Headphones Brand Names: 365+ Catchy And Cool Names

Sometimes referred to as earphones, headphones are hardware output devices that either plug into a computer line out or speakers. Headphones originally consisted of one speaker for each ear connected by a band over the head.

Headphones are hardware devices that can be plugged into a computer, laptop, smartphone, mp3 player, or other devices to privately listen to audio without disturbing anyone in the vicinity.

They are plug-and-play devices and do not require any sort of installation before use. Headphones are more in fashion today, and they are easily available in the market at affordable prices.

Headphones were basically introduced to reduce loud noise that is caused by an open speaker system. The headphone allows any person to enjoy any music or anything without bothering others.

Now when headphones are so common and so much in use, it has a good business opportunity for new entrepreneurs.

Headphones Brand Names in The US

  • Sennheiser
  • JBL
  • Bose
  • Sony
  • Skullcandy
  • AKG Acoustics
  • Beats by Dre
  • Razer
  • Audio-Technica
  • Asus
  • Sol Republic

The idea of starting a headphone business can be a good idea for a new entrepreneur. The headphones business is a profitable business and has a huge market.

The demand for headphones is always high, and the market is full of opportunities, nevertheless, it would not be wrong to say that there is competition in the existing market, but any new business with a good plan can build a huge business out of it.

Any new business requires good planning and better strategic decision-making. customers are everything for a business, and a customer demands a good product and quality with value for money. Customers also go for a product with a good brand name 

For any new business, it is important to start with deciding on a creative business name for itself and getting it registered for the future.

A strong brand name does all the work easy for the business, the name itself promotes and brands the whole business so deciding on a good name can give a positive start for the business.

Choosing the right business name can make your company reach heights of success, and the wrong one can lead to failure. A business name is often your first impression with the customers. It is also your first impression of other business owners and investors.

Ways to Choose the Right Headphone Company Names

  • The name also helps to communicate your business strategy it can create a negative image or positive image as it has the power to influence and power to include and power to exclude.

    Name is the first impression that is set out in the market. The name helps you differentiate your business from other similar businesses. A good name becomes a brand that gains popularity and consumers. 
  • Keeping a name is a difficult task and before keeping a name there are a few things to consider; it should be simple, short, and easy to pronounce. It is assumed that a long and difficult name is a barrier for new business and no business would like to lose out customers or take a loss because of the name.
  • The name should be kept according to the business it does, any name that is misleading may lose out its customers. The name should be descriptive and it should sum up everything a business is all about.
  • The name should be creative and unique, many companies are selling a similar product so the common name may not be effective when it comes to competition any unique name can prove its stand in the market.
  • The name should always be kept looking at the future growth of the business. Choosing a creative and catchy name is nothing but a process people tend to buy a product with a good name they recognize. The name should always be relevant to the business you do. Any irrelevant name may not attract new customers.
  • The business should not suffer loss because of the name, and any name should be catchy and appealing. The name is an important decision to make; it should not be kept casually; proper research and information have to be gathered before deciding and should be as per the law. 

Every Headphone Business entrepreneur should be well aware of their Business and Product naming process and also knows the importance of a good business name.

Your potential customers must be able to recognize what your company is selling by looking at the name. Following are some best headphone business names.

There are many things to know before choosing the right name. For the branding of your brand, you need a starting point as to What personality you want to project and what type of customer you are seeking.

For headphone business names, you can generate catchy names online easily. Below we have mentation some cool headphone business names.

Headphones Brand Names

Are you planning to open a headphones brand? Then, you need to acquire some basic knowledge before opening such kind of brand. This knowledge helps you to build a strong base for running your headphones brand.

It is very important to have a strong base before presenting your brand to the public. To decide on a name for your headphone brand, you need to consider a lot of things. These factors will help you in choosing a great name for your headphones brand efficiently.

AJ Acoustic

Alesis Headphones 

Song  Candy

Ears and Amkette

Andrea Electrics


Kern Music

ASTRO Music 

Headphones of Audeze


Audio & Technica

Austin Audio 

TomesBang & Olufsen

Beast Tones

Beats Music

Headphones by Behringer

Beyer & dynamic Co. 

Boom box

Bose International 

Bowers Music

Wilkins Co. 

Bush & Tones 

Cubicle Cryoss

Corsair & Musicians

Creative Hosts

Ears and Denon 

Diamond Tears Music 

Bose Edifier

Encore Musics

Etymotic Penn

D’addario Instruments Co.

Tones Focal 

Whisper Focusrite

Great Fostex

Gajex Electronics

Grado Tones 

Harman Kardon Headphones

HiFiMAN Music

Holy Moly Headphones

Bob Marley Tunes

Ball Tunes 

iFrogz and Co. 

Lantern Jabra

Angry Bird Tunes 

HH Audio Co. 

Lab and Tunes Audio

KEF Music 

Klipunch Audio 

Cross Corporation

KRK Music 

Trends with Audiotech

Tone and Amplification

Dynamic Tunes & Music Co. 


Messy Headphones

Monoprice Earplugs

Ear Monsters

Sounds of Nakamichi

Onkyo Tech

Paradigm Tunes

Parrot Music

DJ Pioneer

Gamecom & Plantronics

Polky Music & Audio

PSB Technologies 

Razerback Music 

Do you know slogans are good enough to help your headphone company to grow? So make sure to check out the best headphone slogans and taglines.

Headphone Brand Names

Headphone Company Names

The first step when you are opening a headphone company should be to plan the proper strategy to gain profits for your company. On the other hand, you should design the portfolio of your headphone company in such a way that it will become successful.

All these important factors help in creating a successful headphone company for the public. Another important thing is the name of your headphone company. The name is important because the name will help your headphone company in getting recognition.

Serenity Tones 

Shure Musics

Skull monochrome

SMS Tunes

Republic Music Tech

Sound Techs & Audio 

SoundMAGIC Street

Earspeakers Taotronics

SteelSeries Technics

Thinksound Headphones

Turtle Ultimate Ears

Ultrasone Urban Ears






Trot Beast 

Geyberr Grunn

Flabio Flunker 

Hoff Shuffle

Firo Storms 

Blend Assor 

Beyond torque

musical ninja

wavers Music

captiva Headphones 

knioot Headphones 

omega system

music.ly Headphones 

music tapo

musicmo Headphones 

poox Headphones 

rajoya Headphones 

filoid Headphones 

peist Headphones 

dempmora Headphones 

barbosa Headphones 

black pearl Headphones 

king voice

shine tone Headphones 

vausis Headphones 

Flossight Headphones 

Palare Headphones 

Imperial Headphones 

jazzband Headphones 

rockband Headphones 

rockstar Headphones 

guture guy Headphones 

swiftloft Headphones 

amaze Headphones 

flymen music

swart music

captiva king

dumb basser


blizzare Headphones 

Santafe Headphones 

Short tone Headphones 

Don’t forget to check out the top 10 best headphone brands in the US and choose the right one.

Trending Headphone Brand Names

Bluetooth Headphones Brand Names

When you are opening any venture, always target a branded kind of name for your venture. The branded name for your Bluetooth headphone will make your venture look amazing to the public.

You can easily spread your Bluetooth headphone business if you have a branded name. To have a branded name, you need to use some famous words while creating the name for your venture.

A branded name for your Bluetooth headphone business will give your business a lot of advantages in the future.

tuna Headphones 

kepptoner Headphones 

crypto cave Headphones 

Audipop Headphones 

sound pavalion


brinare Headphones 

saet Headphones 

flyowener Headphones 

smayoga Headphones 

Pureaccent Headphones 

Athlelide Headphones 

Streoso music system

urban wave

orange wing

silver tuna Headphones 

fluet flower

music burger

edoor Headphones 

Bass nuke Headphones 

Soanders Headphones 

sun dancer Headphones 

cooga Headphones 

crooger Headphones 

Punchneck Headphones 

fifty Headphones 

victory Headphones 

aerrownek Headphones 

Aring Headphones 

aspire music system

spice music system

black widow Headphones 

musica dale Headphones 

jazzbump Headphones 

If you want to brainstorm some more names so, do check out the big list of business name suggestions.

Headphone Business Names

Catchy Headphone Business Names

Do you want your headphone business to be the center of attraction in front of people? For that, you need to create some names that will look attractive in your headphone business. It is beneficial because these kinds of catchy or attractive names help in recognition of the business.

You can effortlessly attract people to your headphone business with the help of a catchy name. A catchy name can be created by using some creative ideas as it will become different from others.

Music dot

music magnate Headphones 

Endoor Headphones 

Dale dazzel Headphones 

super ocen Headphones 

ocen shore

sun nova

vivd tone Headphones 

magma bass Headphones 

megenta music

Endoure Headphones 

antilope Headphones 

Camels Headphones 

Tiger wood Headphones 

ampexx Headphones 

swaas Headphones 

Stealth Headphones 

Dunsky Headphones 

Futura Headphones 

Fortuner Headphones 

Gooert Headphones 

Muscort Headphones 

Alesis music

Awktell Headphones 

Astrin Headphones 

bang soul Headphones 

breath shine


bush hair

denon Headphones 

maroon Headphones 

demon music

jazzband Headphones 

Grado labs Headphones 

jabra Headphones 

birdman Headphones 

i bottom music

i frodge Headphones 

Edifire Headphones 

Creta wave Headphones 

Encore Headphones 

Pioneer dj

How To Choose A Name For Your Headphone Brand

  • Keep the brand name simple, memorable, and catchy.
  • The name of the brand should emphasize the sound quality.
  • Also, highlight the special features.
  • Make sure to get a domain name for your brand.

Importance Of A Headphone Brand Name

Before naming your brand, it is essential for you to understand how it is going to benefit your headphone brand.

1. Differentiates From The Others

There are many brands that offer the same product as you do. You have to try to be different from them so that the customers choose you over your competitors. Start differentiating yourself from the name of your brand.

2. Aids In Marketing

How will you promote your product if it has no name? Naming a brand is extremely important because it represents your brand during advertisement or promotion.

3. It Can Increase Sales

Once your customers find that your products are trustworthy and reliable, they will purchase your brand more. They will remember the brand name and prefer buying your brand more.

Here are some tips that will guide you in the right way, making it easier for you to choose a name.

4. Choose A Unique Name

Don’t you want people to prefer your brand over the other existing brands? So, you have to make sure that your brand is unique and completely different from the other brands. Then the people will understand the difference between your and other brands. 

5. Make It Appealing

Customers will choose your brand for many reasons. One of them is if they find your brand name to be appealing, they will show more interest in your brand. They come to you because of the name, and if they are satisfied with your product, then they will definitely come back.

6. Emphasize The Features

Since your brand will be dealing with headphones, make sure that the name of your brand emphasizes the features offered by your brand. 

Right Formula For Creating A Perfect Headphone Brand Name

Below are some of the most useful naming formulas that will help you develop a creative name for your headphone brand.

1. Using The Figure Of Speech

You may use the figure of speech or metaphors in your brand name to make it more creative.

For example – Red Monk

2. Combine The Words

You may combine two words that are meaningful and related to your brand. It can become a great addition to the names of your brand.

For example- Boom Box

3. Colors Are Fantastic

The names of colors are simple and easy to remember. So, naming your headphone brand with the name of color can make it really attractive.

For example – Black Beast

4. Numbers Are Interesting

You can use numbers in your brand name to make it interesting, but it should have relevant meaning.

For example – 10 on 10 

5. Compose It Creatively

Two words that are related to your brand can be joined together creatively to generate a new name.

For example – Maxmind Headphones

6. Long Statements Are Great

A long statement name can help your brand better describe its meaning to customers.

For example – Rock the ears.

7. Short Statements Can Be Fun Too

A short, simple name for your brand can easily attract many customers.

For example – Firefly

8. Add Some Humor

Make your headphone brand name sound funny by adding some humorous words that are, again, not too sensitive or controversial in nature.

For example – Song Candy

9. Your Own Location 

Name your brand after the name of the place you belong to.

For example – Boston

10. Use The Adjectives

What is that word which will describe your brand better? Simply use it in the name.

For example – Loud Blast

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