List of 560+ Best Depression Slogans

Depression, also known as depressive disorder, is a very common yet serious medical illness that adversely affects our entire psychological behavior. Psychological, in a sense, affects the person on how they feel and the way they think and act.

One of the greatest advantages of depression is that it is curable now. Generally, when a person is depressed, there is always a feeling of sadness along with losing all interest in activities which once used to enjoy.

Best Depression Slogans

  • Cheer up your life
  • Even depression can be cured
  • Depression is the next cancer
  • Add meaning to your life
  • Every life counts
  • Find a reason to live
  • Start doing the things you love
  • You are a superstar
  • Life is precious, don’t get it waste away
  • Fight depression with all you have

Now, there is a slight difference between depression and casual mood swings. So, if you are someone, who is feeling low, particularly for more than two weeks, it is a better time to see a doctor. Always remember, there is always a better reason to live your life for. 

Best Depression Slogans

Depression is something that is faced by a majority of people in this era. A large amount of stress and anxieties ultimately take you to Depression.

It is indeed a severe mental health issue that needs to be addressed right away, and how people suffering from Depression are always made to feel accountable for it. You should always ensure you correctly weigh your words whenever you talk with someone in Depression.

It needs to be handled empathetically so that you can help someone out whenever they are in Depression. Here are a few Best Depression Slogans that you can use:

  • I am surviving, not living
  • Carry on don’t feel bad for yourself
  • Concentrate on solutions rather than the problem itself
  • Worrying takes a lot of time
  • Every tunnel ends with a light in front
  • Live life happily
  • Make actions and flush tensions
  • The sun will rise again
  • You’re blessed, realise it
  • Stress is free, I buy costly things
  • I want happiness but not my inner self
  • Take depression as a punishment
  • Stress and I are enemies
  • Take positivity today to make the fear go away
  • It is good every day
  • Fear is not invincible, many conquered it
  • I cannot cross the boundaries I’ve created
  • Depression is becoming an addiction
  • Not everyone has to be okay
  • I’m a premium member of the fear fight club
  • You are not alone
  • Even depression is curable
  • Talk to us before it’s too late
  • Keep calm and fight depression
  • Fight till the end
  • There’d always be sunshine after dark night
  • The fight is your’s to win
  • Don’t feel happy? talk to us
  • You are not a bad person if you are trying to kill sadness
  • One laugh a day keeps depression away
  • Don’t worry, we are here
  • Don’t let depression get the better of you
  • Don’t let depression get over you
  • You can do anything you want
  • Don’t waste your time worrying
  • Don’t spend life depressed anymore
  • Winning is all about dighting depression
  • Fight depression for a better world
  • Fight depression, clean inside
  • It’s not all about the outside, but inside too
  • Don’t survive, live your life
  • Hug people, who are depressed
  • Your smile has all the cure
  • Don’t fear depression
  • Don’t feel sad for any reason
  • Don’t lose yourself
  • help people to fight depression
  • It’s okay not to be okay
  • Always talk before it’s too late
  • Don’t let your hopes down, fight depression
  • Don’t just be happy, feel happy
  • Don’t feel tired, if you are sad
  • Break up your stress
  • Don’t let stress get over you
  • Stand up! Speak against depression
  • Create awareness, fight depression
  • You can achieve anything you want
  • Depression is the cruel punishment of all time
depression slogans

Need some inspiration? Check out the brand slogan guide to learn how to choose an amazing slogan.

depression taglines

When someone is in Depression, you need to understand that they indeed fight a lot with everyday struggles; these struggles are already difficult for them, so when you are dealing with someone who is in Depression, you need to deal with them in a very emotional manner.

Depression makes you feel weak about yourself and lowers your self-esteem and confidence, a significant barrier to completing any task even when you excel at it. Here are a few Depression Taglines that you can use to make the life of the ones suffering from Depression easier:

  • Always THINK before you SINK
  • Keep calm and carry on
  • There’s always light at the end of the tunnel
  • Even the darkest night comes to an end
  • Don’t let tension take your action
  • Worry is just a waste of time
  • Stop depression before it too talks
  • Consulting cures depression
  • Every single day matters
  • Fight for the good, defeat the evil
  • Enjoy your days while you can
  • There is always a life beyond sadness
  • Join the battle for happiness: Perception of Depression
  • Stay quiet and keep fighting depression
  • Look into fear’s face, it’s going to run away
  • Men are unable to help act on depression
  • No one ever asks you the real weight of space
  • Just keep smiling
  • Say! when you’re down, fight depression
  • Shit is going on, just flush it and carry on
  • Sleep is no longer sleep, it is an escape
  • Stand up for awareness
  • Depression is just a state, nothing more than that
  • The longer you hold, the harder it gets to fight
  • Always leave your sadness behind
  • Depression is just in your bed
  • Fight stigma, increase the awareness
  • Would you hug someone today combating depression?
  • Hope and anxiety don’t go hand in hand
  • Hug me to be free from pressure.
  • I don’t live, I just survive.
  • I’m feeling lost within myself
  • What’s your question? I suffer from depression.
  • Fight depression with everything you have
  • Make your life happy again
  • Don’t feel the same; fight depression.
  • Even depression has its cure
  • The fight is tough but worth it in the end.
  • Always seek happiness
  • Happiness is waiting for you down the road
  • Believe in the future, fight depression
  • This fight is hard to win
  • Let people love you for better or worse
  • Love is the only cure available
  • Depression is just a feeling; it will go away.
  • Fill your life with a dose of positivity
  • Anything is achievable without depression
  • Fight your fear while you can
  • Worry is all about bullshit
  • Don’t sweat on small sadness
  • The session of repression is over
  • The pain will pass away
  • Don’t feel lost in yourself
  • A single hug a day keeps the doctor away
  • The days of depression are over
  • Change your heart, fight depression
  • Always remember, you have a better day ahead
  • Switch in which you can believe
  • Let’s break up, dear depression
  • Depression: Anger without the anticipation
  • Depression: A silly disease indeed
  • Don’t sweat the little thing
  • Take no pressure; take action
  • Don’t think of problems; think of solutions.
  • Battle your fears with all you can
  • We are here; there’s nothing to fear.
  • Don’t let depression let the better of you
  • The more you fight, the more you win
  • Happiness: A few miles ahead
  • Join us to fight for happiness
  • Keeping depression a thousand miles away
  • Pain! Pain! Go away; let’s be happy for the day.
  • Fight fear with your smile
  • Always wear a smile, both inside and out.
  • The days of depression are over
  • Your life will see sunshine again
  • The fight against depression starts here
  • Make fear your worst enemy
  • Keep calm and keep smiling

Nothing but positivity and self-motivation coupled with scientific treatment can heal such a disease. Check out the best depression WhatsApp statuses that you can share about overcoming depression.

Catchy Title For Depression

Depression needs to be treated wisely, and you should always be empathetic with the one who is suffering from Depression. You need to be aware that Depression is now one of the main reasons for suicidal tendencies if not treated.

So Depression should not be used whenever or wherever someone is feeling low because it is quite a serious issue to deal with. Depression affects how you think and how you behave with others, with yourself, and your reaction to things. Here are a few catchy titles for Depression:

-For the better in you, seek help.

-Depression is the other name for hell.

-Depression makes you feel like every day is the last day.

-Do not stop until you have won.

-Here for you and your mental health.

-The fight with yourself.

-The war that begins with you and ends with you.

-Never give up on that never giving up attitude.

-Live life always according to the dreams that you always have.

-Depression sucks the soul out of your body.

-Not letting those demons possess you.

-Depression doesn’t only mean sadness.

-We are here to help out the odds.

-The numerous wars you have to fight with each other and your mind.

-Helping for the best version of you.

-If it is curable, then you can get rid of it.

-Depression is worse than any pandemic.

-The only disease that is slowly eating up humanity is Depression.

-Letting societal norms is the first thing to fight Depression.

-We can fight Depression when all of us come together.

-Let us take a step forward to fight Depression.

-Make it a regular habit to check up on yourself.

-How about some random checkups today to spread mental health awareness?

-The killer of most suicides is none other than Depression.

-Unity is what can only defeat Depression.

-The reason behind many untimely deaths is untreated mental health.

-Treat your mental health as crucial as your body health.

-Check up on yourself first.

-Do not let this battle of Depression start on the first note.

-Leaving behind some uncountable dreams is not the solution.

-This life is worth giving a thousand chances.

-Depression makes you feel less about yourself all the more.

-The less confident you are, the more vulnerable you are to Depression.

-You will never want to view your loved ones suffer anyhow.

-The more you give the reason to creep into your life, the more you get into this maze.

-Live your life on your terms.

-The days that make you feel good about yourself.

-Creating the reason for you to go on living fully.

-Depression that makes you feel uneasy about your thoughts.

-The way you want it may not always be the last choice.

-We are always here to help you get over this phase of life.

-Never regret making decisions.

-You are stronger than you think about yourself.

-Always find a reason to cling on.

-We are always here to resort to your help.

-Never make you feel like you are less.

Many people use affirmations to boost self-esteem, reduce anxiety, and even help relieve feelings of depression. If you also want some affirmations, check out the best affirmations for depression.

Motto For Depression

Depression makes you fight against yourself, and when you start losing all those battles, you realize that you have lost yourself.

So to deal with people suffering from Depression, you need to have an understanding state of mind which refers to understanding the struggles and the reasons for their Depression.

Sometimes people become so emotional that they find reasons to give up, even for the smallest of reasons. So here are a few mottoes for Depression that you can use to make this world a better place to be in:

-Depression crippling your life is not the end of it.

-Look at the world’s natural side, full of dreams and ambitions.

-The reason to bring you down might be the only reason to pull you up.

-Live and love without any regrets.

-Here you are to stay.

-Fight those demons inside you to enjoy this life.

-Seek help whenever you feel helpless but never give up.

-The confidence and self-esteem of yours lie inside you, hidden throughout.

-Make the places empty of all the toxicity in your life.

-The more you let go of the inhibitions, the easier it gets.

-The wandering mind needs a listening soul to listen to it.

-The love and the care will eventually help you get out of it.

-Never take this life for granted.

-Fight for your life till the last breath and as far as you can do it.

-The forces pulling you down will be the only forces that will make you evolve.

-Bring on all your worries and reasons for stress; we are here to help you.

-Never think that you are in this battle alone.

-Whenever you need any assistance from us, we are here for sure.

-Your constant need for reassurance can never be more significant than in your life.

-This life, you must enjoy every moment and make it worthwhile.

-Your mental health matters foremost.

-Do not neglect your mental health for any worldly affair.

-Your mind needs as much care and attention as your heart does.

-You deserve every bit of the laughter and the smiles this world offers you.

-You can never be less for any love in this world.

-Love the way you treat yourself, and everything will be more accessible for you.

-The days that break you will make you eventually.

-The darkest of days are here to build your strength.

-We are at your service if you feel better by being with us anyhow.

-Do not forget to pamper your mental health like any other health.

-Your mind also needs rest from those continuous thoughts.

-Capture the reason for your stress and worries.

-Start working on the things that pull you down step by step.

-Depression is the silent killer of these recent times.

-Take care of yourself even when no one can care for you.

-Build yourself in such a way as to handle anything that comes at you.

 -The motto of lie is to go on and find the smallest of happiness in daily life.

-Life might seem a bit interesting when you look at every day as a day closer to your dream.

-Depression is pathetic, but it makes you believe only in yourself.

-The belief you have in yourself, and the mindset that you have is the most incredible sword of yours.

Depression Awareness Slogan

Depression is something that makes you lose out on your trust and makes you feel disgusted and annoyed at yourself. It makes you question and doubts your own decisions, which makes you question every small thing you do or every small decision you take.

Depression sometimes shows that you need to be aware of what is happening in your body as your body and your mind show symptoms regarding the disease you are about to have. Here are a few depression awareness slogans:

-The way to help yourself is by taking small steps.

-Depression can never be the end of your life.

-Life is worth being given numerous chances.

-You must understand that life is like a rocky road full of pebbles.

-Life is full of ups and downs, which need to be understood.

-Never stop believing in yourself, and that is where you will be able to fight the struggles.

-Anxiety and stress are the main reasons for going into Depression.

-Depression should be treated medically with utmost care.

-Loving yourself is the initial step in fighting Depression.

-Write down every downgrading thought to help you tackle any problematic situations.

-Never consider yourself as someone weaker than anyone, as you possess every strength to face it.

-Never lose out on your courage to face hardships in your life.

-Consider every mental disease that needs to be treated regularly, just like your physical health.

-Never skip those mental awareness camps.

-Your mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of.

-The way you treat others with as much love and respect has a lot to do with how you are being treated.

-Your mind and you are the most potent weapon that you have.

-You are not to be blamed for the suffering that thus Depression causes you.

-The way to live is always unknown, so never say that you do not want to live.

-You are indeed capable of moving the highest mountains even.

-Doubting yourself and thinking that you are not worthy lowers your confidence.

-Depression does not go away in a day, so be patient.

-You need to understand every scenario is not the correct parameter to judge yourself.

-Give yourself the time to just relax and think about the things going on in your life.

-Sometimes, even the greatest of advice does not work out, and nothing is wrong.

-Your body reacts differently, and so does your brain, so do not lose hope.

-Working for the better days is just an illusion; try just making it to the next day.

-Be careful regarding the improvement or deterioration of your mental health.

-Depression comes in like a thief, and the worst thing you can ever do is ignore the fact that you are ill.

-Proper care and treatment do wonder and never say never.

-Putting on a mask and pretending does not do any help rather than just increasing the level of your Depression.

-You are one of a kind in this world, and you deserve every bit to stay here.

-Comparing yourself to anyone does nothing well except bring yourself down.

Taglines For Depression

Depression is something that eats you from within, and suddenly you find yourself being a slave to it. It is challenging for those suffering from Depression to keep negative thoughts out of their minds.

You need to have patience while dealing with such patients and never blame them for the suffering they are in, you need to understand that they try their best to get along with each passing day, and all they need is a little care and affection.

You need to treat everyone around you with affection and love. Here are a few taglines for Depression:

-Never think of yourself as the weaker one; if you can see the sunshine today, you are strong enough.

-Try letting go of all the worries that you have in your mind or try sharing them with the experts.

-Loving yourself and loving every small thing you do will never be wrong.

-Treat yourself with respect and see how the world eventually treats you with respect.

-When you start taking care of how your mind reacts to things, you eventually get better at it.

-It is not in your ability to control your thoughts, but you always try to identify why you think that way.

-May you find the strength and the courage to face every toxicity that might come up in your life.

-Life is like an adventure, and the ones who can surpass it with flying colors are true superstars.

-You are not in this battle alone. Remember this always.

-Do not seclude yourself from worldly affairs, as it gets into your mind that you are lonely.

-Never disregard or think of any step as something small instead, consider every step as something which is quite an improvement.

-The darkest days will disappear someday, and you will win there.

-You are your greatest supporter as well as your greatest enemy that one can ever have.

-The more you consider yourself weak, the more the world around you conspires you to be ineffective.

-If you ever feel left alone, just come to us; we are always at your help.

-You have a life to discover and do not lose hope at this point.

-Note how you progress or deteriorate each day as it keeps track of your mental health.

-Patience and perseverance will only lead you to the rightest path.

-Kindness and love need no reason, beginning with yourself at first

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