651+ Top Depression Blogs and Pages Names

In a certain point in time, many of us lose interest in life and act stupidly. If this problem becomes big, suicidal thoughts would also come to mind. This condition of mind is called depression.

These days, this problem has become global and many individuals lose their lives or suffer in hospitals and homes. Many times, such kinds of people do not discuss their problems with anyone and suffer themselves. And most of them seek the help of the internet.

Top 15 Depression Blogs of the World

Time to Change –  This blog is a part of the social movement which beliefs in shifting the social attitude around mental health and removing the stigma around this issue.

The blog shares candid perspectives on depression written by survivors themselves. The purpose of this blog is to build a community of people who can share each other’s stories and perspectives.

HealthyPlace – The purpose of this blog is to create awareness about depression in children. It also has articles that tell you how to live healthy lives in spite of suffering from depression. The blog provides comprehensive information on how to deal with mental health issues, treatments, news, and developments. 

TalkSpace – TalkSpace is a source of online therapy which provides accessible and affordable treatment for those dealing with mental health issues. They also run a blog with useful resources on certain specific topics.

This blog is brilliant for everyone who wants to know more about mental health issues irrespective of whether they are themselves suffering from it or are supporting loved ones who are.

HeadsUpGuys – The main purpose of this blog is to address the issue of depression in men and how it has been stigmatized for ages because it is considered “ not manly”.  The blog aims to destroy these myths and boost men dealing with mental health issues.

Erika’s Lighthouse –  This blog was started by Ginny and Tom Neuckranz after they lost their daughter Erika to depression. This loss caused them to realize how common depression is in teenagers and how they often suffer in silence and isolation.

The blog aims to educate parents and teachers about teenage depression and posts articles that are helpful to both children and their parents.

The Sane Blog –  This blog gives you deep insight into what depression looks like. Told from the perspective of a survivor, the narrative of this blog is strong and thoughtful. It features articles from various people and addresses issues like depression in transgender people, complex mental health issues, and sleep disorders.

National Alliance on Mental Illness – This blog is dedicated to getting rid of the stigma attached to mental health illness and creating awareness about the same. It contains in-depth articles about a wide variety of issues like how friendship is affected due to mental health issues, how to parent while suffering from depression, and much more.

Blurt – This blog is a mission to help people with mental health issues by talking openly about it. It covers topics like how to take care of yourself if you are suffering from panic attacks, how physical pain affects mental health, and how to support a loved one suffering from mental health issues.

Postpartum Progress –  This blog is dedicated to maternal mental health. Started by Katherine Stone in 2004, this blog provides detailed information and hope for supporting pregnant women and new mothers with postpartum depression.

Beyond Meds –  This blog is run by Monica Cassani, a mental health professional, and an ex-patient. She uses this blog as a platform to share methods of self-care for supporting oneself by trying alternative treatments to psychiatric drugs.

Pick the Brain – This blog is dedicated to self-improvement while focusing on productivity, self-esteem building, and motivation. This blog covers almost everything related to mental health and self-improvement. The blog comes up with four posts per week.

Headspace – This blog primarily focuses on depression and the ways to overcome it. Featuring detailed articles about the diagnosis of depression and how to choose a suitable path for its improvement, this blog is very resourceful if you are or someone close to you is suffering from depression.

Chipur – This blog is very helpful for those suffering from depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and acute stress. Run by mental health professional Bill White, the blog provides innumerable resources on topics like how to help addicts recover, how to manage your mood, and cope with anxiety disorders. 

Splintered Mind – This blog is run by the author of the famous book Saying No to Suicide. The blog addresses the grave issue of depression with a lot of wit and humor. He posts excerpts from his book from time to time along with information on cognitive techniques that you can use to resist depression and suicidal urges.

Through the Eyes of Depression – This blog was started in 2011 by Tamera so that she could share her personal experiences with depression as well as her coping mechanism to deal with it.

There are various blogs available that give ideas and solutions to many of our problems. These depression-focused blogs are now popular on the internet as they serve the purpose of situations. 

List of Best Depression blog names

Bust Wind

Low Slush

Funk Flurry

Imprint Front

Low Rainbow

Grief Radiation

Storm Gust

Dip Downpour

A Splintered Mind


Beyond Blue

Bipolar and Me

Blue Light Blue

Pain Snow

Sad Outlook

Sympathy Drift

Sad Rainbow

Ache Ridge

Death Dew

Panic Climate

Disaster Cold

Panic Gust

Panic Low

Disaster High

Poor Gust

Disease Control

Global Depression

Life Mood

Mental Health

Deal Life

Guilt Moment

Daisies and Bruises

Depression and Mental Illness

Depression Army

Depression Awareness Bracelets

Depression Marathon

Life Hacks

Stress Manage

Complex Life

Stress Support

Drug Therapy

Depressive Episodes

Baby Blues

Emotion Treatment

Hopeless Surgery

Quality Life

Feld Thoughts

Fighting the Darkness

Furious Seasons


Lighting Up the Sky

Pick the Brain

Health Condition

Mental News

Hope Therapy

Anti Depressant

Depression Link

Health Expert

Life Challenges

Death Grief

Mental Skills


The Patients Like Me

The Splintered Mind

Time To Change

TMS Solutions

Thought Ability

Genetic Factors

Personality Gestures

Open Helpline 

Counseling Tips

Mental Challenges

Overlap Grief

Depression Role

Relative Ideas

Treat Disorder

Health Professional

History Pains

Family Physician

Health Diet

Medication Dose

Talk Therapy

Wellcome Collection

Wing of Madness

Positive Mood

Physical Test

Love Help

General Medical

Sad Waves

Major Depression

Stress Evaluation

Depression Study

Negative Life

Ability Test

Physical Disaster

Depression Risks

Relationship Query

Lonely World

Positive Interest

Help Mood

Depression Study

Depression Blog Names

Some of the most inspiring Panic Day Greetings and Messages to share with all.

Life Aspects

Mental Warnings

Mood Signs

Consultation Idea

Common Illness

Global Disability

Mood Therapy

Mental Pulses

False Beliefs

Moral Hospitals

Genial Medicare

Crazy Physician

Emotional Care

Psych Care

Mind Physician

Rational Doctors

Moral Hygiene

Lunatic Safety

Sick Health

Insane Safety

Crazy Welfare

Genial Tragical

Sick Miserable

Spiritual Lovesick

Moral Wistful

Ill Mournful

Mind Sorrowful

Mind Bad

Sense Pensive

Worry Gloomy

Memory Tragic

Soul Bad

Miserable Sense

Worry Sick

Attitude Homesick

Thinker Tragic

Sense Nostalgic

Unhappy Memory

Spirit Virus

Mood Infection

Intellect Mad

Brain Trap

Soul Toxic

Spirit Crash

Memory Torment

Attitude Idiot

Idea Shame

Thinker Deny

Head Devil

No Soul

Memory Risk

Eye Scary

Sense Break

Mood Threat

Soul Worm

Sense Poison

Idea Passion

Soul Adorable

Thinker Zeal

Soul Disgust

Memory Modesty

Attitude Lonely

Brain Medicine

Psyche Repair

Sense Nurse

Spirit Therapist

Sense Trainer

Blogging has become popular worldwide now. A blog is a page created online to share an individual’s ideas on a particular topic.

Unlike a website, a blog is updated frequently and that is why we get fresh information through a blog. A blog allows readers to have a conversation with the blogger.

Trending Depression Blog Names

Top Depression Pages Names

Through blogging, you can earn money by advertising your product or services or by just simply uploading your posts.

Hence, the posts of a blog are important to get the reader’s attention. Similarly, a blog name too can catch a reader’s eye and make the reader engaged. 

-Mind Matters

-Grief Group

-Bipolar Bondin’

-Sympathetic Soul

-Rainbow Raven

-Panic Prism

-Art O’ Anxiety 

-Moody Marvel


-Emotion Auction

-Hope Hotspot

-Counselling Centre

-Therapy Tea

-Sadness Solutions

-Dr. Depression 

-Psych Potrait

-Worry Welfare

-Sense Spotlight

-Simply Spiritual

-Brain Battle

-Soul Survival

-Tornado O’ Thoughts

-Tragedy Theory

-Serotonin Social

-Mental Magic

-Mind Motive

-Grief Glory 

-Bipolar Basics

Sympathy Strategy

-Rainbow Rebel

-Panic Power

-Anxiety Alert

-Mood Guidance

-Stress System

-Emotion Experts

-Hopeful Heaven

-Crimson Counseling

-Therapy Target

-Sad N Rad

-Psych Purpose

-Worry Wellbeing

-Sunny Senses

-Spiritual Spice

-Brainy Bros

-Spring Soul

-Thinker Tea

-Tragedy Topic

-Serotonin Site

-Mental Movement

-Mind Maze

-Grief N Grace

-Bipolar Balance

-Sympathy Synergy

-Rainbow Radar

-Panic Help

-After Anxiety

-Moods N Morals

-Emotion Engineering

-Heroic Hope

-Counselling Cache

-Tele Therapy

-Sad Sights

-Destroy Depression

-Psych Potential

-Worry Wars

-Snappy Sense

-Spiritual Saint

-Brain Buzz

-Special Soul

-Think Trap

-Tragic Traffic

-Simple Serotonin

-Mental Maze

-Mind Muse

-Gem Grief

-Bipolar Beings

-Sympathy Serum

-Rainbow Relief

-Panic Page

-Anxiety Antidote

-Mood Masterclass

-Snappy Stress 


-Hope Hub

Depression Pages Names

If you’re in a hard place mentally, these powerful depression quotes might be exactly what you need to reignite your fire within. So check the Depression Screening Day Messages.

-Core Of Councelling

-Therapy Techie

-Subtly Sad

-Depression Discussion

-Psych Portfolio

-Worry Waves

-Superior Sense

-Spiritual Shrine

-Busy Brain

-Super Soul

-Thinker Thrill

-Tragic Tales

-Mental Mirage

-Serotonin Supply

-Mind Mines

-Grief Help

-Bipolar Buds

-Show Sympathy

-Rainbow Region

-Panic Part

-Anxiety Assignment

-Mood Motive

-Stress Segment

-Endless Emotion

-Hope Hustle

-Council Country

-Theray Topic

-Sadness Studio

-Depression Details

-Psych Page

-Warm Worries

-Senses Special

-Spiritual Sport

-Brain Bargain

-Soul On Screen 

-Thinker Topic

-Tragic Treasure

-Serotonin Surprise

-Mental Morale

-Misfit Mind 

-Grief Gamble

-Brainy Bipolar

-Sympathy Society

-Rainbow Recovery

-Panic Portfolio

-Anxiety Awareness

-Moody Module

-Shred Stress 

-Emotion Elixir

-Hopeful Hour

-Capsule Counseling 

-Therapy Tales



-Psych Pitch

-Worry Ward


-Smart Spirituality

-Brainy Bay

-Soul Strength

-Trendy Thinker

-Tragedy Talk

-Serotonin Sage

-Mental Mentor

-Mind Miracles

-Grief Gesture

-Beyond Bipolar

-Sympathy Space

-Rainbow Reporter

-Panic N Patience

-Anxiety Aesthetic


-Stress Guidance

-Emotion Education

-High Hope

-Counselor Convo

-Therapy Tacts

-Sad Surface

-Depression Dynamics

-Psych Pit

-Worry Words

-Sense Safety

-Spiritual Signal

-Brain Bliss

-Soul Shelter

-Thinker Tower

-Total Tragedy

-Serotonin Seeker 


-Mind Maps

-Grief Goals

-Bold Bipolar

-Sympathetic Session

-Rainbow Radius

-Panic Playground

-Anxiety Assembly

-Mood Method

-Stress Survival

-Emotion Exercise

-Happy Hope

-Cozy Counselling

-Tackle With Therapy 

-Seasonal Sadness

-Depression Diary

-Psych Study

-Worry Wiz

-Senses Solution

-Spiritual Stories

-Brain Backbone

-Solution For Soul

-Total Thoughts

-Tragedy Tea

-Serotonin Spark

-Mental Motion

Trending Depression Pages Names

-Mind Management

-Grief N Giggles

-Bipolar Barn

-Sunny Sympathy

-Raining Rainbow

-Panic POV

-All About Anxiety

-Mood Magnet

-Stress Saint

-Emotion Encore

-Ray O’ Hope

-Counselling Concept

-Therapy Talks

-Sadness Survival

-Depression Driven

-Psych Review

-Wiki Worry


-Spiritual Support

-Brain Blend

-Soul Strategy

-Techie Thinker

-True Tragedy 

-Serotonin Service


-Mind Mantra

-Grief Guardian

-Bipolar Badge 

-Seek Sympathy

-Rainbow Resource

-Panic Preach

-Anxiety Advice



-Encourage Emotion

-Hopeful Habit

-Craftty Counseling

-Through Therapy

-Sad Survey

-Defend Depression

-Psych Public

-Worry Warrior

-Sense Series

-Spiritual Site


-Soul Survivor

-Thinker Trigger

-Tragedy Trade

-Dopamine Dose

-Serotonin Safari

-Emotion Ethics 

-Hope Habitat

-Think Together

-Serotonin Station

-Psych Planet

depression blogs and pages names

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Depression Blog Name Generator

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