479+ Best Financial Planner Business ( Video+ Infographic)

479+ Best Financial Planner Business

A financial adviser business is a small business that you can start out of a home office or rent a small commercial office for meetings with clients.

Especially with an aging baby boomer population, the demand for financial advisers is increasing—with more individuals and households needing to plan for investments, insurance, and estate planning needs.

If you have a background in working in finance and customer service, then opening a financial adviser business may be the next logical step in your career path.

  1. Name the financial adviser business. Many financial advisers use their name for the name of the business.

    This is mainly fine if you intend to remain as the sole provider, but if you intend on growing the business and adding additional financial advisers, so, then you may also want to use a more neutral name for the business.

2. Register the financial adviser business with the secretary of the state. So, always contact the secretary of state office to obtain the paperwork and supporting documentation you need to submit to register the financial adviser business with the state.

3. Contact the department of business and financial regulation. Financial businesses must always register with the state department of business and financial regulation for the state in which you are opening the business.

4. Arrange your office space. Some financial advisers work with clients mostly by phone while others work with clients on a face-to-face basis.

So, if you intend to work by phone, you can establish a home office with a desk, computer, Internet service, and a business phone.

Basically you always also need a filing cabinet to hold client files and house applications and information on the different financial products and services you will be offering.

5. Register with the Securities and Exchange Commission. If you have been working as a financial adviser with another firm, then your licenses should be registered already, but you should contact the SEC to let the agency know that you are now going to be operating on your own.

6. Write a business plan. Mainly determine your niche market, marketing strategies, and the business goals and objective you have in your business plan.

7. So, establish contacts at each service and product company and request applications and marketing information.

Because a financial adviser is a liaison between selling mutual funds, insurance, and other financial products and services, you should have marketing information on hand to share with clients and mainly applications to submit when a client agrees to the product or service you are suggesting.

8. Build a website and online information portal. Always create a website for your financial service business that lists all of the financial services and advice you can provide to clients and how it benefits them.

So, you also want to share your background and experience to build an online “resume” of sorts that shows clients why they should be working with you.

9. Earn the Certified Financial Planner designation. Clients always tend to want to work with the best of the best and certified professionals. Earning the CFP designation helps to build your credibility and expertise.

So, use the CFP designation on your business cards, brochures, and all of your marketing materials to show clients you are an expert.

Existing Financial planner Business names in US

  • American Financial Advisors
  • Investment Centers of America
  • Mighty Oak Strong America Investment 
  • Compass Personal Advisors
  • Tried And True Financial Group
  • WealthTrust Capital
  • Navitrust Capital
  • In the Know Financial group
  • Golden Egg Financial
  • Pronexus Capital
  • Vanguard Group
  • Pinnacle Financial Advisors
  • United Capital Financial
  • UBS Financial Services
  • Waddell & Reed
  • Treebranch Financial
  • LPL Financial
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Modern Woodmen of America
  • One America Financial Partners
  • Beverly O Davis LPL Financial
  • Securities America Inc
  • CommunityAmerica Financial Advisor
  • Bruce E Smith – Ameriprise
  • RelionFinancialNetwork
  • America First Investment
  • Modern Woodmen of America

Naming your financial planning firm


Choosing a name for your new or re-branded financial planning and wealth management firm can be a challenge. We have helped hundreds of advisors rebrand, create a new name for their company, and find solutions to their branding concerns.

Our Brainstorming Exercise below will help you come up with business name ideas, give you some good company name tips, and help you create a great name for your practice!

Domain name

These days it’s important to secure your domain name at the same time that you come up with the business name. So, there are many other sites.

So, the best names for financial firms have 3-4 words. These days it may also take four words to find a name that also has a domain name (dot com) available.

Motivational words or nature words

So, in the Brainstorming Exercise below I have provided a list of money/motivation words and a list of nature words. Some of our clients mainly prefer to name their business using motivational words that coordinate with money.

So, other clients prefer to use words that convey a natural meaning. Take a look at both and decide what works for you. So, finding good names for a financial company takes creativity and a little work. Good luck!

Brand it!

So, once you’ve selected a business name, then it’s time to brand your business. Branding is how you build credibility in the marketplace.

Best Finance Planner Business Names Ideas for your Startup

Every Financial Planner Business entrepreneur should be well aware of its Business and Product naming process and also knows the importance of a good business name.

Your potential customers must be able to recognize what your company is selling by looking at the name.


 TrueView  Financial 

 Oakton Financial

 Consummate  Financial 

 New Path Financial Network

 Sagemore  Financial 

Prosper Capital Management

 Trustwell  Financial 

 Sentry First Financial

 Stonecrest  Financial 

 Longview Wealth Management

 HorizonQuest Financial

 Sentinel  Financial 




 CareFull  Financial 


 Titan Secure Financial

 ForEdge  Financial 

 Diamond Point Financial


Capital  Financial 

 CareTeam Advisors

 PikeLife Financial


 Victory  Financial 


 Strong Oak Advisors

 Silver Line Financial 


 Silver Financial Group

 Horizon  Financial 

 Finale Financial

Oakton Investments

 EpochPrime Financial

 HorizonShine  Financial 


 Bamboo  Financial 

 Steadfast Advisors

 PlanGuard Investments

 Modern World Capital

 Sunset Financial Advisors

 SavantGuard  Financial 

 Blue Skies Financial

 Golden Nest Financial Network


 SentryRock  Financial 


 NCompass Wealth Mgmt.

 Life Order Financial Group

 Choice  Financial 

 BluSky Management

 Continuity  Financial 

Crusade Financial Advisors

 Cohesive Capital Network

 Oakbridge Wealth Management

 QuestVantage Financial

 BluePrints  Financial 

 BluHorizon Financial

Ascention  Financial 

 Titan  Financial 

 SafeQuest Financial

 Sentra Financial

 CreekRock Capital

 Procision Financial

 Advocate  Financial 

 FutureYears Financial 

 New World assets

Momentus  Financial 

So, do you need a slogan and tagline for your financial planning business? So check out the catchy financial planning slogans and taglines.

 Echelon  Financial 

 Excalibur Financial 

 Sentinel  Financial 

 Vantaegis  Financial 


 Relion  Financial 

 New Path  Financial 

 Wealth Compass 

 Traditional Wealth Financial Group

 Pinnaclex Financial


 United Allegiance Capital

 Cohesive Capital Finance

 Securassure Financial

 Greenline Financial Group

 LifeWise Capital

 Fortify Financial Security

 HappiNest Financial 

 Intellica  Financial 

 AdvantAegis Wealth Mgmt.

 HorizonGate  Financial 

 My Turn Financial

 Reliant Financial

 Golden Aegis Advisors



 Maturity Financial




Planner Operate

Planner Delta

Financial Powerhouse


Planner Analyze

Financial Easy

Financial Shine

Planner Acuity

Finance Planner Business Names

catchy Finance Planner Business Names Ideas

There are many things to know before choosing the right name in branding your brand like you need a starting point as to What personality you want to project, what type of customer are you seeking.

For financial planner business names, you can generate catchy names online easily. Below are some catchy financial planner business names ideas.

Planner Bastion

Planner Arrowhead

Financial Attune

Planner Reform

Financial Reflex

Planner Outlook

Planner Pinnacle

Financial Collect


Financial Consulting

Financial Banking

Big Oak Heritage Forte

Intuit Financial Management

Provestia Capital

Fortetude Financial

Pythagoras Financial

NuSun Financial

Coalescent Procision Financial

Folio Forte Haven Financial

Future Years Senioritrex

Forge StructSure Wealth Management

Advocate Investment Group

LifeSolv Financial Advisors

Traditional Wealth Financial Group

Senior Wealth Management Group

TotalVest Financial

Arch Capital Management


FreshVision Captial

Momentum Wealth Management

FortuitUs Wealth

Gold Secure Advisors

Security Financial Forte

Surecurity Financial Network

Ascention Capital Group

Forward Financial Planners

Titan Financials Group


Springuard Financial

Surety Capital Financial Advisors

senior fund management

Golden Aegis Wealth Mgmt.

Silver leaf Financial Group

Networth Capital Network

Spring Financial

SafeQuest Wealth Capital

Creek Rock Capital

Titan Security Financial Advisory

Farsight Financial Network

Look Ahead 

Black Rock Plato Financial

Engage & Intellica Financial Group

Signature Assent Wealth Management

Moderate Sentra Financial

First Harvest Alignment 

Wealth Management

Venture Springstrong Financial

Trending Finance Planner Business Names

Are your dreams of becoming a successful financial planner being hindered by the lack of clients? So read out the actionable financial planner marketing ideas.

Titan Edge Wealth Management

Equilibrium Secure Capital Advisors

Anchor Crestbridge Capital

Finesse Financial Group

Golden Onus Aegis Capital

Greenscape  Capital Management

Forge Sunstone Financial Network

LifePlan Group Financial

Perpetual Advisors

Principal Secure Focus Advisors

Fortuit Us Financial

Preservation Financial Advisors

Wealth Compass Group

How to invest your money in safe ways? This is the Role of a Financial Advisor. New technology has upgraded the service to Robo Advisor. how this Robo Advisor works. Read in-depth in the below Infographic.

online robo financial advisor infographic

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