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101+ Top Cake blogs and Pages names

The researches have said that a cake for the breakfast is the best idea to have as the metabolism rate in the morning is high.Many people like to bake a cake at home as it is healthy to have a homemade cake. These people can get many recipes from the blogs which are created by baker’s or cooking freaks. There are even blogs which let you know which cakes are good for health and what flavours good for what.

Top 15 Cake Blogs of the World

My Cake School – This blog is run by Mellissa Diamond and is one of the best cake blogs on the internet. It provides great tutorials on cake baking and decorations. The blog publishes a new post every week and is a powerhouse of fun, easy and delicious cake recipes.

Life Love and Sugar – This blog is run by Lindsay, an author and cake blogger based in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. The blog has abundant recipes of delightful, simple, and delicious home-baked cakes and pastries. Lindsay publishes a new post every single day.

The Cupcake Blog – Based in San Francisco, California, United States, Mellisa runs this blog. She has always been fascinated by the art of baking and cake decoration.  Through her blog, she shares innovative ideas of cupcake decoration and simple baking recipes with the world. 

Great Gluten-Free Recipes – This blog is run by a baker based in New York, United States. The blog is a must-follow for those who are allergic to gluten, as it comes up with the best recipes to make gluten-free cakes with almond flour. It also has videos that teach you how to make your own flour blend.

Cake Whiz – This Chicago, Illinois, United States-based blog is a great source of baking recipes for cookies, cupcakes, cakes, pastries, and much more. The blog also has many valuable cake decoration tips for beginners. It publishes around two posts per quarter.

Style Sweet CA – Run by Tessa Huff, a baking and pastry chef cum blogger based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, this blog is a dream for cake enthusiasts. It has tons of recipes of layered cakes, designer desserts and so much more. The blog publishes a new post per day.

Call Me Cupcake Blog – Sweden based Linda Lomelino has many feathers in her hat; she’s a food blogger, a stylist, cookbook author, and food photographer. Through her blog, she shares recipes of a myriad range of cupcakes and cakes. The blog started in April 2010 and since then posts twice a quarter.

Fragrant Vanilla Cake – This blog is run by Amy Lyons, a Minnesota, United States-based food blogger. Being a vegan herself, she realized how difficult it must be for other vegans to find savory pastries and cakes. She started this blog, to share delicious vegan recipes of cakes and cupcakes with the world. The blog posts thrice a month.

The Cake Merchant – This blog is run by Natasha, a baker, and food blogger. She uses this blog as a medium to share recipes of her most favorite cakes with her readers all over the globe. The blog publishes at least two posts per year.

She Who Bakes – Based in Kent, England, United Kingdom, Britt Whyatt, runs this blog. It has abundant resources on cake decoration, presentation, baking, and more. The blog comes up with a new post every week.

Sugared Productions Blog – This blog is run under the wing of SugarEd which is an online baking school, run by ace baker Sharon. The blog is a source of recipes for the most mouth-watering delicacies. Sharon also aims to form a community of bakers who share each other’s recipes through this blog. It posts frequently and is an authentic source of cake recipes.

Viva La Buttercream – Based in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, the author of this blog is a seasoned and professional buttercream artist.  A married woman, with two little boys, the author operates out of her home studio. The blog is much acclaimed and even featured in The Australian Cake Decorating Network. It publishes around 10 times a month.

A Wedding Cake Blog – This blog is a landmine of information on wedding cakes. Be it recipes, baking tips, decoration and presentation ideas, or more, this blog has it all. The blog also features pictures of some delightful wedding cakes which can be used as inspirations. It features a minimum of two posts per quarter.

A Cake to Remember VA – Based in Richmond, Virginia, United States, Kara Buntin is the owner of a successful bakery chain called Cake to Remember LLC. This blog is a subsidiary of the company and shares some insightful details of cake baking and decorations. It posts two times a quarter and is an absolute delight for baking addicts.

Restoration Cake – Run by Charlotte White, who is based in Bedford, England, United Kingdom, this blog is the ultimate source of cake designs,  recipes, baking demonstrations, and much more. Charlotte is also the author of two baking books, Deliciously Decorated and  Burlesque Baking. The blog publishes about 13 posts a year.

Blogging is a hobby of sharing opinions online and get opinions from others. A blog is a personal page online where people can share their views. Unlike website, a blog is updated regularly and also, people who read the blog can write comments on it. Companies use blogging for promoting their services. A blog name is essential as it promotes the blog.

Catchy and Clever cake blog names for you

Chocolate Pie

Chip Egg

Bake Sys

Baker Feed

Coat Bar

Cake Chef

Bread Bar

Acorn Chip

Bake Casa

Pastry Bar

Cater Dish

Crisp Cook

Muffin Cook

Pastry Coat

Coffee Loaf

Sprouts Cook

Bland Baker

Diet Cookie

Sugar Rush Fudge

Cake Jack

Chocolate Bread

Cook Bake

Drink Brunch

Rice Chips

Dry Bun

Cake Coat

Cook Buns

Cake Blog Names

Pie Dessert

Egg Cater

Banana Batter

Cheese Wheat

Dine Oven

Butter Dinner

Butter Dessert

The Vegan Order

Chocolate Ate

Bake Diet

Sweets Coat

Party orders

Cake Breaks

Dough Code

Cakes Art

The cake house


Raw We Love

Craft Cakes

Brunch Chef

Diet Cakes


Baker Batter

Currants Eat

No celebrations are complete without a cake. The cake contains sugar which creates endorphins and endorphins make you feel happy. So cakes make us happy. Whenever someone sad or upset, a cake can change their mood and you will eventually feel good. If you want someone to convince, presenting a cake would be the best idea.

Trending Cake Blog Names

Top Cake Pages Names

Also, cakes are healthier. A healthy diet is incomplete without a dessert and a cake is the best dessert one can have. You can even have a cake with fresh fruits which interns give good health.

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