35+ Logo Design Inspiration For Your Next Project

Are you always searching for that spark to ignite your logo design creativity? 🌟

Logo Design Inspiration isn’t just a phrase; it’s the fuel that drives artists and designers to greatness. What makes a memorable logo stand out from an ordinary one? 🤔

In logo design, inspiration is crucial. A perfect logo captures the essence of a brand, its mission, and its identity, all in a simple yet deep visual. Think of famous logos like Apple or Nike; they’re not just designs but symbols of innovation and endurance.

But how do you find this inspiration? Our article helps with that. We explore the thoughts of famous designers like Paula Scher and Aaron Draplin, revealing their secrets to creating timeless logos.

Ready to start a journey of discovery and creativity? Join us as we dive into the world of logo design inspiration, where art and commerce meet in the most exciting ways. 🎨✨

Websites For Logo Inspiration

1. Dribbble

Dribbble stands out as a highly popular platform for design inspiration.

Functioning as a hybrid of a social media site and a freelancing platform, it serves as a hub for sharing, viewing, and discussing logo design concepts—a particular favorite within the Looka office!

2. Behance

Behance serves as a platform where designers and creatives exhibit their work, encompassing contemporary logos and graphics. Users can navigate through the platform’s curated galleries endlessly, delving into diverse ideas and finding inspiration for their own creative endeavors.

3. Designspiration

Designinspiration is a platform crafted to inspire artists and facilitate the sharing of design concepts, including logos.

Utilize their keyword suggestions to efficiently search the database for specific logo designs, such as orange logos or restaurant logos.

4. Brand New by UnderConsideration

Brand New stands as the go-to design and logo blog for those seeking insights into the minds and processes of designers.

Every post provides a glimpse into the thinking and workflow of designers, showcasing how newly designed logos from well-established brands align with current trends and evolving brand identities.

5. Logo Design Love

If you’re eager to delve into the narratives behind iconic logos, Logo Design Love is the blog to explore.

It delves into the origins of some of the most renowned logos, unraveling the stories behind their creation and examining the factors that contribute to a logo’s success and enduring appeal.

6. Vintage Logos

7. Logospire

Logospire is a straightforward website hosting a scrollable gallery of logo design inspirations showcasing various artists.

If you come across a logo that captures your interest, you have the option to click back to the designer’s website to explore more of their style and portfolio.

8. World Brand Design

Established in 2008, the World Brand Design Society (WBDS) is a globally oriented community committed to showcasing outstanding branded packaging and corporate brand design.

Moreover, individuals with impressive design skills have the opportunity to submit their work for potential features on the WBDS website and its impressive Instagram account.

Instagram Accounts For Logo Inspiration

1. @Looka

As a logo and brand generator powered by artificial intelligence, we thrive on staying updated with the most recent and innovative logo and brand design trends.

We share current trends in logos, colors, typography, and branding while highlighting our customers’ beautiful logos.

Additionally, you can discover beginner-friendly tips on crafting excellent logos and find resources to support your entrepreneurial journey.

2. @Welovebranding

If you have a passion for branding, then naturally, @welovebranding is the ideal Instagram account to keep you informed about the latest graphic design trends.

Featuring everything from logo design to brand identities showcased in stunning mockups, it serves as a go-to destination for all things related to branding.

3. @logos.ai

Logos.ai is an enjoyable account to explore for discovering logos crafted by both expert and amateur designers.

The channel frequently delves into the concepts behind logos, providing insights into the design process and showcasing how they appear across various mediums.

It offers an opportunity to learn more about the creation of logos and appreciate their versatility.

4. @Logonew

Logonew is another popular Instagram account that features curated logos and brands. It’s the go-to profile to follow if you want to read public opinions about logos — every post has a stream of lively comments about typography, colors, and other design factors.

5. @logoimport

Logoimport is another well-liked Instagram account that showcases imaginative logos and sketches. With over 1.4 million impressions weekly, it’s the preferred profile to follow if you’re interested in reading public opinions about logos.

Each post sparks lively discussions in the comments section, covering topics such as typography, colors, and other design elements.

6. @learnlogodesign

If you’re just starting your journey in logo design and eager to understand the systems and techniques employed by designers to create art, consider following Learn Logo Design.

This platform helps you build a comprehensive understanding of the design process, empowering you to better identify styles when crafting your own logos.

7. @logoinspirations

Logoinspirations provides precisely what its name suggests – logo inspiration spanning across every industry, preference, and style.

The platform offers brand mood boards along with distinctive and creative logo designs, serving as a valuable resource to fuel your own brand aesthetic.

8. @logopassion

With 106,000 followers on Instagram (and growing), logopassion is a widely popular profile for gaining inspiration.

The feed regularly features new logo designs, mockups showcasing how designers would reimagine well-known logos, and sketches that provide insight into the creative process.

9. Branding.mob

branding.mob is a well-known profile for obtaining branding inspiration.

The feed regularly presents new logo designs, mockups of actual or experimental brands, and exposure to trending designs.

Branding Agencies For Logo Inspiration

1. pentagramdesign

It would be an oversight, not to mention the most prominent design firm globally.

With designers like Paula Scher (featured in Netflix’s Abstract series) and Michael Bierut on its team, Pentagram’s account showcases some of the most innovative logos, serving as a significant reference for the graphic design industry.

2. fivestarbranding

This branding agency shares authentic and experimental brands presented in stunning mockups.

Whether it’s skincare or coffee, they provide logo design inspiration that spans across every category and caters to various tastes.

3. TogueStudio

Luxurious and sleek, Togue exudes a sophisticated style, showcasing its numerous minimal logo designs in crisp mockups against aesthetically pleasing backgrounds.

With beautifully modern fonts, it serves as an excellent source of logo inspiration for those seeking a more refined and polished look.

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