301+ Catchy Android Apps Names Ideas (Tips + Formulas)

Right now we’re all struggling to find a legitimate way of earning money in our daily lives and operating a business will be one of the most authentic ways to do that. However, it requires lots of techniques to run a business successfully, and naming it properly will be one of the best ways to do so.

How to choose a name for your Android apps brand

• It is important for the name to be spelled easily. 

• The name must be able to describe your brand. 

• It is important for the name to be unique

• The name must have some meaning. 

In this article, we have mentioned the various ways to name your Android apps brand successfully and in a unique way.

The importance of name for Android app brand

Helps to create an identity

The brand name will help to define the nature of your business along with its identity. All types of businesses will be different in nature along with their names. They will differ as per their working pattern as well as the category of service or product. A unique business name will also create an innovative segment of value for the clients.


It is a fact that clients seem to forget complicated brand names in the long run. However, an easy to pronounce name will be able to fit on the mind of the customer very easily and can accomplish a huge portion of the branding job.

Motivate your audience

In case you have founded the business, then it is highly possible that you have provided a nice name according to the nature of the business. It should convey the business strategy to the customers and thus it will be able to draw a lot of clients in the long run.

Tips to choose the best names for your Android apps brand

Here, we have provided some significant tips which you should follow while naming your Android apps brand.

Reflect the core features of your app

A lot of successful apps select a name that describes the business successfully. For example, True Apps. It suggests that you will be getting only genuine apps from the company and the business is a reputed one. 

Make the name short but memorable

In case the name is long with quite a few words, then it is possible for the clients to forget it over time. Therefore, it is important for the name to be short and unique as well as memorable. A short name will also allow the users to communicate properly out there. For example, Touchpoint. This name is quite short, and one can also remember it easily.

Make the name an action word

In case the name of your Android app brand turns into an action word then you will know that you have become successful. While naming the app take into consideration how it actually sounds in day-to-day speech and also how it is flowing with the normal language.

Select a name which can be searched easily

It is a fact that a huge majority of smartphone users come across apps by means of the App Store. They search for certain keywords for finding the app out there. Therefore, it will be sensible to select a name that aligns with those keywords. For example, Fun Apps. If someone searches for the term “apps”, then he will easily find this app brand name.

Allow your team members to become involved

It will be a wise decision in case several of your team members become involved while naming your Android app brand. In this case, they will be able to come up with different ideas very easily. However, you can set some regulations for doing this.

Mistakes to avoid while naming your Android app brand

Not using capital letters

After combining several words together, you might be worried regarding how individuals will be able to pronounce it. However, you will be able to communicate this without any problem by capitalizing on those words which you’d like to emphasize.

Not keeping the name short

As mentioned earlier, short names will be your best friend. In case the name is quite long and complicated, your audience might not be able to remember it. This is going to hamper your Android app brand significantly.

Copying the style of someone else

It will be a sensible idea to be original and you should not copy the idea of any other person on the market. Try to make the name unique so that you will be able to stand above the rest.

Not performing enough research

It is important for every business owner to perform adequate research prior to developing an Android app. However, before starting you must take into consideration several important aspects. This will also help you to save lots of cash in the long run.

The right formula for creating a perfect name for your Android app brand

It is important to spend lots of time developing a unique Android app brand name. In the following paragraphs, we have mentioned the proper formula for doing this.


It will be sensible to convert your brand into a personality. Names of genuine people can be used for this who are directly involved with your business.

For example – Henry’s Apps


It is quite pleasing to hear names that are alliterative. While creating these types of names makes it a point to use the identical number of letters. Also, try to maintain its simplicity and it should be rhythmic as well.

For example – Fit For Fingertips, Digitize Design


As a matter of fact, you’ll come across lots of product names at present which happens to be rhyme.

For example – Application Station


It will be possible to create a unique name by combining 2 words that already exist. This will help to create some fantastic names in the long run.

For example – WebTools


It will be tough to come across a short name which is unique at present. However, this can be prevented by using an acronym.

For example – CDD (California Digitize Design)

Long statement

It will not be a wrong idea to go for a long name in some cases.

For example – Take-With-You Tech

Short statement

You might create a unique 2-word statement regarding your brand. 

For example – Best Apps


Individuals love a great analogy or metaphor. You can make use of a figure of speech. Your clients will be able to remember the name of your brand if you are able to communicate the meaning.

For example – Zeus (the Greek rain God)


Make it a point to come up with names that can spark an image in your thoughts. This will make the name more memorable and iconic.

For example – SkyMobile


Creating a descriptive name for your Android app brand will also be a good idea. 

For example – Smarter Web

Already existing Android app brand names

  • Blue Apron
  • Cookpad
  • Untappd
  • Clue
  • Eve by Glow
  • Zocdoc
  • Anchor
  • Spotify
  • Todoist

Catchy and Short Android Applications names Ideas

Food App Names Ideas

FoodeyEatOneBig Party
Two HeartEat& ClickSuroBite
WassEatMiss EateryGreyBites
Corner MeetSay EatFood Rose
Life LoverDoomFistVegeterro
Little NextFoodleryMissPure
AngelFlakesRawFlameFood Leader
FrootallaLights & BitesApple Egg
Food ProphetBiterralittlely

Image Related App Names Ideas

Lemon hydePhotoriousMarshMix
MikeLiftLyft AllAtomPixel
ClickhawkPassionBlueDry Clicker
ZenithlyBeumoXoom lady
Image meltPhotonBeanPik Away
Dolly poseOpelloHiphoppa
Slow TrotCoolTakeDolldrett
Cross ClickNeggtaPeubetta

Lifestyle Apps Names Ideas

CoolberryFoxfaceElegant Aura
Christolynemma+Melody Dirt
Bite GloryLifeburgeYes Time
Huha HuhaLifonistLoveSwag
Tight SightlovelybeeKittyCore

Entertainment Apps Name Ideas

DylandCuddleCurryBold View
The DudeAgainostPieSome
KeeklassEyelashWindy Watch
Zed BeeEnough+SilverShine

Game App Names Ideas

Howling HighDoll Makersnowflake
Beagga BongRunna Rizgeorge Fly
Bob MileTrue GazzRaceDip
Planted BrainIce GeekPink Brencho
Jake AtomFunlerryJustPlay
Pink prankBigBestInsta Genius
Daily PunchHyperonAsterly
Erak WorldHaggy PieLittle Cobra

Utility App Names Ideas

GouGouFresh FoamBlomma
SuperGrantgeezGomoPink Page
TECH FatOverfeelRainmist
Meat DuckunicrainDearspot
FreecageShiny shellTallButt
MonoDearTina FeybeyondThink
GlamorraFor girlLyzoo

Productivity App Names

MadDudeWork HikerMonmox
ProLandZerkkzyAngel Hand
GozmitLil OkieToxoFly
AweFit5th FeetProHead

Here are some Frequently asked questions for deciding a Android app Names

What things should I bear in mind while selecting a name for my Android app brand?

It is important to have these questions in mind while selecting the name:
• Is the proposed app brand name available?
• Will the business name get trademark protection?

What should be considered by me while selecting the android app brand name?

Try to choose a brand name that is original and also conveys the meaning for your business. The name should be memorable and distinctive for several reasons which we have mentioned above.

What is the android app brand’s legal name?

A brand’s legal name happens to be the official name of the entity or person who owns the brand. In case you are the sole owner of your brand, then the legal name of your brand is actually your full name.

What is the best sort of name for my android app brand?

You will not come across any particular formula for selecting a great brand name. However, it is important for the name to be unique, memorable, and one should be able to pronounce it easily.

How to find out whether somebody else is using the name that I want to use?

You can verify different public registers to see whether any similar name is already registered. You need not pay anything for searching although it might prove to be a tedious task. You can also take the help of your lawyer in case you are in doubt.

Final thoughts

It is definite that you will come across plenty of Android app brands on the market at present. However, make it a point to provide a unique name to it so that it stands above the rest. Hopefully, the above-mentioned guidelines will help you significantly in doing so.

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