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121+ Best Anti-Drugs Slogans and sayings

Drugs have become a major trouble and of course an addiction amongst the teens and the young generation.

Inevitably, the government of every state, and country is absolutely taking measures and passing new bills to stop this drug abuse among its citizens but somewhere, drug is still a problem and it’s been spoiling people mentally, emotionally, and physically too.

However, we have got these anti-drug campaigns and counselling sessions by drug abuse survivor, and medical experts from the industry and these preventive methods are actually showing people the right way by making them stop using drugs. 

Best Anti-Drug Slogans

  • Stop drug abuse
  • Don’t end your life
  • It’s a bad way to go
  • Think about your family
  • Your family matters
  • Learn to say NO
  • Drug will be your doom
  • Say NO while you can
  • You still have got some time
  • Your life matters

This may not be actually possible with majority of the drug users out there, because all they want is to get drugged and be high!

Of course, they might have their reasons, but whatever the reason is drug abuse may lead to a loads of problems, teens may use it for fun, but they will affect them in the later phase of their life. 

List of anti-drug slogans and Sayings

Sometimes, saying no is okay!

Refusing could be a great choice.

Throw it away, before it throws you out!

Here, kicking it out is needed!

It’s a death trap, be careful!

Using drugs? That’s just a bad idea!

Not just for me, but for all.

Life is precious, don’t waste it.

Being high is pleasure, but living life without drugs is next level fun!

Be high on your life goals, not on drugs!

Ever climbed a mountain top? Climb it over, it’s more than climbing over drugs!

Say no to drugs, it makes you fall sick!

Drugs are nothing, life can take you higher.

Don’t let drugs get in the way of your dream.

Don’t drug your dreams down.

Be clever, don’t drug!

Drugs are no treat, beware it may trick you.

Don’t turn your life to a misery, with a life on ecstasy.

Coke life can blow you off!

Pill can be thrill, don’t fall for, it will kill!

Don’t be influenced, rise above it!

Don’t fall for the death trap, it will make you sick!

Drugs will kill you slow and steady

Stop scoring hash, you will have more cash

Be a slam dunk, just say no to drugs!

Don’t make smoke weed, don’t let your heart bleed!

Staying off drugs is easy, better to get it off!

There is no success with drugs

Don’t be a slave to drugs

Addiction is easy, getting it off is tough!

Being slave to chemicals is a pain, try being a slave to your beautiful life!

Never, drug is, was never an answer!

anti drugs slogans

Drug ends all dreams, simply means DEAD.

Spend time on being productive, not on drugs!

Just run away from the first smoke itself!

Never let drugs destroy you.

You destroy it, before drugs destroy your happiness!

Never do drugs, if you are a sportsperson or an artist.

Are you goofy? No? Then, don’t do drugs!

Sometimes it’s okay to refuse!

Stay strong, drugs are never a happiness!

Drugs can never be the answer for your sadness!

The less you do drugs, the more you live!

Only a loser can be a drug user!

No use of drug abusing, it’s a waste of time and life!

Just a single life, and a single chance!

Keep quiet, avoid drugs!

Down with dope, up with hope

Drugs will take away your beauty.

Healthy choices are always better.

Drugs are crabs, they will pull you down.

Drugs are a weapons that destroys the mass.

Don’t do drugs, save the future.

Raise your voice against drugs.

Drugs not only costs you money, but your life too, eventually!

Brain will rot, never do pot.

Drugs are stupid choices, don’t be one of them.

Drugs can make you one, whom you never wanted to become!

Drugs users never grow old, because they die young.

Stop investing on drugs, rather invest in your life.

Start a life, not drugs.

Cool ones, never do drugs.

Get high on your ranks and grades, not on drugs!

Chase your dreams, not drugs.

Drugs crack you, don’t be!

Watch your back, drugs are whack.

Be a hero, with your dreams, not with heroin!

You will become slug, if you do drugs!

If you have a big plan for your future, choose to be drug free.

Don’t make a fool of yourself with drugs

Drugs are for fools, not for smarts!

If you use drugs, you will lose on your dreams.

Reach for the sky with your skills, not with drugs.

Drugs will always keep you down, so don’t be a clown to be down!

Drugs are sharp knife, which will kill your whole life.

Eat bugs if you want, never do drugs!

Drugs can make you a weak link, even though you are strong.

It is absolutely a step towards grave early.

Drugs abuse will be your wrong turn, don’t choose it!

Drugs not only affect you, but everyone around you!

It is just one life, be a free spirit with your dreams that flies high!

Take hugs, not drugs!

Take love and give love but not drugs!

Drugs fry your brains, try using your brains!

Drugs can give you wings to fly, taking away your sky!

Drugs will trap you, and never let you go!

Drugs will not only hurt you, but your loved ones too.

Drugs takes away, everything that is left! 

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