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100+ Top Tattoo blogs and Pages names

There are many tattoo artists who as a hobby create blogs and also use them for marketing their tattoo business. Not only that, but they can even earn extra bucks from the blog. A blog is a page online created by an individual to share their hobby and views with the people online and get comments from them.

 Top 15 Tattoo Blogs in the world

Lars Krutak – Tattoo Anthropologist – This blog is dedicated to the study of the importance and effects of tattoos across the globe. Here you will come across the fierce tradition of the Naga warriors of India related to tattoos. The blog also features remarkable bibliography along with an area where these visually impressive texts can be bought. 

Tattoo Now – This blog happens to be a clearinghouse for lots of renowned artists such as London Reese and Jeff Gogue. You will also find some interesting posts regarding tattoo collectors and artists. If you would like to become an improved tattoo artist, then this site must not be ignored by you. 

Tattoo Artist Magazine – This particular blog along with the accompanying magazine happens to be a gem for well researched, informative, and comprehensive articles regarding a huge variety of remarkable and professional tattoo artists. In case you like to know everything about tattoo then this magazine and blog is for you.

Tattoo Education – This blog which has got loads of information regarding tattoos is maintained by Guy Aitchison who happens to be a bio-mech master. The site features an Ask Guy section which provides thoughtful and genuine answers to various queries of artists as well as collectors. In case you have a query regarding tattoos visit this blog. 

Needles and Sins – Needles and Sins has been there for more than a decade and still counting! It was founded by Marisa Kakoulas who has posted some remarkable posts regarding tattoos, artists, tattoo culture, and trends in it. She is familiar with most of the old-school tattoo artists and her site is really worth a look. 

Things and Ink – This blog is actually UK-based and is a part of the fabulous and artistic magazine of the identical name. Even though you will not find this magazine in the US, it will be possible to their remarkable photography and well-researched posts on the web. Here you can also post your own queries regarding tattooing. 

Tattoologist – It is Natalie Hanks who runs this particular blog and she has a passion for body art. At present, the site can boast of having almost 80,000 followers and emphasizes on attractive and high-res visuals. Individuals who are searching for trendy, pretty, and feminine designs will find this blog to be useful. 

Tattoodo – This site is a fantastic resource for posts on tattoo trends, styles, tradition, and news and is also quite well-known on social media sites like Facebook. Tattoodo remains updated on the most recent evolving trends such as micro-tattoos, blackwork, watercolor tattooing, and so forth. It likewise offers helpful guides on virtually everything regarding tattoos. 

Swallows And Daggers – This tattoo blog is actually operated by an artist named Cian Mac an tSaoir who intends to explore traditional American tattooing. He likewise offers insight and suggestions into the culture of tattooing. A brand of accessories and clothing inspired by the tattoo culture has also been launched by the blogger. 

Oriana Tattoo – Most of the posts on this blog showcase some particular tattoo styles and designs and they likewise have articles offering suggestions on finding the best artists and outlets in and around the Miami region. This site is amongst the friendliest and best outlets in the area and both locals and tourists visit here. 

Bound By Ink – This blog is the well-known Bound by Ink magazine’s main website. Here you will come across visually impressive and well-researched posts on all types of tattoo culture and ink culture. It likewise consists of a page listing tattoo conventions from across the globe. A free trial of the magazine can be downloaded through iTunes. 

 World Tattoo Gallery – This site happens to be a remarkable and huge compilation of numerous tattoos in every single conceivable location as well as style. You can also find them on Instagram. This site is for you irrespective in case you are searching for some really impressive body art out there.  

Th’ink – This impressive publication based in the UK provides some really fantastic tattoo visuals which also feature interviews and testimonials from folks in every single area of ink culture. The blog which is a must-read for both tattoo veterans and newbies offers thoughtful content materials related to alternative culture such as innovative clothing brands.  

Amazing Tattoo Ideas – This site is for you if you want to create a new tattoo design but are not sure how to do it. Here you will come across articles on every style and design that you can think of featuring sections for both masculine as well as feminine ink. Celebrity tattoo posts are also featured here.

Tattoosday – This blog has been created by Bill Cohen and is related to the varied plus extremely original ink located throughout New York City. At present, the blog features an exclusive project named “Tottooed Poets”. In case you would love to check out different designs plus tattoo reviews, you must not ignore this site.

Many of the companies use blogs to promote their business online. Blogging these days has emerged as a popular income making profession. Through blogs, we can get fresh information always as the blogs are updated frequently. The contents of the blogs are an essential part of the blog. In the same way, a blog name too.

Brilliant blog name ideas for your artistic interest

Art Ink

Mark Tat

Art Recovery

Ink Art

Art Scar

Scar Art

Tat Ink

Airbrush Art

Scar Ink

Recovery Ink

Carousel Art

Recovery Scar

Tat Scar

Art Stencil

Art Henna

Airbrush Ink

Stencil Tat

Henna Mark

Carousel Scar

Mark Airbrush

Ink Stencil

Ink And Needles

Clip Panel

Pad Dashboard

Symbol Gallery

Mould Panel

Symbol Pad

Art Designer

Tattoo Blog Names

Mark Designer

Ink Artist

Recovery Artist

Art Dancer

Decal Artist

Mark Virtuoso

Mark Painters

Airbrush Artist

Creative Tattoo

Tattoo Fashion

Real Tattoo

The Tattoo  Artist

Web Tattoo

Tattoo Pen

Tint Pen

Toner Tattoo

Dye Tattoo

Printer Toner

Tattoo Tint

Tattoo Toner

Smart Ink

Ink Think

Art Ink

The Tattoo is a body art which is a permanent marking on the skin done with ink and needles. In the process, the ink is deposited on the second layer of the skin called dermis. Once the needle wound heals, a design is formed under the new layer.

Trending Tattoo Blog Names

Top Tattoo Pages Names

In most of the cultures, it is a rite. Most of the time, a tattoo tell a story. People put tattoos on their body to celebrate life, to pay tribute, in memory of a purpose or a person, etc. The tattoo picture speaks a thousand words. Tattoos are expensive. Tattoo artists set their own rates depending on the length or width of the tattoo design.

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