Beauty Blog Names: 750+ Cool And Catchy Names

These days you can find lots of beauty blogs that are full of beauty advice and beauty tutorials. Trusting and implementing those ideas are a bit difficult for people if they cost them more or if too many tips are bundled together.

People these days are trying to find those homemade beauty recipes or inexpensive make-up online. Also, people are extremely concerned about natural beauty ideas that have no side effects.

Dealing with polluted skin, darker complexion, etc., is making people more concerned about their beauty. A good, easy, explained, neatly natural remedy can attract them more than those chemically filled artificial recipes.

Top 15 Beauty Blogs of the World

  • Hot& Flashy –

This blog was first published in 2012 by Angie, who takes an interest in the natural care of mature skin.

She shares articles and tips for helping you get rid of dull and affected skin. With minimum efforts of natural ingredients, homemade products can do wonders for anti-aging and fine lines. Visit the blog for healthy skin for life.

  • Sixty and Me – 

This blog was designed with the sole purpose of giving a beautiful life to women. The blogger is fanatic about traveling, fashion, and makeup; this blog is a perfect place to start a beauty regime after retirement. Since 2013 this blog has been entertaining readers with its amazing blog content. She also shares her latest travel story with the readers.

  • Better After 50 – 

This blog has recently launched a magazine by this name. Visit the blog for insights on how to spice up your midlife and become a fashionista, not missing on traveling and getting the best out of life.

The blog is more of an everyday journal by the blogger and a definite entertainer in the place. This blog shows the ideal lifestyle that women should have after fifty. The magazine also invites artists and takes their stories as suggestions and inspiration for other women.

  • Over 50 Feeling 40 – 

This US-based blog was introduced in 2017 by a woman who has dedicated her life to experimenting with skincare regimes that work best for different types of skins.

This blog is a true inspiration for busy women who are all burdened with work and wishes to balance their personal and professional life. This blog shares articles on style, trending fashion, make-up, and life.

  • Vanity & Me –

This blog is run by Laurie for ladies who are concerned about fashion trends and skincare regimes. The blog was introduced in 2016. Since then, the blog has been sharing expert tips.

She also encourages the readers to contribute their stories to the blog. The blog is full of advice and solutions to general problems that are faced by middle-aged women.

  • Fab Over Fifty –

Wondering how your life should be after middle age? This blog is very resourceful and covers a wide range of topics; whether it is related to career or travel, this blog is ready to give you some effective tips. She also discusses the relationships goal and healthy lifestyle goals that she has achieved.

  • The Middle Page – 

This blog is very popular in the US; the blogger talks about fashion, makeup, and health which she considers the prime factors to living a fulfilling life.

With lakhs of followers and frequent posts, this blog has earned its place in the top 15 list. It has also been appreciated by other wellness blogs.

  • Hello, I’m 50ish – 

This US-based blog was published in 2017 is a foodie and is a mother of four. The blog is more of a journal of her experience and shows the difference between expectation and reality.

The blog has got excellent editors group whose work reflects on the blog, with expert quality photographic skills and valuable information, the blog is one of the best in the place.

  • Fabulously Chic Over 50 – 

The blog was developed by a journalist in 2015 who keeps her readers updated on the latest fashion tips and shares the best tourist spot to visit across the world. The blog aims to help women live life by discovering interesting things that are away from boredom.

Whether it is a skincare regime or trekking, this blog is sure to amuse you with its thought-provoking article.

  • Chic at any age –

This blog is an inspiration for all those who wish to fit into the trend. No matter what your age is this blog shows that goals can be achieved with devotion and faith in life.

She also guides the readers on personality development which is the unique feature of the blog. Visit the blog for interesting facts and firsthand news on fancy lifestyles.

  • SheShe Show –

This blog is by Sheere Frede, who has dedicated this blog to discussing more fashion, travel, and her life. She pens down experiences in a very lucid language and is approachable to everyone.

The blog is divided into sections helping the readers to catch up with their interests. With monthly posts, this blog leaves no stones unturned for its readers.

  • Fabulicious Fifty –

This blog thrives to give readers fitness goals and lead a fabulous life with healthy eating and much traveling. She writes articles on gluten-free eatables and journals about her experience of becoming fit.

The blog is motivational and has been successful in transforming many women’s life for good. 

  • British Beauty Blogger –

This blog reviews all UK brands and a variety of products helping the readers to choose the best out of them. The blog also mentions the most affordable skincare products that are available in the market.

A must-visit blog for its quality content and up-votes. With millions of subscribers, this blog has been evolving with new ideas to maintain your skin Ph.

  • My Beauty Bunny –

This blog is full of fancy pictures and enthralling articles. The blog content is based on a beauty product’s pros and cons. It also discusses healthy lifestyles and pet care. From giving you goals on vacations to mentioning all of the requirements to achieve that is the main feature of the blog. A perfect place for fashion divas.

  • A Model Recommends – 

This blog is by globally known Ruth Crilly who is a model by profession who has taken interest in enhancing beauty with natural products. From styling hair for parties tonight caring for your skin, this blog does an amazing job of putting everything together in one place, making it easier for readers to follow.

Writing not only about beauty recipes but also suggesting people more on fixing their issues with beauty can catch customers’ attention. Beautiful, nature-focused pictures on a relevant topic can make customers feel special with those beauty tips.

The blog should be a source of information with affordable beauty advice and creativity in nature. Adding unique content about beauty-related topics can make your blog stand out from the crowd.  It is the passion and your hard work which keep your beauty blog on top.

Blogs are done for reader engagement. They are often put up on social media since it has the ability for readers to comment about a particular subject and create a discussion with the blogger.

These conversations can be seen by social media users and thus gets popular. Blogging is not only a hobby but also a source of extra income through advertising and other affiliate products. Search engines always look for new content which made blogging a great search engine optimization tool.

Beauty Blog Names

When you are planning to open a blog, then you need a majority of the audience to make it popular. For that, you need some creative ideas to improve your beauty blog in the public.

Apart from that, you also need some amazing names which will look good on your beauty blog. You should go for such kinds of names that will help you in getting popular in front of people. Hence, it is advisable to choose a suitable name for your beauty blog in public.

You gotta glamour

Mascara lightup

9 salon secrets

My beauty Style

Smooth musings

Pamper you

Organic Touch-ups

Mysterious sensations

D cosmetic lover

Totally of us luv d mirror

Beauty Mirror

Lavenders Love

Gorgeous faces

Exotic beauty

salon treasures

Gorgeous You

Curly woman

Pretty little stuff

Glamourholic Mom

Wonder land beauties




The glamsoul


You gotta beauty! 

Mascara flame-up 

9 Beauty Secrets

Glossy Musings 

Pamper Yourself 

Organic Touch-ups

Obscure salonblog

Glimmer gloss

Rock you fabulous

Obsessed beauty

My beauty Sing

Kiss also makeup

Twice Gloss

Chic sassy

The Charis retreats

Glamour and the scientist

Tiny box of Beauty

Indie prep girls

Peace passion

Diy beauty blogger


Like That

A testy glamour

Pretty news

Kara Spree

Beauty Attack

Sheer beauty

Beauty bling

Your glamour fix mag

Go beauty bunny

damn Beauty

Fancy Sprays

Glitter Life

Twice Blessed

Beauty  Rocks

Your Korner

Modern Gloss

Max Make

About Beauty Town


Beauty Wallet

Master Stories

Beauty Blog Names

Read out the best affirmations for beauty that you can use to achieve flawless skin, shape, and everything you wish for.

Cute Names For Beauty Blogs

Several categories of names can be used for your beauty blog to make it look great in front of the public. It completely depends upon your choice and preference on what kind of name you want to use for your beauty blog.

If you want it to look unique, then you can go for some cute names because this will match the vibes of the beauty blog. On the other hand, you can also use your creative ideas to create some cute names for your beauty blog.

Pink pure

Sparkle Spree

More Girly

Closet Sky

Modern Wings

Beauty cuts


Zoe Zoe

Beauty dam

Beauty Bomb

blushing bloom

Shine of grace

Genuine shine

Beauty digs

Beauty Brigade

Wonder Beauty

Blissful beauty

Day dreaming glamour


Citizens of glamour

Politics of cute

Cute Curry

LIttle Things

thing of beauty

Myself Beauty

Beauty Curls

Beauty Kiss

Bangs and Fringes 

You got d designer 

My Haute Couture

Expert Musings 

Classiest Clothing

The Wow factor

Style D 

Dress wid Me 

Elegant buzzword 

Designer Merge

Many Loves


Enjoy Beauty


The Glam Life

All About Beauty

Suburban Style

Nail Obsession

Fashion Coma

Natural Salsa

Makeup theJourney

Modest Beauty

Fancy Francy

Kiss Your Makeup

Pick something generic which includes your brand too. Those blog names with unique, peculiar names are the ones that get noticed first by the readers. Also, the blog name needs to incorporate a feasible keyword to be focused on search engines.

Trending Beauty Blog Names

Beauty Page Names

It is very important to focus on the name of your beauty page when you were presenting it to the public. The name of your beauty page is the first thing that will help you in creating an identity.

You can use some existing words to create some amazing names for the beauty page. However, the name should always be relevant to the portfolio of your page. This will help you in gaining more audience, which will eventually help in the growth of your beauty page.

More Style

style line

star shine

star dot

face queen

glame sky

creta doll

fortuna queen

jazzy bliss

aqua face

amber lime

beauty drive

barbossa beauty

unibiq shine

hexa beauty


cosmos beauty

cosmic queen

angelina beauty

blush rush

beauty bounty

blusher queen

diya beauty

hight lighten

real reel

behold beauty

aspire queen

sun aura

sun sky

sea scoop beauty

ocen door

beauty coops

cappers beauty

marvella beauty

shine brain

rain drop

brain shine

hidden beauty

magma salon

orange beauty salon

mystiva queen

magic hands

contour queen

burst queen

confident beauty

beauty balance

gleming green

exotic axe

axe shine

beauty edge

beauty pixel

skin villege

shine aura

bonita care

beauty view

Beauty Page Names

Beauty Page Names For Instagram

Do you know that Instagram can help your page in growing towards a positive direction? If you are opening a beauty page, then you need some amazing usernames for your page on Instagram.

A username can be a fancy name, and you can use some trendy words to create this username for your beauty page. It will help you in creating a good image of your beauty page in front of people. Moreover, it will also help you in attracting people to your beauty page.

Beauty in Distress

Modern pink Beauty

Pretty Fix

Beauty Lane

Style Coma

Ping Parade

Beauty Blizz

city scape

glam glow

beauty slash

lace queen

dream brush

magma fairness

Vivid gold

skin pearls

urban way


mordern lace

paradise love

antilope queen

slashed sense

sunday girl

beauty queen

abel beauty

aspire shine

beauty dot

dorra beauty

triangle tree

absolute beauty

shine aura

white ocen

parkside beauty

lankshire beauty

ponds glame

creta beauty

fish queen

sea shine

sun pearls

silver pearls

snooper shine

Time less beauty

plus touch

final touch

heaven feel

heaven door

heaven face

lord bountique

skin trim

gaze fashion

younger skin

mystiva sky

sky triangle

galaxy beauty

Old age shine

shine queen

glame queen

beauty trends

beauty vespa

visco beauty

vinaso salon

lips queen

Trending Beauty Page Names

Green Beauty Blog Names

Bio Trend

Clean Way

Ecology Gold

Afterglow Cosmetics Blog

Almost Exactly Blog

Angel Face Botanicals

Beauty By Earth

Beauty Rebel

Natural Glamour

Biologic Flare

Green Popular

Bio Look


Depths of Beauty

Ecco Bella Blog

EcoDiva Beauty


Eminence Blog

Green Spell

Natural Fab

Bio Style

Green Fab

Natural Belle

Bio Flair

Natural Princess

Natural Fancy

Green Stunning

Green Pearl

Green Chic

New Trendy

Gurl Gone Green

Juice Beauty

Living Pretty Naturally

Mukti Organics

Nature of Europe

Nourished Life

Rare Style

Wild Beauty

Fresh Pretty

Organic Magic

Native Charming

Raw Fashion

Born Lovely

Earthy Dream

Fresh Royal

Native Trendy

Innate Charm

Raw Diamond

Wild Marvel

Earthy Look

Fresh Model

Wild Pretty

Organic Fashion

Raw Grace

Elemental Charm

Nature Splendid

Herbal Style

Herbs Elegant

Neem Trend

Botanical Vogue

Green Princess

Organic Derma

Organic Feel

Organic Flare

Scalp Care

Dermal Care

Derma Insurance

Dermal Aid

Organic Aid

Fresh Charge

Wild Deal

Fresh Wish

Fresh Scalp

Beauty Experts

Cosmetic Science

Natural Skin

Eco Beauty

Eco Beauty Products

Crystal Clean

Natural Living

Green Stuff

Beauty Blog Name generator

Beauty Blog Name generator

Ignite your experience with our Beauty Blog Name Generator – unleash your unique online persona!

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