109+ Unique Art Journaling Blog Names

Blogs are done for reader engagement. They are often put up on social media since it has the ability for readers to comment about a particular subject and create a discussion with the blogger. It is important to select a creative blog name. Pick something generic which include your brand too.

An art journal is a visual or verbal record of an artist’s views, ideas, and emotions through art. Many of the artists want to keep their arts in a unique way as an album of their art with written emotions. These days, there is a good option to make an art journal and that is a blog. Yes, a blog of an art journal can get more views than a manual art journal. This hobby of making an art journal has become popular through blogs. Artists who created the online journal are earning good money. These projects of art journals are getting more space on the internet.

An individual with his own webpage, a blog, is called a blogger. He can post his views and hobbies on the blog and can communicate with the blog readers. A blog always gives out the fresh new as it is updated frequently. The blogs are used as a marketing aid by businesses and as a money making tool by individuals. The contents of a blog should be interesting to keep readers engaged on the blog.  In the same way, we should choose the right blog name to attract readers.

Here is the list of catchy Art Journal blog names for your interest in art

The Sketchbook

Art Collab

Journal Gallery

Art Materials

Journal Pages

Online Journal

Collage Book

Art Collection

Artist Technic

The Gluebook

Media Journal

Art Post

Art Exhibition

Color Book

Color Pages

Authentic Art

Paint Project

Creative Pages

Media Artist

Color Sketch

Color Expert

Collage Love

My Workbook

Journal Stuff

Craft Board

Artist File

Pencil Deal

Painting Clips

Model Hobby

Journal Guide

Creative Memory

Art Ideas

Journal Tutorial

Digital Art

Print Journal

Supreme Journal

Sketch Memory

Paint Diary

Sketch Record

Art Register

Paint Log

Art Archives

My Narration

Memory Book

Art Memo

Picture Tale

Paint Story

Sketch Work

Skill Notebook

Talent Record

Picture Perfect

Lifework Log

Mission Diary

Favorite Stills

Play Version

Production Epic

Picture Pamphlet

Artwork Bio

Glossy Aptitude

Skill Sheets

Art Master

Artistry Log

Gift Circular

Craft Bag

Ability Making

Scribble Line

Note Fashion

Scratch Touch

Journal Result

Fancy Notation

Paper Mark

Pride Workbook

Design Review

Art Voice

Activity Forum

Daily Quest

Record Sport

Fun Magazine

Diary Craze

Treasure Channel

Smart Element

Skill Unit

Art Calendar

Post Pad

Service Letter

Spiral Notebook

Record Replica

Twin Bulletin

Green Pages

My Memo Book

Fashion Voice

Genius Review

Style Channel

Wise Paper

Serial Story

Secret Legend

Craft Script

Comic Book

Skill Note

Theme Redraft

Paint Review

Job Outline

Article Line

Canvas Memoir

Power Logbook

Paper Knack

Craft Rag

Record Stuff

Oil Print

Photo Agenda

Pride Thesis

Honor Note

Draft Booklet

Sketch Listing

Print Joint

Doodle Mark

Scribble Slot

Game Collection

Craft Note

Gift Brochure

Branch Sheet

Set Journal

Smart Newsletter

Paper Stuff

Figure Story

Image Report

Portrait Rag

Ringer Memory

Post Entry

Fancy Bulletin

Craft Sheet

Music Minute

Word Art

Pride Press

Jewel Review

Sculpture Trade

Fun Papers

Product Line

Memo Shot

Activity Memo

Work Pad

Gift Unit

Comment Line

Voice Touch

Polish Part

Grace Unit

Skill Structure

Fashion Way

Trade Channel

Smooth Sheets

Clever Report

Course Part

Summary Mode

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