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List of 159+ Brilliant Mental Health Slogans

Mental health is one of the most underrated topics that we all discuss. It is as important as physical health. The people suffering from it are not confident enough to speak about it and society still considers it as a stigma.

The right mental health slogans will help you make your mental health awareness campaign stand out.

October’s first week is celebrated as Mental Health Awareness Week. This is a problem as big as any other because almost every age group, both genders and doesn’t matter what profession everybody is affected by it. Therefore, mental health slogans are always of huge importance.

Best Mental Health Slogans.

  • Mental wellness plays a role
  • Don’t be ashamed to share your story
  • Recovery is an evolution, not a miracle
  • Mental health is preserved wealth.
  • take a step forward as a society.
  • Peace of mind allows positive mental health
  • Mental illness is not a personal failure.
  • Mental Illness is just a temporary part
  • Say yes to positivity say yes to freedom
  • A healthy mind signifies a healthy body

Here are Clever and Catchy mental health Slogans for your Inspiration

Seek help

Because it is not something to be ashamed of

Take therapy 

Look out for yourself

When you take therapies, you heal from within

Identify the signs

Share and seek help

Your story matters

Because you need to understand that mental anxiety can be discussed

You deserve the peace

Your mental health is important

Beat your anxiety with therapy

Because therapies can make you feel good

If you feel like life is sinking try positive thinking.

Not all wounds are visible.

Mental illness is not a personal failure.

Instead of being scared, let us discuss the issues

There is no shame in taking medication for mental illness , do whatever works for you.

To be healthy as a whole, your mental health plays a very vital role.

Don’t ignore your mental health, it is as bad as a cancer.

Never do something which exploits your mental peace.

Money is important but not more then your mental health.

Putting strain on your mind not only makes you tired but also makes you sick , be mentally healthy.

Don’t be ashamed to share your story it will inspire others to speak up.

You don’t need heroine to become a hero , just tell people how you overcame mental illness.

Taking a step today and talking today will help you lead a better tomorrow.

Help people to help you , speak to them to let them speak to you.

Mental strength is not the ability to stay out of darkness rather it is the ability to sit in darkness with the hope that light will shine again.

Inspiring Slogan on Mental Health

If you can survive the war with yourself then you can survive any war in the world.

You mental illness doesn’t define you but your fight with it will definitely do it.

Mental illness doesn’t make you weak  , the fight with it makes you strong.

Lets learn to talk about mental health and take a step forward as a society.

The best medication for mental illness is to make them feel comfortable about it.

Mental health issues can dealth with, so just talk it out.

Daily stress can leave your health in a mess.

Depression is a flaw in chemistry not a character.

Maybe I am a dreamer but I wish mental health treatment was as easy as to get a gun.

A major part of our population suffers with mental illness yet it is considered as stigma. It is high time we start talking.

Your mind is important to your health more than any wealth.

mental health awareness slogans

We know that mental illness is not something that happens to others. It is something that touches us all.Why then is mental illness met with so much of misunderstanding and fear?

We take care of our dental health but not our mental health.

I think the key to a better world a better tomorrow is to take a step together towards mental health.

Top Mental Health Slogans and Taglines

You are not your illness , you have a name , a history and a story to tell. Staying yourself is just a part of the battle.

We need so much more openness, transparency and courage to talk and understanding that its ok to talk about depression as an illness.It’s not weakness , it’s not a moral shortcoming. It’s something that people have brought to themselves.

Don’t judge my story by the chapter you walked in on.

No matter how hard the past is , you can always being again.

Mental illness is just like tunnel , so don’t be afraid of the dark there is a ray of light on either sides of it.

The strongest people are not those who show strength in front of the world but it’s those who fight the battle you have no idea about.

Mental illness doesn’t change you. You are still who you were.

Talk to people no matter friends or stranger. It might be your words that will heal their wounds.

Mental illness is not contagious. You won’t catch it by being kind.

Because all problems have solutions

Why do you have to be ashamed of it , it’s a disorder not a decision.

Mental illness is more of a journey then being a destination. It’s about how you drive then being where you are going.

It doesn’t cost you money to be kind enough to listen to the people.

Maybe its mere words for you when you listen to them but for them, it might be the healing therapy.

The bravest thing you can ever do in life is to keep living when you want to die.

Recovery is an evolution not a miracle. Stay patient.

Mental illness doesn’t define you it rather refines you.

mental health slogans

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There is always a bright sunny morning waiting for you after a stormy night.

Healthy Slogan About Mental Health

Let’s accept it as a medical condition and not as social stigma.

Because you need to start fighting somewhere

Mental health is preserved wealth.

You can do a lot more instead of just being judmental

Be brave and it will pass by.

Nobody will ever tell you that emptiness weighs the most.

In the end it’s the warrior people talk about , so keep fighting until you beat mental illness.

You are the same person even after you find out that you have mental sickness. Stop judging you to stop people judging you.

A healthy mind signifies a healthy body

Because our support group can really be of help

Positive thinking is the key to success

Because ignoring mental issues can worsen everything

Mental illness is not equal to failure

Ignoring mental illness is a big blunder

Peace of mind allows positive mental health

Instead of being so stressed, release it all

Mental health first money second

Communication makes you mentally fit

Because mental health is as important as physical health

Fight the war within to survive outside

Fight mental illness it makes you strong

Shape your mind to shape your future

Because we will always be here when you need us

Never hide mental illness

Help fight mental illness

Because you should fight your demons

Because mental health is undoubtedly the biggest weath

Love and care is a solution for mental illness

mental health and pychological wellbeing awareness slogans

Top Slogan on Mental Well-Being

Patience is a weapon to fight mental illness

When you care for someone going through mental problems, you heal

A healthy mind is an asset

Fight stress to fight mental illness

Relax whenever you need to

A strong will can overcome mental ill

Mental illness doesn’t signify weakness

Instead of burying all your emotions, just talk

Take control over emotions to take control of your mental health

Share a smile it reduces mental pain

Because with love, mental anxiety can be controlled

Seeking help is not defect

No discrimination in mental health

Because talking is important

Mental illness, it’s time to talk

Therapies are not good; instead, they are the Best

You are never alone

Mental illness cannot measure your actual value

Keeping mum is not a good idea, instead, talk

Every day is a good day to relax

Never hesitate to share your issues

Instead of hesitating, come let us talk it out

At times not thinking anything is good for your mind

Never be a slave of your own thoughts

Healthy Mental Health Awareness Slogan

Because pleasing others can never be your duty

Let your thoughts wander without restriction 

The battle in your mind is never-ending …Keep fighting

Don’t live to please others

Because we are here for you

Mental illness is not being crazy

It’s ok if certain things are beyond your control

Because you should talk it out

Loneliness is a state of mind

Be honest with yourself

Reviving from damage makes you stronger

Because it is not the world’s end, you can heal

Tell your victory story

Expression emotion reduced mental pain

Don’t hold back from the fear of losing 

When there is a family behind your back, nothing is impossible to achieve

Good friends kick out mental illness

It’s your battle, but you don’t need to fight alone

They say mental illness is invisible, but it can be seen in you

Your mind is a warehouse then get rid of the rotten stock

Being different is not being sick

Your mental illness is not your identity

Don’t bury emotions let it flow

Because we are here to help, not to judge

Mental illness is not your life; it’s just a temporary part

What love and care can do medicines cannot

Negative thinking be sure to avoid it at all costs

Because negative thinking can be of harm

Say yes to positivity say yes to freedom

Anger is not the solution for an uncomfortable feeling

Because you can completely trust us

Overcoming mental illness is a choice, not a mental illness itself

Surviving the worst days are the time you fight the hardest

mental health slogans

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