185+ Top Coding Blogs and Pages Names

Blogs are done for reader engagement. They are often put up on social media since it has the ability for readers to comment about a particular subject and create a discussion with the blogger. It is important to select a creative blog name. Pick something generic which include your brand too.

Names and Slogans Blog Names 185+ Top Coding Blogs and Pages Names

185+ Top Coding Blogs and Pages Names

These days software has become popular and in every field, it is needed. The quality of software depends on its strong coding skills. Therefore, coding is a crucial part to be learned before going into the software field. Many software programmers have created blogs regarding coding and have explained how the coding should be to prove yourself at your workplace. The basic of coding has to be well-versed to start with software projects.

Top 15 Coding blogs of the world

Coding Horror The blog is owned by Jeff Atwood who is a software engineer from Berkeley CA and started this blog in 2004. If you are interested in web development, software engineering, and computers, you should definitely follow this blog.

David Walsh BlogOn this blog, you will find model libraries programming tutorials and shortcuts for programming in JavaScript. if you wish to learn to code quicker and more efficiently you should surely follow this blog.

A List Apart This blog is done by a group of bloggers that create a highly informative and entertaining stream of posts. If you wish to learn about issues affecting web accessibility, programming language, user interface, and front end development, this is the place you are looking for.

WebDevBlog Even though it is a new blog, its guides and articles are featured in very famous blogs. You can look up to in this blog if you are looking for in-depth articles about web developers.

Codewall the blog is owned by Dan Englishby who is a British web developer. The blog has an in-depth tutorial and guides for the front end and back end developers. The articles of this blog are such that they will motivate both beginners and experienced coders.

Future processing The blog is owned by IT professionals and software engineers who are specialized in .NET and Java development. This is the best place to look for technology trends and news regarding software development and coding practices.

Ray Wenderlich This blog is known for its most trusted and high quality in the market. The blog contains step by step programming tutorials, videos, and posts for programming applications as well as podcasts.

Erik BernhardssonThe blogger examines all the issues that affect coders and windows support issues for various coding software. If you are someone who is interested in coding and want to pick up some quick tips you must definitely look at this blog.

Cat on Mat- The blog is owned by Peteris Krumins who is a very well known programmer. On this blog, you will find topics that cover JavaScript libraries, tools, XML, JSON, and even about binary.

Web Designer Depot This blog will provide you a lot of articles and tutorials that will help the cause and designers to understand coding better. You should definitely go through this blog if you are interested in web design and web development.  

NSHipster- If you are someone who codes in Objective – C and is looking for rare and useful facts and tips you should definitely have a look at this blog.

CodePen Blog This blog provides amazing posts and articles on topics like web development, open-source tool, and programming language. It is a very famous project library from where you can share and download libraries and other codes.

Scott Hanselman This blog will keep you posted about new trends in programming, convections as well as protocols. It covers issues like .NET programming, web application, and tutorials on how to set up and IIS web hosting server.

Hongkiat If you want to know about various programming languages, web designing and web development this log will provide you some very easy and step by step tutorials. 

CSS Tricks This blog has a vast library of reusable code snippets, tricks that will help you with various programming languages and is known as the best programming blog for front end developers.

Some blogs include podcast to those who wish to learn through audio files. If you are interested to learn some corporate level coding, these blogs help you with it. Hence, most of these blogs have become popular and are helping bloggers to earn money. 

Best coding blog names for your interest in programming

Coding Today

Software Offer

Syntax Live

Workflow Buyer

Recode Book

Codified Fashion

Code Fights

Code The Web


Coding Alpha

Coding Dojo Blog


Parser Can

Schemas Jobs

Recode Sky

Microcode Media

Parser Creations

Workflow for You

Workflow OS

Parser People

Encoder Designer

Microcode Juice

Scripting Rating

Fortran Shark

Macros Spinner

Meta Data Rs

Schemas Corner

Typing Direct

Workflow Job

Syntax Good

Typing Furniture

Scripting Mail

Codified Bank

Recode Foundation

Encode DNA

Fueled Blog

Geek Boots

I’m Programmer

Lambda the Ultimate

Live Coding

Parser Sky

Microcode Gear

Keying Mat

Scripting Trader

Typing Flip

Fortran Pool

Spooler Assist

Codec Cycle

Parser Gadgets

Schemas Hill



Syntax Definition

Tech Pursue

Tech Xposer



Software Agents

Macros Design

Recode Star

Gige Connect

Resolver Mate

Decoder Mash

Scaler Wallet

Mux Kits

Codec Control

Decoder Ville

Converter Pot

Subsystem Paper

Uart Bear

Scaler Monitor

Digitizer Click

Codec Extra

Servo Cup

Entry Gate

Typing Vista

Hole Bio

Striking Log

Hole Wireless

Perf Trends

Typing Jet

Entry Poll

Merged Hosting

Keyed Spin

Statute Action

Keyed Spin

The Crazy Programmer

The Endeavour

The Pragmatic Integrator


Watch Down

Dull Bytes

Scrambled Pod

Merged Next

Audio Stage

Coder Pal

Wav Travel

Ogg Vip

Bitrate Cap

Decoder Race

Encoders About

Transcode Authority

Encoder Works

Playback Tron

Encoder Ok

Jpeg Central

Converter Advisor

Decode Choice

Recode Ball

Decoder Tools

Audio Type

Scrambler Smart

Aac Blue

Decode Pedia

Playback Page

Bitrate Images

Coder Adventures

Decode Server

Encoder Craft

Coder Events

Converter Game

Wav Broker

Encoders Study

Binary Match

Analysis Cam

Probe Solution

Checker United

Syntax Tags

Schema Mash

Probe Farm

Analysis Hit

Syntax Lovers

Binary Stands

Syntax Charts

Macros Port

Code Consultants

Microcode Forums

Codec Logic

Macros Guides

Software Class

Plans Styles

Program Alert

Schedule Shots

Series Social

Cycle Map

Software Hand

Plans Website

Cycle Themes

Planning Fit

Plans Resources

Series Match

Software Sat

Lineup Sight

Agenda Writer

Merged Epic

Keyed Therapy

Coder Smith

Scaler Night

Switcher Flip

Resolver Wisdom

Software Minds

Computer Race

Adobe Guild

Source Bug

Program Websites

Shareware Agent

Hardware Mates

Programme Sky

Reader Spy

Source Technology

Word Advantage

Tool Big

Adobe Wave

Computer Mentor

Agenda Flash

Blogging has emerged as a great profession these days as many earn good money through it. A blog is a page online created to exhibit an individual’s talent. Through blogs, a reader can communicate with the blogger about the topic they are reading. Also, a blog always shows fresh news as it is updated on a regular basis.

Top Coding Pages Names

A blog is useful for businesses to promote their business and for an individual to earn money through it. The contents of a blog are essential to make customer engage with it. Similarly, a blog name catches the eyes of a reader. 

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