.

Celebrate imperfections.

Authenticity is magnetic.

Find your balance.

Live with purpose.

Stay wild, stay true.

Live passionately, love fiercely.

Follow your own path.

Be the architect of your life.

Find solace in the chaos.

best 10 Funny Tattoo Slogans

Best Slogan For Tattoo

Inked and fabulous!

I didn’t choose the tattoo life; the tattoo life chose me!

Warning: Tattoos may cause random bursts of awesomeness.

My tattoos are my autobiography.

Tattoos: Because expressing myself with words is overrated.

Tattoos are like potato chips; you can’t have just one.

I’m a walking canvas of questionable decisions.

Tattoos: Proof that I don’t always make good life choices.

I may not have it all together, but my tattoos are on point!

My body is a temple, but it’s also a canvas for hilarious tattoos.

Tattoo Advertising Slogans

Slogan Tattoo Designs

Ink your brand, and make a lasting statement!

Tattooed with love for your favorite brand.

Wear our logo, and show your devotion.

Tattoos that speak louder than words.

Brand loyalty, inked for eternity.

Express yourself with our brand on your skin.

Unleash your inner brand ambassador.

Your body, is our canvas for advertising.

Tattoos that turn heads, promote your brand.

Make a bold statement with our branded ink.

Artistic advertising that sticks with you.

The power of branding is permanently on display.

Wear your favorite brand, wear it proudly.

Tattoos that leave a mark on your brand identity.

Stand out from the crowd, advertise with ink.

Elevate your brand with tattooed loyalty.

Advertising that goes skin deep.

Tattoos that build brand connections.

Become a walking billboard for our brand.

Commitment to our brand, inked in skin.

Indelible advertising that makes a statement.

Brand allegiance, forever etched in ink.

Tattooed pride, showcasing our brand.

Ink your passion, promote our brand.

When words are not enough, tattoo our brand.

Artful advertising that lasts a lifetime.

Wearable brand identity, tattooed for all to see.

Make a lasting impression with branded tattoos.

Your body, a canvas for our brand story.

Tattoos that ignite conversations about our brand.

Express your loyalty with inked brand symbols.

Boldly display our brand with tattooed artistry.

Tattooed messages that speak volumes about our brand.

Wear your brand commitment, wear it inked.

Become a walking endorsement for our brand.

Tattoos that embody the essence of our brand.

Brand advertising that leaves a permanent mark.

Ink your brand, leave a lasting legacy.

Tattoos that turn customers into brand advocates.

Promote our brand with unforgettable tattoos.

Make your body a billboard for our brand.

Ink your allegiance, promote our brand story.

Tattoos that make our brand stand out.

Display your brand devotion, tattooed and proud.

Artistic advertising becomes a part of you.

Tattooed branding that captures attention.

Wear our brand, wear it with ink.

Tattoos that amplify your connection to our brand.

Imprint our brand on your skin, be unforgettable.

Unleash your brand loyalty with tattooed passion.

Ink your way to brand recognition.

Tattooed statements that promote our brand story.

Carry our brand everywhere with inked devotion.

Make your body a walking advertisement for our brand.

Tattoos that speak volumes about your brand affinity.

Wear our logo proudly, inked on your skin.

Tattooed brand love that never fades.

Become a brand ambassador, one tattoo at a time.

Tattoos that showcase your brand loyalty.

Ink your brand identity, make it a work of art.

Tattooed advertising leaves a lasting impression.

Wear our brand proudly, tattooed for life.

Promote our brand with inked creativity.

Make your skin a canvas for our brand’s message.

Tattoos that define your connection to our brand.

Ink your allegiance, and become a brand evangelist.

Tattooed branding that sparks curiosity.

Wear your brand loyalty, wear it in ink.

Tattoos that tell your brand story.

Display our brand proudly, inked on your body.

Permanent advertising that reflects your brand passion.

Tattoos that make a lasting impression on our brand.

Ink your brand, and make a statement that endures.

Tattooed symbols of brand devotion.

Wear our brand with pride, inked for all to see.

Tattoos that make your allegiance to our brand clear.

Ink your love for our brand, and wear it forever.

Tattooed expressions of brand loyalty.

Short Tattoo Slogans

Tattoo Phrases

Carpe Diem (Seize the day)

Stay Strong

Believe in Yourself

Forever Free

Choose Joy

Dream Big

Embrace the Journey

Love Conquers All

Find Your Passion

Live, Laugh, Love


Be the Change

Never Give Up

Stay True

Infinite Possibilities

Just Breathe

Chase your Dreams

Follow Your Heart

Create Your Destiny

Always Hope

Strength and Courage

Live Without Regrets

Never Settle

Let It Be

Keep Moving Forward

Be Bold

Rise Above

Stay Wild

Love Yourself First

Find Inner Peace

Choose Happiness

Embrace Imperfections

Stay Positive


Live in the Moment

Be Fearlessly Authentic

Dream, Believe, Achieve

Live Your Truth

Dare to Dream

Stay Humble

The Journey is the Reward

Never Stop Exploring

Create Your Own Sunshine

Stay Curious

Love Endlessly

Find Your Balance

Make a Difference

Leap of Faith

Choose Your Battles

Stay Resilient

Live with Purpose

Inspire Others

Embrace Change

Celebrate Life

Let Your Light Shine

Trust the Process

Find Your Tribe

Love Without Limits

Stay Grounded

Be the Light

Seek Adventure

Stay True to Yourself

Beautifully Broken

Live Passionately

Conquer from Within

Embrace the Unknown

Find Strength in Pain

Make Every Second Count

Be the Hero of Your Story

Stay Inspired


Tattoo Slogans Express Yourself Permanently. Your Story, Your Skin. Inked Memories Last Forever. Wear Your Beliefs, Share Your Dreams. Art That Defines You.

Tattoos A Statement That Stays. Mark Milestones, Make It Last. Unleash Your Inner Ink. Your Body, Your Canvas, Your Voice. Seal Your Journey with Ink. Embrace Endings, Embrace Beginnings. Inked Conclusions, Lifelong Impressions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tattoo Slogans

What is a tattoo slogan?

A tattoo slogan is a short phrase or statement that is meaningful to the person getting the tattoo. It is typically used to convey a personal belief, value, or motto.

Why do people get tattoo slogans?

People choose to get tattoo slogans for various reasons. Some may want to express their individuality or personal philosophy, while others may want a constant reminder of a significant event or person in their lives. Tattoo slogans can serve as a source of inspiration, motivation, or a way to honor someone or something important to them.

Where can I get a tattoo slogan on my body?

The placement of a tattoo slogan is a personal choice. Some common locations include the forearm, wrist, upper arm, shoulder, back, ribcage, and ankle. Consider a placement that allows easy visibility if you want it to be seen by others or a more discreet location if you prefer to keep it private.

Does getting a tattoo slogan hurt?

The pain experienced during a tattoo session can vary depending on factors such as your pain tolerance, the location on your body, and the size of the tattoo. Generally, areas with more flesh or muscle are less painful, while areas with thinner skin or bones may be more sensitive. It’s best to discuss any concerns about pain with your tattoo artist beforehand.

tattoo shop slogans

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