121+ Best Florida Slogans and Mottos

Florida is the south-easternmost state in the U.S. With the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Gulf of Mexico on another side it is a beautiful state in the United States. It has many huge miles of beaches in it.

The city of Miami is a very famous place there in Florida and it is also known for its beautiful and attractive Latin-American cultural influences and some notable arts scene.

Best Florida State Mottos

  • A mesmerizing beauty
  • A state to fall for
  • Perfect residential state
  • Blend with the beauty
  • Best place for a change
  • A beauty like never before
  • We love Florida
  • Perfect example of God’s creation
  • Where holiness meets with purity
  • Where nature is blessed

Also, its nightlife, especially in upscale South Beach is a very famous attraction in this spot. Orlando is famous for its theme parks including Walt Disney World, magicking parks, etc. Overall, Florida is a wonderful state in the southeastern part of the United States.

Catchy Florida state slogans and Sayings

Take a tour to the beauty land.

Perfect blend of beauty and recreation!

Your Kid will fall in love with the state.

Find peace… find solemn… take a visit to Florida!

Theme parks and many more… Florida is an all-in-one package!

Florida is calling you…

Get set… Go… it is the call of Orlando.

Beauty captured in one frame! Florida is a state of fame.

Do not be late… take a tour to the sunshine state.

Your life is just great… if you live in the sunshine state.

South or north… Florida is coming forth…

Heal yourself from pain… visit to Florida.

North or South… Florida is a word of mouth.

Visit Florida… It is definitely worth it.

Take a tour to the sunshine state at least once in a lifetime.

Beware! It is Florida… the alligator state!

The state with divine beauty and serenity!

It is a big state indeed.

The state that hangs to the left…

Where the beaches cover miles of distances!

Take me to Florida… the orange state.

Florida… here winter never arrives.

Why tear? When Disney Land is here!

The Walt Disney land… the dream land.

Step on the land of Florida… it feels so dreamy.

florida state slogans

You think you have wrinkled face? Ask the Floridians.

The warm state, where people seem to get old at their 20s!

A wrinkle free person in Florida has to be really lucky.

Here the God reminds us who is there in charge!

Count your deeds in the month of August.

The children there are by- birth, dancers!

The state of orange and the state of flower!

Here the weather is hot. and the so are the people.

Why any other place? Why not Florida?

Are you an animal lover? Florida is the state you would love!

Warm weather is the reality here. Winter is imaginary.

The place that makes your dream come true.

The most exciting place to live and to work!

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Start living in Florida and Grow old soon.

It has many more to offer other than the theme Parks.

The state that your children will love! 

The state of dreams. All come true it seems

The land that can provide the ultimate recreation!

Have a walk along the beaches of Florida, It will soothe your mind!

Weather here is fierce and frightening. It’s a place with storm and lightening.

So, when are you planning your next visit to Florida?

It is the land of sunshine and warmth.

Where the snowfall occurs like a rain in the dessert.

Discover your own little corner!

A place like this is hard to find! It will blow away your mind!

The flower -state… It is definitely one of a kind.

The sunshine state… Find your comfort zone… 

Show me your love for Florida.

Floridians… It is hard to predict their age…

The loveliest corner of the world…

Floridians… get them a solution for their wrinkles.

A place to enjoy your life to the fullest!

It hangs on the south eastern part of US.

Never let the Floridians trick you by their age.

Are you a Floridian? No I won’t ask you about your grand children.

East or west… Disney land is the best.

Go to Florida once and fall in love with its beauty!

Ready… get set Go. Florida is the state you cannot say No!

Did it snow here in Florida? No, it must be a dream.

The picture perfect state of South!

Beauty and goodness captured in one frame.

Beauty of Florida beaches! Taste of Georgia peaches!

Every storm here, Seems like an Hurricane.

The beauty will make you fall in love head over heels.

The month of August… It is the God’s month.

Shout out loud!… Florida makes us proud…

Oranges and flowers… and some thunderstorms and showers…

It is the Florida’s Call… beauty and entertainment –let us enjoy it all.

The state is amazing, and so are the people living here.

Living in Florida? Beware of Crocodiles.

The Alligator state is one its nickname. Scary! Isn’t it?

You are in the Land of Crocodiles. One can be right behind you.

We have much more in offer you other than our theme parks.

The sunshine state is the best… come here and forget all the rest.

The beauty and the peace you find here, is amazing.

A place that you would not want to let go of.

Fall in the love with Florida and its people.

It’s the Alligator state! Beware while you go for a night walk.

Florida… Carry its memory in your heart.

A place that your kids will love!

Go ahead and take me to Florida

Oh! Yes! It is Florida time.

Leave out all the rest, cuz, Florida is the best.

Here, the lightening is so frightening!

No they are not ugly, they just have wrinkles.

Every scar has a story. flaunt your wrinkles if you are a Floridian!

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Land of beauty and craze! Florida is a state to amaze!

The beaches are beautiful and warm. Orlando is the place!

Let us break the silence and call for Florida.

It is Florida my dear. winter never arrives here!

When it’s eighty three degrees out there, you will know its winter time.

The people there soon grow old, but their hearts are made of gold!

florida state slogans

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