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682+ Best Computer Science Blogs and Pages Names

This world is itself a computer world. From a child to an adult everyone has to learn something or the other about the computer.

These learnings are from a class or a blog, never mind. Every field of our career needs computer stuff. Hence, people are more interested to learn all the aspects of computer science.

Top 15 Computer Science Blogs Of The World

ScienceAlert-This blog is a full-fledged source of information for readers where they can access exciting science-related news articles, news, opinion pieces, features, and some other informative content that revolves around the country of Australia & New Zealand.

New Scientist Magazine- This blog shares every new informative invention that is happening in the science world. It’s one of the top science news & tech magazine in the world where readers can access breaking news, exclusive and latest inventions. 

Scientific American Magazine- This is one of the most extended magazines of the U.S. that drive the insights development of science and technology. It opens up the latest inventions that show explicitly how these inventions are changing our minds. 

Science News Magazine-This blog is majorly focused on science that covers daily news updates, articles, features, reviews, and many more pieces of news content related to science. The team of this blog publishes 30 posts every year for its readers.

Discover Magazine- This blog is dedicated to delivering educative, learning, and fascinating science related to content. It is one of the growing science news magazines that have more than 5 million readers that also covers topics such as global warming, robots, and others.

WIRED- This site is reports clear and in-depth informative news content related to science and research. It presents inventions, discoveries, and exposes how technology reshaping the world. Here you can access one fresh news post every day. 

Popular Science- This blog is specifically provided science and technology-related news content, gadget reviews, detailed discussions, and much more. The blogger updates 8 posts every day for their readers. 

Space.com- This blog aims to deliver the latest space science news, tech-related content, astronomy informative articles, and much more. It covers every useful topic from satellites to stars such as NASA, astronomy, the sun, planets, etc. 

Sciencemag.org- This is one of the world’s leading online journals of scientific research and worldwide news. They share every vital information related to the world of science that covers biology, genetics, medicine, environmental, Space, medicine, and much more. 

Reddit- The ‘science’ section of this site shares the new inventions related to the world of science. It covers astronomy, biology, medicine, physics, and the social sciences. Here readers can access 29 fresh posts every day on this platform.   

The New York Times- If you want to get insight information regarding Space, environment, animals, humans, robots, and other popular topics related to science, then follow The New York Times. It publishes 5 posts in a day in the blog section.  

Starts With A Bang- If you are looking for informative content related to earth and science stories then this web platform can be the best informative place for you. They deliver fresh content on a daily basis for science lovers.

Times of India (Science)- This is one of the renowned publications which provides top news, latest inventions, tips, space news, astronomy, technology, mental health, and much more. Readers can access one fresh news blog post on a regular basis. 

The Guardian- The science section of this blog is managed by reporters and guest contributors, which contains articles related to scientific research and many controversies. It covers news, opinion, reviews, and much more. 

Forbes (Science)- On this blogging platform, you can access innovation and science-related top breaking news headlines and analysis. This site provides 19 posts every day in their blog section for the readers.

There are many blogs that serve as the best computer science knowledge book. These blogs are updated with modern technology and give essential computer skills to the reader. They have all the information about every computer career aspect. 

Hence, most of the technology seekers are bound to these blogs. 

Best Computer Science blog names

Data Info

Interface Lab

Format Link

Archive Media

Buffer Site


Bits and Pieces

Blown to Bits Blog

Coding Horror

Data Circuit

Computers Motion

Directory Scale

Field Flask

Crash Ergonomics

Cache Quantum

Format Basic

Virus Uber

Computational Complexity

Computing Education Blog


Data Mining

Data Volume

Cache Theory

Machine Organism

Systems Hyper

Cyber Internet

Knowing and Doing

Lambda the Ultimate

My Biased Coin

Not Even Wrong

Oddhead Blog


Kits Internet

Laptop Funnel

Screens Software


Crews Guru

Hardware Click

Machine Run

Crews Electronics

Hardware Optics

Screens Controller

Devices Organic

Screens Area

Machines Frag

Cyber Rush

Desktop Tactical

Systems Boss

Suites Sim


Symmetry Breaking

Teach Computing

The Endeavor

Theorem of the Day

Kits Role

Hardware Warrior

Web Files

Records Click

Analysis Guru

Study Root

Census Tech

Multi Studies

Study Menu

Survey Logic

Software Files

Computer Tronics

Stats Logic

Treehouse Blog

Uncertain Principles

Young Female Scientist

Web Log

Computer Nix

Info Display

Upgrade Results

Evidence Email

Computer Automation

Analysis Memory

Info Automation

Digital Reports

File Servers

Computer Processor

Micro Files

Studies Servers

Computer Disc

Reports Online

Study Source

Study Machine

Survey Tron

Study System

Info Guru

Job Display

Digital Race

Neo Path

Internet Row

Keyboard Programs

Video Naturally

Mainframe Trend

Software Run

Cyber Row

Digital Flow

Machine Path

Laptop Trend

Screen Trend

Keyboard Watch

Cyber Particle

Software Volume

Digital Model

Desktop Vogue

Machines Craze

Device Posture

Digital Tailor

Hardware Doctor

Notebook Garage

Device Mechanic

Cyber Mend

Software Maintenance

Hardware Ride

Software Routes

Machine Way

Device Journey

Video Curve

Chart Machines

Tape Cyber

High Notebook

Internet History

Machine Ledger

Web Wish

Laptop Spot

Device Supply

Sector Sense

Panel Proclaim

Interface Tempt

Ethernet Berate

Platform Swing

Network Storm

Wan Reach

Systems Pick

Monitor Bolt

Device Infuse

Clean Network

Desktop Care

Networking Flap

Desktop Scare

Machine Strip

Waste Printer

Ethernet Snoop

Notebook Heap

Net Fill

Memory Decay

Disk Mail

Drove Rate

Printer Yield

Wan Wink

Systems Sound

Printer Pad

Chip Proceed

Technology Invite

Server Dust

Controller Pray

Sector Stamp

Panel Describe

Lan Bestow

Mouse Grab

Desktop Stuff

Equipment Licks

Web Unfasten

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Networking Camp

Reverse Technology

System Communicate

Sector Volunteer

Network Occur

Computing Crowd

System Button


Webhost Ghost

A blog is a webpage created by an individual to post their interests, thereby getting comments from the readers.

These blogs always provide newer information as they are updated regularly. Hence, blogging has emerged as a popular profession these days. 

Top Computer Science Pages Names Ideas

Businesses have created it to market their products and services. Individuals create it to exhibit their talents and hence to earn money. The blog posts should be interesting to attract more readers.

In the same way, a blog name is also important for a blog to catch the reader’s eyes. 

-Computer knowledge 

-Coding Secrets 

-Python Keys 

-Shift Windows 

-Spike Development 

-All Space 

-Space Study 

-Troll Components 

-Random Code

-Project Code 

-Programme TalkSwitch 

-Codes Learning 

-Curious Programmers 

-Code Humour 

-Code Life 

-Yellow Developers 

-Technology Hacking 

-Central Bugs 

-Tardyons Techno 

-Dev Frost 

-One Bren 

-Electrify Codes 

-Tech Motion 

-Shack Range 

-Jas Coder

-Dremo Development 

-Tech Code 

-Python Community 

-Cambior Code 

-Python Science 

-Panda Automation 

-Code Search

-Code Learning 

-Blockchain Project 

-Code Flop


-Luther Coder 

-Pie Bot

-For Coding

-Slayer Code 

-Sane Dev



-Code Golf

-Learn Machine 

-Hacking Hub

-Raid Error

Stack Cover 

-Dead Stack 

-Forgo Code 

-Tech Strips 


-Dynamic Key

-Java Solutions 

-Dynamic Coding 

-Code Junction 

-File Shift 

-Fold Techie 

-Code Yard


-Edu Slice 

-Wolf Codes 

-Tree World 

-Syntax Tree

-Inonu Tech

-Geek Tech

-Coder Mind    

-Development Community 

-Cambio Code 

-Tech Gang 

Tech Humoral

-Code Camp

-Stack Flow 

-Long Integer

-Vissle Official 

-Build Dev

-Dev Infinity 

-Willing Kate 

-Jairo Hacks 

-Quirky Code 

Algorithm Tessa

-Ethical Crack 

-Penetrate Project 

-Raver Map

-Net Hunter 

-Ideal Coder

-Soft Deck 

-Know Gram

-Cyber World 

-Know Program 

-Scan Enumeration 

-Clear Track

-Notorious Gemini 

Tele Community 

-Slack Hack

-Heydar Hat

-Flex Extension 

-Executable Badge

-Knowledge Knorr    

-Bubble Hub

-Info Hub

-Catlin Pit

-Some learn 

-Labour Code 


-Kiki Digits 

-Engineer World 

-Excel Champ 

-Combinational Sap

-React Yard 

-CheckIn Mass

-Appoint Error 

-Schedule Master 

-Python Science 

-Script World 

-Developer React 

-Data Recover 

-Visual Trick 

-Tack Security 

-Editor’s Trick 

-Hop Code 

-Lazy Coder 

-Greek Hack

-Rim Code 

-Speed Lens 

-Geek Spot 

-Not You Tech 

-Program Junction 

-White Code 

-Frontend Complex 

-Snow Bale 

-Code Campus 

-Node World

-Feature Bug

-And Dev

-Meta Spoilt 

-Secure List 

-Black Hat

-Hack Rapid 

-Air Pot

-Nando Hub 

-Wolf Bubble 


-Embedded Hub

-Mini Code 

-Cyber Society 

-Virus Stol 


-Axon Cube 

-Compile Complex 

-Fact World 

-Setup Kingdom 

-Program Know 

-Python Grown   

-Active Games 

-Theta Code 

-Circuit Amplifier 

-Explore Hub

-Courtney Power

-Teach Gear

-Electronic Berry 

-Adriano Digital 

-Circuit Design 

-Engineer Easy 

-Ras Project 

-Dino Trap

-Circuit Makers 

-Ultra Disk 

-Delta Design

-Star Del

-Electrical Calda

-Circuit Space 

-Port Track 

-Cyber Society 

-Service Group 

-Information Curl

-Gaper Kom

-Excellent Stack

-Walden Draft

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-Electra Mac

-Curious Quiz 

-Potential Programmers 

-Meter Wolf 

-Time Tech

-Magnet Peri

-Exon Mobil

-Point Starter

-Error Lines 

-Mohr Space 

-Kalenism Code 

-Display Lash 

-Centroids develop

-Techno Stein 

-Queue Table 

-Stack Dev

-All About Codes 

-Circuit Trans 

-Matrix Code 

-Beat Code  

-Dev Wig

-Oops Developer

-Program Unity

-Fresh Setup

-Code World Official 

-Aesthetic Programmer 

-Entre Programmers

-Work Station 

-Coding Mermaid 

-Web Surfers 

-Code Geek

-Program Art

-Info World

-Fledge Software 

-Jupyter Books 

-Extension Grad

-Collop Notify 

-Tensor Watch 

-Snippet Card 


-Code Connects 

-Intel Borrow 

-Train Cards 

-Software Centre 

-Bit to Bytes 

-Analytical Guard 

-Digit Cast 

-Code Album 

-Virtual Dome 

-Simple Components 

-Code Plax

-Pexel Program 


-Computer Vision 

-Teach Society 

-Fogram Lang 

-Lens to Code 

-Fagrid Code 

-Crest Gram

-Know Data

-Numpy Learn 

-Emile Grad

-Native Square 

-Realtor One

-Tiago Ravel 

-Get Slice 

-Flutter React 

-Coder Album 


-Golang Graph

-Yeah Code 

-Coding Arena

-Bing Talia

-Coding Imao

-Code Network 

-Typescript Artist 

-Teen Programmers 

-Code Mancer 


-Code Partner

-Rain Float 

-Code People 

-Cyber Shadow 

-Program Fever 

-Veda Hacker 

-Program Art

-Cheat Sheet 

-Forget Colon 

-Digit Code

computer science blog names

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