101+ Top Academic blogs and Pages names

There are blogs where you can find more academic study materials and can enhance your knowledge of academic studies.  Many blogs focus on refining your research topics. These blogs are an effective way for a university or other institutions to host discussion and debate.

Top 15 Academic Blogs of the World

The Thesis Whisperer – This blog is developed by a professor of the University of Melbourne, Inger Mewburn who shares thought-provoking articles and ideas to motivate the Ph.D. students, not only articles one can find solutions to every possible problem that a student faces during their higher education phase, inviting helpful articles this blog is interactive with its readers.

Piled Higher and Deeper – The blog is famous by the name Ph. D. Comics, dealing with a wide range of topics this blog is full of humorous posts that inspire the students along with the expert opinions and suggestions from top-ranking professors of different international universities around the world, saving the students from getting affected by the negative reviews.

Athene Donald’s Blog – This blog is curated by Athene Donald, professor of the University of Cambridge. This tutorial-style articles cover the most concerned topics, sharing the necessary information with the researchers, this blog gives them insight on how the academic conferences develop their experiences.

Belcher Writing Advice – This blog by an Associate Professor of Princeton University, Wendy Laura Belcher. The blog shares articles rich in African literature, guiding the readers on how to read and write a journal also providing book reviews and related tutorials. This is a must-visit for researchers and professors who have the same field of interest as the blogger.

Beyond The Doctorate – This blog id developed by Dr. Fiona Whelan employed in Queen Mary University, London. In this, the blogger shares her academic experiences to help doctoral students optimize their potential dealing with different academic phases. She also shares the most concerned topic discussing the post-doctoral life keeping in mind the challenges the readers may face soon.

Dr. Raul Pacheco-Vega, Ph.D. – The blogger is an Assistant professor of Public Administration who shares insightful articles on how to write journals, research papers, survive in the academic environment along with learning new skills and techniques on your research subject. People interested in public policy can follow the blog for the latest updates, pictures, and tweets.

Dr. Catherine Pope – This blog delivers a wide variety of tutorials, categorizing the topics into different sections makes the outlook of the blog impressive and easier for readers to find solutions to their problem with short tricks and insightful blog posts. The blog guides the readers about research papers, journals, and writing style increasing their productivity. 

Dr. Nadine Muller – This blog by Nadine, Literature and History Lecturer in Liverpool John Moores University is designed especially for post-graduates and students expecting their career in academics, shares resourceful articles to inspire the readers and guiding them through the job interviews, training or development not forgetting to mention the mental health issues and related information in her blog.

Exploration of Styles – This blog is run by Racheal Cayley, Associate Professor of the University of Toronto, share her post-doctoral experiences, guiding her readers to improve writing skills and posting strategies and tutorials focusing on the Academic Communication. This blog is a must-visit for academic enthusiasts who are dealing with anxiety and struggling with the writing process.

From Ph. D. to Life – This blog is managed by Dr. Jennifer Polk who is a coach for graduates and postgraduate students and academic life researchers aiming to motivate students to achieve their potential with ease. The blog shares a huge range of interest covering almost all possible topics and helping the readers deal with the academic pressure is a must-read blog.

From The Lab Bench – This blog is published by Dr. Paige Brown Jarreau, Science Communication Specialist in Louisiana State University, delivering expert-quality articles in the field of science and social media, this blog discuss the hottest news and its consequences, guiding the students on how to communicate effectively is the aim of this blog.

Get a Life, Ph. D. – The blog by Tanya Golash Boza, Professor at the University of California delivers insightful articles to manage the work and life balance advising all her readers to enjoy the life outside the academic life, sharing literature reviews and pursuing the readers to submit their piece of writing is the unique feature of the blog, a must-read section for researchers and post-doctoral students.

Green Tea and Velociraptors – This blog with its wide variety of topics shares extraordinary information and latest news updates on social science and communication. The content includes her academic journey, expert opinions, and techniques to cope with academic pressure. 

James Hayton, Ph. D. – In this blog one can find all the solutions to the failures that almost all research scholars face in their journey, sharing the writing style and process James never fails to impress his audience. The rich content mainly focuses on the development of skills to make the reader’s journey less troublesome. 

Jo Van Every – The blog is for all whether the researcher or not the decisionmaking skills required for every student to maintain a work and life balances are mentioned in the blog. The blogger shares resourceful tutorials and techniques for effective writing skills is the best feature of the blog. From dealing with problems to excelling in your career you can find all in one place.

Blogging is a hobby through which an individual can exhibit their talent or hobby. A blog is a webpage which is used to share an individual’s views and get comments on it. A blog is updated regularly to get more readers to the page. Many companies create blogs to introduce their products and services in the market online. They also use it to promote the services. A blog name is an essential part of the blog.

Unique academic blog names for you

Students Experts

Students Scholars

Experts Educators

Academia Teachers

Colleges Thinkers

Student School

College Education

Essay Arts

Faculty School

Classroom College

Quick Essay Writing

Colleges Science

Zero to Essay

Student Faculty

Rally around Writers

Zoom Essay

Essay Fundamentals

Academia Colleges

Faculty Schools

My Organized Essay

Smart Academic

Inspiring Alive

Aspire Lane

Tuition School

Literacy School

Institute Know

Picky Study

Diploma School

All Teached

Kids Director

School Educators

Learn Tuneup

Tone Admirer

Course String

Study Vector

Busy Funks

Course Treasury

Blend Grip

Birth Edu

Ruler Spot

Blend Sage

Teachers Literacy

Brighter Grant

Schools Teachers

Learner Bux

Literacy Academic

Edu Pit


Course pointer


The academic is a foundation for higher education. In the academics, we learn the skills in mathematics, language arts, science, and social science. The academics prepare the student for workplace performance or life education which makes their lives better. This is why learning management is important for institutions.  

Top Academic Pages Names

Academic learning is important in a student’s overall learning experience. There are some study materials you can adopt to enhance your academic performance, improve your skills and get the most out of your learning.

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