820+ Cold Cream Brand Name Ideas, Suggestions And Domain Ideas

Cold creams are one of the essential winter care items. During the winters, cold creams become our savior when our skin gets dry. You will actually find several cold cream brands out in the market.

Being an essential skincare item is a profitable business too. So, if you want to start your own cold cream brand, you must ensure it differs from your competitor. You can start by naming it in the right manner.

How to Choose a Name for Your Cold Cream Brand

✅ Choose a simple, attractive name that is easy to remember and spell.
✅ Check if the name is available before registering it.
✅ The name should have a proper meaning.
✅ Customers should be hooked to the brand name.

Importance of Name for Cold Cream Brand

Naming your cold cream brand is the first step towards building your brand. So, you must know the importance a name carries with it. A great name should have the potential to attract customers. But how does it benefit your brand?

  • Branding Improves Recognition

Branding is very important because it will help your brand to get recognized in the market. Naming your brand will help you to increase your popularity among customers. 

  • It Will Keep Customers Engaged

A unique and interesting name has the ability to keep customers engaged. People will be interested in your brand more once they find the brand name trustworthy. In fact, they will return to you with even more customers.

  • Names Help in Marketing

Marketing your brand is necessary to make people aware of your brand. Promoting it will be impossible unless you have a unique name for your brand. Your name is the primary thing that will represent your brand everywhere.

Tips to Choose the Best Names for Your Cold Cream Brand

You will find some of the most helpful tips here, which will tell you about all those things you must remember before naming your coffee brand.

Make It Simple and Less Confusing

A simple yet interesting name can attract people more. Complicated names will confuse them. So, create a name that is absolutely simple, easy to spell, and pronounce. 

Give It a Meaning

A meaningful name will help your customers understand what your brand is about as soon as they hear or see it. The name should be related to your brand or else it may create a lot of confusion.

Trademarking Is a Must

While deciding on a brand name, make sure that no other brand exists by the same name. So, check for trademarks that will mark your brand name as unique, or else you will lose the authenticity.

Make a List of Names

Take suggestions from your close ones and make a list of all those names that they suggest. Decide on what type of name you want. You will get your brand name soon.

Formula for Creating a Perfect Name for Your Cold Cream Brand

Naming your cold cream brand can be a difficult process but definitely not an impossible one. The right name will attract people more. So, here are some name-generating formulas that will help you to create a great name for your cold cream brand.

Noun- The objects that you see around you or in your home can give you great ideas for a name. For example- Honey 

Adjective- An adjective that can describe your brand to the customers better can be used to generate a good name. For example- Soft Touch

Feeling- How would your customers feel when your customers will use your product? Put that feeling in the name of your brand. For example- Happy Skin

Color- Colour names are universal and simple, so they are used to create a simple name too. For example- White Feel

Humor- Choosing a humorous name can make your brand name sound interesting but do not choose sensitive words. For example- Blushing Skin

This and that- Putting ‘and’ between two words can make even long names sound shorter. For example- Soft and Moist

Personification- You may turn your brand into a personality but name it after a person’s name. For example- Elle’s touch

Alliteration- Alliterative names can be interesting when it contains words containing a same number of letters. For example- Purefair

Rhyming- Brand names can be generated using two similar-sounding or rhyming words. For example- Cold Gold

Combination- Combining two existing words can easily generate a new name. For example- Dermasoft

Top Cold Cream Brand Names In The US

  • Pond’s
  • Eve Lom Cleanser
  • Nivea
  • Avene 
  • Queen Helene 
  • Weleda
  • Ole Henriksen
  • Jergen’s
  • Noxzema

Catchy Cold Cream Brand Names 

You can get people towards your cold cream brand in different ways. First is the name of your cold cream brand.

You will be at an advantage if you can have a catchy name for your cold cream brand. A catchy name for your brand can be created by using ideas taken from different types of names.

Infinity Cold Cream

Glisten Skin

Guava Paradise

Rosebud Skincare

Strawberry Lotion

Dandelion Dream

Lavender Vanilla

Angel Diamonds

Lush Skin Care

Angel Baby Lotion

Lover’s Lane

Aurora Luminous

Creamy Dream

Drizzle Of Honey

Soft Touch

Cosmo probe

Facelift Skincare

Magically Smooth

Peachy Keen

Daily Moisture Lotion

Beach Lotion

Skinny Dip

Curly Whirly

Berry Blossoms

Grateful Herb Lotion

Aha! Brightening Lotion

Budget Cosmetics

Her Body Lotion

Emerald Dreams

X-Cream Tanning

Truly Blissful

Butterfly Kisses

Fruity Carnival

Angel Sky Creme

Cool Blue

Nature’s Touch

Beachy Fresh

Nectarine Lotion

Luxuriant Lotion

Revive Skin Boutique

Sunsational Skincare

Banana Butter Lotion

Butter Beads

Frosty Fun

Advanced Skin Therapy

Creamy Cocoa Butter

Coconut Splash

Skin Away

Work the Magic

Honey Bee Body Butter

Greenish Glare

The Skin Recovery

Strawberry Burst

Silky Skin

Beach Butter

First Choice Skincare

Alpha Girl Lotion

Fortunate Face

Fierce Luxe

Coconut Mint

Pink Moon

Creamy Bananas


Lazy Secret

Bloom Blue

Radiant Skin Dermatology

Gently Nourish

Fret Not Lotion

Care Values

Super Lift

Come Closer

Satin Smooth

Silky Touch

Sunny Skin Up

Velvety Smooth

Citrus Nights

Skin Laundry

Mystic Dew

Lava Lotion

Brighten Up

Moist Magic

Summer Smoothie

Fresh Skin & Body

My Pretty Polish

Baby Wine

Chilly Tingle

Elegant touch

Honeyed Skincare

Smoothy cold cream

Mango Tango

Smile Esthetics

Creamy Goodness

The Skincare Shoppe

Citrus Burst

Tender Lotion

Consonant Skincare

Aloe & Go

Turn Beautiful

Mica Skincare

Avenue Skin Care

Cool Cold Cream Brand Names

When deciding on a name for your cold cream brand, you will come across many types of names. You can go through the following list of cool names to gain knowledge or idea about the names.

It will help you set up the factors considered important while choosing a name for your brand.

Grape fruit cream

Breath of Fresh Air

Sun-Kissed Skin

Breathe Brows

Sunlight Lotion

Smart Skin Solutions

Simply Earth

Ocean Breeze

Ekon Skin Care

Spa of Tranquility

Get Lotioned!

Creamie Cool

Tingle Time

Happy Skin

Butter Me Up

Ideal Body

Atomic Glow

Paradise Lotion

Berry Sensation

Luscious Skin Spa

Radiant Glow

Lip Love

Harp & Bliss

Ulta Beauty

Vibrant Skin Care

Gliding Lotion

The Glow Shack

Youthful Glow

Moisture Action

Mister Skin

Positively Radiant

Scent the End

Cucumber Island Breeze

Enchanted Lotion

Glow Skin Boutique

Glow Skin Lab

Alkaline Skincare

Exotic Skincare

Rosemary Mint Lotion

Sandalwood Musk Lotion

Bling Ring Body Lotion

Honey Babe

Alluring Health

Starry Night

Prive to Smile

Beauty Achieved

Cashmere Kisses

Body Bling

Dewy Gal

Sunshine Daily

Upscale Skincare

Silky Smooth

Urban Shade Care

Supreme Skin Clinic

Laced Bliss

All Natural Lotion

Moonlight Elixir

Shining Skin Bar

Allura Skin

Body Love

Advanced Skin Clinic

Crystal Ice

Organic skin Elements

Blue Skies

Essence of Argan

Reliable Medicare

Minty Sunshine

Creamy Body Butter

Blush Skin Care

Magic Lotion

Tickle Your Fancy

Galleria Laser Skin & Body

Love Your Skin

Two Little Fishies

Lightning Brilliance

Peel & Pamper

Butter Me Up!

Tropical Breeze Lotion

Premier Aesthetics

Energetic Elements

Midsummer’s Night Dream

Vibrant Radiance

Lavish Lotion

Luscious Lotion

Cuddle Care

Bac Biotech

French Lavender

Primary Property

Grew Care Skincare

Cooling Zen

The Skin Retreat

Touchable Softness

Sun Kissed Pride

Natural Skincare Solutions

Conscious Skincare Spa

Peach Refresher

White Cotton

Sea flora Skincare Inc

Eternity Lotion

Creamy cold sensational 

Clever Cold Cream Brand Names

Do you know that the name of your col cream brand plays an important role? Well, you must always choose a clever name for any brand you are establishing.

It is essential to focus on the name because it will help you in getting recognized. You can have a look at the following names for your cream brand.

Eternal Skin Care Inc

Renewed Skin Care

Awaken Your Senses

Luna Slim Skincare

All Out Perfection Lotion

Sweetly Sensual

Crazy Skin Care

Innovations Medical

Hocus Pocus

Pure Living

Dreamy Potion

Calming Meadow

Lotion Lovers

You Complete Me

Essentially Yours

Luxe Skin Care

Red Vine Skincare

Heaven’s Smile

Shiny Laser Skin

Abracadabra Lotion

World of Lotion

Glow On

Sunshine Skin

Blonde Moment

Total Skin Care

Pure Luxury Lotion

Hot Hands

Cool Cotton Candy

Light Touch

Delicate Shin Trading 

Honest Skincare

Cocoa Butter Girl

More You Glow

Lotion Up

Tickled Pink

Bottomless Tanning

Acne & Sooth

After sun Aloe Vera

Affectionately Pampered

Sensi Skin Care

Pink Yogurt

Amber Delight

Wild Flare

Belle Bliss

Smooth Radiance

Golden Glow Lotion

Face academia

Aloe Vera Antidote

Dreamy Lotion

Radiance Recovery

Barely There Lotion

Cocoa Butter Fudge

Tropical Lotion

Lakeside Skin Spa

Image Aesthetics

Rose crown Skin Care

Skincare by Jasmine

Limelight Lotion

The Skin Health

Rose Petals

Bee Healthy

Moisture Miracle

New Look Laser

Skin Aspirations

Morning Dew

Flawless Skin Care

Lotion Queen

Mint Skin Boutique

Papaya Passion

Delicate Touch Lotion

Glitter Gloss and Glaze

Apple Balm

Doll Face Skincare

Lotion Deluxe

Crème De La Crème

Cool Rush

Moisturizing Experience

The Naked Skincare

Refinery Beauty

Glowing Skin Care

Puppy Love

Soft Cloud

Doll Eyes Skincare

Wild Rose!

Cotton Candy

Milk of Magnesia

Clear Face Clinic

Warm Softness

Nourish Lotion

One Medicare

Hot Cocoa Body Butter

Brow me Pretty

Face It Skincare

Citrus Splash

Revision Skincare

Lemon Lotion

Purified Cells

Botanica Works

Olive Chic

Cold skin days

Funny Cold Cream Brand Names

To create a funny name for your cold cream brand, you must use such words that are full of excitement.

This name will become the signature name of your cold cream brand in the market. In this way, it will help you in attracting people to your cold cream brand. This name will eventually become beneficial for your cold cream brand.

Lavender cold gel

Smoothie Sensation

All Around Massage

Glow Beauty

Cutest Systems

Beautiful Belle

Face Glow Skincare

Glow Skin Works

Jelly Body Lotion

Flawless Clinique

Fancy Feet

Dark Sandalwood

Perfect Skin Solutions

Honeysuckle Bliss

Magic Lotion

Younique Aesthetics

Viva Skin Care

Clinical Skincare

Butter Me Up!

Caramel Kisses

Banana Bliss

Raindrops of Hope

Exotic Face

Embody Skincare

Pure Aromatics

Enriched Body Butter

Hope Hydrate

Blushing Bouquet

Pulse Light Clinic

Body Barista

Angel’s Touch

Chocolata Skincare

Skin Secret

I nStyle Skincare

The Golden Face

Warm Glow

Blackberry Nectar

Nu Look Heaven Skin

Fluffy Clouds

Beyond Butter

Kiss My Skin

Tender Oasis

Babe Town

Super Combat Lotion

Delight cosmetics

Avocado Body Butter

Innate Bliss

Go Bare Skin Clinic

Skin Confident

The Skin Savvy

Jordnara Skin Care

Blissful Lotion

Icy Hot

Ginger Body Butter

Pure Passion


Lavish Lavender


Sunshine Glow

Skin Cold Time

Luscious Lotion

Skin Sensitive

Box and Bow

Body Bliss

Barefoot Glow


EZ Moist

Sensuous Skin

Pure Lush

Mellow Yellow

Love Dove

Caramel Cherish

Heirloom Lotion

Healing Lotion

Elegance Skincare

Cultural Paint

Skin Decisions

Sephora Skin Lab

Love Lotion

Sunny Gold

Turn Beautiful

Consonant Skincare

Elza Skin Care

My Youthful Elixir

Magic Belle

Bee Natural

Love Potion

Skin Care Lab

Sunrise Skincare Bloom

Soothe Me

Art of Touch Lotion

Skin Tech

Blonde Rosewood

Skin Perfection

Moisture in a Bottle

Bliss Skin Care

Opti Skin

Campfire Cream

More Max Skincare

Mountain Rose

Best Cold Cream Brand Names

To impress the crowd, you must have a name that will help you in impressing the crowd. You can opt for some best names that will make your cold cream brand look wonderful.

It is important to impress the crowd with the name of your brand. It will eventually help in earning a lot of success for your cold cream brand.

Heavenly Hands

Skin Relief Lotion

Creamy Dreamy Lotion

Deeply Nourishing Lotion

Satin Hands

Heavenly Lotion

Kiss Me Lotion

Healing Magic

Dippin’ Dots Lotion

Peak Life Self Care

Keep Your Cool

Skin Perfection

Bitter Orange

Face It Skin Studio

Coco Coochy

Smooth Away

Luxury in A Jar

Satin Elements

MVP Skincare

Damaged Pelt Spot

8th Heaven lotion

Blueberry Dream

Brilliance Skin

Magic Touch

Dice worth Skin

Exhibition Skin

Fashion Coma

Revisited Beauty

LOV Beauty

Shiny Skin Lotion

Light Glow

Skin Lightening Clinic

Smooth Skin Bar

Lemon Blast

Ciara’s Skincare

Essence Organic

Treasured Skin

Zero G Lotion

Dark Grape

Clove Lotion Toner

Live Well Skin Care

Lily of the Valley

Clear Skincare Clinic

Subtle Lotion

Air Kissed Lotion

The Sensitive Skincare

Organics Skin Care

Bubbly Bliss

Hello Fresh Skin

Renewing Radiance

Skin to Be U

Nature’s Garden

The Honey Mist

Exotic Oasis

Image Skincare

All Natural Coconut Shea

The Beauty Room

Purple Phase

Endless Glowing

Cherry Blossom Petals

Sugar Rush

Blush Petals

Swift Hydration

Freshener Skin Care

The Knot Soother

Gentle Touch Lotion

Synthetic Image

Sun Burst

The Facial Room

Lotion Glory

Angel’s Delight

Sense Paradise


Skin So Fresh

Baby Soft

Pore Plus Skincare

Honey Dew

Flawless Skin Solutions

Moisture Maven

Honey & Pollen

Just Enough

Coconut Fruit Extract

Passion Fruit

The Skin Pharmacy

Glow Medi Spa

Dazzling Dew

Deliciously Soft

Cherry Vanilla

Peppermint Butter

Anti-Ageing Delight

The MedShare

Facial Aesthetics

Hydrating Herbs

Tropical Traditions

Cream Place

Happy Day Lotion

Lemon Lust

Calamine Pro

Luxor Skin Solutions

Skin Chemists

Cold Cream Company Names

Every Cold Cream Company entrepreneur should know its Business and Product naming process and the importance of a good business name.

Your potential customers must be able to recognize what your company is selling by looking at the name.

Moist Skin

Skin Care

Moisturizing You

Care Fair

Smooth And Soft

Soft Skin



Spongy Touch

Beauty Correct

Maid Class

YourTrue Fairness


Cold & Feel

Minty Moisture

Fixed Scar

Face Fixed

Warm And Bright

Keep Warm

Cold Warmth


Skin’s Choice


Awesome You

Lekure Care

Wow Derm


Glossy Skin

Beauty Derm

Moist Peau

Derma Glow

HighFeel Skin

Piele Care

Teupon Care

VelloWish Care

WowBeauty Care

Wel Panit

Kulit Care

Cutis Care


































Freddy & White



Moisturizer Tog


Fair Care

Plum Care

Glossy Skin

Skin Blush

Blush Splush

 Soft Cuticles

Moist Care

Moisturizer Vist

Glam Go





Cute Cutis

White Ace

Kickstart Face

Skin Fortify



Herb Care

Cool And Bright

Pure And Cure

Good Pellis

Well Krem

Krema Well

Krema Room


Ultra Moist

Unique Cold Cream Company Names Ideas

There are many things to know before choosing the right name in branding your brand like you need a starting point as to What personality you want to project, what type of customer are you seeking.

For cold cream company names, you can generate catchy names online easily. Following is the list of unique cold cream company names ideas.

Grade Up 

Peplum Skin

Well Care

Auvedic Care

Vedix Care

Ayuno Care

Skin Spin

Allon Skin

Delle Good





Udelly Care



Under Care


Krim Cream




Derma Gloss

Skin Gloss

Elixir Derm

Wow Potion

Moist Potion

Soft Derm


Plum Valley



Kem Skin



Bright Aura







Skin Shine





Alba Skin



Wow Factor

X Factor



Go Moist



Llaith Skin

Fair Skin

Pure And Fare


Serve Skin

Cold Illexiur

Divas Care

Skin Texture




Wow Cutis






Skin Elixir



Comfy Skin

Delicate Derma

Fluffy Skin



Easy Skin

Flexy Skin


Feathery Touch



Velvel Touch

Epi Beauty


Moist Marry

Silk Touch’




Epi Cold

Skin Cloud


Fine Cutis

Epi Cure

Fine Epis

Firm Epis

Stay Young

Youger You


Derm Factor



Glam Go

Glappa Glamo

Glow & Fair


Cool Dermis

Pretty Derm



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is it important to register the name of my cold cream brand?

Registering the name of your cold cream brand is extremely important because it will prevent other brands from using your name and also secure you from any legal complications.

Why do I need a logo for my cold cream brand?

You will need a logo and a name for your cold cream brand. The name and logo will be your brand’s identity and also represent your brand everywhere.

Should my cold cream brand’s logo be similar to the brand’s name?

It is better to keep the logo of your cold cream brand related or similar to the brand name because it will help the audience better identify your brand.

What is the cost of registering the name of my cold cream brand?

The cost of registering your brand’s name varies from country to country. But the registration cost is not very expensive.

How long does it take to register the name of a brand?

It mainly depends on the rules and regulations of registration followed by your country. Hence, the length varies accordingly. 

Final Thoughts

The skincare industry is a highly profitable business, and there is tough competition between all the brands specializing in cold cream.

So, the name is the first thing that differentiates each brand and attracts customers. Therefore, you should work hard to name your brand, which will help you succeed easily.

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