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List Of 101+ Top Yoga Blogs and Pages Names That You Can Use

There are loads of Yoga blogs that are helpful for people to get the knowledge as well as to showcase the knowledge on yoga. As a yoga teacher, it is beneficial to start your own blog.

There are many inspiring wellness bloggers who make difference in others’ lives by sharing their articles on blogs and getting more followers through it. It is one of the greatest ways to showcase your yoga skills as a teacher.

Top 15 Yoga Blogs of the World

The Travel Yogi Blog – 

This blog is the right place for you if you are looking for a  yoga trail and yogi who can guide you to live a fit and healthy life.

Here the blogger travels around the world to learn and teach the benefits of yoga and shares his experiences on this blog. Every post is a reflection of his adventure and is a must-visit for yoga enthusiasts.

Happy Yoga Travels Blog – 

This blog has a huge fan following on social media and never fails to amuse people by its articles and yogi interviews who share their wider view of life and the world.

With regular posts, it continues to give great insights into how people take up yoga as a career and explores many different unknown things in the world.

Yoga Trade Blog – 

This blog works as a mediator to find jobs and employees who are interested to become yoga professionals.

The blog offers a variety of exchange programs and video tutorials targeting almost all age groups, from children to old people and professionals. The blog has a lot to offer, left for its readers to discover on their way o becoming a yoga expert.

The Travelling Yogi Blog –

This blog is developed by Jenn Russell who is an international yoga master who has devoted her life to improving her as well as society’s lifestyle. In this blog, she shows how yoga can be life-transforming.

She also arranges online and offline conferences and workshops to meet other yogis and brings light to their experiences and adventures.

Pure Flow Yoga – 

The blog offers online classes as well as recorded tutorials to help the readers learn more about yoga poses.

Here, articles and pictures of beautiful places and oceans which the author of the blog has visited are also shared. Visit the blog for more interesting and unknown facts and stories about yoga.

My Five Acres – 

This blog is by Stephen and Jane who are yoga trainers and have traveled to different parts of the world such as Asia and Europe covering almost twenty-two countries to gather experience and knowledge about yoga.

Now they have started a blog as evidence of their travel history and much more you could have expected from this blog.

Yoga, Wine & Travel – 

As the name suggests, this blog is full of valuable information about yoga. Here, the blogger gives the readers advice on how one can travel without spending much money on stuff.

The blogger shares article to spread philosophical knowledge and studio information and much more.

Exhale Yoga Retreats – 

This platform invites and encourages readers to share their travel stories. The blog is full of positive vibes and teaches people how to maintain a balance between work life and personal life. The crews are lively and help you experience the best of life.

Big Sky Yoga Retreats – 

This blog is a combination of horse riding tutorials, yoga, and much more. It is left upon the readers to discover more about yoga from the resources supplied by the blog.

The author here shares her beautiful experience with yoga and travel stories which inspire readers to give yoga a chance to enhance their experiences.

Exotic Yoga Retreats – 

People who are interested in Yoga and want to research this subject are free to join this blog and get more materials to take their research to the next level.

The blog is sure to make you look for more information. The in-depth know-hows are a must-try from this blog.

Yoga With Andriene – 

This blog is overflowing with online tutorials free to avail for common people. This blog also has a channel on YouTube by this name which has a huge fan following and never fails to keep you updated with the latest event, news and workshops to be held which anyone can attend online or offline.

If you are looking for a change in routine you can connect to a yoga master through this platform.

Yoga Journal Magazine – 

This blog can give life-transforming experiences once you join the blog. It thrives to improve your lifestyle with intense meditation and yoga poses.

Exploring a wide range of topics this blog is very popular and has more than lakhs of monthly readers, from yoga masters to tips and tricks on yoga, all in one place helps readers to reach their desired goal much easier.

Mind-Body Green – 

This blog designs programs and diet charts keeping in mind the busy schedule of people who wants to take better care of their health.

From relaxing you from stress to encouraging you to conquer all problems of life and move on improve the quality of life is the main motto of the blog. Never missing on the facts this blog is a powerful one in the arena.

Yoga By Candace – 

The blog offers yoga tutorials as well as easy and delicious recipes to keep the readers healthy. It also offers online programs that are free of cost and also recordings and podcasts for people who have busy schedules. 

Mika Yoga Wear – 

The blog has a unique collection of yoga costumes and gift items. It also has different kinds of accessories that are required to travel and practice yoga at a very low cost. The blog is popular on Instagram for its insightful posts and tips on yoga.

A blog is a personal web page through which an individual can note their opinion on life, exhibit their talents, etc. frequently which is called blogging.

These days, blogging has emerged as a profession. Most people create blogs as it is their hobby.

However, thinking seriously about this hobby of blogging, you can turn it into a profession that makes you get some fair income.

So, do you need a slogan and tagline for yoga? If YES, then do check out the brilliant yoga slogans and taglines.

Memorable yoga blog names ideas for you for your Next Blog

World of wellness

Public yoga classes

The perfect yoga guru

Best yoga teachings

Inspired living

Power Yoga exercises

Great Stress busters

Yoga guide

Pregnancy yoga

Yoga studio

Healthy aging

Modern Yoga

Divine yoga

Exclusive yoga tips

Achieve happy soul

Creative wellness

Yoga lifestyle

Flexibility secrets

Path of wellness

Embrace yoga

Yoga off the mat

Balanced life

Beginner’s guide

Yoga Sequences

Mindfulness Yogis

Rx Meditation

Meditation retreats

Health Foundation

Yoga hybrid

Creative Yoga

Bio Active

Life Care

Yoga Blog Names

Health Earth

Fit Care

Live Fresh

Green Spa

Sports Natural

Youth Yoga

Beauty Fit

Pure Medic

Pure and Fresh

Organic Fit

Energy Pulse

Natural Bio

Organic Therapy

Body Burn

Organic Flex

Healthy Pure

Natural Heart

Fresh Active

Earth Medical

Fitness Lift

Natural Vital

Fitness Trainer

Active Beauty

Yoga being an ancient art helps reduce stress, helps relieve chronic pain, gets better sleep, makes you stronger, gives flexibility and mobility to the body, helps the body detoxify, gives inner peace, helps with weight management, and reduces inflammation.

Looking for more? So do check out the “yoga” WhatsApp statuses and messages to share.

Trending Yoga Blog Names

Top Yoga Pages Names

When yoga has most of those benefits that people are on the constant lookout for, then it is a very good idea to put up yoga-related articles on blogs.

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