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149+ Best CPR Awareness Slogans

CPR is the abbreviation of Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation or the act of providing someone by providing assistance (manual or/and instrumental) in order to make their hearts and lungs work,

so as to keep their circulatory and respiratory functions going on as long as possible in order to prevent any brain or organ damage, especially until proper medical assistance can be given to the victim or the afflicted person.

Best CPR Awareness Slogans

  • Know your first aid
  • Save lives with CPR
  • Get trained
  • Spread the word
  • Know it and save lives
  • Act smart 
  • Be a hero 
  • Don’t be ignorant 
  • Emergencies don’t come with a notice
  • You can need it any time

Such an afflicted person will generally be someone suffering from a cardiac arrest and thus there is need to maintain their cardio-pulmonary output. There can be other reasons also. Chest compressions, mouth to mouth breathing, ventilation, etc. are all examples of CPR procedures.

CPR are mainly provided by the general public or paramedics the respective scene. However doctors can give CPR too if such a situation arises in the hospital.

A properly administered CPR can help save lives and continues to prove to be a vital medical procedure across the world. That is why CPR training is provided to the masses and awareness about CPR is very much essential.

List of Catchy CPR Awareness Slogans:

Save a life with CPR.

Someone’s life maybe in your hands.

Act fast. Act now.

Each day you can save a life.

1 2 3. 3 steps to a proper CPR.

To keep that heart pumping.

Every second counts as vital.

Be a good life-saver.

Give someone the gift of life.

Train to give a proper CPR from experts.

Stop a person from biting the dust.

Someone’s vital statistics depends on your actions.

Avoid a tragedy today.

Get the impression that what saves is a chest compression.

Act now. Think later.

Learn CPR from the best.

It is easy to do a CPR.

Defeat death with proper CPR.

If you can save someone’s life, will you not?

A small effort goes a long way.

CPR is your attack on heart attack.

Life can win over death with your help.

CPR is the real way to do it.

Learn to give CPR like doctors do.

Saving a life is easy if you know CPR.

Your action will make all the difference.

A good CPR is all it takes to save a life.

A Messiah of life to the one in need.

CPR stops you from losing someone close.

A battle for each and every heartbeat.

The gift of life in your own hands.

Learning to do CPR is as easy as learning A B C.

When you care, it shows.

Oxygen is CPR’s true friend.

You may have to give CPR any day, at any time.

Lend your hand to save a life.

What you do, will matter.

To keep the lungs working.

Be ready. Be alert.

Heart attack can be defeated.

You can be a true hero.

Compress and revive.

Do what you are meant to do.

CPR is the enemy of Death.

Hold a life in your hands.

Be prepared. Be responsive. Revive a life.

Make a promise to save a life.

Be a lifesaver every day.

Join our day-long CPR training programme.

I can give a CPR, you can give too.

cpr awareness slogans

Your quick response will save a life.

Be responsible for someone today.

A kiss of life to prevent the kiss of Death.

You can be a hero every day.

Each heartbeat matters.

Help someone breathe.

CPR is as simple as breathing.

Have queries on CPR? Come to us.

The difference between life and death can be a proper CPR.

Let no life go to waste.

If a CPR goes right, everything goes right.

Learn proper ways to give a CPR today.

Do not let cardiac arrest win.

Save anyone. Save everyone.

Come to anyone’s aid at a moment’s notice.

Maybe one day you can save a family member.

Compress and Breathe. That is the right way.

Learn to do what paramedics do.

You can be a hero in the crowd.

CPR can save someone dear.

Learn it clear. Learn proper CPR.

Know the easy and best techniques of a CPR now.

Stop someone from kicking the bucket.

Do not hesitate to save someone.

Be someone’s saviour.

CPR helps in oxygenation.

Do not let the heart stop beating.

All your questions on CPR are answered right here.

When certain death is inevitable, CPR makes it avoidable.

A helping hand becomes a saving hand.

No hesitation in resuscitation.

Help a heart beat again.

It is all about helping someone say alive.

A mouth-to-mouth breathing is a kiss of life.

CPR is the best way to deal with cardiac arrest.

1 2 3 4, get into the rhythm quickly.

Get taught the skills that will help you save lives.

Be fast, be quick, be first.

Your response will define you.

Have the hands that care.

CPR gets the heart going again.

Arrest the heart from going into cardiac arrest.

Pull someone back from the brink of death.

Your action will have a positive reaction.

Superheroes not always wear capes. Sometimes they give CPRs.

See someone dying? Administer a CPR asap!

This is your chance to be a God.

A new lease at life may start with a CPR.

Make a big difference with this small step.

Saving life one at a time.

Know all the methods and tricks of a proper CPR.

Help the heart get pumping again.

Defeat heart attack today.

A timely decision saves a life.

A CPR in time saves nine.

Get the best CPR training in the country at our facility.

You save a life, you do it right.

Call the saviour in you into action.

Do what is right.

A few proper chest compressions may be all that it takes.

Get trained in hands only CPR right now.

All it takes is one CPR to save a life.

Help the ones in need.

Come and know all you need to know about CPR.

Heed the call in the hour of need.

People will call you the hero of the heart.

Do not let cardiac arrest steal someone’s heart away.

Do not let heart attacks win.

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