139+ Brilliant Employee Safety Slogans

Working in safe and secure conditions is the right of any employee and it is the responsibility of the employer to provide the same.

Safety rules and regulations should be laid out clearly in any workplace. The employees should be instructed to take every step necessary for the maintenance of their safety.

It is also important that the employees take care of their own safety and also advise others to do so. There are various laws that govern the issue of employee safety in the workplace.

Best Employee Safety Slogans

  • Where safety comes first
  • Avoid danger for good
  • Ride with safety
  • Put on the safety belts
  • Accept safety, cherish longevity
  • Safety never hurts
  • The rule is for all
  • Danger doesn’t choose
  • Safety conditions applied
  • It all starts with you

No employee should be a victim of avoidable dangers in the workplace. Maintaining a safe and healthy environment in the workplace is also a way of appreciating the workers.

Companies should give adequate training to the workers about operating machines and enforce safety codes. Slogans regarding the safety of employees will make them feel that the company takes care of their well-being.

Here are a few examples of employee safety slogans

Your success lies in your safety

Take care of your safety

Ensuring the safety of employees is our first priority

Safety is priceless

Safety doesn’t hurt

Stay alert in your duty hours

Never compromise with your safety

Don’t forget to wear the helmet

Avoid the slip that can take you for a hospital trip

Prevention is better than cure

Accidents can be prevented

Have you gone through the safety manual?

Beware of taking any risk

Think twice before doing it

You should be aware of the consequences

Expect the unexpected

Ensure safety before everything

Safety is compulsory

Don’t let accidents teach you the importance of safety

Big or small, try to avoid all kinds of accidents

Safety mode on

Move a step closer to the safety zone

Your safety is your responsibility

It all depends on you, whether you want to stay safe or not

Be careful, don’t hurt yourself

Pay heed to the warnings

employee safety slogans

Think about your family. Don’t risk your life, stay safe

Don’t take chances

Don’t hesitate to invest in your safety

Stay aware, don’t get knocked out

You can avoid pain by staying safe

Any sign of danger, just back out

Don’t cut short your life

Make sure that you walk out of this workplace safely

We care for the safety of our employees

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Never say no to safety

Make safety your mission

Ignoring safety rules can prove to be fatal

Follow the safety tips before it’s too late 

Ignore your safety and you will have to pay a heavy price for it 

Safety first

You need to have an eye for safety

Help your co-worker to stay out of danger

You get another day by being safe today

You stay alert and the danger stays away from you

It’s not too difficult to follow safety rules

You won’t live to regret your negligence. Be safe.

Strengthen the grip on your life by staying safe

You stay away from accidents if you follow the safety instructions

Nothing is more important than your life. Be careful and stay safe

Never forget to carry the safety gears at work

You lose nothing but gain a lot by staying safe

It makes sense to work safely

We don’t pay you to get hurt 

Don’t be stupid, wear your helmet during the working hours

If you are in doubt, you must stay out

Avoid making mistakes that can prove to be fatal

You earn more if you stay healthy and safe

Always stay protected

Don’t play with fire

Don’t gamble with the safety

Safety rules are there for a purpose. Please follow them.

Keep your eyes protected while at work

Make safety a way of your life

A moment of negligence can cost your life

Work safely when someone is waiting for you at home

You last only if safety comes first

Whatever be the circumstances, you should never risk your life

Stay safe each day

Never work in unsafe conditions

You stay safe and you are able to prevent the worst

Safety starts with you

Our goal is to ensure your safety

It is the duty of the employer to provide working conditions that are safe for the employees

Safety awareness can save a few lives

Safety is a choice that you make to avoid pain

Staying cautious pays off

You are inviting accident by unnecessary risks

Always stay prepared for the worst

Seek safety every time you get to work

The cheapest and the most effective insurance policy is safety

Make safety your habit

Safety is not a part-time practice

You need to get the essence of safety

No other thing is as essential in the workplace as safety

Take safety measures whenever necessary

Spread the message of safety among the co-workers

You must be aware of the advantages of staying safe

Keep the first-aid ready

Avoid shortcuts, take the shortest path

Assess the situation and work accordingly

You face the consequences if you don’t stay prepared

You must endorse the safety rules and regulations of the company

A smart worker will always find out a way to stay safe

We suggest you not to flirt with danger

We will do our bit to ensure your safety and the rest depends on you

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Think safety and act safely

Safety is all about doing the right thing at the right time   

Choose safety as your best friend

Say a big ‘No’ to anything that threatens your safety

You never know what will happen in the next moment, so stay prepared

Operate the machines carefully

Walk the path of safety

Speak up against the safety hazards that exist at your workplace

Push for your safety against all odds

Don’t risk it beyond a certain limit

You must recognize the thresholds of your safety

You must actively pursue your safety and encourage others to do so

Remove all the roadblocks to safety

Let us fall in love with safety

Be productive but at the same time you must also be safe

We can’t force you to be safe, it’s a matter of choice

You get punished if you fail to stay safe

employee safety slogans

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