680+ Top Church Blogs and Pages Names

A church has a community and there should be some communication between the church and the community. The best way to do this is through a blog. Hence most of the churches create blogs for this purpose and flourish in their mission.

These blogs not only allow people to communicate with the church but also earns money for the charity works of the church.

Top 10 Church blogs of the world

Desiring God The blog is based in Minneapolis. The blogger wishes to celebrate the truth in God. If you want to join the passion of looking for things from a different religious perspective, you should surely follow this blog.

Pivot The blog is owned by Karl Vaters who is a pastor as well as an author. On the blog, you will get information on church health and how to maintain leadership in a small church.

The Gospel Coalition The blogger is based in Chicagoland, IL. The aim of the blog is to prepare the next generation for gospel-centered ministry. They preach, teach, and cherish.

James River blog This blog is based in Springfield, MO led by Pastor John and Debbie Lindell. Their aim is to bring hope and happiness through the words of Christ in the lives of people.

Antioch Community Church– The blog is based in Waco, TX. They aim to see the purpose of God in all things and provide his teachings to people.

The Church of Scotland- They have the aim to invite people to commit their lives to Jesus Christ. They will help you to express your faith in worship, prayer, and action.

Church Society The blog aims to strengthen local churches in biblical faith. They also help to shape the Church of England. You can follow them for publications and other resources.

The Catalog of Good Deeds– If you wish to keep your first step in church or want to learn something new about faith, follow them. They have the latest news about churches and convents. 

Grow a Healthy Church- The blog is based in Australia. They provide local churches with innovative programs that help in maintaining the health of the church in terms of service and resources.

Central Vineyard Church- They aim to see the world which is broken with the perspective of Christ and should live accordingly.

The information about the masses of the church, activities of the church, liturgy, and other are uploaded in these blogs to help people know about the church.  Hence, these church blogs have more traffic. People get inspiration and interest in Jesus and his teachings through these blogs.

List of Church blog names

Religious Home

Church Events

Faith Magic

Religion Top

Cathedral Light

Temple Signs

A Holy Experience

Acts 29

Bad Catholic

Between Two Worlds

Borrowed Light

Curious Christian

Desiring God

Everyday Theology

Chapel Saver

Choir Waves

Priest User

Hall Secrets

Christian Scene

Chapel Air

Temple Ninja

Christian City

Parish Friend

Catholic Chart

Faith Experience

Cathedral Home

Christian Studio

Clergy West

Chapel Tutor

Religious Faq

Faith Spy

Christian Test

Smart Chapel

Religious Den

Chapel Cut

Kingdom People

Life in Grace


Living By Faith Blog

Living Proof

New Advent

On the Box

Reading Acts

Christian Color

Chapel Extra

Priest Basket

Choir Prices

Catholic Nexus

Parish Idea

Catholic Style

Hall Networks

Faith Ready

Priest Display

Faith Mail

Religion Tours

Catholic Skills

Chapel Beyond

Catholic Aid

Catholic User

Cathedral Search

Choir Connect

Catholic Shoes

Christian Day

Parish Name

Cathedral Docs

Temple Press

County Wire

Church Scholar

Shrine Trade

Muncipal Gate

Chapel Reports

Faithful Save

Chapel Ratings

Bishop Chart

Church Advice

Choir Drop

County Gram

Church Check

Belief Form

Religious Wisdom

Clergy Answers

Creed Center

Faith Shack

Church Bin

Worship Casting

Faiths Lifestyle

Scholars Route

Dogma Blue

Religious Serve

Altar Worldwide

Cathedral Flip

Parish Updates

Faithful Themes

Church Charts

Church League

Religious Camp

Altar Idea

Church Mentor

Chamber Tap

Thinking Out Loud

Thought Life

True Woman

Unsettled Christianity

What’s Best Next

Religious Beat

Altar Sources

Cathedral Tv

Parish Cool

Religious Mail

Church Boy

Church Picture

Religious Week

Parish Track

Chapel Calendar

Catholic Next

Catholic Times

Parish Do

Parish Following

Altar Alert

Church Preview

Parish Morning

Parish Docket

Church Second

Religious Arena

Cathedral Tick

Altar Bhooth

Parish Follow

Parish Time

Chamber Hour

Loyal Outlook

Cathedral Event

Church Slot

Religious Venue

Parish Occasion

Church Upcoming

Altar Booking

Church After

Religious Impact

Parish Mind

Choir Artist

Parish Inspiration

Christian Editor

Catholic Edit

Hall Fashion

Clergy Act

Priest Produce

Choir Dream

Temple Custom

Catholic Design

Christian Shape

Parish Writer

Religion Vision

Parish Poet

Temple Modify

Chapel Fantasy

Priest Combine

Catholic inspire

Chapel Files

Cathedral Display

Hall Originate

Choir Flexible

Priest Decorator

Religious Model

Catholic Act

Clergy Symbol

Faith Genius

Christian Muse

Faith Modify

Religion Talent

Christian Crisp

Chapel Institute

Inventive Catholics

A blog created by a blogger is a webpage which contains information about a topic. The readers of the blog can communicate with the blogger about the topic they read and this is the great advantage to have a blog. A blog is the best way to get new information as it is updated frequently.

Top Church Pages Names

Many of the small businesses take advantage of blogs to promote their services and individuals earn money through it. A blog is a great idea to earn even when you sleep! Readers are attracted to a blog only when they find interesting contents.

A blog name also can make an impact on blog traffic. Hence, it is more important to choose the right blog name.

-Gospel Gossips

-Biblical Practices

-Beyond Chapels

-Religious Renditions

-Christian Muse

-Count ones Blessings

-Faith Forever

-Christianity Sayings

-Daily Devotion

-Devoted Hearts

-Faith and Family

-Forever Essence

-Faith and Lessons

-Serve for Him

-Devoted Souls

-Parish Path

-Digital Bible Tales

-Faith and Church

-Gospel Lessons

-Grace Gospels

-Family Faith Foundation

-God Given Gift

-God’s Creations

-Christ Designs

-Serving for Christ

-Modern Worships

-Christian Experience

-Bishops Blessings

-Bishops Blog

-Brazen Church

-Desiring God

-Truth Seekers

-Few Christian Things

-Parish Pairs

-Grace Gossips

-Blog of Grace

-Apostle Sayings

-Powerful Prayers

-Always a Believer

-Spreading the Preaching

-Allegorical Readings

-Apostolic Succession

-Prayers and Praises

-Arianism Sayings

-Purification of Parish

-Baptized Housing

-Biblical Canons

-Faith Leads the Way

-Faith in Christ

-Calvinism Community

-Beyond Blessed

-Fairies Fandom

-Christology Confessions

-Godly Covenant

-Christian Wordings

-Parish Prayers

-Cathedral Choir

-Catholic Relief

-Chapel and More

-Shrine and Shine

-Catholic Lifestyle

-New Vision

-Faithful Search

-Bible Believers

-Cathedral Charts

-Christ Culture

-Religious Chamber

-Jesus Calling

-Christ Driven

-Jesus’ Words

-Healing Heals

-Lord’s Light

-Dependent on Him

-Praying Out Loud

-Faith in Follwing

-Faith’s Experience 

-Heaven and Home

-Gospel’s Truth

-Favorite Hymn 

-Jesus’ Space



-Liturgy Worship

-Faith’s Work

-Regnum Christi

-Amen to the Altar

-Baptistery Bible

-The Faith

-Christian Café

-Altar Awakening

-Just Jesus

-Vision Voyage

-Grace and Gratitude

-God for Good

-Awakened Souls

-Following Footsteps

-Additional Angels

-Apostles Angels

-Heaven’s Hallelujah

-Shelter from Sins

-Christ Tart

-Confirmation from Christ

-Crucifix’s Church

-Faith Community

-Paul Pharisee

-Joseph Journey

-Holy Community

-Holy Christening

-Divine Thoughts

-Altar Space

-Christ Centered

-Prosperity Gospel

-Shelter in Storm

-Seeking Shelter

-Faith Church

-Cathedral Calendar

-Loyal Follower

-Altar Aims

-Choir Community

-Jesus’ Visions

-Faith Tech

-Common Faith

-Palm Sunday

-Palestinian Weather

-Theodicy against Evil

-Trinity Voyage

-Faith Work

-Faith Forever

-Christ City

-Vows Voyage

-Worship Warehouse

-Disciple’s Day

-Surrendering Sufferings

-Next to Him

-God’s Plan

-Jesus Calls

-Global Faith

-Faith Play

-Soulful Songs

-Messiah and Moses

-Trinity Salvation

-New Testament

-Pilgrimage Quest

-Restful Rhythms 

-Religious Realizations

-Chapel’s Choir

-Inventive Followers

-Faith Modifiers

-Living on His Will

-Storytelling through Faith

-Muse of Christ

-Christian Art

-Journey with Faith

-Heavenly Hews

-Biblical Reader

-Miracle Believer

-Jesus all the Way

-Priest Process

-Choir Charms

-Balanced Faith

-Devoted Daily

-Influential Christian 

-Faithfully His

-Finding Meaning

-Faithful Promises

-Daily Prayers

-Joyous Jesus

-Swaying with Faith

Surviving and Devoting 

-Life Decisions

-Mighty Almighty

-Unending Faith

-Soulful and Spiritual

-Fearless Follower

-Youthful Angels

-Rest and Prayers

-Free Your Soul

-Church’s Sayings

-Surviving Tragedies

-Living Under Faith

-Pilgrimage Passage

-Faith Factor

-Christian World

-Sunday’s Faith

-Faith Chapel

-Spiritual Shows

-Jesus Follower

-Christ Centre

-Omnipotent Power

-Plural Prayer

-Priest and Prosperity

-Resurrection and Revelation

-Bountiful Beliefs

-Boundless Blessings

-Salvation Army

-Salvation and Sanctity

-Christian Communion 

-Sanctity Souls

-Soteriology Study

-Savior Sermon

-Confession Confirmation

-Cross’ Creation

-Crucifixion Purification

-Diocese Discipline 

-Dream Finds

-Catholic Fantasies 

-Zealous for Jesus

-Trinity Trip

-Soul Squad

-Heaven Hebrew

-Incarnation in Mind

-Joseph’s Joy

-Kingdom of Lord

-Glorious Teachings

-Sacred Salvation

-Samaritan Army

-Lord’s Lent

-Mary and Miracle

-Trinity Theist

-Ten Commandments

-Vision and Vows

-Lords Quest

-Christian Crusade

-Lords Pilgrimage

-Jesus Tramp

-Scholars Fate

-Forever and Beyond

-Christian Faith

-The New Revelations

-Life of the Faithful

-In Bible’s Sayings

-Hope from Heaven

-River of Life

-Keeping the Belief

-Faith in your Belief

-Rhythms of Life

-Walking in Faith

-Heart’s Home

-Biblical Lifestyle

-Righteous River

-Spiritually Healed

-Healed and Connected

-Christ by my Side

-Miracles of the Day

-Words of an Angel

-Christian Fighter

-Towards Life and Light

-Healing Hews 

-Christian’s Prayers

-Glorious Prayers

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