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161+ Best Anti-Marijuana Slogans

The use of marijuana is not only dangerous to whoever uses it; it can cause severe damage to society as well.

The use of marijuana has many severe consequences like diminished resistance to common sicknesses, disorders regarding growth, a decrease in male sex hormones, damaging the brain cognition function, and decreased reproductive capacity.

Besides, it can snatch away the happiness from your world. The time you get addicted to it, you will be dependent and cannot do anything without smoking weed.

Best Anti-Marijuana Slogans

  • It’s not cool
  • You don’t need to light up a joint
  • Joint is not good for health
  • Say no to marijuana
  • For a better life
  • Your life will go nowhere
  • For a better health
  • A joint doesn’t matter
  • Stop for the sake of a better future
  • Don’t let it become an addiction

We need to help the people who are so much into marijuana smoking. We must step forward and stand against marijuana. We have to run campaigns against it, and anti-Marijuana slogans are a great tool that can be utilized in these campaigns.

Feel free to use these slogans in anti-marijuana campaigns and don’t forget to share them with your friends.

You must do the counseling of your loved ones who have indulged themselves in such bad habits.

List of Catchy Anti Marijuana Slogans

Go green but don’t go for marijuana

Don’t waste your life for getting high for a moment

We don’t prefer pot 

Weed is not a friend in need

Going green does not mean growing weed

Keep the grass off

Embrace green but not the one that let you go high

Getting high ain’t cool

Stop smoking weed

Stay away from marijuana

Don’t get high, hope high

You use it; you lose everything

A pot a day can rot your brain away

To err is human but to weed is beyond reforms

You do it; you are far from saving

Getting higher is not worth it

Cool dudes stay away from marijuana

A pot can cost you more than money

Be yourself, stop doing marijuana

Go get a life

Be a man of good deeds, not with good weeds.

Stay brighter, avoid the lighter

Put ash inside the trash

You are in ruins

Stay clean

Leaders don’t do weed

Get high on life, man!

Say amen! And keep away from marijuana

A buddy who won’t let you do weed is the friend indeed

Make money not pot

anti marijuana slogans

Don’t love something that kills you

Be one the brighter side of life

Lighter won’t make you brighter

Stay away from a guy who’s got a pot

Marijuana is your real enemy

Make friends, not rings

Stoned in more like stupid

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If you have some self-esteem left, leave marijuana

Avoid any drama by not using marijuana

It will make you more anxious

If you are a quitter, you are a winner

I’m addicted to hugs, not drugs

Don’t kill yourself in the name of getting higher

Marijuana can’t get you out of trouble

Herbs are for use, not for abuse

Killing the weed is a good deed

Do one thing, just stop it

Water herbs but don’t light them

Rather be a Potterhead instead of pothead 

Legends say no to marijuana

Feeling happy not to breaking bad

Make mistakes but not as bad as marijuana

Kick the marijuana away

Embrace life kicks the weed away.

Getting high will keep your self-esteem low

Do what’s necessary, stop weed

Mama says no to marijuana

It gives you wings to fly but snatches away the blue sky

Some things are far from saving

What’s killing you is in your hands

You lit you get killed

Weed is a slow poison

Marijuana is not kickass

Weed is just a waste of time and life

You can get higher on life than on weed

It ain’t cool for dudes

Your life is important

It can take you behind the bars

Be smart. And never start

I’d rather stay clean

Marijuana leads you to darkness.

Never got addicted until I tried to stop

Stop harming yourself

Blunts are not good

Choose life leave marijuana

Be a man, be a survivor

Do good deeds and don’t live on weeds

It makes your life less memorable

Don’t be stupid, throw away the weed

Take a moment and say a big no to weed

Don’t get killed, be a survivor

You are allowed to make mistakes but not weed

Don’t even think of doing it

Make mistakes except doing marijuana

Don’t go for weed to become cool

Don’t embrace things you cannot control

See yourself in the five years before starting weed

Marijuana? There is a big no from me.

Real dudes avoid marijuana

Stay clean to stay alive.

Get yourself high on success, not on weeds.

It seems cool, but it is not

You must care about your life.

Start worrying about your lungs

Say no to marijuana, say yes to tacos

Everything green does not approve wellness

Weeds dig your grave

Once you take a pot, there is no going back.

Heroes don’t rely on getting high

It can cost you a life

Legends did not do marijuana

Take it at your own risk

Highly poisonous

Every puff keeps a moment of your life away

It is your decision, make it right

To smoke weed or not? That is some stupid question!

May you stop weed until it stops you.

Be a man of honor, not a pot smoker.

I have not many problems but not marijuana

If it were good, Jesus would get stoned!

It’s killing you slowly

Your brain is rotting

Errors can be resolved, but marijuana can’t

Don’t you wanna stop it?

Leave weed, take a lead

There is nothing more wrong than making a joint

Marijuana rotten your memory.

You are killing yourself

Believers don’t suggest marijuana

Stay clean, avoid weed

Yes to marijuana? Anti-you

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Weed lies in the opposite direction of success.

It’s your will, go for success or go for weed.

Just leave it!

Thinking of it? Never do that again!

Marijuana – the destroyer of lives.

Marijuana – the biggest mistake of my life

Leave it and live 

Do you have the guts to stop marijuana?

Be more of you and less of marijuana

Get high on your life, to get success

What kills you should not be smoked 

Stay away from a guy who loves marijuana

anti-marijuana slogans

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