101+ Top Counseling Blogs and Pages Names

This is why the need of a blog arises. A good counseling has some challenging questions and to dig deeper of the anxious, sad, overwhelmed, hate, love words which need clarifications. Counselors need to treat different people with different procedures. A counsellor can draft all these and put up on their blog in order to help all those people with one or the other mental issues.

In this modern age, the need of counseling is rising. Therefore a blog dedicated to this is helpful and also a counsellor can earn good with blogging.

Top 15 Counseling Blogs of the World

Association of Certified Biblical Counseling Blog – 

 Based in Louisville, Kentucky, United States, Association of Certified Biblical Counselors has been promoting biblical counseling for over 40 years now. Brad Bingney is one of the mentors of the association and enables counselors to get certified by the institution. They also run a blog by the same name. It was started in September 2012.

Masters in Counseling Blog –  

Based in Tampa, Florida, United States, Dr. Barbara LoFrisco, and her team runs this blog.  The blog is a credible source of information and graduate students who are pursuing counseling relies heavily on it. Dr. LoFrisco is a licensed counselor and provides useful advice on marriage and relationships, sex therapy, and more. The blog was started in March 2010.

Urban Balance Counseling Blog – 

Based in Chicago, Illinois, United States, Urban Balance is a counseling service provider which is acclaimed for its comprehensive approach towards counseling. They provide sessions for couples, children, individuals, and people who suffer from addiction. The blog run by the association started in November 2013 and since then, has been posting thrice a month.

Confident Counselors – 

This blog is run by a team of psychologists and counselors based in New York, United States. The blog is an authentic source of resources and aims to help other fellow counselors with advice, tips, notes, and information. It was first started in May 2016 and has been posting once every month, since then. 

Leslie Vernick blog – 

Based in the United States, Leslie Vernick is a licensed counselor, author, motivational speaker, and social worker. She has years of experience in counseling couples and individuals and is considered to be a relationship expert. The blog was started by her in March 2008 and since then, it has been posting at least once a week.

The Marriage and Family Clinic Blog – 

This blog is run by the clinic of the same name and is based in Westminster, Colorado, United States. The blog has a lot of credible advice on relationship counseling, how to save a marriage from breaking down, detecting depression in children, and more. It started it May 2017 and puts up a  post each week.

Counselling BC Blog – 

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, this blog is a subsidiary of Absolute Balance Counselling & Consulting Ltd. The blog has evolved to become the go-to blog for all psychology and counseling related topic in British Columbia. It was started in July 2009 and has since then posted at least twice a quarter.

Symmetry Counseling Blog – 

This blog is run by a group of licensed clinical counselors and psychologists based in Chicago, Illinois, United States. They have created a name for themselves when it comes to family counseling, stress management, and more. The blog started in February 2013 and puts up 3 posts a week.

Cherry Hill Counselling Blog – 

Based in Lake Zurich, Illinois, United States, Cherry Hill Counselling is a counseling center that boasts of some of the best mental health professionals in Illinois. They provide services for individuals and couples of all ages and believes in taking a holistic step towards mental wellbeing. The blog started in April 2014 and posts thrice a quarter.

Australian Institute of Family Counselling Blog – 

 Based in Australia this blog is run by a training organization of the same name. The blog is a great source of academic resources on the subject matter of counseling and clinical psychology. It was started in May 2016 and since then, posts once a quarter.

Biblical Counseling for Women Blog – 

Run by an organization called the Mission of Biblical Counseling for Women, this blog is a Missouri, United States-based biblical counseling blog. It aims to create faith and calm in women by spreading the words of God. The blog started in February 2008 and posts once every quarter.

For High School Counselors –

 This blog is run by a high school counselor based in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. She has been a counselor for the past 14 years and uses this blog as a medium to share her experiences and learning with other counselors. She obviously specializes in children’s and young adult’s counseling. It started in January 2013. 

Counselor Up! –

 This blog is run by another school counselor, Rebecca Atkins, who is based in North Carolina, United States. Through her blog, she shares useful tips about how to deal with conflicted young adults and children. The blog was first started in June 2014 and posts once a month.

Sam Nabil Counseling Blog –

 Sam Nabil is a certified mental health professional based in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States. He has successfully counseled many individuals and couples and is an expert in marriage counseling, dealing with anxiety, etc. The blog was started by Nabil in November 2015 and posts at least twice a quarter.

Heights Family Counseling –  

This blog is run by the organization of the same name, based in Houston, Texas, United States. They specialize in marriage counseling, adolescent and children counseling, and individuals. The blog is also a valuable source of information about these topics. It started in March 2016 and posts once a day.

Blogging is a hobby which has become a profession these days. A blog is a webpage where you can share your views and thoughts with the world. Also, you can get a comment on it by readers. Many companies create blogs for advertising their products and services. Blogging is an ideal way to get a handsome income in hand. A blog name is as important as its contents.

Here are Catchy counseling blog names ideas for your inspiration.

Counseling workshop

Good direction

Social guide

Overcome advisory

Mind focus

Rehabilitation centre

Therapy clinic

Hurt solution

Counselling session

Web counselors

Parent guidance

Counseling technique

Choices of courses

Decision making

Tension reduction

Future updates

Living well

Happy together

Marriage counsellor

A ray of hope

Human psychology

Genuine help

Soul check ups

Best assessment

Test anxiety

Bizarre expertise

Effective Hints

Basic support

Public consultations


Get help

Intensive care

Problem aid

Tutorial services

Life goal

Talent Repair

Forward Counsel

Resource Grow

Repair Think

Sustain Help

Advisory Fix

Pointer Help

Guidance Lawyer

Enhance Think

Steer Counsel

Consultants Counsel

Expert Improve

Counsel Specialist

Advise Professional

Guide Analyst

Forward Tactic

Sometimes when life becomes hectic and lost our way of life, we might need someone to talk with. If we are not comfortable to talk with our family or friends, we might need a counselor there. There are some mental health issues which are not treated with any medical equipped treatments.

Top Counselling Pages Names

With counseling, we can open up our thoughts, feelings and circumstances in a confidential manner which is also non-judgemental. We feel confident to talk to these counselors. There are many counselors out there who want to help people genuinely but have no suitable platforms.  

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