700+ Calvin Ridley Fantasy Team Names With Generator

Fantasy football Fans, get ready! Calvin Ridley is the name that will give other players a run for their money when it comes to explosive plays and scoring points.

Ridley has established himself as a force on the field with his breakneck speed and jaw-dropping catches.

But hey, it’s also about the fan bonding; it’s not only about the touchdowns and yards.

Therefore, keep in mind that the ideal name could be your team’s secret weapon in the fantasy league when you come up with the ideal Calvin Ridley Fantasy Team Names Generator.

Calvin Ridley Fantasy Team Names

Calvin was born in the year 1994 in Florida. He has a younger sibling who is also associated with this field. Calvin did not have a positive childhood as in 2002, his mother was imprisoned and his father was deported.

After that, he and his little brother were sent to a foster home. Here is a list of attractive names for a fantasy football team.

  • Run CMC
  • TyReek and Destroy
  • Eagle Eyed
  • Mr. & Mrs. Smith
  • FantasyLand
  • Ridds Lately
  • Ridley Had a Little Lamb
  • Baines on Toast
  • Khedira Pin Drop
  • Dembele Galaxy
  • Red Cheetah.
  • Ridley Perfect
  • Dirty Birds
  • Blue Raiders
  • London Bridge to a Championship
  • The Calvin Bunch
  • Cheetah Habitat
  • Pillaging Pirates
  • Ridds my Balls
  • Sir Lance-A-Lot
  • Dyslexia United
  • Headshooter
  • Hoceknson It Out
  • The Riddler
  • Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Sharpshooters
  • FantasyLand
  • Red Cheetah.
  • Sail The Open Riddss
  • Jefferson’s Montecello
  • Dembele Galaxy
  • Chili Peppers
  • Calvin Mingle
  • TJ Man On Campus
  • King Ridley
  • The End Game
  • It’s Always Sony in Miami
  • C-Mac to the Future
  • Ridleygeier Air
  • Can you Ridds It?
  • Cook’s in the Kitchen
  • King-Pins
  • Chief Executive Officer.
  • Adams Bomb
  • A Rolling Stone Gathers No Ridds
  • Kell and Destroy
  • Dembele Galaxy
  • Shamefully Skilful
  • Kell Street Red.
  • Manny Mavericks
  • Rajput Boys
  • Riddslifting
  • Can’t Kmet
  • Don Ridley
  • Silent Killers
  • GodsFavouriteTeam
  • Super Ridley
  • Blue Raiders
  • Calvin-Rastafarians
  • 12 Angry Men
  • Cards Against Humanity
  • Eagle Eyed
  • CalvWIN Ridley
  • Super Mariota Brothers
  • The Winter Soldier
  • Chili Peppers
  • Can’t Won’t Don’t
  • Le Saux Solid Crew
  • TJs and Running
  • Silent Killers
  • Hoceknson, will you TJs me?
  • Straight Gangsters
  • Masked Maniacs
  • Knox on Wood
  • Eight Days a Ridds
  • Bills Mafia Don
  • Angry Birds
  • Captains.
  • Truth and Riddsquences
  • All the King’s Men
  • TKO
  • Buffalow Expectations
  • TJ Havoc.
  • Oh Say Can You Ridds
  • Ridds Man On Campus
  • Can’t Won’t Don’t
  • TJbeat
  • Noob Sanyasis
  • Get Your Tryeek On
  • Cheetah Habitat
  • Gridiron Greats
  • The Winter Soldier
  • Get Your Tryeek On
  • Screaming Nachos.
  • Peaches and Herbert
  • Ridleyg For a Touchdown
  • Goff my Lawn
  • The Internet’s Best

FUN FACT: Calvin’s younger brother, Riley Ridley, is also known for his great football skills. He had played during his college days for Georgia, and he was chosen to play in the 2019 NFL season.

Calvin Ridley Fantasy Team Name Ideas

During his college days, Calvin studied at the University of Alabama. He played college football from 2015 until 2017. He had played football under Nick Saban.

He had three receptions for 22 yards in his game against the University of Wisconsin in 2015. Other than that, he had also played against Georgia, Arkansas, and other teams. 

  • Ridley’s Yardage Yodas
  • Ridley’s Gridiron Gliders
  • Ridley’s Fantasy Falcons
  • Ridley’s Fantasy Frenzy
  • Ridley’s End Zone Express
  • Ridley’s Rocketeers
  • Calvin’s Touchdown Titans
  • Calvin’s Crimson Chargers
  • Ridley’s Fast Breakers
  • Calvin’s Catch Commanders
  • Ridley’s Blitzbreakers
  • Ridley’s Speedy Sweepers
  • Calvin’s End Zone Extravaganza
  • Ridley’s Touchdown Typhoons
  • Calvin’s Yardage Yodelers
  • Ridley’s Fantasy Flyers
  • Ridley’s Red Zone Renegades
  • Ridley’s Fantasy Fireworks
  • Ridley’s Victory Vultures
  • Ridley’s End Zone Raiders
  • Ridley’s Touchdown Tribe
  • Calvin’s Gridiron Gang
  • Calvin’s Lightning Bolts
  • Calvin’s Yardage Mavericks
  • Calvin’s Clutch Catchers
  • Calvin’s Scoreboard Showstoppers
  • Ridley’s Reception Rockstars
  • Calvin’s Gridiron Gurus
  • Calvin’s Fantasy Fusion
  • Ridley’s Fantasy Dominators

FUN FACT: Calvin is happily married, although his wife’s name is unknown. The couple had announced that they had a daughter. The baby was born in the year 2020. 

Calvin Ridley Fantasy Names

  • Ridley’s Victory Voyagers
  • Ridley’s Touchdown Tycoons
  • Calvin’s Pigskin Picasso
  • Ridley’s Pigskin Poets
  • Ridley’s Reception Revolution
  • Ridley’s PPR Pioneers
  • Calvin’s Clutch Catchers
  • Ridley’s Fantasy Flyers
  • Ridley’s YAC Yacht Club
  • Yards After Calvin
  • Calvin’s Touchdown Symphony
  • Touchdown Tango with Ridley
  • Calvin’s Catching Carousel
  • Ridley’s End Zone Express
  • Calvin’s Catch Crusaders
  • Ridley’s Fantasy Falcons
  • Ridley’s End Zone Ensemble
  • Calvin’s Contested Catches
  • Megatron’s Heir Apparent
  • Air Raid with Ridley
  • Calvin’s Gridiron Gliders
  • Ridley’s Fantasy Frenzy
  • Ridley’s Reception Rascals
  • Ridley’s Red Zone Regiment
  • Ridley’s Fantasy Fireworks
  • Ridley’s Yardage Mavericks
  • Ridley’s Receiving Royals
  • Ridley’s Gridiron Gang
  • Ridley’s Route Runners
  • Calvin’s Dynasty Destined

Best Calvin Ridley Fantasy Team Names

Calvin was selected to play for the Atlanta Falcons in the 2018 NFL season. He was offered a contract for a period of 4 years, and the contract was worth $10.9 million.

He was offered a signing bonus worth $6.1 million. Here is a list of some of the most attractive and suitable Calvin Ridley fantasy team names. 

  • I Ridley the Fool
  • Calvin Gaga
  • Players With Pride
  • Pitts Creek
  • Ridley or Not
  • Kevin’s Nifty Team
  • Flying Squirrels
  • The Bills Mafia Hitmen
  • TeamWork
  • Beg, Burrow and Steal
  • Hoceknsons of Desperation.
  • London Underground
  • Mahomes Depot
  • Forte-Year Old Virgins
  • Players With Pride
  • Riddss Christmas
  • Baines on Toast
  • Coop Emojis
  • TJ and Arrows
  • Bulletproof
  • Lyrical Armed Services
  • Tua Legit Tua Quit
  • Straight Shooters
  • Hoceknson Mingle
  • Goofy Dumplings
  • Micah Hyde-Yo-QBs
  • Donut Lose
  • Players With Pride
  • Ridds Newtons
  • The Atom Bomb
  • Flying Squirrels
  • Screaming Nibbles
  • I Got TJs I Gotta Play
  • Basic Boys
  • Ridley Bull
  • Special K
  • Ridds and Arrows
  • Calvins of Desperation.
  • Calvin-a-Leak.
  • Jets of Giants
  • Kittles ‘n Bits
  • Bulletproof
  • Baines on Toast
  • Headshooter
  • The Hot List
  • TJ Jam
  • Beast Bulls
  • General Patterson
  • The Bills Mafia Hitmen
  • This Is Marcus
  • Lyrical Armed Services
  • Ridds Man On Campus
  • FantasyLand
  • Karma’s a Mitch
  • Christian Values
  • Ladies of London
  • Calvin is a Riddsionaire.
  • Nans Lads
  • It’s Always Sony in Miami
  • Fellowship of the Seven Rings
  • Coop Emojis
  • Unicorn
  • Ridds Grammar
  • The Lone Kell
  • TyFreak TJ
  • Get Ridley Of ‘Em
  • Raven Raiders
  • Hoceknson-A-Leak.
  • I Got Riddss I Gotta Play
  • Charging Bulls
  • Over the TJ.
  • The Chase is On
  • Beast Bulls
  • Suit and Calvin
  • King Of The Ridds
  • Hail Ridds
  • TJs Heads
  • Giving You Fitz
  • Game of Jones
  • Digging Down
  • Run for the TJs
  • Liberty and Justins for All
  • Free OJ
  • Demons and giants
  • Loose Characters
  • Ridds Christmas
  • Mistborn
  • Defending Champs
  • Crowderheads
  • Cereal Killers
  • Ninja Bros
  • Kooler Kaukeano
  • Justin Case
  • Gettin’ Riddsy Wit It
  • Ridds Grammar
  • Run for the Riddss
  • Kittle One
  • Rule Breakers
  • King Ridley’s Round Table

FUN FACT: Calvin’s immense talent was proven when he declared in 2023 that he had played the entire season of 2020 with an injury. He had a broken foot at that time, yet that did not stop him from playing for the 2020 season. 

Funny Ridley Fantasy Names

Forming a fantasy football team with Calvin Ridley as a player is a great decision. You must note the importance of a good team name, in any sport.

This is because the team name will become the identity of your team, and it will help you gain popularity. If you still have not chosen your fantasy football team name, look at the list below.

Riddss Heads


The Wide Open Ridges

Smackmouth Smackdown

Silent Killers

Kupp My Balls

The Internet’s Best

Ridds Havoc.

What a Calvin-ty!


Ridleyg For a Win

Stef Drinks



Flying Squirrels

Chili Peppers

Get Rich or Die Ridley

No Nonsense Gamers

TJ Man On Campus

Calvin Habitat

Ridley Inclusive

Wasted Talent

8 Days Calvin.


Hockenson a Loogie

The Real Beatles

Commando friends

Rollin’ with Mahomes

The Vanilla Gorillas

Master Spinners

The Lancers

All the King’s Men

Ping Bombs

Vulcan Heats

Uncivilized Bunch

Calvins of Desperation

Calvin Soze

Rule Breakers

TJs Christmas

Blooming Volcanoes

Masked Maniacs

London Broil


Real Chill

Ridley Me This

Hoceknson is a TJionaire.

King of the Kell


Baby Gronk

We’re Calvin this Together

Up Ridley Creek

The Billievers

London Bridge

The Tower of London

Haven’t Got a Kalou

The Lancers


Ridley & Giggles

Midnight Train to Georgia

Adams Bomb

Golden Hurricane.

The Internet’s Best

Chili Peppers


Fant Man

Dyslexia United

Chief Executive Officer.

The Warriors


Beats by DeAndre

Pixie Normous

Random Access Memory

Herbie the Love Bug

Micah Hyde-Yo-QBs


Ridley In

Natural Born Calvins

Me & Ridley Down By the End Zone

Gone with the Win

The Talented Mr. Ridley

Kickbutt Or Kickballs


Special K

Calvin It Out

Scoredarrelle Patterson

Gritz Blitz

What a Calvin-ty

Justice League

Discount Daable Check Yo’self

Shamefully Skilful

Breakneck Kell.

Brown Eyed Girl

DeAndre the Giant


Mister Maniacs

Guardians of the Galaxy

Basic Boys

The Lancers

Captains of Decade

FUN FACT: The year 2022 was a dark year for Calvin. He was suspended for an indefinite period of time for betting on games. He had even placed bets on his own team. His base salary was also forfeited for the year 2022.

Calvin Ridley Fantasy Team Names

Although suspended for the entire 2022 season, Calvin was traded by the Falcons to play for the Jacksonville Jaguars for the 2023 season. After submitting his application for reinstatement, in the year 2023, he was officially reinstated the next month.

That is great news concerning the career of this talented footballer. Here is a list of fantasy team names for your reference.

Blasted Furnaces

Royal Society of London

Saving Ridley

Jefferson’s Monticello

Bookworm Athletes

Thunderous Cats

Suit and Hoceknson

The Hot List

The London Eye

Cards Against Humanity

Bills Mafia Bosses

Bills Mafia Bosses

Kell’s Bells

Wings of a TJ


Blue Raiders

Basic Boys

Andy Reid’s Mustache


Greid is Good

Rey-eye Beast

Ridder Riddles


Silly Bellies

Fighting Crusaders.

Ridds Ya Later

Tua Can Play That Game

Ridley Had a Little Falcon


Ridds for Anything

I’ll Believe It When I Ridds It

Ridds Grammar

Bookworm Athletes

Calvin Ridley’s Bookie

King Of The TJ

Game of Drones.

Cereal With MIlk.

All the Ridds and Whistles

Hawkeye Hornets

Matty Ice, Ice, Baby

League of Legends

Norfolk N Way

Dembele Galaxy

Smackmouth Smackdown

Silent Killers

Calvin MurrYaY

Jefferson’s Montecello

The League

Giving You Fitz

Chili Peppers

Ridder or Not

Ridds Lately.

Ridley In The Family

FUN FACT:  Did you know that Calvin and his family were once robbed in 2021? While Calvin was gone to play a match against the Philadelphia Eagles, his home was robbed.

Calvin Ridley Fantasy Team Name Generator

Calvin Ridley Fantasy Team Name Generator

Unleash Your Fantasy Football Creativity With The Calvin Ridley Team Name Generator


The choice to name your fantasy football squad after Calvin Ridley is a thrilling flourish. These names honor his outstanding receiving abilities, ensuring that your team stands out.

These fantasy names beautifully reflect the heart of Ridley’s gridiron brilliance, from smart wordplay to touchdown tributes.

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