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101+ Top Cottage Decorating Blogs and Pages Names

Choosing those creamy whites, buttery yellows, and brighter versions makes a house like a cottage. Most of the people like to spend their summer holidays in cottages since cottages are cool. This is why people want to experience same environment around the year at their houses and wants give a cottage look to their houses. Situated near lakes or rivers, cottages give physical and mental peace from routine busy life.

People want to turn their houses into cottage style for lower costs. So, they refer the information on cottages in the internet. There are various blogs available about cottage designs.

Top 10 Cottage Decorating Blogs of the World

The lettered cottage

Layla Palmer is the author of the lettered cottage. She talks about home, family, food, decor, fashion, style, and also lives to share her sweet home in Alabama. She encourages readers to transform the space to stay into something lively and vivacious. She inspires readers a lot.

French country cottage

As the name suggests it is designed to inspire DIY makeover in a French style. It mentions the entertaining, party decor, outdoor living and other styles to be carried out to give a unique look to the cottage. It also takes about shabby lifestyles and helps in designing.

Fox hollow cottage

fox hollow cottage is based on DIY projects and helps in the makeover. It gives a tour of many ways and patterns of how to create a beautiful space in a house that will give a special feeling. It is budget-friendly and emphasizes more in do it yourself changes and ideas.

The lily pad cottage

Lily leads this as she is like on a mission to inspire and encourage others to adopt a lifestyle of creativity. Lifestyle, place of living everything must come under creativity. She encompasses simple creations that can add meaning to the way one lives and enjoys life.

The wood grain cottage

The wood grain cottage aims at sharing home decor ideas, DIY makeovers, projects, and smart ways of creating a beautiful and happy house. Their motive is to create a happy Place to translate homes into a place of dream their platform is a must-visit who all are passionate about home decor.

The mountain view cottage

The mountain view cottage shares a range of ideas about home decor, kids’ crafts, how to make money online, home decor using DIY skill in affordable prices, recipes, creativity, lifestyles, and much more. It’s a place where one can find every search regarding home comes to an end.

Cottage in the oaks

This blog has been exclusively designed for vintage creation for decorating homes. Putting all the DIY projects and creativity in one place this blog promises to bring life and beauty to the homes. It inspires readers with handmade projects and lovely decor kinds of stuff to beautify homes.

White lace cottage

This blog emphasizes on budget-friendly home decor. It doesn’t include expensive kinds of stuff or ideas to give the homes a gaudy look. It focusses on handmade vintage styles that could be easily installable for decorating homes. So it inspires for bringing creativity in home space and make them look special.

The Gardener’s cottage

The gardener’s cottage is a style-oriented blog that mainly focuses on simplicity without attaching a trendy fashion as an outlook. It is all about vegan cooking, vintage style.it aims at building creativity and as the name suggests it’s surrounded by greenery becomes paramount.

A joyful cottage

This blog tells about a joyful cottage that emphasizes a home which is a cottage, decor, architecture, simplicity, food, culture, enjoyment, hospitality, and every other thing that makes a home a beautiful place to dwell within. It shares projects which are affordable for beautifying homes.

A blog is presented in a reverse chronological order and blog contents are called blog posts. Blogs are being created by an individual or a group of individuals to present information in a conversational style. There are tons of corporate blogs that produce tons of informational style content. Due to the growth of such blogs, several tools have been invented to make it easier for users to create blogs.

With increase in such blogs there is increased competition and it needing extra care to stand out from the crowd. Blog names play a major role in make the blog popular by attracting more traffic. For your convenience, we have given some blog name ideas for cottage decorating blogs.

Here are Best cottage decorating blog names ideas for your Inspiration









































These days, you don’t have to live in deep woods to experience that cottage feel. There are new designs and ideas for houses to give it a cottage look. This is why the cottage furnishings and accessories have become popular in recent years. The cottage style includes reusing vintage Items, flooring, window treatments, fabrics, colour and pattern, accessories, lighting, etc.

Top Cottage Decorating Pages Names

There are lots of tips available online for cottage style designing ideas. Some have turned their houses into cottages by referring these ideas. To inspire a cottage sensibility, the colour palettes for your rooms should be as they faded by time.

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