10 Ways to Find Creative Logo Inspiration for Next Logo Ideas

Let’s think about the significance of the logo itself before we go for great logo ideas. Knowing the function of a logo in your company will allow you to choose the one that’s right for you.

Generally speaking, the objective of a logo happens to be 2-fold:

  1. Build up a successful brand awareness-raising connection with your company.
  2. Display your brand name visually to appeal to your target audience.

Both target marketing, as well as memorability, are affected by the details within a logo. The visuals of a logo can be broken down into 3 areas, namely, color, typography, and shape. Diverse colors, forms, and writing styles produce diverse feelings and draw individuals of different types.

For instance, circles represent a more relaxed and enjoyable business, whereas less amusing squares display energy, stamina, and prowess. 

We have little time to clarify all the information here — it is adequate for you to learn the key elements of the logo (color, typography, shapes,) such that you might be conscious of them while figuring out innovative ideas for logos.

Places For Finding Logo Inspiration

It seems like a brilliant idea, to wait for your logo inspiration before you verify the deadline. If your company does not have any logo, any delay will harm your company. Below, we have mentioned the ten sources which will allow you to get logo ideas quickly.

1. Big Brands

Major retailers often employ the best (or at least the most costly) artists, and they also have top-quality logos out there. In most cases, they’re very much aware of the design trends, and therefore, it will be possible for you to keep your logo updated by seeing them.

Stay vigilant of the logos of the major companies. There is no need to worry since they are virtually everywhere. Have a peek at the world’s most recognized logos.

See how you can distinguish what components are performing really well and where improvement is possible.

Focus on any similarity between the logos such as common fonts or shapes, particularly in case they happen to be within your industry. The possibilities are that in case the big brand happens to be your rival, the clients will be comparing your logo against theirs.

2. The Story Of Your Own Brand

While talking about locations for finding inspiration for logos, you might think it better to look inward rather than outward. 

Logos are meant to represent your company after all, and therefore they should be developed from your personal brand story.

Below, we have mentioned some queries that you can ask yourself for finding logo ideas:

  • What characteristics and qualities are prioritized by your brand the most? What are the icons which represent all those traits? For instance, you might make use of a microscope, book, or owl in case you would like to highlight your expertise or wisdom.
  • Is there any wordplay or visual joke that you will be able to make with your slogan or brand name? This can do wonders for the growth and promotion of products.
  • What kind of typography is going to match the identity of your brand? Maybe something carefree such as the loopy cursive or something which is formal and classic like the blocky serifs?
  • Are there designers whose style suits perfectly your brand? What’s their style that serves your brand in particular?

Make lots of research regarding the identity of your brand, and make a list of ideas, words, colors, and so forth. Use this as your framework to develop a logo appropriate for your company.

3. Your Rivals

It will be prudent to keep an eye on the present competition – for both what you should do and what you should not. In general, the business objectives of your rivals are going to be the same as yours, and therefore, their logos will be using many of the identical elements you must take into account.

For instance, watch how blue has become the prevailing color for the bank logos. Blue happens to be a color of faith and trust which should be the top priority for any financial institution out there.

Review the logos of your rivals to see how best you can differentiate yourself. At times, the best way of generating business will be to go in the reverse direction as your competitors at present.

4. Social Media

Social media will be able to help you in case you’re looking for some ideas on any particular topic. Visual sites such as Instagram and Pinterest perform well for logo inspiration as you can see many images of logos simultaneously on your screen.

This helps to make browsing as well as comparing very easy. Bear in mind to refine the logo search by making use of hashtags.

Just because of the infinite number of styles, social media logo ideas may be a major source of inspiration. However, you will come across some drawbacks as well. You might be needed to browse through plenty of amateur designs only to find the top-quality ones.

 Obviously, it will be possible to find inspiration regarding logos from the non-professionals; however, it can prove to be a challenge while figure out the inferior quality designs.

5. Behance

Behance happens to be a social media program for designers and artists where they will be able to exhibit their skills to the public. 

Even though they do not discriminate the professionals from the beginners, they will allow you to search for the work of talented designers in different types of styles.

Although a wide range of visual art is covered by Behance, it will be possible for you to easily come across logo galleries that have been tucked into the category of Graphic Design.

 Every single card happens to be its personal gallery of logos, at times by the identical designer and at times a single-themed collection.

6. Image Searches

In case you get rid of all the branding, logos are simply images. For example, in case you give a picture of your adorable pet to a graphic designer for drying a stylized version together with the name of your brand, she will become a logo all of a sudden.

As a matter of fact, you can get inspiration from virtually any image and the only tool that you will require will be a search engine.

In case you have been already able to identify certain elements or traits fitting your brand, it will be sensible to type those into Bing or Google image searches. In fact, it will be possible for you to search for almost anything out there.

Image searches will be a wonderful place to begin once you require some weak inspiration particularly when you don’t have much time to think too much. Just be prepared to do some scrolling.

7. Wandering Around Outlets

The store shelves can become your logo inspiration in the long run. In fact, every single product box happens to be a logo example, and the store will be the best place to see them all together.

In case you are trying to find logo ideas, it will be a sensible idea to wander about a supermarket or mall. They will definitely provide you with successful logos to start with.

In case you simply get up and move around, it will be a fantastic way to make you more innovative and creative.

Put simply, you should feel inspired to walk around the store and try to find out innovative logo ideas.

8. Friends, Coworkers, And Family

Although it helps, it is not imperative to be a professional graphic artist for collecting some outstanding logo ideas. At times, the best idea for logos is derived from the sources which appear to be most unlikely.

 Try to ask somebody whether he or she has got any worthwhile thought or idea which can best represent your brand although some tweaking might be required initially.

You might even ask your family members and friends in case they have any good ideas in their minds.

On some occasions, you might also leave the inspiration for logos to your clients. It might be possible to get some new ideas by running a contest as well. After all, Mr. Peanut had been born in that manner only.

9. Art Museums

Even though just a few centuries of graphic design have been implemented in marketing, the artistic philosophies drawn up by it have persisted as long as the art on its own. 

The best logo concept for your smartphone application might be derived from a Buddhist statue or even a Renaissance painting.

Inspiration is heavy in the breeze, in certain art museums. In fact, you’re encircled by many centuries of artistic mastery whenever you glance.

You will be getting some exercise just like wandering around outlets for enhancing your innovativeness.

10. Magazines And Design Blogs

Magazines and design blogs are aware of the fact that it can be quite difficult to come across inspiration for logos. For this reason, a lot of content is published by them, particularly regarding logo inspiration.

On most occasions, these happen to be image collections or logo galleries that have been curated by graphic design professionals.


In case you happen to be the decision-maker of a particular company, innovative tasks such as logo designing can be somewhat different from the usual business.

In fact, you have all the options before you including colors, fonts, shapes, styles, and so forth.

Therefore, try to accumulate as many ideas and inspiration as possible, and it will be possible for you to collaborate with any graphic artist for designing the dream logo for your company.

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