101+ Top Gaming Blogs and Pages Names

Some wants to discuss about the gaming experience with friends and want to have a chat about games. For them, the best idea is to create a blog. Blogs can allow you to take your personality beyond the gaming zone and it becomes your voice about games.

Top 15 Gaming Blogs of the World

Game Informer – 

This blog is run by a team based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States, and is one of the best sources of resources and news on online gaming. It has reviews of the latest video games, previews, podcasts on gaming and so much more. The blog started in March 2009 and posts 12 times a day.

Xbox Live’s Major Nelson –  

Based in Seattle, Washington, United States, this popular gaming blog is a major source of news about Xbox gaming from the direct source itself. The blog comes up with around six posts in a day.

Eurogamer – 

This United Kingdom-based gaming blog website is one of the largest gaming sites in the whole of Europe. They share the latest news about the gaming industry, previews, reviews and so much more. Award-winning gaming journalists contribute to this blog. The blog comes up with more than 20 posts a day.

My Nintendo News –  

Also based in the United Kingdom, this gaming blog will keep you updated with everything you want to know about the Nintendo Switch, Amiibo, Nintendo 3DS, mobile games, and more. The blog publishes around 8 posts per day.

The All Gaming Blog – 

This is a gaming video blog that runs on YouTube as a gaming channel. Here you will be able to find all information related to video games and in general, gaming. The channel uploads a new video per week.

Official Playstation Blog – 

This blog is a direct source of news as, it is run by the official house of Playstation in California, United States. Follow this blog if you want to keep yourself updated on the latest PS4, PSN, PS3, PS Vita news, and more. Posting around 5 times every day is their routine.

PC Gamer Magazine –

 This blog is the online version of PC Gamer, which is hands down one of the best gaming magazines in the world. The articles which feature in this magazine blog are contributions from some of the best gamers around the world. The blog is fun and super informative. It shares 30 posts a day.

Kotaku The Gamer’s Guide –

 This gaming blog is aiming to reduce the gender disparity in the gaming industry. The blog promotes gaming among the female members and boasts of some of the best female gamers as its members. The blog is indeed the most inclusive blog and shares 29 posts a day since its commencement in February 2012.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun –  

This blog is run by a team of really experienced gamers based in the United Kingdom. It is full of detailed reviews of games, the latest gaming news, and reviews. The blog comes up with 26 posts a day and is one of the most trusted sources of information on gaming. 

Big Fish Gaming Blog – 

This blog was started in 2002, and since then it has gone on to establish itself as one of the most read gaming blogs in the world.  Run by the company Big Fish, based in Seattle, Washington, United States, a major video game producer and distributor, the blog serves as an authentic source of reviews and news.

Green Man Gaming Blog – 

Based in London, England, United Kingdom Green Man Gaming is a popular e-commerce gaming company that operates globally. It has carved out a niche for itself in the industry and is a trusted choice for millions of video gamers globally. The blog run by them is also widely followed. It was started in May 2016.

ASTRO Gaming Blog – 

 The name ASTRO Gaming is widely popular among the gamers, and rightly so since they are the manufacturers of high-quality gaming gears. The blog run by the team will keep you updated on new gaming pieces of equipment and lifestyle. The blog publishes 3 posts a month.

The Game Fanatics – 

Based in Houston, Texas, United States, this video gaming blog is a favorite among the gaming geeks. The blog comes up with over 6 posts per week and shares authentic reviews about the latest games.

The Tech Game – 

This blog has been serving its followers with the latest news on gaming and reviews. Hardcore gamers vouch for this blog and contribute to it regularly.  The blog posts 30 times a month.

Comic Gaming Magazine – 

This magazine is one of the cult blogs on gaming news. It is a source of insightful articles and reviews. It features editorials from top-class gamers around the world and the funny and witty comment threads will keep you entertained. The blog publishes 5 posts a day.

A blog is a page on internet where you can share your thoughts and get comments on it.  Many people create it for earning purposes while some other for advertising their services and products online. These days it is popular as a profession. A blog is updated on a regular basis to get more traffic to the blog. Therefore, the contents of a blog are important. Similarly, a blog name is essential part of a blog.

Here are some Catchy and Great Gaming blog names ideas for you

Puzzle games

Cool games

Online racing

Quest Goal

Trump Aim

Tactical Aura

Console Win

Aura Stage

Warp Play

Cartridge Games

Playtime Play

Season Points

Frag Story

Loot Aura

Badge Score

Mana Strategy

Attack Rush

Club Role play

Objective Mod

Mana Adventure

Dungeon Sim

Mark Multiplayer

League Formation

Gaming Blog Names

Assault Stream

Conquer Range

Casino Toy

Master Buff

Headshot Rush

Tournament Story

Action Joystick

Simulation Goal

Mod Attack

Objective Wizard

Championship Mod

Fireball Aim

Assault Points

Story Radius

Championship Boss

Zone Aggro

Hit Avatar

Mod Trophy

Stream Showdown

Aim Contest

Target Fight

Bot Dungeon

Skill Multiplayer

Cast Skill

Aim Scoring

Friendly Buff

Fight Puzzle

Battle Inventory

Rush Trophy

Stage Upgrade

Goal Warp

Arcade Playtime

Arcade Lottery

Bonus Shooter

Engine Finals

These days, we hardly have time to play in open grounds. The hectic busy life has cut out outdoor game habits. This is why people switching to online games. There are many online games one can play in leisure times. Every time there are newer games have been added onto online sites.

Trending Gaming Blog Names

Top Gaming Pages Names

Many play these games because it is rewarding, challenging, instant feedbacks, many choices, etc. People always can respond and learn through these games. There are many blogs which will make you learn games and these blogs will let you know about the new games which are trending online.

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