1700+ Beauty Business Names + Ideas (Generator + Examples)

In the beautiful world of beauty businesses, where looks and creativity come together, the name of your business is not just a simple tag. It shows what your brand stands for, its style, and the special things you offer.

When you start a beauty business, like a salon, a skincare line, or a makeup brand, picking the right name is an important part of making your brand and connecting with people.

The best name should match the beauty industry’s charm and style and also show what your business is about and what you want to achieve. You might want a name that feels luxurious and classy, one that is friendly and warm, or one that is modern and trendy.

It’s about finding that special name that really speaks to your customers. In this article, we’ll look at how to name your beauty business. We’ll mix creativity, smart marketing, and a bit of sparkle.

We’ll think about what makes a good name in the beauty world and come up with a few words that are easy to remember and really show what your brand is about. We’ll think of names that attract, inspire, and stand out in the busy beauty market.

Let’s start this journey of finding names, where each idea brings your beauty business closer to becoming well-known.

Beauty Business Name That Has Billions Of Dollars Turnover

Here are the top beauty business names and their latest 2023 turnover data.

  1. L’Oréal – (20.57 billion euros)
  2. Estée Lauder – ($15.91 billion)
  3. Procter & Gamble – ($82.0 billion)
  4. Unilever – (€15.2 billion)
  5. Shiseido – ($8.1 billion)
  6. Coty Inc. – (5.6 billion U.S. dollars)
  7. Johnson & Johnson – ($21.4 Billion)

How to Create A Beauty Business Name?

Creating a beauty business name involves a mix of creativity, market understanding, and branding strategy. Here are some steps to guide you through the process:

  • 1 Understand Your Business and Audience: Reflect on the nature of your beauty business. Are you focusing on organic products, makeup, skincare, hair care, or a specific demographic? Understanding your niche will help in creating a name that resonates with your target audience.
  • 2 Brainstorm Keywords: List words related to beauty, care, elegance, transformation, and wellness. Think about terms that evoke the feeling or results your products or services offer.
  • 3 Combine and Play with Words: Use your list of keywords to create combinations. Experiment with alliterations, rhymes, or puns to make the name catchy and memorable. For example, “Glamour Glow”, “Elegant Essence”, or “Serene Skincare”.
  • 4 Get Feedback: Share your top name choices with friends, family, or potential customers. Their feedback can provide insights into how the name is perceived and its market appeal.

Word Used To Make Beauty Business Name

Creating a name for a beauty business involves selecting words and themes that convey beauty, elegance, and a sense of luxury or personal care. Here are the types of words and themes that are often used in beauty business names, along with their significance:

Beauty and Glamour

  • Beauty
  • Glamour
  • Chic
  • Elegance
  • Radiance
  • Glow
  • Allure
  • Flair
  • Grace
  • Luster

Personal Care and Wellness

  • Wellness
  • Spa
  • Pamper
  • Renew
  • Refresh
  • Revive
  • Tranquil
  • Serenity
  • Bliss
  • Harmony

Nature and Organic

  • Nature
  • Organic
  • Eco
  • Pure
  • Green
  • Botanical
  • Natural
  • Holistic
  • Earthy
  • Herbal

Elegance and Luxury

  • Elegant
  • Luxury
  • Opulent
  • Regal
  • Plush
  • Prestige
  • Lavish
  • Magnifique
  • Splendor
  • Refined

Youth and Rejuvenation

  • Youth
  • Rejuvenate
  • Ageless
  • Timeless
  • Fountain of Youth
  • Vitality
  • Renewal
  • Radiant
  • Revital
  • Youthful

Specialty and Expertise

  • Specialty
  • Expert
  • Masters
  • Specialists
  • Artistry
  • Couture
  • Crafted
  • Skillful
  • Precision
  • Expertise

The Curious Stories Behind Top Beauty Business Names

Here are the curious stories behind the names of some top beauty businesses:


The origin of L’Oréal traces back to the early 20th century when French chemist Eugène Paul Louis Schueller developed a hair dye formula named Oréale.

Schueller formulated and manufactured his own products, which he sold to Parisian hairdressers, laying the foundation for what would become L’Oréal​​. To read more, check this link.

Estée Lauder

The company’s founder, originally named Josephine Esther Mentzer, went by the nickname Esty. The name “Estée” is a variation of this childhood nickname.

Her passion for beauty was kindled by her Hungarian uncle, who taught her how to formulate and apply skincare effectively​​. For more details, click this Link.

Procter & Gamble (P&G)

The name Procter & Gamble originates from its founders, William Procter and James Gamble. Both born in the United Kingdom and having emigrated to the United States, they settled in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Their partnership was formed when they married sisters Olivia and Elizabeth Norris​​. For more details, click this Link.


This British multinational company was formed in 1929 following the merger of British soap maker Lever Brothers and Dutch margarine producer Margarine Unie. Its name, Unilever, reflects the joining of these two entities​​. For more details, click this Link.


Founded in Tokyo in 1872, Shiseido’s name comes from a Chinese expression in the I Ching, meaning “praise the virtues of the earth which nurtures new life and brings forth significant values”.

This reflects the company’s philosophy of creating beauty products from natural ingredients​​. For more details, click this Link.

Top Beauty Business Names

NamesShort Meaning
Glow GeniusEmphasizes expertise in achieving a radiant complexion.
Belle LuxeReflects luxurious and beautiful beauty services.
Pure BlissSymbolizes the pure joy and happiness experienced through beauty treatments.
Enchanté BeautyInvokes a sense of enchantment and allure in the beauty industry.
Elevate GlamFocuses on enhancing and elevating the glamour of individuals.
Velvet VogueCaptures the smooth and fashionable essence of beauty.
Radiant WhisperSuggests a soft and radiant beauty that whispers elegance.
Lumina DazzleSignifies a dazzling and luminous beauty.
Flawless CharmRepresents flawless beauty and irresistible charm.
Serenity SpaEvokes a sense of calm and tranquility in the spa experience.
Blissful NailsPromotes the idea of bliss and happiness through nail services.
Ethereal CosmeticsConveys a sense of otherworldly and ethereal beauty in cosmetics.
Harmony HairEmphasizes a harmonious and balanced approach to hair care.
Rouge GoddessPortrays a divine and powerful allure associated with red beauty.
DivineSilkReflects a luxurious and divine beauty represented by silk.
Whispering BreezeEvokes a sense of delicate and soothing beauty like a gentle breeze.
Velvet GlowCaptures a smooth and velvety glow that enhances beauty.
Enigma SpaRepresents a mysterious and enigmatic spa experience.
Aura BlushSymbolizes a captivating and radiant blush of beauty.
CrystalCutsSignifies precision and brilliance in hair cutting services.

Beauty Business Names

  • Beautifully Bold
  • Posh Pouts
  • Alluring Aspects
  • Gorgeous Grooming
  • Darling Daisies
  • Divine Glow
  • Pure Pampering
  • Exquisite Expressions
  • Radiant Rhythms
  • Pearl Perfection
  • Enchanted Elixir
  • Darling Details
  • Darling Demeanor
  • Luxe Lashes
  • Captivating Curls
  • Serene Serenity
  • Darling Dimples
  • Pearl’s Palace
  • Opulent Obsessions
  • Chic Charisma
  • Exquisite Enhancements
  • Radiant Renewal
  • Beautiful Brows
  • Lovely Luxuries
  • Heavenly Hair Haven
  • Splendid Skin
  • Luminous Looks
  • Darling Disposition
  • Radiant Rendezvous
  • Splendid Stylesheets
  • Pure Perfection
  • Heavenly Hideaway
  • Enchanting Elegance
  • Perfectly Polished
  • Lovely Lockets
  • Opulent Oasis
  • Tranquil Touches
  • Luminous Lifestyles
  • Alluring Aesthetics
  • Divine Delights
  • Blissful Bliss
  • Glamorous Getaways
  • Heavenly Hands
  • Pout Perfect
  • Enchanting Elegance
  • Luxurious Locks
  • Alluring Addictions
  • Graceful Gems
  • Blissful Bodyworks
  • Perfectly Painted

Beauty Business Names Ideas


Beauty Shop Name Ideas

  • Enchanted Echo Salon
  • Mystique Haven Glam
  • Velvet Dreamscapes
  • Mystic Enigma Salon
  • Enchanted Mirage Spa
  • Gilded Petal Parlor
  • Blossom Cascade Parlor
  • Whispering Willow Spa
  • Captivating Charm
  • Mirage Breeze Beauty
  • Ethereal Moonlight
  • Luminous Grace Parlour
  • Enchanted Aura Beauty
  • Velvet Aura Salon
  • Dreamscapes Beauty
  • Flawless Whispers
  • Radiant Reverie Beauty
  • Twilight Mirage Salon
  • Opulent Orchid Studio
  • Radiant Reverie Retreat
  • Celestial Silk Parlour
  • Whispering Zephyr
  • Moonlit Elegance
  • Velvet Lotus Haven
  • Elysian Bloom Beauty
  • Ethereal Glow Retreat
  • Serene Oasis Glam
  • Pearl Essence Parlour
  • Opaline Elegance Spa
  • Starlit Reflection Spa

Beauty Shop Names

The work environment of a beauty business is generally considered a cool one. Hence, the name should also match any business venture portfolio. It will help attract customers easily and create a strong impression in front of people. 

Allure Aura Salon

Tranquil Tresses

Posh Petals Salon

Ethereal Elegance Emporium

Lush Luster Lounge

Silk & Satin Sanctuary

Coral Charm Cosmetics

Divine Dazzle Salon

Mystique Mane Studio

Luxe Locks Lounge

Enchanting Elegance

Velvet Vogue

Sassy Chic Salon

Crystal Clear Cosmetics

Serene Splendor Salon

Elegant Essence Emporium

Opal Oasis Beauty

Pearl Perfection Parlor

Heavenly Hues Hair Haven

Radiant Reverie

Glam Haven

Bella Bloom Beauty

Envy Me Beauty Boutique

Velvet Vanity

The Glamour Grove

Pure Radiance Retreat

Sparkle & Shine Studio

Blossom Beauty Bar

Opulent Orchid Spa

Gilded Glamour Gallery

Unique Beauty Shop Names

Blush BloomRadiant Charm
Velvet PetalsEnchanting Glow
Luminous LashesSassy Chic
Sweet SerenityGlamour Haven
Blossom BlissWhimsical Waves
Rosy RadianceDazzle Avenue
Graceful GlowPetal Perfection
Coral CharmSparkle Sanctuary
Velvet VignettesFanciful Faces
Pure EleganceCrystal Couture
Velvet VistaPetal Palette
Radiant ReverieLovely Locks
Ethereal EssenceGlitter Grove
Charm CoutureBlissful Blush
Enchanted EleganceDreamy Dose
Satin SerenadeChic Cascade
Lovely LuxeAllure Avenue
Petal PizzazzRadiant Ripples
Whimsy WavesVelvet Vogue
Graceful GlamBloom Boutique

Beauty Company Names

It would help if you always looked for a name to make a powerful stand. The name should impress people at first glance.

The catchier and more attractive the name of your business will be, the more you can attract people. It eventually helps in the growth of your beauty business across the region. 

  • GlamourGrove Beauty Studio
  • PristinePearl Cosmetics
  • FlawlessFable Beauty Atelier
  • SirenStyle Cosmetology
  • OpulentGlow Glamour
  • Enchantique Beauty Haven
  • CelestialChic Cosmetics
  • LuxeLoom Beauty Lounge
  • PurityDiva Beauty Emporium
  • RadianceRipple Beauty Co.
  • Ethereal Elegance Cosmetics
  • VelvetVista Glamour Gallery
  • RefinedRadiance Cosmetics
  • DivineDusk Beauty Collective
  • Velvet Bloom Cosmetics
  • VelvetVerve Glamour Studio
  • PearlPetal Beauty Emporium
  • BlossomBlitz Beauty Co.
  • VelvetVogue Beauty Lounge
  • BloomBlend Beauty Studio
  • OpalOpulence Beauty Haven
  • EnigmaElegance Cosmetics
  • MystiqueGlow Beauty Lab
  • BlushBoutique Beauty House
  • LuxeAura Beauty Boutique
  • BelleBurst Beauty Boutique
  • EtherealEssence Cosmetica
  • MysticMingle Beauty Boutique
  • Celestial Charm Cosmetica
  • Radiant Revival Beauty Co.

Root Words That You Can Use To Make Your Own Beauty Business Name


Unique Beauty Business Names

Glamour GlowRadiant Reverie
Velvet VogueBlissful Elegance
Enchanting AuraOpulent Orchid
Svelte CharmCelestial Allure
Ethereal EssenceLuxe Luminosity
Mystique MirageTimeless Tresses
Petal PerfectionVelvet Veil
Posh PrismDivine Dazzle
Enigma ElegancePearl Purity
Radiant BloomSerenity Sparkle
Velvet VistaWhispering Willow
Infinite AllureCrystal Cascade
Chic SeraphHarmony Haven
Blush BlossomOpal Oasis
Refined RadianceSublime Symphony
Tranquil TwirlSilk & Sable
Ethereal EnigmaPoise & Purity
Belle BlushEnchantique Elegance
Lumina LuxeVelvet Vista
Graceful GlowAzure Allure
Belle BeyondRadiant Reverie
Opal OdysseyDiamond Daze
Blossom BlissMystique Mirage
Enigma EssenceTranquil Twirl
Celestial CharmPure Panache
Elysian EleganceVelvet Verve
Siren SerenitySilk & Seraph
Luminous LagoonPoise Perfection
Whimsical WhisperOpulent Orchid

Classy Beauty Business Names

Royal Beauty

The Cosmetic Line

Roots Beauty World

For You Beauty Supply

Fountain Creations Beauty

Stay Pretty

Aristocuts Salon Spa

Envision Salon Inc

Retro Glamour

Makeup Frost

Gemini Salon & Spa

Best Lady Cosmetics

In style beauty

Neu Tio Makeup

Pretty In Stilletos

Glamorous Beauty Paint

Budget Cosmetics

True Cosmetics

Fancy Pharmacy

Tangerine Ink Spa

All About U Salon

The Nail Lamp Beauty

Bella Beauty

Union Skin Care

Central Wigs & Beauty


Beauty Base

Citrus Blossom

Unique Image

Untamed Salon & Spa

White Esthetic

Rainbow Colours

Radiance Hair Salon

Beauty is in the Blush

Real Beauty

The Healthy Lambency

Gleaming Glow Makeup

Glow Girl Blush

Knockout Beauty

Ambiance Salon


Elite Spa

Inner Rind

Beyond Heaven

Just Chic and Co

Mirror Image Salon


Mellow Yellow Nudges

Unicorn Boutique

Beauty Quest Spa

Nail My Look

Professional Beauty Federation

Holland Chic

Delight Beauty Place

Beauty Concept

Twilight Sky liner

Golden Swan Cosmetics

Maple Sugar Beauty

Beauty Centre

The Scrotal Cutis

Biochemical Make-Up

Elegance Mobile Beauty

Good Beauty Business Names


Love for Sqin.

Glam up

Puff it up


Sizzling plaza

Dazzling you

Dazzling plaza

Glam paradise.

Love your look

Looks matter!

Glamourous you.

Awesome beauty.

Glam it up


Shine brighter.

Beauty plaza

Beauty center.



Cosmo plaza

Glamour point.

Beauty you.

Change your looks!

Perfect make over!

Beauty hub.


Love your skin.

Entirely beautiful.

Cuz it’s you!

Glowing you.

Glow up

Glow bright

Tempting beauty.

Looks that tempt…

Blooming beauty

Bloom up

Booming beauty.

Grow beautiful.

Barely aesthetic.

Alluring looks.

Alluring beauty.

Cosmic bright.

Beauty finds you

Go beautiful.

Go pretty.

Perfect for you!

Perfect skin.

Enchanting looks.

Touch to glow.

Touch and bright.

Beautiful touch.

Kiss it off.

Gooky plaza

Beauty essence.

Beauty chrism.

Go charismatic.

Glam chrism.

Gooky glam

Beauty aid.

Emulsifying beuty.

Go glamourous.

Glamming quark.

Omni beauty.

Omni glam.

Omni gorgeous.

Go gorgeous.

Good looks!

Beauty emulsion.

Beauty derma.

Omni descent.

Glam potion.

Kiss of glam

Soothing to eyes.

Pleasant you.

Beautiful looks.

Go natural.

Go bare.

Bare sqin.

Bright sight.

Something more!

More than beautiful.

Bare care.

Lured by you.

Insanely beautiful.

Beauty and wellness.

Cuz you deserve.

Root Words That You Can Use To Make Your Own Beauty Lounge Business Name


Catchy Beauty Business Names

Clear beauty.

Pure beauty.

Unmade skin.

Gooey plaza.

Beauty sward.

Pretty square.

Dreamy cream

Dreamy creamy

Go spotless.

Freshly you

Kiss of freshness.

Touch and fresh


Refreshing touch

With shine!

Glamour yard.

Uncovering you!

Uncover the sqin.

Enhancing glow.

Gooky yard

Beauty elixir.

Glam elixir.

Shine potion.

Add some beauty.

Two scoops of beauty!

Building beauty.

Be you!

Unmade beauty.

Raw beauty.

Purely pretty!

Fresh and beautiful.

Pretty you!

Cerate square!

Pleasantly fair.

Go bare face!

No make-up!

Suits you

Beauty cerates

Cream of dream

Reveal your beauty.

Beauty wand.

Made up? No.

Divas care.

Creating divas.

Divas’ plaza.

Prima donna.

We care ladies.

Insanely pretty.

Elixir for duchess.

Duchess care.

Glowing divas.

Beauty concoctions.

Beauty brew.

A scoop of purity.

Add some shine

Go prettier.

Sizzling dazzles.

Dazzling sizzles.

Purely cure

Care skin

Care fair

Go fair

Pretty and beautiful.

Magical glow

Lovely fairness

Not only pretty.

Best Beauty Shop Names

  • Velvet Verve Ventures
  • Velvet Vogue Ventures
  • Serenity Styles
  • Dazzling Diva Depot
  • Velvet Vanity
  • Graceful Glamour Gallery
  • Glamour Grove
  • Opulent Origins
  • Bella Rosa Boutique
  • Radiant Reverie
  • Chic Charm Collections
  • Flawless Fusion Boutique
  • Radiant Revival
  • Harmony Haven
  • Blossom Beauty Bazaar
  • Elegant Essence Emporium
  • Pure Radiance Retreat
  • Enchanted Elegance Emporium
  • Bella Belleza Boutique
  • Allure Avenue
  • Posh Palette
  • Opulent Oasis Outpost
  • Divine Dose of Beauty
  • Lavish Layers Lounge
  • Glamorous Gems Gallery
  • Flawless Finds
  • Bella Bliss Beauty
  • Luxe Look Boutique
  • Refined Radiance Realm
  • Enchanting Elegance

Suffix That You Can Use To Make Your Own Beauty Business Name


Beauty Business Domain Name Ideas










































In conclusion, choosing a catchy and memorable name for your beauty company is essential for developing a distinctive brand identity and drawing clients.

You may create a name that captures the soul of your company and appeals to your target market by taking into account the crucial factors listed above, such as creativity, uniqueness, relevancy, and simplicity.

Before making a final decision, always remember to do extensive research, ask for input, and verify the availability of the chosen name. Your beauty business is well-positioned for success and recognition in the cutthroat industry with a well-chosen name.


How can I come up with a catchy beauty business name?

Combine relevant words, use alliteration, and consider your target audience.

Should I choose a name that reflects the services I offer?

Yes, a name that conveys your beauty services helps customers understand your business.

What role does branding play in choosing a name?

A well-chosen name can lay the foundation for a strong brand identity.

Should I avoid using trends or popular culture references in my name?

Yes, trends can quickly become outdated, so opt for a timeless name.

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