475+ Creative Drone Company Names

Do you really want to start your own aerial photography business? So, as a photographer, it is necessary to keep yourself updated with the new technology.

Drones are mainly changing the perspective of photos and they help in producing good shots. So, in this guide, we will share how to start a drone photography business.

Aerial photography is basically the modern way to shoot portraits, landscapes, and other shots. It can always work as an addon in your current photography business. Here are the main steps that you should follow to start a business or company of drone filming.

how to start a Drone Filming Company Name

Step 1: Get Your Drone Flying License

To start with drones, the first thing you need is a flying license. You can’t fly the drone professionally without it.

Most of the drone selling agencies deal in training and helping with FAA-approved test facilities for licensing the flyers. A license will also help you in joining other photographers in their projects which means you can earn extra money.

Step 2: Buy a Drone Insurance

Get your drone insured to avoid any bad situations like accidents, hitting, and more. Insurance will keep you and your drone secure from getting into trouble.

You will mainly get priority on other drone flyers who work without insurance. It can also be a good step to start with aerial photography.

Step 3: Mainly Start With a Basic Drone and Camera

Every business has its tools. So, in the initial stage, a professional photographer starts with the basics to take some experience. So, you can grow your drone photography business and add the new drones, cameras, and other important tools to your gear list.

Step 4: Create Your Drone Photography Portfolio

A photography portfolio mainly helps in taking your business to the next level. You should always create a photography website that displays information about your business and feature the photos.

It is mainly recommended to use the Envira Gallery plugin to create image galleries and photo albums on your WordPress site. You should also check out this guide on how to create a photography portfolio in WordPress.

Step 5: Share Your Work on Social Media

You should create profiles on all social channels and promote your work. So, the more people see your photos, the more you’ll get business from social media.

So, if you are using Envira Gallery to add photos to your site, then you can also create Instagram galleries and share your work on Pinterest easily. Envira also has tons of other features like watermarking, online photo proofing, and more.

That’s all. We mainly hope this guide has helped you to learn how to start a drone photography business.

Existing Drone Company names in US

  • UVADrone
  • GreatShot
  • PixelDrone
  • SimpleVideo
  • FlyingVideo
  • GreatTake
  • Miller’s
  • Great Diva Drone Filming
  • Global Drone Video
  • ThedroneCo
  • DroneGenuity
  • EndPaxel

how to choose a name for your drone business

Your Name Says It All

While seemingly minor, you choose the right business name for your company will have a big impact.  Your name is your company’s identity and moneymaker. It says who you are and it is how clients will know and refer to you.  

And, just like a person’s name, it will cause people to either grimace, smile, or sprint away from you. The name you choose will stick with you, and should not be changed (I’ll explain).  So let’s get it right the first time.

Keep It Short and Simple

We cannot stress this enough. Keep your company name as simple and to the point as possible.  Help your clients remember you by giving them a simple and easy name to remember.  No brainer, number two is the simpler, more memorable company name.

Eventually, clients will refer to number one as Picture Takers. Super classy.  Additionally, the simpler it is, the easier it will be to build a website and marketing material around your company name.

Be Professional

You want your company name to portray you as experienced and professional.  Clients want someone they can trust. There’s money on the line. The more professional the name, the more likely you will be contacted first amongst your competitors.

Ask Around

Here’s a great idea, ask around and get outsider opinions on your business name before you commit. Get your friends, family, or complete strangers’ constructive criticism on your list of potential names.  

They are a great resource because they represent the public to which your name will soon market too.

And how do most people learn more about your company?  And where do most new clients find and contact you? Your website.  Stick with your domain name and try not to change it.

best Drone Business Names Ideas for your Next Startup

Every Drone Videography Business entrepreneur should be well aware of its Business and Product naming process and also knows the importance of a good business name.

Your potential customers must be able to recognize what your company is selling by looking at the name.

15 Mins Vision

 21 century frames 

 3 in 1 Production

 AppleTree Cinematics 

 Audio visuals 

 Pro Austin

 BlackHole Films 

 Stuido Amstradam

 Capital Animations

 Caveman Videos 

 CrashContinumm video 

 DigMedia Odyssey





Drone Moody







Great Ray



 Dream Light productions

 DNA visuals 

 Dream Stone films 

 Driftwood films 

 JJ production 

 Label Cinematics 

 Dare to Film production

 Magma Videos 

 CreativeAttire videos 

 Mad Square Cinema 

 Eclispe Animations 


Enigma Visuals

 Ever After Productions

 Fairytale Studios

 Fave Studios

 Film First

 Fly on the Wall Films

 Front Row Films

 Fruit Tree Studio

 Full House films 

 Giggle Animation

 Go Wedding studio

 Green Fuzz animation

 Half Moon cinema

 Bizz entertainment

 Holylight  Entertainment

 Horror House of films 

 Balloon Movies 

 Insomnia Studio

 Joseph Edwards studio

 Light House cinema


DroneDale Studio

 Lights&Camera&Action productions

 Looking Glass Studios

 Lullaby Animations

 Camera Clicks 

 Merge animations

 Milestone studios

 Mind’s Eye cinema

 Creative MoHO production



Enwise Movie

Tagglr Twist

Vivid Capture

CurvedStart Production

Angelique Production

Golden Beliz

Advent Drone


Creative Bricks




Havenlyn Production



IMperia Production

ContaZio Production

YouFly Drones

 Movie & picture production

 Moving designs

 wedding bells animations

 Nostalgia production

 Spectrum of Cinema

 Offspring animations

MightyWave Films

Sunset Casa Films

Flobrette Filmd

 Photohouse bar 

 Pyramid of Cinema

 Studio Rocking life

 Rocking Horse films

 S.O.S. productions 




 Sandstone animation

 Picture&video solar system 

 Movie spin entertainment

So, do you need a slogan and tagline for drone videography? So check out the catchy drone videography slogans and taglines.

 Spinning Leaf Films

ClevWave Films

 Spinning Wheel pictures

 Stardust Movies 

 Motion & action

 Stillwater pictures

Crystal Visual

 Stoneage Movies

Kapture Movies

PictoSquare Production


FotoFun Movies

Signix Movies

AngelBlinks Production

Curious rays

happy Pixels

Drone filming Company Names Ideas

There are many things to know before choosing the right name in branding your brand like you need a starting point as to What personality you want to project, what type of customer are you seeking.

For drone filming business names, you can generate catchy names online easily. Following are some catchy drone filming business names ideas.

PhotoScarlet Production

FoxyFlash Movies

CameraCoast Production

Movion Movies

photo Direct Production

MotionMore Movies

CameraCrew Production

MagicTripod Production

Click A World

Photo Filters Production

Steven photos Production

Uptown CLick

Urban Capture

PhotoVibe Movies

RedFrame Production

CameraSense Movies

Moments & Memories

LifeEdge Production


WallSiesta Production

Ambiex Movies



UrbanGreat Movies

Dynemo Movies

NorthQuest Production

Mideast Photo

Epitome Movies

Camera Acres

Crimsom Click


OffSpring Movies

Vivid Esse Production


UrbanBling Movies

MotiveSpace Movies

Passion Clicked

CameraClap Production

Chromon Movies

Moment Admire

Urban Aeron


Clickit Production

Nexon Movies



Mystevva Production

Cosmix Cam

SkyWing Movies

FocusFix Production


EverCam Movies


Zarmin Movies

HobbyQuest Production


EliteCapture Movies

 Sugar beat productions

 Entertainment Sunday 

Looking for more? So read out the business ideas for drone trainers.

 Sure Shot

In Stella Company

 Take One Productions

 The Standard Film Company

 ThirdEye motion pictures

 Toxicity Pictures

 True Film entertainment


 Third reel productions

The drone is the new weapon for Creativity. IF you are a production house of photography then drones can give a good level of creativity and make you earn good money from it.

Here is the infographic which gives you more tips about Photography. Read Below

drone photography tips infographic

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