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301+ Best ’90s Theme Party Names

When someone mentions the ’90s, all kinds of colorful nostalgia fill our minds and makes us want to travel back in time and relive the whole era. How would you like a party where everything takes you back to the ’90s, a place full of themed music, dance, outfits, and food? A ’90s Theme Party Name?

Imagine the beauty of a party that’s based on your favorite TV show or movie from the ’90s. The imagination brings back amazing memories for sure. Giving a proper name to your party seems like a job that would catch the attention of your friends and family. So let’s list out wonderful names for a ’90s theme party that would blow everyone’s mind!

Here are some amazing ’90s theme party Names:

Power Ranger Party

Party for the Jawbreakers

’90s Push Pops

The Night of WarHeads

Oh! It’s the ’90s Again

The ’90s Party

’90s Queens of Brit

Brit Spears Night

Partayyy of the ’90s

Pixy Stix ’90s Eve

Hocus Pocus Party

The Halloweentown Lads

’90s Neon Partayyy

The B’day from the ’90s

Christine’s ’90s Budday

Costume of the ’90s Era

An Amazing Day of ’90s fun

Mario Kart Night

Mad Libs Partayyy

Booze. Buzz. Britney!

The Night of Jumanji

Twister Townies of ’90s

Recapture with Polaroids

Polaroid Partayyy

Julia’s ’90s Birthday

The Buzzing Batch of 1995

Don’t Forget the ’90s

Come on! It’s the ’90s Again

Only ’90s Fun Night

Scrunchie Queens

Santana Supremacy Party

Bring your ’90s Playlist

Perfect ’90s Party

Smash Mouth Kitty Party

The ’90s Anniversary

Rock and Roll Bash

’90s Night! Bring it on!

Bad ’90s Beauty Fads Party

Couple’s Party of the iconic ’90s

Fictional Couple ’90s Partayyy

Night of Alanis Morissette

’90s Costume Rave Night

Harry and Sally’s Nighty Night

’90s Colourblind Bash

Best Era Ever? The ’90s!

Bash of the Righteous Brothers

The Unchained Melody Day

The ’90s Girl’s Burdae

BYOP! Bring Your Own Playlist!

’90s Ballroom Dancing

The Best ’90s Party in Town

The Best ’90s Blowout

Anna’s ’90s Day Out

The Dazzling ’90s Night

The ’90s Guy’s Burdae

It’s All About the ’90s

All That Jazz

Clueless Party

Fuzzy Feathers ’90s Pajama Party

The M&M’s Crazy Night

’90s Rave Party

Party of Glow in the Dark Life

Sex and the City Party

NSYNC Lovers Party

A Lisa Frank Party

Day-glo ’90s Day

The Rainbow Pizza Night

The ’90s is the Best

Pokemon Partayyy

Pokemon Go

The Night of Deathly Hallows

Harry Potter Party

Night of Hermoines

Let the Weasleys weasel

Riddles of Tom Riddle

Pokeball Pinata

An Oregon Trail Party

Board Game night of the Oregon Trail

Oregon Trail Theme Party

Pikachu Peeps Pop

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Party

Sir Mix A Lot Partayyy Night

Night of the Semi-Charmed Life

Groove Amanda! Groove, Britney!

Nickelodeon Guts Party

Pika Pika Partayyy

We Like To Party The ’90s Style

The ’90s Style Night of Joy

Bloodhound Gang Bash

The Clinton Partyyy

Grunge Party of the ’90s

’90s Masquerade Night

Britpop Party

Coolest ’90s Night

The Nostalgic ’90s Bash

 ’90s Ballroom Burdae

Billie’s ’90s Party

’90s Game Night

Let’s get all Retro

The ’90s? That’s my Jam!

My Kinda Throwback Partayyy

My Kinda ’90s Night

It’s all about the ’90s!

The ’90s are the Golden Days

Damn! Here is the ’90s

NSYNC. Nightout. The ’90s Again.

Britney’s Saturday Night

Backstreet Boys Bash

Retro Video Game Night

Bandanas Eve

Clueless Costume Partyyy

Decorations back from the ’90s

Night of the Pennant Flag

The Night of Apollo 13

Apollo 13 Costume Partayyy

 Jurassic Park Themed Party

Halloween Party of the Jurassic Park

Nintendo Game Night

’90s Nintendo Character Costume Eve

Let’s Remember the Simpsons

Simpsons Partayyy

Simpsons Shenanigans

Fun Shenanigans of the ’90s

Simpsons Costume Night

Rugrats ’90s Theme Party

Costumes of the Rugrats!

Lisa Frank Party Time!

Night of Lisa Frank

The Titanic Day

Titanic Costume Night

F.R.I.E.N.D.S. ’90s Theme Party

The Monica Night

The Pheebs Party

Just Mingle like Joey!

’90s Karaoke Night

Let’s Groove on Smelly Cat

The Rachel Dreidel Time!

Night of Ms. Chanandler Bong

Party Like ‘95

Drama of the ‘99

Austin Powers Night

The Iconic ‘90s Charade

‘90s in California

Dress Up Like Cher Horowitz

Party With The Powerpuff Girls

Johnny Bravo’s Partyy

The Matrix Partayyy of Costumes

Let’s Vibe to Salt n Pepper

‘90s Summer Days 

The Summer of ‘97

Rock and Roll with Kriss Kross

Bands of the 1990s

Night of the Favourite Nickelodeon Show

‘90s Outfit Partayyy

The Perfect Time for ‘90s

Dress Up like it’s the ‘90s Again

Party Like It is the ‘90s

Big ‘90s Eve

All About the ‘90s

‘99 The Year of Love

My Kinda ‘95 Partayyy

Night of The Millenials 

Gen-Z of the ‘97

The Royal Reel of ‘90s

Birthday in The ‘90s

Oops! Got Married in ‘98

Beach Day in the ‘90s

Cocktails all the way from 1990s

Retro by the Beach

Buzz to the ‘90s songs

After-Partyyy of 1999

Big Disco from ‘93

Lets Go Retro Baby 

Cruising Like ‘90s

Awesome Autumn of 1992

Winter Night of ‘99

Barbara’s Day Out like it ‘91

‘90s Clubbing Nights

Drama at Launderama 

Super Cool ‘90s Era

Carnival eats of the ‘90s

Summer of America’s ‘96

Retro July 4th Partayyy

Bash of the ‘90s Kids

Back to the nights of ‘92

‘90s Partayyy Buzzzz

Buzz of the 1990s

YES, It is ‘95 Again!

Retro Night of Cocktails and Cakes

Classic ‘90s Partayyy

Icons of 1998

‘90s Chillax and Relaxxx

Nirvana Night of ‘90s

The Dearest 1998

Paint your Nails, It’s ‘92 Again!

Minnie Mouse House Partayyy

Bloom like 1997 again

Mickey Nighty Partyyy

Love the way you dress like it’s ‘90s

Dolled Up Like Britney Spears

Wildest Jam of 1996

Epic Night of 1999

Faboulous Dance of the ‘90s Season

‘90s Partayyy To Remember

‘90s Night Goes Wild

Quack! Quack! It’s ‘90s Again

Welcome to the Nostalgia of the ‘90s

The ‘90s Affair

Ball of the 1994

Friends Fest in ‘90s Style

Jam like the ‘90s Evening

‘90s Beanfeast

Gather around the ‘90s Memories

Functioning of the ‘90s Wheel

Reunion of the 1998 Batch

Where’s the party tonight? In the ‘90s!


The ‘90s Euphoria

Lets Jazz the Party up

Unforgettable Batch of 1993

‘90s Unforgettable Karaoke Jam

Glitter up the ‘90s Days

Shimmery Glittery 1998

Tabitha’s Day of the ‘90s

Sass and Cakes in the 1990s

Don’t Say Bye Yet. It’s ‘90s, YAYY!

‘90s Yayyy Dayyy

Indoor Day like ‘90s Day

September Like the ‘90s Again

Let’s have the American Pie

I want it the ‘90s way

My Heart Will Go On just like this Partayyy

‘90s Slumber Partayyy

Night of the ‘90s Gals

Gal Pals from 1998

Hit the Road like 1990

Shake up the Madonna Way

Partayzz Like Lopez

Say Hi to ‘90s Again

Brian’s ‘90s Sports Night

This Sunday, It’s 90s Again

Neon Nineties Night

Crazy Booze 1997

Upbeat Eve of 1992

Photoshoot With ‘90s Neon

Whatta Nineties Nostalgia

Booze. Beats. Britney Buzz

Stuck in the Days of ‘92

Everything feels Retro Again

Let’s live like Britney again

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