171+ Top Engineering Blogs and Pages Names

Engineering does everything in practical whatever it is in theoretical. Every new construction and plan in the country starts with engineering and it has increased the general standards of people in every field. We cannot imagine a world with engineering as it may look shabby and dull.

Top 15 Engineering Blogs of the World

Mechanical Geek –  This blog is run by Himesh Darji who is based in India. Its target audience is mechanical engineering students and is run by a student himself. The aim of this blog is to provide good yet light information about mechanical engineering.

The blog features a new post every quarter and shares useful resources like Mechanical eBooks, PPT, and Aptitude Questions.

Solid Professor Blog – The purpose of this blog is to run online engineering courses for individual students, schools, and teams. The blog provides a world-class educational experience to engineering and designing students and helps them confidently create innovative and efficient designs with CAD, CAM, and BIM software programs.

ExtruDesign – This blog is another blog that originated in India. Run by a team of engineers in Hyderabad, this blog features posts that tell you how to apply science, engineering concepts, mathematical concepts to design and create new technology, better machines and construct and develop systems. 

AutoForum Blog This blog is run by a Switzerland-based team and offers software solutions to those involved in the dye-making and sheet metal forming industry.

The blog is a part of the AutoForm organization team which roughly has 300 strong employees and is a leading provider of Software for product manufacturability, tool, and material cost calculation.

Manufacturing Innovation Blog – This blog is run by the Manufacturing Extension Partnership and concentrates on a wide variety of topics like sustainability, finance, advanced manufacturing, the workforce, and other interesting topics which are very helpful for engineering students.

It is a great blog to follow if you are looking to keep up with new industry standards and trends.

LinkedIn Engineering Blog –  This platform is without a doubt the best network for professionals in every field and is also a powerhouse of resources for the engineering community.

It has some truly valuable articles and posts that students and professionals can read to keep themselves updated about the latest trends in technology and design. 

21st Century Supply Chain Blog This blog is the go-to blog for everything related to supply chain management. The manufacturing world is greatly dependent on supply chain management and this blog covers almost everything on innovative supply chain management strategies that will help the readers regardless of their role in any engineering company.

Engineering Ethics Blog This blog is run by Karl Stephan, an engineering professor at Texas State University. It is an opinion-based blog the purpose of which is to provide his personal views on a wide variety of subjects like disasters that involve matters related to technology, engineering movies, religious and philosophical questions that engineers come across on a daily basis in their field of work. 

Manufacturing Outlook This is the best blog out there for those who have a combined interest in both manufacturing and economics. It regularly features insightful articles written by multiple authors all of whom are pioneers in their field.

The blog provides an economic perspective to various matters which were traditionally only discussed in the engineering aspect. 

Industrial Marketing Today This blog provides excellent industry-specific content and gives practical insights on manufacturers, distributors, and different engineering companies. This blog is a landmine of resources that include some practical strategies that will give industrial companies the exposure that their brand needs.

Curious Cat Science and Engineering Blogs – This blog have been rated as one of the best engineering blogs on the Internet by several ranking bodies. It explores a plethora of topics like innovation, research, technology, education, economics, the latest gadgets, health care, finance, and scientific inquiry. The blog has more than 30 subdivisions, each about a topic ranging from animals to technology. 

Machine Design Blogs – Run by a star team of MD editors like Leland Teschler, Steve Mraz, Leslie Gordon, Robert Repas, and Lindsey Frick this blog offers commentary, opinions, and discussions on all matters engineering.

The commentary section of the blog features live feedback where readers agree or disagree with the commentary.  This is one blog on the web that has a roaring fan base.

Uber Engineering Blog – Uber might be facing a lot of scandals regarding its business and ethical practices but this blog is still one of the finest engineering blogs on the web. The topics covered here provide insightful details about real-time issues, GIS, pricing, and many other posts on consumer complexities.

Netflix Engineering Blog – If you are curious about data science and have often wondered about how media distribution companies manage to stream so much data through your TV, laptops, and phones, then you must follow this blog. 

YouTube and Netflix make up the bulk of data flowing through the internet and for their smooth functioning their system must have been designed immaculately.

Mashable   – This blog is a massive multimedia platform with the purpose of providing witty and enthusiastic content on various tech products and innovation systems. 

It also features numerous articles related to news, entertainment, culture, and of course science.

There are many engineering blogs, some teach you engineering, some civil engineering, some science engineering, some electronics engineering, etc.

All these blogs have been very helpful for students and engineers which is why the blogs are getting popular. The bloggers of these engineering blogs are making quick money. 

Engineering blog names for your interest in engineering


Genius Model

Technical Real

Machinery Voice

Bright Green

Computational Complexity

Cooking for Engineers

Eng Library

Layout Sight

Turbine Success

Project Backup

Planning Server

Micro Work

Ingenuity Info

Engineering Education

Engineering Ethics Blog

Engineering Library Blog

Engineering Science

Engineering TV

Layout Digital

Analysis Technology

Whiz Laptop

Mechanic Automation

Mechanics System

Project Zone

Technical Login

Building Circuit

Planning Link

Work Hyper

Technical Site

Town Labs

Provision Memory

Designed Program

Design Technology

Provision Trends

Mapping Lab

Blueprint Machine

Projects Data

Engineering Concerns

Rich Design

Informative Engineering

Engineering Concepts

Web Machinery

Science Research

Web Presentation

Qualified Engineering

Student Goals

Good Clean Tech

Green Inc.

Interesting Engineering

Invent Civil

Management Today

Networkers Online

Infrastructure Tech

Building Solution

Development Tool

Tech Company

Development strategy

Engineering Efforts

Product Development

Technology Stuff

Engineer Trend

Engineers Guide

Modern Lives

Innovative Plan

Electrical Prospectus

Civil Science

Bridge Camps

Dedicated Engineer

Builder Knowledge

Engineering Wave

Practical Research

Passionate Model

Buzz Campus

Professional Industry

Energy Plant

Engineer Mind

Screaming Circuits

The Art of Engineering

The Engineer


Urban Workbench

Wit and Wisdom

Modern Tech

Farming Labors

Complex Machinery

Surgery Tools

Nuclear Trend

History Produce

Society Fashion

Invention Materials

E-book Engineering

Mechanical Forum

Laser Cuts

Design Education

Software Solutions

Product Manufacture

Multiphysics Model

Mechanical Vibes

Automotive Action

Applied Science

Develop Systems

Advanced Technology

Model Service

Installation Science

Technical Forum

Tricks Matters

Popular Software

Residential Market

Tech Contract

Industry Practice

Machine Skills

Wonderful Engineering

Workflow Max

World of Engineering

Tech News

Science Range

Mechanical Feed

Mechanical Advice

Technical Club

Installation Focus

Career News

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Engineer Channel

Tech Secrets

Green Initiative

Affordable Model

Machine Maintain

Compact Services

Engineering Tutorial

Design School

Tech Professor

Unique Details

Power Plants

Tech Facts

Material Data

Design Resources

Technical Attend

Engineer Edge

Visual Engineering

Magic Tech

Engineering Passion

Robot Direct

Technical Genius

Automatic Machine

Labor Eng

Project Driver

Venture Mechanic

Program Direct

Cast Machine

Image Designer

Tech Operation

Phase Machine

Industry Architect

Skilled Mechanic

Techno Surveyor

Expert Eng

Polygon Bridge

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Whiz Tower

Building Make

Handling Build

Work Make

Process Grow

Provision Shape

Technique Arch

Tech Forge

Art Column

Formal Stone

Expert Pyramid

Design Spiral

Skill Model

Techno Raise

Design Develop

Tech Establish

Tech Structure

Tech Engineer

Blogging has become a popular profession these days and many opt for this business. A blog is a webpage created by an individual to showcase his knowledge on a particular matter.

A reader of this page can communicate with the blogger regarding the topic they read. This is the best advantage of a blog compared to a website.

Top Engineering Pages Names

Also, a blog always provides fresh information as it is updated on a regular basis. The contents of the blog are a crucial part of it to attract more readers to it. In the same way, a blog name is also an important part of the blog since it catches the eyes of a reader and engages the readers to it. 

engineering blogs and pages names

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Engineering Blog Name Generator

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