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135+ Best Anti Cyber Bullying Slogans

Cyberbullying should be taken as seriously as bullying. It hurts and damages in a similar way bullying does.

It has been found one of every three kids is being bullied online. Bullying has been a serious problem for ages and it has been transformed into a new kind of bullying through the platform of the internet and social media.

Best Anti Cyber Bullying Slogans

  • Report the bully
  • Seek help
  • Be a bully, get in trouble
  • Bullying is a crime
  • Don’t act stupid
  • Silence the bully, not the bullied
  • Stay away from bullying
  • Raise your voices
  • Forgive, don’t forget
  • Words hurt

Cyber bullying must be stopped as it severely damages the mind and soul of the victim apart from damaging physically.

Kids are tender leaves and full of emotions. They cannot withstand the words as words are the most harmful weapon to a kid. A bad word would create huge changes in the mind of a kid. He will not be able to survive it by himself/herself.

There is no doubt that bullying has been a great threat to our society it decays moral and ethical values. Bullies enjoy keeping someone lower and offend them for their own entertainment.

List of best Anti-Cyber Bullying Slogans for your Inspiration.

Cyberbullying is not a sign of heroism

You are not getting any victory by bullying someone

The one who bullies are the weakest one

You can’t win in the end by bullying someone

One who attacks the personal appearance of a person kills a soul

Bullies are the dumbest

Try to be a good friend rather than becoming a bully

Bullying does not affect you physically, but mentally

We are against cyberbullying

There is not a proud thing to become a bully

Bullies are not doing great things

If you know he is a bully, try to avoid him/her fully.

If you are bullying online, you might get bad offline consequences

Be nice to others on the internet

Make peace, not offense

Cyberbullying is a crime

Good people don’t bully

Spread fraternity, stop cyberbullying

Be a man, cyberbullying is for cowards

If you are bullying, beware of the other bullies, you may be the next target

Being a true friend is far better than being a false bully

Always put a smile on your face, bullies gonna hate that.

Be a man of honor, stop bullying, and don’t let others do it.

The one who encourages a bully is a bully

Don’t play with the emotions of others

Words cut deeper than a knife.

Bullying harms you inside

Nothing hurts more than being bullied

anti cyber bullying slogans

We salute the bully survivors

Let’s make the internet bully free

Support the victim of bullying, it may save a life

Bullying leads to destruction, nothing else

We stand against the bully

We dream for the internet free from bullying

Try to become a man of values rather than support bullying

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The one who does not raise voice bullying is a supporter of bullying 

Bullying is dangerous, it kills you from inside

Think twice before you type

Be kind, don’t play with someone’s emotions

Someone’s life is not your source of entertainment

Together we stand to combat cyberbullying

Support the victim, he/she needs you 

Bullies are losers

Bullying makes people die inside

Bullies not allowed here

Internet is safe without cyberbullying

Let’s combat cyberbullying by getting united

A bully should not be forgiven for his/her deeds

The world will be a beautiful place without bullying.

Let’s end the bullying as you don’t know how the victim feels

You were not in the same shoes.

Your silence is supporting cyberbullying, raise your voice

Bullying is for cowards

You should report and respond for it, not to support it

Cyberbullying kills

You must think twice before doing this

The victim needs our support

Cyberbullying affects deeply 

Cyberbullying is worst

Say no to cyberbullying

Don’t let them entertain themselves by ruining someone’s life

Don’t stab someone on the back.

Be kind to everyone rather than encouraging the bully

Let’s beat cyberbullying

Bullies are the loneliest persons in the world

Don’t rely on a bully

You should be posting good, not roasting bad

The cyberbullying leaves scars inside, and the victim lives with it.

We want peace, not cyberbullying

Let’s teach our children not to do cyberbullying

Bullying is antisocial

It is not a fun thing to do

Not every joke is funny, think twice before cracking it.

Bullies end up being a bully for life

A bully can never achieve any success by such a mentality

I have no tolerance when it is cyberbullying

Bullying kills the childhood of a person and leaves bruises for life

You are not doing great things by making others feel small

Cyberbullying- delete it

Be a hero, not a bully

Bullies try to make others feel down so that they can be above them

Take a stand, lend a hand to stop bullying

Choose the kindness in you, not the evil in you

Keep supporting anti-cyberbullying

Let’s unite together and don’t let a child suffer from bullying

Stop bullying the innocent kids.

Cyberbullying leads to a social and moral crisis.

Avoid bullying for a good life

Don’t spoil your life in bullying and stop others to do so

Bullying leads to suicidal activities

It will keep body and soul apart

No one but the victim can feel what being bullied feels like

It snatches the joy of your life

Don’t let a kid suffer mentally

Cyberbullying is a crime, so don’t commit a crime.

Cyberbullying a sinful act, and a bully is a sinner.

You are committing sins just for your enjoyment

Getting enjoyment by ruining someones life is not a fair thing to do

I am against cyberbullying and you should be too.

Feel proud to be a member of the anti-cyberbullying organization

We are the new generation, let’s keep it free from cybercrimes like cyberbullying.

Don’t expect good things from a bully

We all should keep away from bullies

Unfried the bully

Block the bully

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Raise an army of people to resist cyberbullying 

You should not be doing bullying

I don’t talk to the bullies anymore

Boycott bullies, stay safe

Beware of bullies

Glad to know you are not a bully

I wish to live in a society free from bullies

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