101+ Top Event Planning blogs and Pages names

A budgeted event planning has more demand in the market. Considering this you can create your own ideas for marketing your business.One of the marketing tools will be a blog. Many event planners create blogs for marketing their event managing services.  Some people who really have the talent of event planning put up the ideas into the blog. Through such blogs, they earn a good income.

Top 15 Event Planning Blogs in the World

Event Manager Blog – The first blog that comes to any event planner’s mind is this Las Vegas, Nevada, United States-based blog. It is a holy grail of information about all things related to event management. The blog has abundant resources about how to manage events with near perfection, the latest technology to fall back on, trends, etc.

Endless Events – This blog is one of the best blogs on this subject that you will find on the internet. Run by Will Curran and his team of professional event planners, this blog is packed with comprehensive yet engaging articles about a wide range of topics event inspirations, productivity alleviation, technicalities involved in planning, and more.

The MICE Blog – The author of this blog is Irina Graf, a full-time event planning blogger, and former event manager. The blog not only provides other event planners with tips and advice on how to ace the art of event management with panache but also helps them connect and network with Who’s who of the event management industry. 

The Production Channel –  The Production Channel provides information on event management through a plethora of media. They run a blog, a podcast, and a live streaming channel.  The blog is a valuable source of information for freelance even planners and educates them on every topic, starting from the nitty-gritty of production to practical management of finances.

Bizzabo Blog – This blog has held the number one position in Capterra’s list of online resources for organizers and event managers. The purpose of the blog is to provide its readers with a cutting edge over their contemporaries in the industry. Follow this blog to keep yourself updated about the latest trends and news in the industry.

Conferences That Work – Run by Adrian Segar, this blog is a one-stop-shop for all event managers. The blog provides detailed articles on how to successfully pull off big events and is a must-follow for rookie event planners and professional conference planners, alike. It posts multiple times a week and is the best place to look for inspiration. 

Event Industry News – If you want to keep yourself abreast of all the industry-related news, then this blog is just right for you! From conferences to wedding planning, they cover everything. Apart from news, the blog also features articles with tips and bits of advice,  which are contributions from top event management professionals around the world.

The Event Leadership Institute: Event Planning Blog –  This blog is the go-to site for all amateur event planners. It has abundant resources on a wide range of topics starting from the latest trends, to news, to innovative event management ideas. The blog shares at least 2 posts per month and will keep you updated on all industry news.

Berkeley Events BlogBased in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Berkeley Events was established in 1999 and since then, has become the most sought after event management and catering company in the area. The blog run by the company is a valuable source of industry information for all amateur and future event planners The blog publishes 2 posts a month.

Strauss Event & Association Management –  Strauss is a well-known name in the association and event management industry. Based in Canada, the firm is has managed some of the most high profile events in business and healthcare industries. They also run a blog that provides deep insights into the tricks of the trade.  It publishes a new post every week. 

College of Event Management – Based in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, the College of Event Management has established itself as one of the top names in the event management training industry. They run a blog that provides information for students to learn about the practical skills required to be successful in the industry. It publishes 4 posts per quarter. 

The Event Concierge: Event Management & Planning Blog – This blog is run by The Event Concierge, which is an event planning and management firm based in Phoenix, Arizona, United States. The firm is highly reputed and has planned some of the biggest events in Arizona. The blog is a step by step guide in how to make it big in the event management industry.

Clearly Classy Events – Based in Austin, Texas, Clearly Classy Events has carved out a niche for itself in the event planning sector. It has won numerous awards and reorganizations in the best event organizer category. The blog provides us with a step-by-step guide on how to establish oneself as an event planner and be unique in one’s ideas.

Hunter Valley Events Blog – Run by Hunter Valley Events, a premier event management firm based in the United States, this blog is a  landmine of resources with pieces of advice on team building, hosting corporate events, venue selection,  planning themed events, and much more.  Follow this blog to know everything about this industry in the Hunter Valley region. 

The Event Tutor Blog – Set in Brighton, England, United kingdom, this organization currently has more than 1,600 students who have enrolled in their online event planning and management workshop. The blog aims to educate novice event planners on how to deliver top-class events within a limited budget, familiarize them with every difficult aspect of being an event planner, etc.

Blogging is not only a hobby of sharing opinions but also a source of income. A blog is a webpage where an individual can share their views on a particular subject and get comments on it. These days, many of the people use a blog as a profession and earn money. Some others create a blog for advertising their business. A blog name is an essential part of the blog.

Catchy blog names for your great event planning business

Book Planning

Fashion Run

Design Event

Design work

Book Create

Mind Plan

Future Art

Time Tick

Next Planning

Time Vision

Watch Now

Now Form

Event Home

Time Calendar

Planning Now

Mind Booth

Dream Event

Care Consult

Future Genius

Forum Design

Planning Watch

Event Voice

Meet Planning

Next Create

Event Master

List Tick

Custom Event

Festival Design

Night Planning

Event Direct

Plan Control

Track Creation

Event Now

Event Future

Plan Alarm

Event Lead

List Arena

Drive Strategy

Event Action

Event Planning Art

Summit Form

Carnival Design

Focus Planner

Agenda Art

Unique Event

Booking Time

Watch Event

Genius Fix

Guide Calendar

Create Planner

Events Analysis

Occasion Art

Prep Planning

Model Event

Event Order

Goal Creation

Planning Arena

Inspire Night

Scope Work

Follow Guide

Event Digital

Event Green

Event planning is managing events such as weddings, meetings, convention, parties, etc. This planning includes selecting the venues, building timelines, acquiring the permits, planning the food, extending transportation, getting a theme, arranging public speakers, arranging equipment and other facilities, managing any risks, etc.

Top Event Planning Pages Names

The event planning is not an easy task but it holds many responsibilities and hard work. A successful event planner should have those creative ideas and the ability to transform them into reality.

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