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List of 160+ Best Depression Slogans

Depression also known as the depressive disorder, is a very common yet serious medical illness that adversely affects our entire psychological behaviour. Psychological in a sense, it affects the person on how they feel and the way they think an act.

One of the greatest advantages of depression is that it is curable now. Generally, when a person is depressed, there is always a feeling of sadness along with losing all the interest in activities which once they used to enjoy.

Best Depression Slogans

  • Cheer up your life
  • Even depression can be cured
  • Depression is the next cancer
  • Add meaning to your life
  • Every life counts
  • Find reason to live
  • Start doing the things you love
  • You are a superstar
  • Life is precious, don’t get it waste away
  • Fight depression with all you have

Now, there is a slight difference between depression and casual mood swings. So, if you are someone, who is feeling low, particularly more than two weeks, it is a better time to see a doctor. always remember, there is always a better reason to live your life for. 

Here is a list of some of the slogans and sayings on depression:

I am surviving, not living

Carry on don’t feel bad for yourself

Concentrate on solutions rather than the problem itself

Worrying takes a lot of time

Every tunnel ends with a light in front

Live life happily

Make actions and flush tensions

The sun will rise again

You’re blessed, realise it

Stress is free, I buy costly things

I want happiness but not my inner self

Take depression as a punishment

Stress and I are enemies

Take positivity today to make the fear go away

There is good in every day

Fear is not invincible, many conquered it

I cannot cross the boundaries I’ve created

Depression is becoming an addiction

Not everyone has to be okay

I’m a premium member of fear fight club

You are not alone

Even depression is curable

Talk to us before it’s too late

Keep calm and fight depression

Fight till the end

There’d always sunshine after dark night

The fight is your’s to win

Don’t feel happy? talk to us

You are not a bad person if you are trying to kill sadness

One laugh a day keeps depression away

Don’t worry, we are here

Don’t let depression get the better of you

Don’t let depression get over you

You can do anything you want

Don’t waste your time worrying

Don’t spend life depressed anymore

Winning is all about dighting depression

Fight depression for a better world

Fight depression, clean inside

depression slogans

It’s not all about outside, but inside too

Don’t survive, live your life

Hug people, who are depressed

Your smile has all the cure

Don’t fear depression

Don’t feel sad without any reason

Don’t lose yourself

help people to fight depression

It’s okay not to be okay

Always talk before it’s too late

Don’t let your hopes down, fight depression

Don’t just be happy, feel happy

Don’t feel tired, if you are sad

Break up with your stress

Don’t let stress get over you

Stand up! Speak against depression

Create awareness, fight depression

You can achieve anything you want

Depression is the cruel punishment of all time

Always THINK before you SINK

Keep calm and carry on

There’s always light at the end of the tunnel

Even the darkest night comes to an end

Don’t let tension take your action

Worry is just a waste of time

Stop depression before its too talk

Consulting cures depression

Every single day matters

Fight for the good, defeat the evil

Enjoy your days while you can

There is always a life beyond sadness

Join the battle for happiness: Perception of Depression

Stay quiet and keep fighting depression

Look into fear’s face, it’s going to run away

Men are unable to help act on depression

No one ever asks you the real weight of space

Just keep smiling

Say! when you’re down, fight depression

Shit is going on, just flush it and carry on

Sleep is no longer sleep, it is an escape

Stand up for awareness

Depression is just a state, nothing more than that

The longer you hold, the harder it gets to fight

Always leave your sadness behind

Depression is just in your bed

Fight stigma, increase the awareness

Would you hug someone today combating depression?

Hope and anxiety don’t go hand in hand

Hug me, to free from pressure.

I don’t live, I just survive

I’m feeling lost within myself

What’s your question, I suffer from depression?

Fight depression with everything you have

Make your life happy again

Don’t feel the same, fight depression

Even depression has it’s cure

The fight is tough, but worth it in the end

Always seek for happiness

Happiness is waiting for you down the road

Believe in future, fight depression

This fight is hard to win

Let people love you for better for worse

Love is the only cure available

Depression is just a feeling, it will go away

Fill your life with a dose of positivity

Anything is achievable without depression

Fight your fear, while you can

Worry is all about bullshit

Don’t sweat on small sadness

The session of repression is over

The pain will pass away

Don’t feel lost in yourself

A single hug a day keeps the doctor away

The days of depression is over

Change your heart, fight depression

Always remember, you have a better day ahead

Switch in which you can believe

Let’s break up, dear depression

Depression: Anger without the anticipation

Depression: A silly disease indeed

Don’t sweat the little thing

Take no pressure, take action

Don’t think of problems, think of solutions

Battle your fears with all you can

We are here, there’s nothing to fear

Don’t let depression let the better of you

The more you fight, the more you win

Happiness: A few miles ahead

Join us to fight for happiness

Keeping depression a thousand miles away

Pain! Pain! Go away, let’s be happy for the day

Fight fear with your smile

Always wear a smile, both inside out

The days of depression is over

Your life will see sunshine again

The fight against depression starts here

Make fear your worst enemy

Keep calm and keep smiling

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