101+ Top Vegan blogs and Pages names

The vegan blogs are helpful for such people who want to go for veganism. The vegans create blogs just to teach you how to be on the vegan diet and what to eat and what not eat.

Top 15 Vegan Blogs of the world

Love Life and Lollipops – Love Life and Lollipops has been created by Eve Lynn Kessner who has shown us how to cleanse our body so as to get the optimum energy in a natural way. The blog provides personal insights on the manner in which she has dealt with life experiences and it provides some wholesome recipes as well.

Made of Stars – This particular site has been created by Ally who offers various recipes that happen to be smoothies, appetizers, and entrees supporting the vegan lifestyle. You will also come across some desserts which offer lots of nutrition. The blog also provides information on how to feed your kids on a vegan diet.

Maplespice – In this delightful website, you will come across some wonderful recipes such as Berry Almond Muffins, Pesto Cannellini Bean Houmous, and so on. The vegan meals happen to be appetizing and unique and you will want to try all of them at once. Interestingly, the blogger, Debbie, is struggling with the condition named lupus.

Meet The Shannons – Having more than 90,000 Facebook followers, the Shannons happen to be experts when it comes to vegan living. In the book recently published by them, they have transformed the Betty Crocker recipes successfully into vegan alternatives. Their website provides various delicious recipes such as Lemon & Dill Vegan Chicken Salad and Vanilla Bean Baby Donuts.

A Couple of Cooks – This astounding vegan blog had been founded by Alex and Sonja Overhiser. The blog has been featured at WashingtonPost.com, Oprah.com, FoodandWine.com, BonAppetit.com, and so on. The recipes have been inspired by their travel adventures and seasonal produce. Recipes consist of Vegan Jackfruit Tacos, Vegan Pizza, Decadent Vegan Chocolate Cake, and Vegan Biscuits and Gravy.

Minimalist Athlete – This blog provides nutrition from the perspective of a plant-based athlete. The images posted here are quite mouthwatering and therefore you will definitely want to look at them. Minimalist Athlete provides lots of articles regarding training being an athlete and the ways to include a vegan diet into the lifestyle of an athlete.

Emilie Eats – Emilie Hebert started sharing her plant-powered recipes on the web after becoming vegan in the year 2015. At present, she has in excess of 70,000 Instagram followers. She shares a fresh recipe prepared from inexpensive and simple food items such as nuts, lentils, vegetables, whole grains, and fruits every week. 

Love and Lemons – The appearance of this particular vegan blog is quite attractive given that it has lots of visually pleasing photographs. One can actually eat with his eyes since all the photographs here are clean as well as bright. You will come across plenty of variations on this site from seasonal favorites to appetizers.

Chocolate Covered Katie – As suggested by its name, Chocolate Covered Katie happens to be a blog which is concerned about sweets. In case you like to go for some super simple baked food items then this blog is ideal for you. Here, the blogger has provided plenty of cookies, breads, as well as brownies.

Oh She Glows – In all probabilities you have come across this particular blog on Instagram in case you are interested in the vegan lifestyle even just a bit. This blog is extremely popular at present and there are many reasons for that as well. It offers many family-friendly recipes ideal for parents who are in a hurry.

Avant-Garde Vegan – Avant-Garde Vegan is a blog which is becoming increasingly popular over time. It emphasizes on vegan classical meals as well as favorites including KFC chick’n sandwich, filet-o-fish, and key lime pie. The blogger has published his new cookbook only recently which is packed with recipes of these types mentioned above.

Vanilla and BeanThis blog is noted for its attractive and rustic appearance. It comes with subsections for vegan and vegetarian recipes, and thus it contains plenty of options for different appetites. The blogger has taken some impeccable photographs of the impeccable treats prepared by her. If you are interested in sweet snacks then visit this blog.

From My Bowl – This blog is operated by a girl who has just finished her college and this shows that success doesn’t depend on how old a person is. Simple, clean, and well-rounded meals have been featured by this blog. Moreover, the super simple sauce and dressing recipes that have been highlighted here also deserve mention.

Sweet Simple Vegan – Sweet Simple Vegan actually emphasizes on recipes which are oil-free and which are required for our everyday meals. Here, they have offered plenty of Buddha bowls, salads, as well as several vegan twists on classics such as spinach artichoke dip and potato casserole.

It’s Liv B – This is one of those vegan blogs which you should not ignore by any means. It offers some scrumptious day meals which can be prepared within a few minutes only. Moreover, most of the recipes come with minimal ingredients and this is definitely an added bonus.

A blog is a webpage which allows users to create their personal page to share their opinion and get comments from others. Blogging has become a profession as an individual can earn money through it. Companies use blogs as their online marketing tool. A catchy blog name can draw readers attention and tempt them to read the blog.

Clever vegan blog names for your interest in veganism

Eat Cook

Kitchen Dish

Kitchen Jar

Sugar Food

Restaurant Bite

Diet Bite

Sweet Honey

Sugar Grill

Diet Burger

Pot Gourmet

Jam Grill

The Dripping Veg

Taste Jar

Herb Honey

Menu Ate

Vegan Eat

Spice Pot

Sushi Burger

Hungry Kitchen

Veg Diet

Soup Food

Flora Life

Veg Sushi

Edible Kitchen

Hungry Menu

Baker Cuisine

Foodie Burger

Vegan Blog Names

Delicious Chef

Snack Chef

Flavor Recipes

Veggie Gourmet

Green Life Vlog

Knife Jar

Plants Action

BioKay Wellness

Oven Honey

Nourish Grill

Feast Dish

Garlic Bite

Total Body Botanical

Tasting Honey

Zesty Cook

Chef Fry

Eat Boil

Diet Veg

Jam Nourish

Diet Crust

Plant Prestige

Brew Healthier

Herb Tasty

Veganism is a method of vegetarian diet which excludes meat, eggs, dairy products, and all other animal-derived food. Usually, a vegan diet will have grains, vegetables, fruits, legumes, and beans. Vegan eat all common everyday food what everyone eats such as sandwiches, chips, green salad, peanut butter, etc.

Trending Vegan Blog Names

Top Vegan Pages Names

 The reason behind the veganism is not only about prevention of exploitation of animals, but also to follow the well-planned diets which are health and which contains all the nutrients that our body needs. The vegan food is packed with fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Hence many people want to follow the veganism. But the cooking and the way of adopting the veganism is difficult for them.

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