101+ Top Dessert Blogs and Pages Names ideas

There are many blogs on the internet which will let people know what can be eaten after a meal as desserts and which desserts are healthier. Also, there are various blogs which give you those mouth-watering dessert recipes, easy as well as tasty. People always want to try some continental dessert recipes which are easily available on the internet.

Top 15 Dessert Blogs of the World

OMG Chocolate Desserts- 

This blog is run by Vera who is based in the United States. She loves baking and experimenting with her recipes. She makes some of the most delicious, rich chocolate cakes. Vera shares all her recipes in her blog and provides some useful tips for rookie bakers. The blog is known to share two posts regularly. 

Your Cup of Cake – 

This blog is run by a baker based in Provo, Utah, United States. The author of the blog has been baking since her childhood and once to bust the myth that baking desserts are a difficult task. She hopes to make baking fun and enjoyable for all. The blog puts up 29 posts a year.

Desserts With Benefits –

This blog is run by the super talented Jessica who lives in Austin, Texas, United States. The first thought that comes to our mind when we think of desserts is unhealthy. She wants to change this perception through her healthy dessert recipes which she shares in her blog. It posts 22 times a year.

Chocolate, Chocolate, and More! – 

This blog is run by mother and daughter duo who love baking and are residents of Georgia, United States. They love spending time together as a family and one activity which helps them bond is baking. When they are not baking, they are traveling and exploring new places. The blog puts up 3 posts a year.

Baking Bites by Nicole Weston – 

Based in California, United States, this blog is perfect for those who are new at the art of baking desserts. This blog site shares simple yet delectable recipes of cookies and cream, cute cupcakes, tiramisus, and more. It serves as the best resource for home-based bakers. It puts up a post every week.

Saving Room For Dessert – 

This dessert blog is run by Tricia Buice who lives in Virginia, United States.  Desserts are often the best part of the meal and it is essential that we save room for them. This fun and humorous blog covers numerous amazing dessert recipes and chronicles everything that is made in Buice’s kitchen, sharing one post daily.

Call Me Cupcake Blog –

 This blog is run by Linda Lomelino who is a resident of Sweden. Linda wears many feathers in her hat, she is a blogger, stylist, food photographer, and a cookbook author. The blog was launched in April 2010 and she posts recipes of different kinds of cupcakes in it. The blog posts twice a month.

Bake to the Roots –

This blog is run by a dessert chef based in Berlin, Germany. It is a great source of recipes for various delectable desserts, other food preparations, and bakery savories. This blog is a must-follow for those who are looking for easy and quick recipes of tarts, cookies, cupcakes, pieces of bread. It posts once a month.

SpamellaB’s Health Food Blog –

 This blog is run by Spamella B who lives in Manchester, England, United Kingdom. Her blog is unique as it shares recipes of mouth-watering desserts but with a healthy twist. The blog shares recipes of gluten-free, refined sugar-free, high protein dessert recipes.  It also shares recipes for other healthy meal and snack options.

Gem City Fine Foods – 

This blog is run by a small bakery of the same name, based in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States.  The bakery was first set up in 2005 as Blossom Fine Foods. The USP of the bakery is that it smells absolutely delicious desserts that are healthy and gluten-free. The blog was launched in  2014.

Guilty Pleasures By Atalee – 

This blog is run by Atalee, a dessert aficionado based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. Desserts are her all-time favorite guilty pleasures and she shares her recipes with her readers through this blog. It also features her other guilty pleasures like her obsession with shoes and fashion.  The blog was started in May 2018.

Desserts Now, Dinner Later –

 The author of this dessert blog aspires to be a professional food photographer someday. Till then, she blogs about her favorite recipes along with enlightening her readers with her in-depth culinary knowledge. The blog features recipes of some absolutely delicious baked desserts like multi-layer chocolate cakes. It comes up with 8 posts a year.

Oh My! Sugar High –

 This blog has a quirky name and is run by Emilie who is based in Minnesota, United States. She has a sweet tooth like so many of us and uses the blog as a medium through which she shares her love for everything desserts. The blog features her personal recipes of delicious cakes and more.

That Skinny Chick Can Bake – 

This blog is run by a woman who calls herself a “skinny chick”. She lives in Indianapolis, Indiana, the United States with her husband and their 3 small children, who love having desserts and are always hungry. The blog has abundant recipes. It is a must-follow for all mothers who want to feed their fussy-eating children.

No More Mr. Nice Pie Blog – 

This blog was launched in December 2013 and explores various experimental recipes of the classic desserts. Filled with wit and humor, this blog also provides you with a daily dose of sarcasm. The blog posts every once a week and comes up with innovative recipes that are easy, simple but absolutely delicious.

A blog is a place on the internet where people dump their articles on the subjects they are interested in and in return get comments from the readers. A blog is updated regularly and hence we could get more new dessert recipes every time.

Blogging is a popular activity on the internet these days because of its best uses. Blogging can be used for income purposes, or to advertise the businesses and the products, or just to pass the time by writing about hobbies. The contents of the blog as well as the blog names are important in getting more traffic to the blog.

Here are Catchy dessert blog names ideas for your Inspiration

Candy Tart

Tart Pie

Dessert Connect

Chow Pie

Pie Sweet

Desktop Cake

Real Dessert

Cake Chapter

Energy Dessert

Best dessert recipes

Dairy Dry

Pastry Eats

Feed Dessert

Dinner Dessert

Curry Dessert

Eat dessert

Favorite desserts

Fitness goals

Meal ending desserts

Appetite course

The aphrodisiac punch

A decadent dessert

Deserve for dessert

Desserts by chef

Fun with Desserts

Dessert Blog Names

Dessert at Celebration

Sweet tooth

Meal satisfied

Sugar and Sweets

Intense sweetness

Bon appetite

My dinner partner

Transitional dessert Recipes

Eaters project

Dessert pleasures

Dessert addictives

Citrus sip

Energy Desserts

Dessert Lead

Do Dessert

Eat Strawberry

Sweet Eat Dessert

Nourish Dessert

Easy Desserts

Fresh Desserts

Eat Slice

Smoothie desserts

Dessert Cafe

Dessert box

Dessert mood

Sweet snacks or desserts give us that immense happiness and satisfaction of a meal. There are many other benefits of eating a dessert after a meal such as it will stop your sweet cravings for the rest of the day, with little food and a small amount of dessert, you will feel full and satisfied.

Trending Dessert Blog Names

Top Dessert Pages Names

Health benefits of desserts may include desserts are nutritious, one can control their weight, dessert eating influences more fruits intake, it can prevent the negative effects of diet, etc.

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