725+ Craft Brand Name Ideas, Suggestions And Domain names

You may be extremely skilled at craftwork. So, why not build your own platform by starting your own craft brand? But a craft brand will gain popularity only when it has got a creative name.

A creative name is important to achieve a successful career in the art & craft industry. So, here we have compiled all the necessary points that you need to keep in mind while naming your craft brand. 

How to Choose a Name for Your Craft Brand

  • Keep the name unique and simple yet not too general.
  • Your customers should be able to pronounce or spell the brand easily.
  • The name should have relations with the brand.
  • The availability has to be checked.

Importance of Name for A Craft Brand

Naming your brand is one of the ways by which you can stand out from the crowd. When you give your product a name, you are anchoring that product in the minds of the target audience.

Your branding strategy will build the identity of your brand. So, it is very crucial for you to know the importance of naming a brand. 

  • Names Can Mark the Uniqueness of Your Brand

Yes, it is very much true that the name of your brand can differentiate you from the crowd. It can make your own craft brand unique and encourage people to try out your brand for others. Name the brand in such a way that it does not just relate to one product.

It is because in the future, if you want to sell other products apart from craft, then it might create some confusion among the people. 

  • Names Can Bring You Appealing Opportunities

Once you have named your brand appropriately, you will notice the changes it has brought to your brand. A name is so powerful that it can build or break anything.

A strong, unique, and catchy name can bring you a lot of attractive investment or business opportunities which will play a huge role in the growth of your brand.

  • Name Can Help to Generate More Customers

If the customers find your brand name interesting and trustworthy, then they will want or expect more from you. They will use your brand more, and if they are satisfied with your brand, they will do a word-of-mouth advertisement, too, which will bring in more customers.

Tips to Choose the Best Name for Your Craft Brand

Since the name of your brand is a very important part, here we suggested some really helpful tips for naming your craft brand.

  • Try Using Your Specialty

You must check out whether it sounds great to generate a name that specifies your specialty. It will help your customers to get a clear idea of your brand when they look or hear the name of your brand.

  • Use Creative Words

Often using interesting and creative words can make your brand name sound much better. You may use puns, rhymes, metaphors, etc. You will have a catchy name that is memorable in no time.

  • Checking the Availability of A Name Is a Must

A brand name can never be registered twice. You may check for copyright protection too.

  • Also, Check for Domains

Since digital marketing has become a very important part of any brand or business, you must also plan out your online presence. For this, check the availability of the domain names for your brand.

Formula for Creating a Perfect Craft Brand Name

Compiled below are some very important formulas for naming your brand.

  • Rhyming Words Are Fun

Often when you use rhyming words in the name of your brand, it makes your brand name sound quite interesting.

For example- Handy Mandy

  • Personify the Brand Name

You may create a brand name with the help of the name of a person who is related to your brand or a family member etc.

For example- Angela’s Crafts

  • This & That Makes It Interesting

The word ‘and’ can be put between two words to make your brand name sound interesting and also short.

For example- Scrap & Crafts

  • Misspell the Name

Sometimes when you misspell a word, it can coin a completely new term, and that can become an innovative name for your brand.

For example- Krafty Hand

  • Use Some Adjectives

Adjectives can help you to describe your brand better and make it easy for the customers to understand your brand.

For example- Happy Strings

  • Even Nouns Are Great

Sometimes your surrounding or people who are close to you can become a part of your brand name.

For example- Treehouse Crafts

  • Make It Long

Long names often help the customers to know about your brand even better. It can also act as a tagline.

For example- The Art in Motion

  • Keep It Short

Short names are easy to spell, remember, and pronounce.

For example- Art House

  • Combining the Words

Two words combined together creatively can generate a great name for your brand. The words should have meaning too.

For example- DoodleArts

  • Geographical Names Are Great

You may name your brand after the name of a place that is close to you or has a significant meaning in your brand.

For example- American Fine Arts

Top Existing Craft Brand Names In The US

  • Alvin
  • Art Alternatives
  • American Easel
  • Artbin
  • Artograph
  • Chartpak
  • Canson
  • Copic
  • Gamblin artist’s oil colors
  • Jacquard

Catchy Craft Brand Names

The name of your craft brand should also be creative. It matches with the portfolio that will gradually become your identification.

You can refer to this list while choosing a name for your craft brand. You can create some beautiful names for your craft brand using your skills and ideas.

Craft Corner

Create in Stitch

The Altered Shelf LLC


Sew Doggily

Bows, Bows, and More Bows

Wool and Crafts

Barnes & Noble

Crafty Coyote

Artsy Cubby

Yarn Masters

Journey to Artistry


Love to Craft

Far East Crafts

Grown-Ups Crafts

Artisan Market


Daily Creations

Ceramic Professional Designs

The Bling Dealer

Custom Swings & Things

The Inspiring Creation Company

Tiny Tops

Wire Crafts

The Ribbon Rose

Hobby Lobby

Off The Wall Glue

Wrong Way Co

Threadneedle Street

Scrapbook Cottage

Sterling Crafts

Homestead Handcrafts

Art of the Furniture


Knot Impossible

April’s slime shop

Crafted For You

Mastermind Crafts

Yarny Crafts Inc

Rock Crafts Ltd

Craft Machine

Happy Strings & Things

The Crafty Cottage

Awesome Craft Co

Color Patch Crazy

Desert-Cat Woodworks


Crafty Scissors

Potter Around

Cuddly Craft Co

Craft & Hobby Shop

The Craftsmen

Craftively Taken

Charming Moments

Craft house Studios

Patchwork Paradise

Crafts 4 Less

Newtown Art Supplies

American Craftsman

Fred Aldous Ltd

Lace & Craft Shop

Arthouse Direct

Emage Craft

Frame Works

Creative Hobby

Peapod Creatives

Reach Craft Products

Simply Crafts

Crafty Owl Paper Products

Clever Patch

Singletary Custom Creations

The Home Patch

Handicraft Home

Craft Story

Crazy Crafts

Heavenly Craft

Craftie Inc.

Cross Stitch Collectibles

House of Wood

Wool Felt Company

Hobby sew Hornsby

Yarn Places!

Romance Crafts

Leg Locks Inc.


The Bay Creations

Crafty Friends Designs

Down Island Traders

Inspirations Crafts

Just Craftin’ Around

Funky Hobbies

Crafting Supplies Inc

The Angry Peach

Cool Crafts

Handcrafted by Heather

Ann’s Craft Cottage

Bread, Love, and Sugarcraft

Bliss Weavers

The Sewing House

Cool Craft Brand Names

Do you need some cool names for your craft brand? Then, you can choose any of these names for your brand. You can modify any existing names into cool names for your craft brand. This will give a good image of your craft brand in the respective market and help you to be popular.

Artisan Market

Crafty Momma

Crafts & Things

Unique Wooden Creations

Which Craft

Manly Art Supplies

Amazing Paper

Weird and Wonderful Crafts

The Craft Shop

The Great Escape Co.

Colour Me Mine

Crafty Arts Limited

Crafty Crepe

Gallery One

Delicious craft

Arts & Crafting Co.

Handmade Crafty Corner


Lost Yarn

Paper Owl

Crafty Logistic


Knotty Noodle Inc

The Ribbon Shop

Teddy Bear Dreams

Our Craft Shack

Pieces of Art

Dizzy birds Crafts

Knit Picks

Primitive Sort

Little Hippie Co.

Sew Pro Crafts Ltd

A Touch of Glamour

Carle Clip Design

Montessori Materials

Little Lane Workshops

Crafty Creations

Mark’s Creations

Lovin’ the Craft

Ribbon Store


Jumping Jacks

Good Glaze

Knotty Knitters

Connect Crafts

Craft Angels

The Art of Expression

The Hobby House

Crafty Crocodiles

Earth Crafts

Craft Made Easy Co

Cute Craft Shop

Incredible Crafts

Old Cottage

Crafty Crafts

Diy Darlings

I Made This

Paper Source

Artisan’s Oasis

Maid to Create

Artisan Designs

The Stampers Hut

The Oblique Imperative

Paper Plate Crafts

Iona Craft Shop

Craft Creations

Just Crafting Studio

Creative Expressions

Unique Crafter

Generations Creations

Awesome Expressions

Sum of my Arts

Feeling Inspired

Creations Store

Butterfly Beads 

Creative Minds

Make It Handmade

Petlins Spinning

Mind-Blowing Crafts

Line craft


Pretty Paper Studio

Pink Pecan Crafts

Cornerstone Craft Store

Merry Makeup

Crafty Affair


Big City Crafters

NOOB Designs

Craft City

Valley Blossoms

Making Masterpieces

Crafts On Main

Live Craftfully

Jack Heath Workshops

Plaster Master

Pioneer Craft

Qubix Design

Fran’s Sewing Circle

Crafty Diy

Funny Craft Brand Names

You can create some funny names by using fun words for your craft brand. There are so many funny names available that can be used for your craft brand.

You can use some meaningful and fun words to create a funny name. This will make your brand look fantastic when compared with other brands.




Global Gifts

Craft Magical

Stempel Bar

Crafty Messes

Craftco Group

Rainbow Feathers

Knitting Shittens

Functional Footwear

Cloud Craft



This Old Chair

Creative Canes

Acorn Furniture

Deep Blue Handicrafts

Creative Whimsy


Learning Express Toys

Quilting Bee

Just Moustache it!

The Craft Spot

Austin Rose Creations

Townhouse Art & Framing

Glaze It Studio

Spotlight on Design

Delta Woodcraft

Tight Squeeze LLC.

Ultimate craft

Weaving Supplies

Dollar Tree

Butterfly Creations

Exeter Scrap store



Greyfriars Art Shop

Get Crafty


Curious Crafters

Stitcher’s Paradise

Handmade Vintage

Scrapbookers Dream

Across Country Craft

Artisan Handiwork Ltd.

Craft Towns

Shoe Love Two

Giggles & Glue

Arts Crafts Graphics

Calling All Crafters

The Bead Shop

Handmade By You

An Un-Paper-d Company

Dynamic Crafts

Flying Designs

Craft American

Cool Calm Craft

Little Miss Piggies

Patchworks Quilts

Ultimate craft

The Summer Craft Company

Friendly Crafts


Specialist Crafts

Just Papon Crafty

Craft Studio

Hobby craft Carlisle

The Mad Crafter


AllCrafts Co

West of the Moon

Stitched Together

In a Stitch


The Craft Patch

I Got Crafts

Little Stitches

Swift Hands

Dragon’s Paper Craft

Look Sharp Store

Knowhow Technicians

Keep on Crafting

Craft Concept

Presto! Crafts

Hobby Lobby

Sugar Hit Handmade

Artistic Flair

Gifts at the Quay

Art To Art


Crafty Kids Club

Let’s Create

Inspirations Crafts

Craft Kraft

Butterfly Kisses

Face Paint Shop

Innovative Craft

Shared Dreams Crafts

Forbidden Creations

Best Craft Brand Names

The following list consists of the best kind of names that you can use for your craft brand. You need to choose a name according to the features of your brand.

In this way, you can also attract people and provide them with clarity about the brand. Therefore, choosing the best name for your craft brand is advisable.

Loom Studio

Draft to Craft

Golden Age Handicrafts

Yarn Moods Craft

Funny Bee Craft

The Fox Collection

The Handy Craftsman

Five Craft Brewery

North Pole Crafts

A Bullion of Paper Goods

The Craft Jar

Craft My Fun

House Of Krafts

Heartfelt crafts

Natural Crafts

The Sewing Basket

Unicorn Crafts

A Touch Of Class

The Little Things

Artisanal Bliss

Fabric & Sewing

Silly Jerry Crafts Company

Fat Crab Crafts

Wicked Simple Handmade Store

Care to Flair

Tactical Handicrafts

Woodcraft Store

Flair Play

Rose Wood Crafts

Craft Force

The Crafters

The Rustic Door

Knitted with love


Cast off Collective

The Craft Supply

Crafty Devils

Crafty Vibes Space

The Craft Party

Hodge Podge

Lone Star Charm

Creative Talents Craft Shop

Special Touches

Uprise Art

Royal Crafts

Sew It Happens

Bucket Boys Darling Square

Mountain Ash Crafts

Creative Designs

New Mature Crafts

Palette Productions

Craft Victoria

Gallery Shop

Art a la Carte

Scrapbook Secrets

Love Crafts

Epic Master Crafty

Hand Crafted Wooden Toys

Buttoned Up

Dodo Studio Workshop

Near to My Art

Main Street Crafts

Hand Quilters

Extraordinary Crafts

Bucket Boys Craft Beer

Scrapbook Sensations

Craft Editions Limited

Annabella Crafts

Crazy Hobbies

Yellow Moon

Groovy Krafts

Caleb Gifts Collection

Sew Pretty Designs Co.

Quilt Your Life


Glam Glitter Girl

Happy Woodcraft

Fuzzy Wuzzy Crafts

Crafter’s Choice

Craft Cuts

Fabric Solutions

Hearts and Crafts

The Crafty Kit Company

Short Cuts Craft


City Pottery & Fine Crafts

Riverside Crafts

Crystal Village

Treasure Island Toys

The Wool Room

Crafty Little Fox

The Craft Emporium

Hobbyist Heaven

Clay Arts

Cool Creativity

Fair & Square

Homey Crafts

Shutterfly Crafts

Heartsome Handicrafts

Craft Managers

Clever Craft Brand Names

Do you know that you can have a lot of advantages if you wisely choose a name for your brand? It is necessary to be different from others so that you can become famous. You can climb the stairs of success if you have an interesting name for your brand.

A Stitch in Time

Dedicated Diy

I Love Crafts

Crafts Foundry

The Craft Alcove

Stitchin’ Sisters

Professor Plums

Minty Craft

Glitter N Twine

Lakeshore Learning Store

Breath Of Joy

Crafts Galore

Creations Crafty

DIY Suppliez

Generations Creations

Ruffled Up Paper

Dollar Outlet

The Crafty Folks

Big Planet Craft

Craft Tree

The Levellers

Blick Art Materials

Soothing Craft

The Paper Bunny

Cute Making

Spotlight Rockdale

The Crafty Hive

Sweet Craftations

Clay Slay

East Bay Handicrafts

Crafts Out Of Habit

Hobby craft

Carter’s Cypress Crafts

Roll Up and Shop

The Art Scene

Tindalls Art & Graphics

Wood and Craft

Craft Magical

Artsy Crafts

Krissy’s Kraft House



Discount Beads

Scrap Dragon

You Craft Me Crazy

Glamorous Creations

Protective Shield’s Design

Covalent Creations Incorporated

Comfy Craft

Sock It To Me

Crochet Kits

Paint and Pallet

Creative Memories

Quilting and Fabrics

Bobbin Kitty

Alice’s Amazing crafts

Amaze Decors

Inspired Crafts

Honor for Arts

Crafthouse Studios

The Coloring Table

Ace of Craft

Green Thumb

Sew It All Inc

Left Handed Creations

Handmade Essentials Hut

Flair to Spare

Be Creative Craft

Creative Crafter

Vast Varieties

Learning in the Hills

Paper Craft

Cute Crafts

Craft Warehouse

Quilters Gonna Sew

Go With the Sew

Treehouse Crafts

Game Day Designs

The Fabric Store

Claymation Creations


Back 2 Craft

Woodland Craft Supplies

I Craft Therefore I Am

Fabrics and Crafts

Creative Explosions

Coastal Craft Collective

Everything Fabric

Craftbox Play

Crafty Cartel

Creative Flair

Doodling Craft 2

I Art What I Craft

The Sewing Room

Button Craft Inc.

Crafty Inc.

Time To Create

Act On Crafts

Experts Of Craft

Threaded Needle

Our Handmade Collective

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need a tagline for my craft brand?

You may create a tagline for your brand to describe your brand even better.

Can legal complications take place in the future?

Yes, if you do not register your brand name, you may face some legal complications.

How do I promote the name of my craft brand?

Use proper digital and traditional marketing channels to promote your brand’s name.

Final Thoughts

Craft is something that is highly appreciated all over the world. Having your own craft brand can be a great way for you to earn well for yourself.

And, of course, the name plays a very important role in it. Therefore, don’t compromise with the name of the brand; your brand shall be great.

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